Jordan Mackey’s Bye 9 to 5 Review: 7 Benefits of Faceless YouTube Content

October 25, 2023

Jordan Mackey from Bye 9 to 5 created the Tube Monetization & Automation Program, where he teaches students how to make money on YouTube by creating faceless channels without having to pay for any softwares. You learn Jordan's strategies and techniques and there is training on how to make money through affiliate marketing and to earn a passive income by implementing automation.

Creating faceless YouTube channels has been the trend as of late because creators like how they don't have to show their face or use their own voice to make money on YouTube. All they have to rely on is their high quality content, graphics and animations. The problem with pursuing a faceless YouTube channel is that you still have to take time to create the content, graphics, and animations. If you don't invest in the guidance from someone like Jordan, you're going to spend more time chasing what works than making money from your videos in the timeframe you'd prefer.

In this review, we will dive into how Jordan Mackey’s Tube Monetization & Automation Program can help you make a 6-figure income, what each of the 20 modules covers, if creating a faceless YouTube channel is worth it in 2024, and more.

Bye 9 to 5 TubeReview: Pros and Cons


Jordan has generated over 7 figures on 4 of his YouTube channels without showing his face.

The course caters to both aspiring and advanced YouTube creators with step-by-step instructions.

He has 6 years' worth of knowledge and techniques that he shares in the course.

Course includes tons of valuable insight within the program’s 20 core modules.

The course was recently updated in 2023.

Jordan shares the actual 3 niches he used in his YouTube account and a list of 200+ profitable niches.

Successful students share their proven techniques.


Faceless YouTube channels can be lucrative, but you need to be patient and take the time to create and edit them. Your title and description also need to be dialed in if your videos are to rank well and go viral.

When creating content on YouTube, if you don't follow the terms of service, your channels can be deleted and demonetized.

If you don't create relevant or viral content, you won't see the 6-figure growth many people are hoping to achieve.


Jordan Mackey’s Bye 9 to 5 Tube Monetization & Automation Program costs $697.

Refund Policy

Bye 9 to 5 offers a 120-day action-based money-back guarantee.


The course includes 55+ hours of content, 300+ video tutorials, and 80+ in-depth modules.


Jordan founded the course in 2021.


Bye 9 to 5 has an active private Facebook community of over 6,800 members.


Jordan has over 49,000 subscribers on YouTube and 98,000 followers on Instagram. On Trustpilot, they have 140 reviews with an average rating of 4.9 starts. 

7 Benefits of Faceless YouTube Content

Content Focused

Faceless content removes the need of having to be on camera, allowing the audience to focus on the content of the video. This approach lets you concentrate on creating captivating videos and high-quality content.

No Added Pressure

You feel no pressure about being on camera which leads to greater comfort during your creation process.


Faceless YouTube conceals your identity. It offers an improved work and life balance. Additionally, this type of content protects your personal information and enhances safety.

Little Initial Cost

You only need to invest in yearly software tools. Unlike traditional channels that demand continuous investments in production equipment like cameras, lighting, and backgrounds.


You have the flexibility to create content in several niches without being labeled under only one category, like you would if you showed your face.

More Output

No need to take time for grooming or deciding what to wear on camera, which gives you more time to focus on creative outputs.

Little to no maintenance

All you need to create content is editing software, stock videos and photos, and your voice over.

Bye 9 to 5 Tube Monetization & Automation Module Overview

◉ Welcome and Overview

Jordan shares his experiences and shares his email so you can reach out for support.

In this module, you will also learn about the following.

List Channels

Combination Channels

“No face or voice” Channels

Personal Brand

◉ Choosing Your Perfect Niche

The module covers research, idea generation, and finding your ideal niche. It also includes the highest paying niches on YouTube. This method offers a foolproof solution that aids in niche selection. Jordan also provides insights into potential earnings based on views.

◉ YouTube Basics

Jordan talks about the basics of YouTube.

Creating your Google Adsense account

Creating your channel

Walkthrough with YouTube dashboard and YouTube analytics

◉ Passing Monetization Review

You earn money by monetizing your YouTube channel by including ads in your videos, allowing you to generate income from your content.

In this module, you’ll learn the following.

How to Monetize your channel

Tips and tricks

Hacks for monetizing

◉ Instant Monetization

This module includes a secret way of getting your channel monetized while skipping the review process.

◉ Video Topic Research

After finding your profitable niche, this is where you’ll learn what YouTube video to post. The module provides 40-60 video ideas, giving a step-by-step guide to keywords and topics with low competition for your niche. There is also a case study of a student who generated $2,000 in just 3 days.

◉ Creating and Editing Your Videos

Step-by-step video editing guide

Finding royalty-free images, clips, and music

Editing software

Create personal brand content

Video scripts and templates

◉ SEO Secrets for Truly Going Viral

This module helps you understand what goes into ranking your videos on YouTube and Google. Some topics covered are listed below.

YouTube SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Learn to rank on Google and YouTube

Creation of titles, tags, and thumbnails

Correct use of subtitles

◉ Advanced Monetization Techniques

After learning about your niche and creating videos, this is the time to learn about earning money. This module gives you the details and strategies for making money through ad placements on your video. Jordan also teaches you the secret channel translation strategy.

◉ My Three Niche Case Studies

This module reveals Jordan’s personal process and successful tactics for his YouTube channel. It offers a detailed exploration of profitable niches that you can replicate on your own channel. He reveals the channels where he gets his videos from, shows you how to perform research, how to title your videos and his strategy for creating thumbnails.

◉ Outsourcing and Automation

Here you learn how to delegate work so you can automate your YouTube business

In this module, you’ll know automation while attending to vital tasks in your venture. The lesson includes earning revenue and delegating work.

◉ Affiliate Marketing on YouTube Income Exploder 

This module touches on the following.

Other methods to earn income

Overview of affiliate marketing on YouTube

Strategies for building channels

Identify high-ticket offers to promote

Case studies of channels making 6 and 7 figures

◉ Affiliate marketing Networks

Jordan introduces you to affiliate marketing networks and teaches you how to join them for free. You learn how to get accepted and how to find products to sell.

◉ Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Jordan dives into affiliate marketing strategies you can implement and how to choose a niche for affiliate marketing. He talks about how to create product review videos and shares high-ticket product case studies.

◉ Affiliate Marketing with Your Channel

In this module, Jordan mentions that he will be sharing his secret for making people click on your links and buy the promoted products, leading to successful revenue at your end. You learn about link shorteners, CTA engagement, how to create landing pages, how to collect emails and where to place links.

◉ High Ticket Offers

Jordan shares a list of offers and niches that can give you a commission that ranges from $100 to $1,000 from one sale.

◉ Non-YouTube Affiliate Marketing Strategies

This module focuses on broader money-making approaches beyond YouTube like on Instagram and print-on-demand strategies.

◉ Affiliate Marketing Mindset

This mindset module discusses how to make your viewers trust what you endorse so you can increase your revenue.

◉ Helpful Affiliate Marketing Resources

This module focuses on different marketing resources you can leverage when creating affiliate marketing videos.

◉ Tube Monetization & Automation Bonuses

The bonuses in this program are the following.

  • 20+ hours of live Q&A replays
  • Affiliate Marketing on YouTube masterclass
  • Personal Branding/Digital course masterclass
  • Shopify Dropshipping Made Simple masterclass
  • Access to previous courses

Is the Bye 9 to 5 Tube Monetization & Automation Legit?

The Bye 9 to 5 Tube Monetization & Automation Program is legit because Jordan Mackey uncovers all of his strategies that worked for him when creating faceless YouTube channels over the past 6 years. There are a lot of success stories on his website which reveal that what Jordan is teaching is valid.

Are Bye 9 to 5 Students Getting Results?

Bye 9 to 5 students are getting results as you can see on Jordan's sales page. Some individuals are earning $30,000 to $90,000 monthly. Joacim reached over $130,000 in revenue after two and a half years of doing YouTube.

Kme grew one of his YouTube channels to over $250,000 in revenue and are working to earn almost $40,000 per month. 

Who is Jordan Mackey?

Jordan Mackey is a successful Youtuber marketer from Nebraska and the creator of the Bye 9 to 5 platform. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Psychology from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He conquered student debt with a 9-to-5 job as a business analyst, but his journey took a turn when he recognized a desire for something greater.

Fueled by his thirst for online income, he escaped the corporate routine and defined life on his own terms. A video with millions of views ignited his curiosity, leading him to believe he could effortlessly recreate simple videos in under 5 minutes.

As a successful affiliate, Jordan now creates faceless YouTube content across multiple monetized channels, earning between $60,000 and $80,000 per month and he continues to teach others to earn income through faceless YouTube automation.

Jordan Mackey’s Claims

Jordan Mackey claims that 97% of people creating faceless YouTube channels are going about creating their videos the wrong way. He says they are creating videos in niches they like. After they've created their video, then they do the research to see what keywords and title they should use. He says this is the backwards way of doing things. Jordan says that the right way of going about this is to study YouTube, find the topics and keywords that are most likely going to be successful, then you create your video because you already know it has the potential to go viral.

Is There Any Truth to Jordan Mackey’s Claim?

There is truth to Jordan Mackey's claim because, similar to local lead generation, if you don't do your research before building your digital asset, you may be getting into a niche that isn't profitable. You are wasting your time if you don't search for keywords and titles that are prime for ranking your YouTube videos easily. Doing the work up front will always benefit you in the long run when looking to make money on YouTube.

Are Affiliate Marketing and YouTube Automation Profitable?

Affiliate marketing and faceless YouTube channels are profitable because many of Jordan’s students are making tens of thousands of dollars doing so. success using the same strategy and technique, making it a profitable business model. 

Aside from success stories found on the Bye 9 to 5’s website, there are other successful faceless YouTube content creators that posted videos about how the course helped them. One of them is AlFastCash, whose YouTube videos earn around $20 per thousand views and a monthly passive income of $10,000 per month.

Bye 9 to 5 Tube Monetization & Automation Program Alternatives

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  • YT Builders - Sebastian Robeck's investment program that create a done-for-you YouTube channel that generates 4 to 5 digits monthly. His team will manage and create the channel while you earn the profit. 

Local Lead Generation A Better Alternative to Making Money

Bye 9 to 5 teaches the secret techniques for profiting from faceless YouTube content. It’s important to recognize the potential for failure on YouTube because there is so much competition from around the world within this business model, even with the course.

Local lead generation is the ultimate way to earn passive income from home with extensive business experience. It eliminates the risk of getting your account banned or demonetized and you aren't competing with people from around the world. Your only competition is 10-15 local small business owners.

To learn how to generate a passive income without having to wait for your YouTube videos to rank and go viral, check out the local lead generation business model

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