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DropShip Downunder 2.0 Review – Is Klint & Grant Parker’s course worth it for Australians?

October 30, 2023

In Klint and Grant Parker's Dropship Downunder course, Australians learn how to build a profitable dropshipping store. This course teaches you how to select a profitable Australian dropshipping niche, build a highly optimized eCommerce store, and drive high-quality traffic to it for more sales. In this review, we're going to find out if dropshipping is a suitable business model to start in Australia, the different ways to advertise your dropshipping store, how long it takes to generate revenue dropshipping and what the advantages or disadvantages of having a dropshipping business are. Also, I'll explain the difference between dropshipping and a popular online business called, local lead generation, that is paying people passively each month.


Australians created this course for Australians who want to start a dropshipping business

Although Klint & Grant are coaches, they still make money with their e-commerce businesses till this day (7-figures)

You're taught how to find a niche that's hot in Australia

They cover Instagram and Snapchat marketing

Once your site is live, you get a personal site audit from the DSD team to make sure your store is fully optimized.


Facebook ads training could use more advanced methods like live video ads & messenger ads

The module on Basic Onsite SEO is too basic and won't help you rank your site enough to generate traffic

YouTube marketing training isn't in depth


Dropshipping Downunder costs $497 AUD (around $350 USD); they have slashed the original price of $2,997, 83%

Refund Policy:

Action based 60-day money-back guarantee; they'll also pay you $100 if you follow all the steps they lay out to get a refund.


12 modules with 89 lessons in video format


Private Facebook group 


Klint and Grant felt like all the dropshipping courses available were geared towards North American sellers. In November 2017, they released Dropship Downunder 1.0 for Australians to learn how to dropship in Australia. The current DSD version 2.0 was released in 2020 and the 3.0 version was released in June 2022.


Klint and Grant have one of the top dropshipping courses in Australia.

Who are Grant Parker and Klint Parker?

Klint & Grant Parker are from Australia and have done business together for over 20 years. As teenagers, they worked at a butcher shop to help pay for things their parents couldn't afford. Then, they began a business of painting door numbers in front of neighbors' houses. They had over 20 sales representatives at one point. However, that business turned into a job, with them having to manage staff and clients. Grant felt like that job wasn't for him anymore. Therefore, he joined the New South Wales (NSW) police force. Klint kept the business going, but it was too much for him.

In October 2014, after learning about dropshipping, they came together to start their first dropshipping store. The next year, they finally quit their 9-5 jobs. For over 5 years, they've built and sold several successful Australian dropshipping stores. Their success has led them to create the Dropship Downunder course where they help other Australians live a laptop lifestyle.

Klint now lives in Thailand while Grant still lives on the Central Coast, New South Wales (NSW) in Australia.

The Dropship Downunder YouTube channel only has over 8,000 subscribers, but their private Drop Shipping Australia Facebook group has over 11,000 members. On these platforms, Klint and Grant share all the best tips and strategies to be successful in dropshipping high-ticket products in Australia.

What is high-ticket dropshipping?

High-ticket dropshipping is where you sell expensive products in your online store and a third-party supplier fulfills the order. This is what Klint and Grant focus on teaching. High-ticket and high-quality items around an authority niche store. 

How much do high-ticket products cost?

High-ticket products cost over $200 dollars in most cases, though each dropshipping "guru" will have a different price point. Some may say over $100, while others say over $250, $500 or even $1,000+. For Klint, high-ticket products are anywhere from $200 to over $2,000 dollars.

Examples of high-ticket products

  1. Stand up paddle board
  2. 3D printer
  3. Swimming pool cover
  4. Queen sized bed
  5. Kayak
  6. Robotic pool cleaner
  7. Car roof rack

Benefits of dropshipping high-ticket items?

The benefits of dropshipping high-ticket items are that you make more profit per sale, deal with fewer customers, and there is less competition. You'll also have more money to focus on promoting your products.

What do you learn in Dropship Downunder 2.0?

In the Dropship Downunder 2.0 course, you learn how to dropship high-ticket, high-quality products in Australia. 

Look through each tab to see what each module or section covers.

Zero to Live

This is one of the newer sections of this updated course where they teach you how to get your store up and running in the quickest time possible.

DSD Mindset Training

This training is another add-on to help students see what mindset they need when getting started with a Shopify dropshipping business. They help you have realistic expectations. Klint says that there is a lot of work you need to put in, so you need to embrace the challenges, learn your craft, be patient, positive, and determined to succeed. 

Module 1 - Business Setup

This module basically shows you what you need to do to legally set up your dropshipping business in Australia.

Module 2 - Niche Selection

This section focuses on searching for high-ticket products. You'll learn how to find your profitable niche, who your target market is, how to identify ideal products, and product pricing. They make sure you have a solid understanding of what niche you're going to choose, if it's going to work and why it will work.

Module 3 - Australian Market Research

This module contains 12 lessons that give you the tools necessary to find if a niche is worth getting into when dropshipping in Australia.

Module 4 - Building Your Store

This fourth module comprises 15 video lessons that show you how to properly build out your Shopify dropshipping store. You get an entire walkthrough from getting your domain to optimizing your store.

Module 5 - Contacting Australian Suppliers

There are many ways to contact suppliers. Klint and Grant detail the entire process of securing suppliers. You learn what to say, when to reach out, and how to handle objections.

Four Australian suppliers that Klint shares are...

  • Factory Fast
  • Colour Blocker
  • iDropship
  • Dropship Zone

Module 6 - Free Traffic

Most people don't have the money to generate traffic when first getting started. In this module, the guys teach you 6 FREE ways you can generate traffic, which can lead to more sales for your dropshipping store. Some of those free ways are through Australian Facebook groups, Australian Gumtree, sales/auction sites, forums, and OzBargin.

Module 7 - Facebook Ads

This module teaches you the basics of running Facebook ads for your products. 

Module 8 - Google Ads

This module teaches you the basics of running Google ads for your products.

Module 9 - Other Paid Traffic

The ninth module goes over other types of paid traffic, such as re-targeting, influencer marketing, Gumtree, and Trading Post ads. The purpose is to increase the visibility of your products, which will increase sales.

Module 10 - Basic Onsite SEO

This module shows you how to do basic SEO on your website. Nothing in-depth here.

Module 11 - Going Live

The second to last module has you do a site audit on your site to make sure it's ready to go. This way, you don't deal with any issues.

Module 12 - Moving Forward

The final module is all about scaling your store and how to build authority, and your reputation in your niche through email marketing, outsourcing, and more.

Is dropshipping good in Australia?

Dropshipping can be lucrative in Australia because your costs are lower if you use Australian suppliers. Shipping times are also quicker because you don't need to buy inventory in bulk or store it. In the Dropship Downunder course, you're taught to use local Aussie suppliers as opposed to suppliers in China whose shipping times are drastically longer, because that frustrates customers and doesn't make them want to buy from you again.

There are over 25 million Australians. According to Statista, they forecast the internet usage in Australia to exceed 23.5 million by 2025. More internet usage means more online shopping. Australian dropshippers can only benefit from this.

Ways to Advertise your dropshipping store

Here are some important ways to advertise your dropshipping store to generate more traffic and sales. They teach some of these inside of the Dropship Downunder course.

  • TikTok ads (hot in 2022)
  • Facebook ads
  • YouTube ads
  • Instagram (influencer marketing)
  • Twitter
  • Free traffic on Google using an authority blog

For more ideas on how to advertise your dropshipping store, read our article of the 11 effective strategies to advertise your dropshipping store in 2022.

Is Dropship Downunder worth it?

These are some students who found success with the Dropship Downunder course. 

Ali, from Parramatta, NSW, started his first eCommerce store with the help of this course.

Another student named Ali from Granville, NSW, didn't have expectations about this course. After joining, he eventually was able to quit his second job. 

My Thoughts: Dropship Downunder will be worth it if you live in Australia, can identify a winning product and market it well. According to Bluecart, dropshippers make between $1,000 and $5,000 per month. The lesson is, it will take time and work to see an ROI, but it's not impossible.

Klint and Grant have made a lot of money dropshipping in Australia. Their expertise will help you do the same if you follow their course step by step and also learn from your mistakes as you go. Dropshipping is just one online business of the many that can make you money online if you set the right expectations.

Dropship Downunder Alternatives

Ecom Excellence by Jack Parrotta is an excellent alternative to Dropship Downunder and much more affordable at $99. During the pandemic, Jack made thousands of dollars creating one product Shopify stores (dental niche, resistance band set, and more) and is currently making 6-figures. There are over 35 videos in his course and you get ongoing support. On the Jack Parrotta YouTube channel, he uploads plenty of content related to dropshipping and the course was updated in 2022.

Price: Ecom Excellence costs $399.

More info: Ecom Excellence Review.

6 Figure Drop Shipper (6FDS) by Reza Qorbanie (7-figure earner) is another course for Australians that also teaches you how to create a one product Shopify store. Many consider this course to be Australia's #1 eCommerce course. They have the numbers to back it up with over 2,000 students who have generated over $13 million in sales. It's a 6-week program that offers one-on-one support when selecting products, building your store and running ads for your products. Each week, they hold coaching calls on Tuesday and Thursday nights where they do Q&A. To find out what you'll pay for this course, you must contact their sales team on Instagram.

Full Dropshipping Course by Mostafa Nouman is a dropshipping course that focuses on using TikTok ads rather than the traditional Facebook ads. The course is only $89 with no other upsells. This is great for beginners and online entrepreneurs who want to be successful in dropshipping. Mostafa will teach you how to find a unique product to sell on your online business. His YouTube channel also includes other challenges and content about different strategies and tactics on how to make money online. 

More info: Full Dropshipping Course Review.

If you're looking for a more complete list of dropshipping courses, read my 10 best dropshipping eCommerce courses of 2023

How long does it take to make money dropshipping?

To make money dropshipping, it can take anywhere between 3 and 12 months. In Australia, it can take fewer time depending on the niche and products you choose to sell on your online store as well as how you advertise. 

Pros and Cons of dropshipping


Scalable because you don't need staff or inventory to sell physical products. Suppliers or manufacturers handle the fulfillment.

Potential to earn a lot of money with only one product (going viral)

Chance to build a brand; if you're successful enough, you can sell your brand 

Many products and niches to choose from

Work from anywhere in the world


Low profit margins; you need to have a high volume of sales to make good money

Dealing with unhappy customers who want refunds (call back the supplier to request the refund; you can end up being the one who loses hundreds or thousands of dollars in the process)

You can't always control the quality of the products your suppliers ship out

Ad exhaustion; people tire of seeing the ads you run for a product, especially if it's not viral anymore

You always need to be thinking about the next viral product to sell before it goes viral; a mental hassle

PPC ads are expensive with the uptick in marketers flooding the ad platforms

If you decide to sell a viral product, you're competing against thousands of other sellers worldwide

Long shipping times if your suppliers aren't local

A lot of coaches say you don't need inventory to do dropshipping. But the ones that are really making money end up needing to hold their own inventory in their respective country. Why? To have 3-day shipping times instead of 1 entire month. Shorter shipping times increase your profit margin.

Either way, dropshipping requires ongoing work.


Dropshipping has the potential to make you money each month, but the continual workload that comes with it is the reason local lead generation is my #1 online business model.

Over 7400 students from all over the world love local lead generation because once their sites rank on page 1 of Google, they hardly ever need to touch them & they continue to generate income each month. You hardly have any overhead either, which is what makes scaling easy.

Many Australians are also making thousands of dollars each month because of lead generation and you can too.

If you're interested in learning more, click here to learn about what the local lead generation training program offers.

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    These people have No Integrity. No honor and No Face.

    If you want to learn dropshipping go to Shopify videos you can learn everything there for free.

  2. Could be worse you could have purchased their shit sites they sell off for $1497 LOL they are so bad I see a few of them go on shopify exchange from owners who purchased trying to sell them for $150 and still no ones buys yet people get sucked in by this overweight boheameth


    I PAID FOR 1000$ IN COACHING. Sorry for the caps but now that I have your attention….

    I paid for 1000$ in coaching and when it came to claiming the hours I was denied. I was actually denied a service I directly paid for. This is as bad as a Nigerian scam.


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