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Ecom Excellence Review – Does Jack Parrotta have enough Amazon FBA experience?

October 30, 2023

Ecom Excellence by Jack Parrotta is a course that teaches Australians how to build a profitable and scalable Amazon FBA business. Jack teaches you things like his product research methods, finding and negotiating with suppliers, optimizing your product listings, running PPC ads, creating bundles, scaling, and more. In this Ecom Excellence review, we'll cover what's inside the Ecom Excellence FBA course, if it's worth it, how much experience Jack has in eCom, the alternative Amazon FBA Australian courses, if Amazon FBA is still profitable in 2024, and how it differs from the local lead generation business model that passively pays you each month without having to use paid traffic.


Jack updated almost the entire course for 2022

He's made 6-figures from selling his eCom courses (Amazon FBA and Dropshipping)

Decently priced Amazon FBA course that teaches the basics

Unlimited email support and mentoring through Facebook Messenger and the private FB group

1-on-1 coaching for beginner and intermediate Amazon sellers


Jack only teaches PPC ads as a method of traffic generation. No TikTok, Instagram, Google ads or SnapChat training.

Jack hasn't made millions of dollars selling products. His experience is minimal doing so as he focuses on coaching.

Amazon FBA is very competitive and doesn't allow you to earn a predictable income.


The Ecom Excellence Amazon FBA Australia Course costs $399


9 modules divided into 50+ training videos. 98% of the content was re-filmed and re-vamped in 2022.

Refund Policy:

14-day money-back guarantee if you've viewed less than 30% of the content


Private Facebook group


Jake Parrotta started version 1 of Ecom Excellence in 2018 and released version 5 in 2022.


Jack has taught over 900 students and has one of the best most up-to-date Amazon FBA courses in Australia

Who is Jack Parrotta?

Jack Parrotta is a digital entrepreneur from Northern Queensland, Australia, who has a passion for gaming, Anime, and fitness. After graduating high school in 2013, Jack got his qualified personal trainer certificate and worked at Snap Fitness.

In 2016, while still living with his parents and working a retail job, he started selling on Amazon. Many friends and family asked questions about how they could do the same. So, Jack started posting content on YouTube to share what he was doing. By the end of 2018, he got into dropshipping and also documented what he was doing. That wasn't enough, though. Everyone kept asking if he could put a step-by-step course together on how to sell on Amazon profitably.

Since the demand to learn these business models was growing, Jack created the Ecom Excellence platform to teach Amazon FBA and dropshipping from start to launching their first product.

He found it easy, enjoyable, and lucrative to teach what he had learned. Therefore, he took a step back from selling products to focus on coaching and helping others grow their business beyond what Jack had generated from selling products.

Jack has recently posted more content on social media, such as the Jack Parrotta YouTube channel, which has over 8.5K subscribers and his Instagram. 

Ecom Excellence is now a 6-figure per year platform. 

The trick that helped Jack make thousands

Jack made tens of thousands of dollars selling teeth plug scalers and resistance band sets even though the pandemic was in full effect because he used a payment system called AfterPay.

Most of the conversions and transactions came from people choosing AfterPay because it's an easier payment option. You basically buy the products before they remove your funds from your bank account and you can pay in 4 installments. AfterPay motivated his customers to want to buy the products for that reason.

Jack made $500-$1500 AUD per week in profit and he was only selling to Australians. 

What's inside the Ecom Excellence Amazon FBA Australia course?


Jack gives you an overview of what to expect in this newest version of the course. He briefly explains what Amazon FBA is, the mindset you should have moving forward and how to sell products in Australia even if you aren't Aussie.

Module 1) Before You Get Started

In module 1, Jack has you join the private Facebook group, explains what his 10K club is, the benefits of starting a brand, and how to access support within the program.

Module 2) Product Research

Along with providing a product research checklist, Jack gives you an overview of how you can leverage the ZonGuru software in your Amazon FBA business.

Jack also shares his 4 product research techniques to implement when searching for an Amazon product and touches on trademarks and patents.

Module 3) Taxes & Liability

In module 3, Jack shows you how to get your ABN (Australian Business Number), how taxes work in Australia, what import tax is, and why you should trademark your brand.

Module 4) Setting up your Amazon Seller account

Jack uses this module to easily show you how to set up your Amazon Seller account and the beginning of your product listing creation. He explains the importance of barcodes, how to buy them and how to buy UPC codes.

Module 5) Product Sourcing & Suppliers

Jack explains the following points in this module.

  • How to find and negotiate with the best suppliers
  • Creating a logo
  • Logistics (shipping your products to Amazon's warehouses)
  • How to calculate your profit
  • How to order samples to ensure the quality of your products and to provide the best customer experience
  • What Freight Forwarders are

Module 6) Creating a Winning Listing

This module is all about Jack showing you how to optimize your product listing from top to bottom and how to price your products competitively.

Module 7) Launching Your Product

In module 7, Jack goes over the last things you need to do and keep in mind before launching your product, how to get reviews and how to deal with a negative customer review.

Module 8) Amazon PPC

Jack dives into how to generate traffic with PPC ads. He covers automatic and manual PPC campaigns, and the importance of ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales).

Module 9) Things You Must Know

In this last module, Jack speaks on some other important things you should know for your Amazon FBA business.

  • How to create bundles
  • Inventory re-stocking
  • Dealing with hijackers
  • Selling in restricted categories
  • Selling globally
  • Scaling

Amazon FBA Australia Success Stories

Here are two students from Jack's course that have had massive success.

Raffay Memon joined Ecom Excellence in June 2019 and has had outstanding success because of Jack's training. He has 7 total products, but 2 are generating him money on autopilot. He's currently making $130k per year and looking to continue scaling. Raffay says that Ecom Excellence was helpful enough to start his ecommerce business. 

Athar is one of Jack's most successful students ever. He sells an estimated $42K AUD per month by only selling 3 products. When he got started, things were slow because of the pandemic. What helped him keep more profit for himself was by using suppliers in Pakistan, which is famous for textiles, instead of using Chinese suppliers. Prices are half of what they are in China and shipping times are much faster. Athar is also selling products in the United Kingdom and his profit margins there are 48%. He says that Jack's course was exactly what he needed to get started with Amazon FBA as a beginner.

Ecom Excellence Alternatives

6 Figure Drop Shipper (6FDS) by Reza Qorbanie is one of the best Amazon FBA courses you can take in Australia. Reza took his immigrant family from rags to riches in Australia and teaches everything you need to know to be successful in selling products on Amazon in Australia. He's taught 2000+ students who've generated over $13 million in sales. Reza's course is a 6-week program that teaches you how to find winning products, the psychology of marketing, copywriting, Facebook ads, and more. Reza has you avoid leaning on Chinese suppliers instead, encouraging you to find Australian suppliers which will only help you have faster shipping times.

More info: 6 Figure Drop Shipper Review.

Dropship Downunder 2.0 by Grant Parker and Klint Parker is also in the race to be considered the best Australian Amazon FBA course. These gentlemen show you how to find niches that are hot in Australia and how to leverage Instagram and SnapChat to find and market those products. A benefit of joining their program is that once you go live with your first eCom store, they will perform a live site audit to ensure that your site is optimized properly. Dropship Downunder 3.0 was released in June 2022.

Price: Dropship Downunder 2.0 costs $497 AUD (around $350 USD)

More info: Dropship Downunder 2.0 Review.

Full Dropshipping Course by Mostafa Nouman is an online course that teaches dropshipping on TikTok. He teaches a technique that can limit your spending on ads. Mostafa teaches how to find the product you can sell and the tools you can use to make dropshipping easier. He also posts content on his YouTube channel about earning money online using different dropshipping tactics. 

Price: Full Dropshipping Course cost $89.

More info: Full Dropshipping Course Review.

Is the Ecom Excellence Amazon FBA Australia course worth it?

The Ecom Excellence Amazon FBA Australia course is worth it if you're living in Australia and want to invest in a course that will help you get started. If you already know the basics of getting setup with an Amazon Seller account, you won't need to invest in a basic course like this one.

You'll get much more value out of the other Amazon FBA Australia courses above because they go into things like traffic generation, PPC ads, copywriting, and even the psychology of marketing.

Ecom Excellence is a basic startup course and you will need to invest in more in-depth training if you want to reach 6 and 7 figures passively.

Is Amazon FBA profitable in 2024?

Amazon FBA is profitable in 2022. What needs to be understood is that with this business model, you're going to have to put in a lot of work if you want to make good money every month. You'll need to spend money on PPC ads, spend time and more money split testing those ads to see which one gives you the best conversion rate, look for trustworthy suppliers, and do solid product research.

This is all time-consuming and expensive.

Even if you find a winning product, you can't stop your product research because eventually your product may stop selling. If you want to keep a cash flow, you'll need to always be ready to launch the newest trendy product. You've got to pay attention to what's hot on platforms like TikTok.

There are many online business models, but Amazon FBA is one that doesn't allow you to earn an online income passively.

Local lead generation does. Let me explain how.


In 2014, I joined the local lead generation coaching program to learn how to generate leads locally for other small businesses. 

I learned how to make sites like the one below.

Local lead generation

This one has paid me $2000 per month ever since 2015 when I published it. 

In the local lead generation coaching program, there are over 7400 students that are learning how to do the same. Building sites and map listings to rank them on Google and send the leads to a local business owner.

Once your digital properties rank, leads will flow to the local business owner, who you choose to work with. At that point, you can collect your monthly commission on autopilot.

Amazon FBA is ok, but local lead generation will allow you to build digital properties that pay you each month after you've built them.

If you'd like to learn more, check out the lead generation training program to see how you can get started.

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