Collins Ecom Review | Can Jacob Collins Program Help You Overcome The Major Challenges of Dropshipping?

October 25, 2023

Collins Ecom is a comprehensive program developed by Jacob Collins that trains people how to create a profitable dropshipping business through TikTok. Collins’ full-service, dropshipping agency offers an exclusive method that promises financial freedom, with three to four figures per day, with thousands of dollars each month. The course features a guide that teaches you how to select the right products and promote them on TikTok without ads for a few hours only.

According to Startups, only 10-20% of dropshippers earn profits during their first year. Dropshipping on TikTok is also relatively a new trend. While it doesn’t mean no one else is doing it, you may find it difficult to generate sales, especially if other competitors are already offering the same products you’re selling. Dropshipping on the platform also doesn’t always guarantee conversions. You will still need to be equipped with a solid marketing plan, one that encourages more conversions. 

The review on the Collins Ecom course explores all of its modules and bonus materials. You’ll also learn who Collins is, his claims, and how they might not be checking out in the real world. Why Shopify can also be an optimal platform for dropshipping will also be tackled.

Collins Ecom: Pros and cons


The course has a highly accessible fee; it is risk-free as well as you can ask for your money back even if you simply don’t like the content.

Features free traffic strategies.

Generous 90-day refund policy.

Promises dropshipping without paid ads.


Business model behind is already competitive and oversaturated.

Investment in third-party services are more than necessary.


The price of the Collins Ecom program is only $9.95.


The training of the Collins Ecom program features 20+ hours of content that you need to complete in 5 weeks.

Refund Policy

The Collins Ecom program has a generous 90-day refund policy.


The origin of the Collins Ecom program was in February 2022.


Jacob Collins has 41.6K followers on Instagram; Collins also has 100 connections and 125 followers on LinkedIn.

5 major challenges of dropshipping: How the Collins Ecom program can help you

1. Intense competition

While eCommerce is already a highly competitive space, some of the Collins Ecom program’s critical modules can help this competition be less cutthroat. With the course’s TikTok’s algorithm secrets and advanced marketing strategies, your stores should be able to stand out.

2. Dependence on third-party platforms

As a dropshipper, it is expected that you rely on platforms, such as Shopify and AliExpress. Any changes in their fees and policies would mean your stores will have to adjust too. The course’s 7-figure scaling frameworks will help you navigate these changes efficiently.

3. Inventory management issues

While you don’t have to deal with the maintenance of a physical inventory, you will still need to monitor the stock levels of your suppliers. With the program’s bonus features like The Campaign, sourcing out resources to fill your stock in can be mitigated.

4. Customer service challenges

As you don’t have complete control of your assets, such as customer service, when dropshipping, you may encounter complaints and returns. Some of the program’s inclusions, such as the Discord community, a productivity minimizer, and the Steps A-Z, All 5 Pillars to Success can help you lessen these scenarios.

5. Lower profit margins

When compared to traditional retail, dropshipping often produces lower profit margins. These can be remedied with the Collins Ecom course’s 7-figure scaling strategies and cheaper fulfillment methods.

What's included in the Collins Ecom program?

TikTok Algorithm Secrets

TikTok algorithm secrets train you how to hyper target money-making audience pools. Collins reveals that when you understand how TikTok algorithm works, you’d be able to maximize your ads and organic content altogether.

7-Figure Scaling Frameworks

7-figure scaling frameworks share all the exclusive strategies you need to employ to scale brands that allow you to net 7-figure profits. Apart from the frameworks, you also get to learn to maintain profit margins at high-scale.

Advanced Marketing Psychology

Advanced marketing psychology explains the importance of studying the minds of potential buyers. Here, you will understand how they behave, why they buy things online, and what finally drives them to purchase off ads.

20%-40% Cheaper Fulfillment Methods

20%-40% cheaper fulfillment methods are strategies that are needed in your business to generate the highest possible profit margins. In this training, beginners and advanced participants alike will learn how Collins sources his products directly from factories. How to partner with only the right agents is also revealed.

Steps A - Z | All 5 Pillars to Success

Steps A - Z | All 5 Pillars to Success is a comprehensive section in which you’ll receive all the things you need to do in order to be successful in the dropshipping business in 2023. Along with the needed knowledge and tools, all the contacts, assets, and frameworks for you to thrive in dropshipping are a highlight in this module.

Bonus materials

  1. Ecom express course training

  2. 6-figure Discord community

  3. The Campaign—a strategy that gives out reliable resources that can launch and scale a 7-figure store.

  4. Private 1-on-1 strategy session

  5. Second brain: A productivity maximizer

Who is the Collins Ecom program for?

The Collins Ecom program is for store owners who want to look for a low-cost business online. It is also for entrepreneurs who intend to take advantage of TikTok’s ability to generate income. Store owners and entrepreneurs whose businesses market beauty, fashion, jewelry, art, and food can greatly benefit from the course. The same can be said for those who sell home interior and accessories, cleaning and maintenance, toys, dental, and mobile accessories.

Who is Jacob Collins?

Jacob Collins is the creator of the Collins Ecom program. As a professional dropshipper, he already managed to generate over $11,000,000 in sales in the last 4 years. Since it was founded in February 2022, the agency has already produced 1300 successful students; 14 of these are now earning 7 figures.

Collins is also the agency owner of Ecom Express Inc, in San Diego, California. The firm helps in product sourcing for dropshippers. It also aids students with their web design to succeed in today’s marketplace. Prior to the Collins Ecom program and Ecom Express Inc, Collins was also the owner of Gym Expansion in San Marcos, California, in February 2020 to March 2021. He also worked as a consultant in Ecom Express for 8 months. 

What does Jacob Collins claim?

Jacob Collins claims that with the Collins Ecom program, you can start 3 to 4 figures per day, without the need of running paid ads. Collins also claims that the course will allow students to profit from it, with a budget of less than $100, without spending more than 4 hours per day. Accordingly, these profits are achievable even if you’re just a beginner.

Debunking Jacob Collins’ claims

Jacob Collins’ claims do not check out in the real world. More people are already trying to market and sell products on the TikTok platform, with more content being published. In order to gain traction and advantage over your competitors, you need to be more creative and hardworking; you will also have to run ads in order to succeed and thrive. Even if the Collins Ecom is the best TikTok dropshipping course at the moment, it may not be enough to propel your biz, especially if you have zero experience. Ultimately, Collins’ claims may be an oversimplification of the process behind dropshipping. The business model behind can be very hands-on, which requires a persistent, if not efficient, skill set. Dropshipping is also already laden with competition and getting good returns isn’t a guarantee.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment process in which stores don’t keep products they sell in stock. Instead, stores sell products with the use of the dropshipping method, which allows them to purchase items from a third party wholesalers or manufacturers, shipping them directly to customers. As such, sellers do not handle products directly or physically.

Is dropshipping profitable?

Dropshipping is profitable if your engagement rate on the platform is strong enough to convert followers or viewers into buyers. It can also make money if you’re above the competition, dropshipping products that are both trending and popular for a long time. 

Is TikTok an effective advertising method for a dropshipping business?

TikTok is an effective advertising method for a dropshipping business if you have the right products to sell. In the platform, items that tend to sell well through dropshipping include phone cases, pet-related items, such as food dishes, and beauty products. It can also be effective if your advertising with paid ads; other considerations that can make your advertising on TikTok for your dropshipping business profitable are in-content digital marketing and collaborations with influencers in the social media.

Is TikTok better than paid advertising for dropshipping?

TikTok is better than paid advertising for dropshipping if your user base is already large and engaged. Whether TikTok is better in terms of effectiveness will also depend on other critical factors, such as ad creatives, target audience, and how you strategize your overall marketing. Testing and monitoring your TikTok performance is encouraged to determine whether the platform can be a better tool for dropshipping than paid ads.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that allows you to create an online store with speed and ease. This easy-to-use application features a Point-of-Sale app which enables payment of goods in physical stores. The subscription-based application also comes with a shopping cart solution that sells, ships, and manages your items.

Is Shopify an optimal platform for dropshipping?

Shopify is an optimal platform for dropshipping as it boasts an excellent user experience. This is largely because of the platform’s user-friendly interface, both adored by beginners and experienced entrepreneurs. The Shopify’s App Store also features numerous apps specifically integrated to cater to your dropshipping needs. Other features that make it appealing and efficient include integration with AliExpress, payment processing, scalability, security, and customer support. As of 2023, more than 12% of eCommerce stores are already using the Shopify app when dropshipping products.

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Is dropshipping on TikTok a good way to make money online?

Dropshipping on TikTok may not be a good way to make money online as the products on the platform are not as certain and future-proofed. With the business model on TikTok, you will still also need to deal with ordering inventory, customs, shipping, returns, and customer service. Dropshipping on TikTok also means that you’re not in full ownership of your business. With local lead generation, the biz model I’m recommending, you have full control over your assets. 

Google is also not going anywhere, so local lead gen is a lot more certain and definitely long-term. Easily it’s most attractive is that it is way less saturated than dropshipping, even on TikTok. Local lead generation allows you to deal with at least 50 different niches. What’s more, you can choose any city in the US or another country. Each city is ultimately a market of its own. Gain full control of your assets and consider local lead generation now!

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