Thomas Garetz’ No Face YT Review: Is a Faceless YouTube Channel Worth It in 2024?

April 11, 2024

Thomas Garetz's No Face YT course is designed for people who want to earn money with a faceless YouTube channel. It teaches students how to stand out with anonymous content that still resonates with viewers. No Face YT’s strategy is leveraging what Garetz calls “digital real estate.” These digital assets can be automated and optimized to generate passive income. Students of the No Face YT course can also upgrade their lessons with Garetz’ High Ticket YT Secrets Course.

Every minute, over 500 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube. A big trend is the rise of faceless channels that rely on animations, graphics, and voice to engage viewers. Some of these channels have quickly reached millions of subscribers. It proves that there’s a big market for this kind of content. “No Face” channels with a substantial number of subscribers and YouTube views can earn thousands of dollars each month through ad revenue alone. 

This No Face YT review will examine what Thomas Garetz's course offers, from its lessons to bonuses and unique tips. If you're considering trying out faceless content or just want a new approach to YouTube, this review will give you the necessary details. I will also compare it with another business model with a better earning capacity.

Thomas Garetz' No Face YT Review: Pros and Cons


Step-by-step lessons for starting a profitable YouTube channel

Special offers and access to exclusive resources

Taught by a proven YouTube content creator with 15 million views on their channel


Lack of student testimonials on the course website

Has been in the “beta phase” since 2021. No update if it’s already complete.


The No Face YT course costs $247 since it’s still in the “beta phase,” but the sales video claims it will cost $997 when complete. There’s also a $97 upsell for Garetz’s High Ticket YT Secrets Course.


The No Face YT course is self-paced.


The No Face YT course has a private Facebook group.

Refund Policy

No Face YT offers a 30-day “no questions asked” money-back guarantee.


No Face YT was created in 2021


Thomas Garetz has 469,000 subscribers on YouTube.

What Does No Face YT Course Teach?

The No Face YT course teaches students how to start and grow a faceless YouTube channel. It starts with helping students pick the right topic and building a channel around it. As you move through the course, you go into creating videos, from planning your content to putting it together.

What makes the No Face YT Course different from other YouTube automation courses is its focus on learning by doing. Instead of just teaching you to outsource tasks, it wants students to learn everything themselves first. When ready, they can outsource the content and video creation tasks to grow the channel. This reduces the risk of spending money on hiring freelancers too early. The course also covers monetizing your videos, the best tools for YouTube Studio, and ways to upload and share videos effectively.

Who Is No Face YT For?

The No Face YT course is for:

  • Content creators who want to start a faceless YouTube channel

  • Beginner YouTubers who want to generate passive income from no-face videos

  • Existing YouTubers who want to diversify their content or add a new channel

No Face YT Course Structure

Module 1: Picking a Niche and Creating Your Channel

In this initial module, students learn the basics of starting a YouTube channel. It guides users in choosing a topic or niche that’s interesting and has potential for growth. This module also teaches the steps for setting up a YouTube channel for a personal or brand account.

Module 2: Planning and Creating Your Videos

Here, students dive into the actual content creation process. The module touches on brainstorming video ideas, outlining content, and then transitioning into the production phase. It provides tips on using graphics, animations, and voiceovers for creating faceless YouTube videos.

Module 3: Monetization Methods and Best Tools

This module introduces the different strategies for monetizing faceless YouTube videos, from YouTube ad revenue to affiliate marketing. It lists the best tools and platforms to optimize earnings and streamline content production like MorningFame, TubeBuddy, and the Camtasia video editor.

Module 4: Uploading and Promoting Your Videos

Once videos are ready, the next step is ensuring they reach a wide audience. This module walks users through the video uploading process, ensuring each video is optimized for YouTube search. It also delves into promoting videos within YouTube via playlists and end screens and outside the platform using social media.

Module 5: Understanding Everything in the YouTube Studio

This module explains the key features of YouTube Studio and shows students how to analyze video performance, understand viewer demographics, and use these insights to refine future content.

Module 6: All the Cash Cow Channel Tips and Resources

In this advanced module, students dive deeper into strategies that top-performing channels use. Topics include further monetization techniques, collaboration opportunities, and tips for consistent profitable growth. 


Alongside the main modules, the course includes mini-courses and bonuses that address specific areas of content creation. Topics covered include TikTok strategies, tips on effective outsourcing, and using YouTube Shorts for additional visibility.

How Does No Face YT Course Help You Make Money?

The No Face YT course helps you make money by teaching you to create and grow a YouTube channel with only faceless videos. The primary focus is on qualifying for the YouTube Partner Program. Once part of this program, you can start earning ad revenue based on the views your videos get. The course teaches you how to optimize your content for better viewer retention which can lead to higher revenue potential.

No-face YouTube videos often use clips from movies and shows without facing copyright infringement lawsuits. This is because of the "fair use" doctrine that permits the limited use of copyrighted material without obtaining permission, especially for purposes such as criticism, commentary, news reporting, or educational use. 

However, it's a gray area. Faceless content creators should make sure they're genuinely adding value or commentary to the clips and not just re-broadcasting them. Proper understanding and application of fair use can allow creators to review or critique copyrighted content without legal repercussions. Garetz goes into a deeper discussion of this in his High Ticket YT Secrets course. Students can buy this course along with the No Face YT program.

What Does High Ticket YT Secrets Teach?

High Ticket YT Secrets teaches you how to start and grow a YouTube channel through high ticket affiliate marketing. "High ticket" means promoting expensive products or services to earn a big commission for each sale. Unlike many other YouTube courses offering general advice, High Ticket YT Secrets focuses on creating YouTube content within the “make money online” niche. Garetz shows students how to capitalize on their YouTube content by directing their video traffic to the Legendary Marketer affiliate program.

High Ticket YT Secrets Overview

Module 1: Mindset

In the first module, students learn the psychology behind successful affiliate marketers on YouTube and how to cultivate resilience, persistence, and a proactive attitude. This sets the tone for the entire course.

Module 2: Strategy

This module introduces the effective affiliate marketing strategies that have worked for top YouTubers. Students will gain insights into selecting the right products, understanding YouTube's affiliate policies, and tailoring strategies to maximize viewership and affiliate click-through rates.

Module 3: Preparing

This module emphasizes the importance of research, like understanding your audience, identifying profitable niches, and identifying gaps that your content can fill. By the end of this module, students will have a plan for starting and growing their YouTube channel.

Module 4: Starting

Here, students learn the step-by-step process of creating a YouTube channel. Students learn about channel branding for affiliate marketing, setting up proper tracking for affiliate links, and the basics of YouTube SEO to increase visibility.

Module 5: Setting Up

Topics in this module include advanced YouTube SEO techniques, creating compelling video descriptions with embedded affiliate links, and using annotations and cards to guide viewer behavior.

Module 6: Planning

In this module, students will learn about content calendars, brainstorming sessions, and the importance of consistency. You'll understand how to keep your audience engaged and ready to click on your affiliate links.

Module 7: Creating

This module covers creating YouTube videos. It talks about scripting for persuasion, using call-to-actions effectively, and creating video content that organically integrates product mentions without sounding salesy.

Module 8: TikTok

This module introduces the connection between YouTube and TikTok for affiliate marketing. Lessons cover how to create short clips on TikTok to promote YouTube content and how to integrate affiliate strategies within TikTok.

How Does High Ticket YT Secrets Help You Make Money?

High Ticket YT Secrets helps you make money by teaching students how to leverage affiliate marketing on YouTube. Students start by identifying high-demand, high-ticket products or services that fit their channel's niche. After choosing a product, they sign up for its affiliate program and get a unique link to track their sales. They then create faceless video content, like product reviews, using screen recording software. While showing the product's features, they add voiceovers to explain its benefits and uses.

To reach a wide audience, you can upload your videos with catchy titles, descriptions, and relevant tags. You put the affiliate link in the video description and use voiceovers to prompt viewers to check out the product. When viewers click on the affiliate links and buy the products, you earn commissions. With this approach, promoting high-ticket items can bring in significant passive income.

What Is Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer is an affiliate program that teaches people to earn money online through paid traffic and YouTube. The program starts with a $7 15-day online challenge which includes training on using paid ads and coaching sessions. After this, products range from $30 monthly to several thousands. The High Ticket YT Secrets course directs users to the $7 course. Once a customer signs up, Legendary Marketer handles upselling and pushes its audience for higher-priced courses. Affiliates receive a 50% commission on their referrals' purchases.

Are Students of No Face YT Getting Results?

There aren't many student reviews of No Face YT available online, and the course website doesn't feature testimonials. However, the No Face YT Facebook group has over 700 members. This suggests that many of them could have experienced positive results.

Some students have expressed mixed feelings about the No Face YT course. A user named @pikoplanet mentioned that they found the course dull and felt that much of its content could be accessed for free on YouTube. 

Other students who hoped for fresh, unique insights but felt they encountered repetitive or easily accessible information echo this sentiment. They raised concerns about the course's emphasis on promoting Garetz’s affiliate marketing tools rather than offering genuine value. 

Another user, @bonusbomber3855, highlighted that while some courses could be tedious, they sometimes provide valuable information.

Given these reviews and the lack of testimonials on the course website, it's challenging to gauge the overall effectiveness of the No Face YT program.

Should You Join No Face YT Course?

Yes, you should join the No Face YT course if you want to make money from YouTube without showing your face. It’s a legitimate program that focuses on faceless video creation that you can turn into a side hustle. Thomas Garetz’s No Face YT course is not a scam, but it has mixed student reviews. It's important to assess your needs and do thorough research before making a commitment.

Who Is Thomas Garetz?

Thomas Garetz is an entrepreneur with a background in affiliate marketing and YouTube content creation. After discovering a YouTube video about online businesses, he started making money online himself. Thomas eventually found success with affiliate marketing and created his own business with an LLC in January 2019. By April of the same year, he began his YouTube channel which now has 469,000 subscribers. Thomas currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In April 2023, Garetz partnered with Thomas Montoya, creator of the Freedom Breakthrough course. Together they run The Profit Machine which is a done-for-you affiliate system for content creators. They also host the 3-Day Business Breakthrough Challenge for online entrepreneurs.

Tomas Garetz Net Worth

Thomas Garetz's net worth through 16 Oct 2023 is $94,864. This amount comes from his YouTube channel, where he earns advertising revenue based on views. The net worth is calculated considering the publicly available CPM (cost per thousand views) paid by advertisers to YouTube channels. Apart from his YouTube ad revenues, Thomas earns from sponsored content, affiliate marketing, collaborations, product sales, and online courses like his No Face YT and High Ticket YT Secrets programs.

Thomas Garetz' Claim

Thomas Garetz claims people can make money on YouTube without showing their faces or using their voices. This is also known as a cash cow channel or YouTube automation. The No Face YT course mentions that this method is easier than recording videos of yourself since you’ll only be using stock videos, graphics, and voiceovers. The lessons in the course promote a “set it and forget” approach to YouTube content creation.

Garetz argues that a faceless YouTube channel can be a lucrative avenue for generating passive income. In one of his videos, he claims people can earn up to $10,000 per month in passive income with a faceless YouTube channel.

But while other course creators show their own channels as proof that their methods work, Thomas doesn't show any evidence of his faceless YouTube channel in the course. This lack of proof might make some people skeptical. If he had a successful channel as an example of his No Face YT strategies, it would be easier for people to trust his methods.

Debunking Thomas Garetz' Claim

While Garetz’s claims sound appealing, the content and strategies in his No Face YT course may not be completely effective. There is a lot of work that goes into YouTube automation. Setting up a channel, curating or creating content, and understanding SEO and marketing strategies is time-consuming. It's not as "hands-off" as the course makes it out to be. It can also take months before you can earn a good amount from YouTube ad revenue. 

The No Face YT course might not fully address the changes in YouTube's 2023 algorithm that prioritizes viewer engagement, watch time, and overall satisfaction. The algorithm has evolved to differentiate between original content and content that feels generic or repetitive. So creating passive income streams through repetitive or similar video content could be less effective. It helps to look at other faceless YouTube channels from other content creators to see how well they’re actually doing.

Is Creating a Faceless YouTube Channel Worth It in 2023?

Yes, creating a faceless YouTube channel in 2023 can be worth it, but it comes with challenges. The benefits of this model include the ability to maintain personal privacy and potentially tap into a niche without being on camera. It's also adaptable. If one topic doesn't work, you can pivot to another without rebranding your personal image.

However, there are disadvantages. The YouTube algorithm of 2023 prioritizes viewer engagement, watch time, and satisfaction. Without a personal touch, it might be harder to create a loyal viewer base. Channels that feel generic or repetitive can struggle with this algorithm.

The four easiest ways to start a faceless YouTube channel in 2023 are:

  1. Using stock footage and third-party voiceovers to create content.
  2. Leveraging animations or slideshows to present information.
  3. Reviewing products or digital assets with affiliate marketing
  4. Curating and commenting on trending topics or news without personal input.

You can make money on YouTube without showing your face, but it requires a strategic approach, consistency, and understanding of the platform's dynamics. Success with this business model isn't guaranteed. It’s important to be informed and realistic about expectations.

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Create Predictable Passive Income With Local Lead Generation

It's difficult for faceless YouTube channels to generate consistent online revenue and improve profitability. They can hinder growth and profitability. The 2023 YouTube algorithm makes it difficult for faceless channels to maintain or grow their audience. Its impersonal approach can lack the unique touch that binds viewers to a channel. This leads to less loyalty and fluctuating views. Content can also feel repetitive, generic, and less engaging when creators rely too heavily on stock footage or third-party voiceovers.

Local lead generation‌ addresses these challenges head-on. Instead of battling with YouTube's algorithm and striving for viewer loyalty without a personal touch, local lead generation taps directly into the demand of local businesses. With this model, you're creating and ranking websites that serve specific local needs, ensuring consistent and targeted traffic.


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