Davie Fogarty’s Daily Mentor Review: 5 Dangers That Await You In Ecommerce

September 21, 2023

Daily Mentor is an ecommerce program that helps high-value brands scale to 8 figures and beyond. In the course, Davie Fogarty teaches critical business scaling components like finance, inventory management, and ad account structures. Students receive mentorship from leading ecommerce experts, access to small group discussions, and essential tools like a list of pre-vetted partners.

According to Statista, sales in the retail ecommerce sector are expected to grow by 56% in 2026, with over $8 US trillion dollars. This is staggering considering that only in 2021, the sales already amounted to approximately $5.2 trillion dollars. The ecommerce industry doesn’t come without some hurdles, however. One of these is the limited customer service and the relationships that are built down the line aren’t that personalized.

In our Daily Mentor review, we cover what's inside this mentoring course and whether the program is worth your time. I’ll also let you in on a business model that is far more individualized, and ultimately, more passive source for income stream.

Daily Mentor Review: Pros And Cons


Less saturated in terms of membership as the program doesn’t accept brands under 7 figures.

Features a “Free Mentorship” course that teaches entrepreneurs how to get to 7 figures.

Comes with in-house community experts, with weekly updates.

Guaranteed positive ROIs.


A bit too costly, even as a monthly fee.

Assigning mentorship groups might take longer as there are now many competitors in the industry.

The “other” mentors aren’t revealed until a subscription is made.


The price of the Daily Mentor program is $1,790 monthly.


The training of the Daily Mentor program is daily, from Monday to Friday.


The Daily Mentor program doesn’t currently have Facebook or Instagram groups.


The origin of the Daily Mentor program was in July 2023.


Davie Fogarty has over 14,000 followers in LinkedIn; he also has 6.3K followers in Facebook. Fogarty also has 3,549 Discord members and over 300,000 YouTube subscribers.

What is Daily Mentor?

Daily Mentor is a mentorship program that teaches you how to scale ecommerce brands that rake in 8 figures and beyond. The course also features support from real ecommerce experts who have already built and scaled brands worth $100 million.

With the program, subscribers and their teams are provided mentorship through Monday to Friday calls. It should be noted, though, that these experts all come from Australia. Each subscriber will have a supportive group, consisting of five to ten people in every call. The program promises to scale your brands with its efficient tools and training—all of which are tried and tested by Fogarty and his team.

Fogarty believes that, with the course, entrepreneurs will find quality mentorship and partners. The program will also hand you its list of vetted and reliable partners two months into the course.

What will you expect from Daily Mentor?

1. Daily training calls

The highlight of the Daily Mentor is the inclusion of a daily mentor call. This feature includes an introductory call from Fogarty and an ecommerce specialist from Monday to Friday. The focus is for you to be introduced to the program while setting a mentee up to succeed at the same time.

With daily training calls, participants can plan and execute their financial and strategic goals. Note that these are provided on a quarterly basis.

2. Another set of calls from Davie and other mentors 

If the daily training calls weren’t enough, the program ensures that you’re all taken care of by means of these inclusions. Through these calls, your growth along the way will be supported.

One of the mentors is also an expert in merchandize planning. He or she one who will also be there supporting and filling out your forecast templates. Another mentor is an authority in Google and Facebook ads. The mentor is expected to give you contemporary insights on how to expand your brands through these platforms.

3. Interactive community of ecommerce

The program also provides Slack and Skool as the main applications for communication. Through these apps, mentors are expected to connect you with relevant 3PLs, app providers, and ad agencies. Most of these services, providers, and agencies are still being used by The Oodie, a company that Fogarty currently oversees

4. Content library

So, what does Fogarty and his mentors mean with content library? Each call made during training and mentorship is recorded; calls are also made accessible to participants as soon as they join. As it is, a massive amount of resources is available whenever and wherever.

How does Daily Mentor help your ecommerce brand?

The Daily Mentor helps your ecommerce brand with a more comprehensive set of tools needed to scale your businesses online. These include a list of vetted partners (3PLs and agencies), community-like calls with no competitors, and a content library. The best feature is the access to bonafide mentors who have already established themselves in the industry.

Who is Daily Mentor for?

Daily Mentor is for entrepreneurs who are already making 8 figures and beyond in their business. It is also for business owners who want to learn how to be in the league of 8 figures as they continue to expand their companies online. As the program wants to be the top source of ecommerce knowledge, this valuable program is for entrepreneurs who want to excel further.

Who is Daily Mentor not for?

The Daily Mentor is not for entrepreneurs who are only generating income of less than $1 million. While it features a free mentorship course for people who are making less, the focus is on 8-figure businessmen who want the next step of the process

Is Daily Mentor worth it?

The Daily Mentor is worth it, especially for ecommerce businesses that are already generating $1 million and above in revenue. Fogarty allows you to learn the information produced and included in the course, ones that are utilized by himself along with the mentors. According to the creator, participants will experience a positive Return of Investment (ROI) with the program. Fogarty reiterated that with all the course’s coaches combined, you’d spend $10,000 a month to make use of them individually.

Who is Davie Fogarty?

Davie Fogarty is the founder and creator of the Daily Mentor program. Residing in Marlston, South Australia, Australia, Fogarty is also the architect of The Oodie. This is the company famed for its premium, sizable, and wearable blankets. The Australian businessman has already been in the ecommerce business, founding 12 companies in total. Some of these include Calming Blankets, Pupnaps, and the Australian Furniture Warehouse. 

Before Fogarty’s businesses online, he also worked in social media marketing. Among the companies he served were SkinnyMe Tea, The 5TH, and Aleenta Barre. The 28-year-old Fogarty studied in the Mercedes College in Perth, Western Australia. The career coach hailed from Adelaide, Australia. 

As of 2023, Fogarty’s net worth is an estimated $190 million. His net worth is generated mostly from his ownership stake in the Davie Group, one of Australia’s fastest-growing online retailers.

What brands does Davie Fogarty own?

Davie Fogarty owns brands, such as The Oodie and Calming Blankets, Davie Group, Pupnaps, and the Australian Furniture House. He maintains a YouTube channel, too, which now has over 300,000 subscribers.

Davie Fogarty’s claims

Davie Fogarty claims that with the Daily Mentor program, the information provided will give you a positive ROI to your business. Moreover, the said increase is only for an ecommerce space that already generates over $1 million a year in revenue.

Davie Fogarty's claims debunked

The ROI of your ecommerce business doesn’t always have to be positive. Your return from an investment would comprise income from these and the appreciation of the investment’s value. It is also not always necessary to experience appreciation. There are instances in which the value of your investment would fall below the purchase price.

5 dangers waiting for you in ecommerce

1. Ecommerce is prone to fraud and fake orders

Ecommerce is prone to fraud and fake orders as the industry is worth millions of dollars and can be an easy target for fraudsters. Two rampant ways of stealing money nowadays are feigning identities and hacking into accounts or faking orders. Fraudsters would also go as far as producing counterfeit products only to score a profit.

2. Ecommerce sometimes has long delivery periods

Ecommerce sometimes has long delivery periods and this can spell either trouble or hurdle for your business. With these, losing sales in the process is more than likely as buyers tend to go to competitors with speedier courier services. Slow delivery periods also mean that the company will have to shell out for customers who decide to cancel your products and get a refund due to delay.

3. Ecommerce has complex taxation guidelines

Ecommerce has complex taxation guidelines, too. Your sales tax of should be collected and settled to the right authorities; this should also be conducted in ways that are dictated by your state. The complexity aside, this can also be laborious and can prove expensive, especially when you make a mistake in the process

4. Ecommerce has downtime and technology issues

Ecommerce has downtime and technology issues—both of which can significantly affect your revenue. With technology, it is paramount that your website will be able to handle a massive amount of traffic as when it crashes, you can lose a lot of business.

5. Ecommerce has tough competition.

Ecommerce has tough competition and this sector is only growing exponentially by the year. With such a competition and global rivals, the challenge involved isn’t only tricky. It will also require tons of money and effort from you and your business.

Daily Mentor alternatives

Final thoughts: Is ecommerce profitable?

Ecommerce can be profitable in many ways. These include dropshipping, creating your digital products, print on demand, and affiliate marketing. Now is also the time to earn from the industry as ecommerce is expanding and is predicted to make up 24% of the global retail sales by 2026.

Building your own brand in ecommerce comes with some hurdles you have to consider. While there are many profit-generating platforms, the competition in this sector is aggressive. There are also now hundreds, if not thousands of companies just like yours that only want more profit than usual.

There is one business model that will take such a burden off your shoulders. The local lead generation biz model is way less saturated. There are only 15-20 local companies competing in any given niche. With it, you're also given the opportunity to pick and choose any city in a country, with each city a separate market.

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