Timothy Dixon’s EntreBeliever Review: Can You Copy the Success of Their Christian Clothing Brand?

July 11, 2024

EntreBeliever is an educational platform and ecommerce consulting company that helps private label brands that sell physical products on Shopify scale their businesses. The platform offers over a dozen courses that cover everything from brand building to marketing. It was created by the founders of Art of Homage, who base their training on the framework they used on their multimillion clothing brand.

As mentioned by Forbes, 90% of ecommerce brands fail within four months of launch. Ecommerce is an expensive and risky business that takes a long time to build. You will need a lot of skill and investment to succeed in this saturated business. In this EntreBeliever Review, we will tackle what the courses and products are, who it is for, what it teaches and if it's worth it, who the owners are and what their brands are, if Shopify ecommerce is worth it and why local lead generation is my recommended business to make money online.

EntreBeliever Review: Pros and Cons


Timothy's successful brands are proof of his experience and expertise.

If you only want to take a specific course, you can purchase it as a standalone.

EntreBeliever teaches you how to niche down, which can lower competition and attract specific customers.


The training is geared towards clothing brands and can be difficult to translate to other niches.

None of their products are refundable.

EntreBeliever only teaches you how to sell on Shopify and not on other platforms or your own website.


The EntreBeliever Brand Builders Club costs $997. Any of the individual courses can be purchased separately, starting at $20 to $197. The 16-week EntreBeliever Brand Accelerator course costs $4,800 or 4 monthly payments of $1,200.

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Overall positive

July 11, 2024

Great guys!


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What Is Art of Homage?

entrebeliever review

Art of Homage is a niche clothing brand that creates Christian themed streetwear and is based in Haltom City, Texas. The brand is famous for their WRSHP and YHWH clothing lines. Timothy Dixon and Gabriel Moore created the brand as a hat only company with only $1,500 in 2015. After reinvesting what they made for 18 months, the brand grew to be one of the top Christian themed clothing companies. Art of Homage makes is estimated to make $332,093 in annual revenue.

Can You Copy Their Success?

Using Art of Homage as the template, the creators recreated its success with 3 other brands. Art of Homage is also the template that EntreBeliever programs are based on. If you are looking to create a niche clothing brand, following this template could increase your chances of success. This template might be difficult to translate into other brand niches.

Who Is EntreBeliever For?

  1. Beginners who do not have a brand and are yet to sell on Shopify.
  2. Startup business owners who want to develop their brand and attract loyal customers.
  3. Struggling business who need help in getting consistent sales.
  4. Brand owners that want to scale their business to 6 or 7-figures.
entrebeliever review

What Is EntreBeliever Brand Builders Club?

EntreBeliever Brand Builders Club is a mastermind class which is a collection of 9 courses and 1 ebook. The mastermind is only for brand owners and is not for those who have not created their brand yet. You can also join the private Facebook group, which has over 21,000 members, where you can network and collaborate with other members, and learn more from the experts.

Previously, EntreBeliever Brand Builders Club was a subscription model that costs $40/month or $399/year. The current offer gives you lifetime access for a onetime payment of $997.

What Courses Do You Get With EntreBeliever Brand Builders Club?

  • Introduction - Mindset Matters: The Introduction is a 6 minute video that gets you in the right mindset in order to set you up for success.
  • How We Did It: The Product Brand Blueprint E-Book: The ebook goes into detail on how Timothy Dixon created his first multi-million dollar brand. His story is meant to inspire you and be a guide on how you should keep focused on the goal.
  • How to Create Product Photography with your Smartphone: The course is a 34 minute video tutorial that teaches you how to create great product photography like a professional with just your smartphone. You also get a pdf guide on the art of great photography.
  • How To Source Quality Products For Your Brand: This course gives you the tools and knowledge you need to find the right products. The course uses clothing products as examples, but the lessons can be translated to any other products. There are 7 videos plus a pdf guide about sourcing.
  • Brand Photography with Models + Editing Techniques: The course has 2 lessons on photography and editing. You will learn how to take brand shots with models in a 16 minute lesson and how to edit the photos in a 30 min lesson.
  • A Step-By-Step Guide to How We Setup 5 Lucrative Shopify Stores: You will learn the step-by-step process of setting up your Shopify store and making it irresistible to customers that they will be pushed to buy. The course has 12 lessons that total under 3 hours.
  • How to Create Facebook & Instagram Ads that Work: This course teaches you how to market your product using paid ads on Facebook and Instagram. The course has 20 training videos with over 3 and a half hours.
  • Making Your Money Work For You: A pdf on making money.
  • Email Marketing that Works: A 14 minute video training on how to create effective email marketing campaigns. You also get a pdf guide to great email marketing.
  • How to Use Instagram to Build Your Brand: Learn how to build your brand by using Instagram in 5 lessons of about 32 minutes. You also get a complete pdf guide.
  • The Art of Creating Shareable Content: The course has 7 lessons with over an hour of content that teaches you how to create shareable viral content.
  • The SMS Growth Funnel: This course has 5 video training with 39 minutes that teaches you all there is to know about SMS marketing.

What Is the EntreBeliever Course?

The EntreBeliever Brand Accelerator is a 16-week course where brand owners can learn the skills needed to build a thriving and profitable brand. Included with the course are 3 weekly mastermind group zoom coaching calls with the EntreBeliever founders and their team. You also get 4 calls with your assigned success coach and access to the private Facebook group.

What Are the Other EntreBeliever Products?

The other EntreBeliever products are downloadables and live webinar recordings. These products are bought individually and are not included in the masterclass or course.

  • The Complete Guide to How to Start and Build a Product Brand - The 49-page guide gives you the blueprint of creating a clothing or product brand.
  • 2-Day E-Com Brand Explosion Bootcamp - This is a recording of a 2 night Zoom event where you will learn the framework that Timothy Dixon used to scale multiple product brands to reach $10,000 - $100,000 per month in sales. You will learn how to drive more traffic to your store and increase conversion rates.
  • 3-Day Rebranding Bootcamp - A recording of the 3-day Zoom event where Timothy Dixon's framework for rebranding and scaling brands is further discussed in more depth.

What Is EntreBeliever's Affiliate Marketing Program?

EntreBeliever’s affiliate marketing program gives you a 25% commission on any sales you make using your affiliate link. To sign up, you simply need to submit your email address and you’ll receive instructions and your unique affiliate links. Commissions are paid through PayPal.

What Are the EntreBeliever Reviews?

Unfortunately, I could not find any EntreBeliever reviews from students. The EntreBeliever website does not post any testimonials, and neither do any of their social media accounts. With over 21,000 members in the private Facebook group for students of the course, you can tell that many people have taken it. Because of the lack of reviews, there isn’t anyway of estimating the chance of success students have from taking this course.

Is EntreBeliever Worth It?

EntreBeliever is worth it if you need help with building your clothing brand, although the platform can be less effective for other product niches. The lessons and examples used are specific to the clothing niche. Marketing, which is one of the biggest parts of ecommerce, is also not covered in enough depth. If your brand is in a non-clothing niche, then I would suggest other programs and, if possible, one specific to your niche.

Who Are the Owners of EntreBeliever?

Timothy Dixon and Gabriel Moore are the owners of EntreBeliever. The two met at a bible study held by the Men of God Christian Fraternity while they were studying in the college at Stephen F. Austin State University. They founded EntreBeliever to help business owners build their product brand. Both founders are featured in interviews by several entrepreneurs.

Who Is Timothy Dixon?

entrebeliever review

Timothy Dixon aka Channel is an entrepreneur, brand building consultant, and the designer and creator of Art of Homage from Mansfield, Texas. He created multiple million dollar brands from scratch, including 2 brands that he bought and rebranded. Today, his brands make $300,000 per month and already made over $17 million in sales.

Originally from Henderson, Texas, Timothy worked as a banker for over a decade after graduating business administration from the Stephen F. Austin State University. He resigned from his corporate career and focused on building his first brand, which finally paid off after 2 years of hard work.

Timothy Dixon is also the co-founder of Kingdom Minded Records. He also writes songs and performs under the name Channel. In 2008, he co-founded the Red Ink Army to help connect with local Christian artists to help spread their faith in local communities.

Who Is Gabriel Moore?

entrebeliever review

Gabriel Moore is an entrepreneur, digital marketer, and partner of Timothy Dixon in Entrebeliever and Art of Homage. He is usually in charge of the online marketing aspects of their businesses. He also created Yourstorymydesign, which is a company that works with branding, creativity, and execution.

Other Brands in the Art of Homage Family

What Is Red Letter Clothing?

entrebeliever review

Red Letter Clothing is a premium Christian apparel brand that centers on worshiping Jesus. The brand aims to create affordable high end designs. RLC gets its name from the Red Letters of the Gospel, which spreads the message that Jesus is Lord.

What Is The Prayer Movement?

entrebeliever review

The Prayer Movement is a Christian apparel brand that creates high end designs that aim to inspire people to pray. The company’s goal is to encourage people to understand the meaning of praying regularly. PRAY is the brand’s leading popular line.

What Is Eternal Posture?

entrebeliever review

Eternal Posture is a premium Christian performance wear brand. The company creates Christian themed apparel optimized for athletic performance. Out of the other brands, this one has the least clothing line and design options.

Is Shopify Ecommerce Worth It 2024?

Shopify ecommerce is worth it in 2024 if you have the capital and skill to create a niche brand that can compete in the market. Shopify is a subscription-based ecommerce platform which means you will have incurring fees. If you aren't making enough sales to cover the costs, then you will be losing money. 

Ecommerce is a highly saturated business where you need a lot of capital and skill to get an edge over your competition. This means you will spend a lot on marketing your new brand in order to build awareness and gain a following. Marketing is one of the most expensive costs of ecommerce. Add these to your production and operational costs and you see that your profit margin gets lower.

Shopify data shows that 81% of merchants are profitable after two years, which means growing a profitable ecommerce business takes a long time. The fact is, it will take a lot of time, effort, and money before your ecommerce business becomes profitable. Ecommerce is a costly and risky online business model.

Related Shopify and Private Label Courses

Why Local Lead Generation Is My Recommended Easy to Scale Passive Income Business Model in 2024

Local lead generation is my recommended online business because it creates passive income and is easy to scale. As a type of digital real estate business, you do not create or sell any physical product, which reduces the starting cost. With as little as $500 in initial investment, mostly to pay for the tools you will be using, you can start your local lead generation business. To put it simply, you create and rank a website on Google using free SEO tactics and then rent it out to local businesses for the organic leads it generates. Once your site in rented, you immediately earn a predictable monthly income completely passively.

You do not have to worry about competing in a highly saturated business with local lead generation. As you will only be competing locally, you only need to outrank a handful of websites. There are hundreds of niches and thousands of local areas to choose from.

Local lead generation

My tree care site has been earning me $2,000 a month in passive income since 2015. This is the same site I created back then. A local lead generation site can stay ranked on Google for years before you need to update it. I have several websites like these giving me passive monthly income. To scale a local lead generation business, you just have to repeat the rank and rent process. There is no limit to how much you can scale. These are the reasons that make local lead generation the best business model to create time and financial freedom in 2024.

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