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Ecom Automation – Kirk Cooper [2024 Review]

August 10, 2020

Having Ecom Automation Gurus build your Amazon Store for you can be a really attractive option, as it ideally provides you with passive income, since the contractors are doing the heavy lifting while you take your checks to the bank. 

In this review, I examine Kirk Cooper's Amazon Automation service, weighing the good and the bad of 100% outsourcing your FBA business. 

You'll learn how to do due diligence on automation services as well as if completely Done-For-You options are a smart thing to do when it comes to internet businesses. 

Why should you listen to me?

I've been around the block in the internet business space and FBA. 

Here's a bit of my story

A lil bit about me... My name is Ippei...

In 2014, I joined a lead generation coaching program that freed me from my 9-5 in 7 months by building and ranking simple websites that generate leads for local businesses (who give me a sliver to deliver) #cha-ching

After grew my lead gen biz to high 6 figures, I branched out to experiment with Amazon FBA to quell my FOMO

(tons of hype around it in 2017, little less so now)

But I want to be clear that the only reason I could afford to get into selling on Amazon in 2016 was because of the 35k mailbox money I was making each month via my lead gen business

(btw: now that I've focused completely on the lead generation business model, I've pushed my income to 52k per month)

Let's get into the review of Ecom Automation Gurus!

Who is Kirk Cooper?

Kirk Cooper has been in the Amazon Seller industry for almost 5 years. 

After college, he taught high school students and dabbled in single family real estate flipping. 

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Kirk's moment of truth came when he and his wife were expecting their second child and he was less than keen on the long days that his teaching career demanded. 

The fact that he had to trade his limited time for money infuriated him, so he began to look into selling on Amazon. 

Midway through 2016, Kirk struck gold, and was doing about 47k each month in sales via the FBA model, which translated into a much higher paycheck than his teaching job delivered. 

Insert Image

As he continued to scale, he moved into the FBM model (stands for "Fulfilled By Merchant"), which enabled him to sell even more products by purchasing wholesale. 

In late 2017, Kirk put together a team of virtual assistants, which enabled Kirk to begin offering Amazon Automation services

How can you find Kirk and his team? He's found on a number of places around the web, but here's four the best resources. To learn more about Kirk's service, keep scrolling to see the in-depth review:

Ecom Automation Gurus Review

What Ecom Automation Gurus Do For You (In-depth)

Step 1: Product Research

Over 350 million products are sold by Amazon and it has 6,000 different classes in its product directory.

Everyone knows that the product(s) you select will make or break your Amazon Business so it is crucial (especially when you're getting started) that you select profitable items.

Now there's many ways to do this and a number of useful product selection tools that speed up the selection process, but all that takes time to learn and money for the tool subscriptions, which is why some people take up Vince's offer to have the procedure done for them.

Step 2: Listing Construction

Once you've chosen your product, it's time to show off it .

But there's more than tweeting a couple of words and snapping a couple of pictures to making an Amazon listing.

It's a bit more complicated than that, seeing as you need to take photos that pop out to the mobile shoppers as well as use key words that boost your item listing to the top of the search results faster than Muhammad Ali could knock out Floyd Patterson. 

Step 3: Supplier Selection + Inventory Management

Once you've selected your product, another item on your to-do list is to decipher which supplier you'd like to place an order with. 

As you are weighing that choice, you must take into decide between shipping from over-seas or from your own country (or more clearly whether you want to save time by shipping nationally or save money getting your product from China). 

Step 4: Order Processing + Returns

Do you like paperwork or not?

That's what this step comes down to. 

Each order has to be taken in, and set up with a tracking number

And if your customer asks for a return, it's beneficial to your reputation as a seller if you give them their money back. 

Step 5: Package Tracking (Shipped, Delivered, etc.)

What if your customer claims they never received their product? How can you figure out what really happened?

That's right

As mentioned before your shipped package NEEDS a tracking number. 

And when you ramping up your business higher than Tony Hawk, you'll have to track thousands of products coming and going. Lots of details. #spreadsheets

Step 6: Customer Service + Collect Customer Reviews

How can you encourage your customers to leave reviews?

Often you have to set up a review funnel (learn how to get more reviews here), using either an email follow up system or a product information card packed on the top of your product. 

Amazon's TOS is very particular on how you ask for the review, so watch your step and avoid Bezo's toes (because a disobedience could mean a suspension of your seller account, which means your "passive income" drys up faster than a waterhole in the Sahara. 

Step 7: Scaling Your Amazon Store

When you are automating your Amazon store, this is the step that you want to get to, as this is when you really see your income go from 0 to 60, then on to the moon. 

In my lead gen business, it wasn't until I started multiplying the assets that I pushed the dial on my income from 9k per month to 35k per month to 52k per month

Ecom Automation Gurus Social Commentary

Kirk could use a PR guy or some marketing. He's not very well shared throughout the web. 

You'll see some followers on Instagram and a few on YouTube and then I show what the BBB says about Ecom Automation Gurus.

Instagram Profile

YouTube Commentary

BBB Reviews?

Pros and Cons 

Of using a Done4You Amazon Automation Service


  • No Learning Curve
  • 99% Passive


  • 30k set up fee as well as 30k in lines of credit to use for inventory
  • Requires a SUPER High Level of Trust in Provider

I sold products on Amazon for 3 years (2016-2019), which makes me say enthusiastically: Be careful, should you choose to do the complete DFU Amazon FBA. There's some legit service providers and there's others who will just take your money and walk (scam artists).

As for Kirk Cooper's "Ecom Automation Gurus," there isn't much about him or his company throughout the internet. 

And since Amazon Dropshipping takes 90 days to start seeing a profit, I myself wouldn't be comfortable handing off the responsibility of providing for myself or my family to someone I hardly knew of. 

Why I left Amazon to Go Back to Lead Generation

Amazon FBM Automation

  • Market Saturated - Only 6000 niches
  • Expensive to Start (Need 50,000 dollars)
  • Low Barrier to Entry (Anyone can duplicate product)
  • Low Profit Margin (~15%)
  • No Control - Amazon can Shutdown Account
  • No Passivity - Lots of Moving Parts (Shipping, Ads, Launches)

Lead Generation

  • New Opportunity in Every Zipcode
  • Affordable to Start (few hundred dollars)
  • Requires Skills to Rank on Google
  • Little Overhead, High Profit Margin
  • Complete Control - You own the Website
  • Passive once Ranked - Just Deposit Mailbox Money

After scaling my lead gen business to 35k each month, my fomo got the better of me and I hopped on the FBA train in 2016. 

And while having a business on Amazon was quite the adventure, it wasn't a very profitable one

It took a lot of money to get it moving and the profit margins were hardly half of my lead generation business. 

When I look back, my Amazon business was more vulnerable than my leadgen business is, because if your seller account is suspended, which means your sales stop, which means your "automated Amazon income machine" grinds to a sudden halt and then you can no longer pay your bills or support your family. 

With your lead generation business, it's different

Your income can't be turned off like an unpaid faucet by the water department. 

Instead, you develop digital assets like this tree care site

Each month you'll have multiple businesses sending you checks because of your services. 

One truth that I learned from Rich Dad Poor Dad was the wisdom of multiple streams of income. 

Since you build out many different lead gen sites, your income is diversified, coming from many different business owners. 


I have 70+ lead gen properties rented out, each one paying me monthly mail box money. 

Here's another member of our leadgen coaching program who committed to building a better life

Did you see how he's built his lead gen business now having more than 50 clients in more than 20 different states? 

That's a profitable, epidemic proof business under Patric's complete control. 

Learn more how to build your business by clicking the button below. 

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    I paid them 30k to set up and run my account with two months my amazon account was suspended while it was fully managed by Kirk Cooper and his team. they provided falsified purchase invoice documents to Amazon Seller Central in a weak attempt to reopened the account which was denied and my account is now permanently closed, also resulting that I will never be able to sell on amazon again. Upon trying to recover my investment Kirk Cooper hid from his responsibility and refused to answer phone call or respond to emails showing his true pathetic and cowardice self. Doing a simple Spokedo search you can see his sales associate Richard Melgar has a criminal record.

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