Serioja Glorie’s Digital Global Nomads Review: Using Automation to Avoid Suspension on Walmart and Amazon?

March 26, 2024

Digital Global Nomads is an e-commerce company that creates a done-for-you Amazon or Walmart dropshipping business and automates the entire operation. The business will also shift to wholesaling depending on the situation, such as suspensions for dropshipping. Digital Global Nomads will provide you with a team of remote workers that will run the operation and management of your store and with whom you will have direct contact. This creates a hands-off passive income business.

An example of dropshipping is when you find products on Walmart and list it on Amazon for a higher price. When a customer on Amazon places an order, you then buy that product from Walmart and ship it to the customer. The hardest part of dropshipping is constantly finding a winning trending product. Not only do you have to spend a lot of time and effort looking for that profitable trending product, you need to constantly be on the lookout for new ones as inventory runs out and trends change. While automation may provide solutions for most of these challenges, dropshipping is still a strictly regulated business in Amazon and Walmart, which can lead to constant suspensions.

For a low maintenance passive income business I recommend local lead generation. With local lead generation, you don’t have to deal with suspensions, sales, customer service, or even deal with a team. As a type of digital real estate business, you rank a website on Google using free methods like SEO and rent it out to local businesses. Once a site is ranked and rented, you immediately start earning a predictable income. It is worth checking out local lead generation for a low risk passive income business.

Will Dropshipping on Walmart and Amazon Get You Suspended?

Dropshipping on Walmart and Amazon will most likely get your account suspended, especially for new stores. Amazon is very strict with dropshipping and in 2022, they were suspending and banning drop shipping stores left and right. Walmart is also becoming more strict with their dropshipping policies and has suspended many dropshipping stores. Your store could get suspended for a few weeks to a few months as investigations are happening. The only way to get past this is to buy a trusted aged store, open a dispute and wait, or open a new store. Alternatively, you can "warm up" your new store with "safer" methods such as wholesaling or arbitrage.

Automation will not stop your stores from getting suspended but will allow you to constantly sell and earn. Your team will constantly deal with suspensions and open new stores to keep your business running. That said, even if you don’t break any of Amazon’s policies, constant suspensions will affect your ability to do business through dropshipping.

Serioja says it himself that this business model is risky and Amazon dropshipping suspension is inevitable. He claims that persistence is key and that in the long run, it can turn into a lucrative business. Serioja himself had his store suspended 13 times in 4 years on Amazon. Walmart is adding new restrictions to dropshipping and has cracked down on dropshipping stores as well.

Serioja Glorie’s Digital Global Nomads Review: Pros and Cons


Dropshipping on the US market, or any different country, can be done from anywhere in the world.

Profit split that incentivizes the team to work hard.

The team can switch your stores into wholesaling for a small activation fee.


Dropshipping is a risky business model and suspensions are inevitable, which can cause disruptions in your income flow.

This is a long-term investment which could take years to see significant returns.

Performance depends on the quality of the team assigned to you.


$15,000 for Walmart automation and $12,500 for Amazon automation

Refund Policy

Walmart automation service has a 15-month money-back guarantee minus expenses (referral commissions, sales commissions, and ad spend)



Who Is Serioja Glorie’s Digital Global Nomads For?

Digital Global Nomads is for clients from anywhere in the world who want to sell in the United States e-commerce market. This is for anyone who wants to have a fully functioning automated e-commerce business without any hands-on input. The name is aimed at those who want to have the financial freedom to live the digital nomad life.

  1. Beginners who want to have an e-commerce business but don't have the time to learn the basics, create their business from scratch, or run the store.
  2. Amazon or Walmart store owners who want to automate and scale their businesses.

What Do You Get With Serioja Glorie’s Digital Global Nomads?

With Digital Global Nomads, you get a done-for-you dropshipping store on either Amazon or Walmart, depending on the program you sign up for. If the dropshipping business doesn’t turn out to be for you, you can have the stores switched to wholesaling for a small activation fee. You earn 50% of the profits that the stores generate. The Digital Global Nomads team assigned to your business will take care of the entire operation.

Summary of the Packages

  • Product research and listing, inventory management, order processing, and repricing
  • Shipment confirmation and tracking, returns and exemptions, chargebacks, authorized returns, and customer service and support.
  • Suspension defense, direct access to your team, and option to switch store type or other marketplace platform.
  • Access to in-house funding partners.

Are Clients of Serioja Glorie’s Digital Global Nomads Successful?

There are tons of screenshots from supposed clients of Digital Global Nomads on their website, but it is impossible to verify if these are legit. However, there are half a dozen client success video testimonials that show live evidence of their store performance.

The following screenshots are for a client named Michael who’s Amazon store made $21,774.39 total profits in about 3 months. Note that the empty months were because of his account being suspended. He mentioned that he had to appeal 7 times to get his account back up. The second screenshot is for his Walmart store, which got $38, 035.44 total profits in about 4 months.

The next screenshots are for a client named Mike who has an aged Amazon store of 3 years which earned a total profit of $27,935.06 in about a year (1st screenshot). After a few months of suspension, the store earned $3,633.44 net profit in about 3 months (2nd screenshot) before Serioja changed the team assigned to it. The month with the new team grossed $17,185.13 total profits with a 48.99% ROI in just 1 month (3rd screenshot). Mike also opened a Walmart store, which earned $5,356.35 total profit in 2 months (last screenshot).

Keep in mind that even Serioja himself says in most of these videos that the stores are aged. Meaning it takes a long time to reach the point where they are less targeted by suspensions or they purchase an aged store. Around 90% of dropshippers fail right from the start. The failure can be attributed to the lack of research in picking a niche, lack of resources for the investment, selling on a platform that is not friendly to dropshippers, and the lack of persistence.

Who Is Serioja Glorie?

digital global nomads review

Serioja Glorie is an e-commerce entrepreneur and founder of Digital Global Nomads, who currently lives in Hakuba, Nagano, Japan. Originally from Limburg, Flemish Region, Belgium, he left for Asia in 2012 to live the digital nomad lifestyle. He lived in Thailand for 2 years, then in the Philippines for 5 years, where he met his wife, before moving to Japan. Before starting his e-commerce business in 2017, he worked in sales, forex trading, construction jobs, wine distribution, and even the restaurant business.

Is Dropshipping Worth It for Beginners in 2024?

Dropshipping can be worth it for beginners in 2024 who are looking for a long-term business to create capital for other investments. Dropshipping is very profitable. Daily profits range from $50 and $5,000. Profit margins for dropshipping are around 20–25% on Walmart and around 10-15% on Amazon.

Dropshipping is a risky and high maintenance business. Only about 10% of dropshipping businesses succeed and these are usually aged stores. Dropshipping is not a sustainable business unless you invest a lot of time and money into it. While dropshipping is good to start with those without capital, it is suggested to reinvest what is earned to other business models such as Amazon FBA. Amazon FBA is more profitable than dropshipping. With FBA. you have higher profit margins, prime shipping, and fewer risks of suspension. Amazon will take care of customer fulfillment, inventory warehousing, and customer service. FBA also gives your listings the prime status which increases your chance of winning the buy box.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dropshipping


Low cost - You can start dropshipping with as little as $100. You only pay for a product once you get an order.

No inventory - You don't need to hold inventory or pay for storage. This lowers the risks of unsold inventory.

Global - You can dropship from anywhere in the world and on any market.


Supply availability - You have no control over the availability of the products. Reliance on the supplier creates the risks of going out of stock.

Branding - As you are basically just marketing and reselling products for a profit, you can not build your own store brand.

Competition - Dropshippers are the most numerous of e-commerce sellers. Competition will be fierce especially with trending products.

Suspension - Most major platforms with the most customers have very strict policies regarding dropshipping and often suspend dropshipping accounts.

Getting Started With Dropshipping

How do I become a dropshipper?

  • Secure capital or credit to pay for products.
  • Create a seller account on your chosen platform.
  • Find a good profitable product to list.
  • Find a marketing strategy to promote that product.

You can start dropshipping with no money by finding trending products and advertising them through free or low-cost marketing methods such as blogging and social media posts. However, you do need credit in order to pay for the product once a customer places an order. The cheapest way to dropship is by using free methods in marketing and selling on platforms with free trials like Shopify. To keep the operating cost low, you need to do all the work yourself. WooCommerce and Magento are the best dropshipping platforms to date as they are not as congested as Shopify. There are also many other newer and smaller e-commerce platforms that allow dropshipping.

Selecting Dropshipping Products

Items that are popular for dropshipping are trending products in popular niches. One of the most consistent and trending niches is women’s clothing. This is a great niche for beginners, as there are many products to choose from and a high volume of customers. You should start dropshipping with 1–3 products. Starting small will limit the risk and allow you to test out and gain the necessary experience with the processes of dropshipping.

You can dropship branded products, but it comes with disadvantages. As most branded products are already resold by wholesalers, you will have to compete with very low prices, and if you do sell, the profit will be very low. Dropshipping branded products without permission from the wholesaler can lead to account suspension or termination. Unrealistically low prices for branded products could also be a sign of counterfeit items.

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What Is the Best Passive Income Business in 2024?

From my experience, local lead generation is the best passive income business in 2024. I’ve tried dropshipping on several e-commerce platforms and none compete with the passive nature and ROI of local lead generation. With an initial investment of as little as $500, you can rank and rent a website on Google which you can rent out to local business. With an ROI as high as 90% you can earn up to $2,000 per website.

Unlike e-commerce, you don't have to worry about competition with local lead generation. There are hundreds of niches and thousands of areas to choose from. A site can stay ranked on Google for years making it very easy and convenient to maintain. To scale, all you have to do is repeat the process of ranking a site and renting it out. These qualities make local lead generation the best low-cost, low-risk business model to create financial freedom.

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