Goshippro Review – 5 Easy Steps to Use Goshippro

May 13, 2024

Goshippro (GSP) is a free dropshipping app that can lower your wholesale prices. Its automation, quality control, and "one-stop fulfillment" services make it easier to manage your stores. You can also integrate with Shopify, WooCommerce, Yaampi, Etsy and CSV files. Your account comes with a personal service manager. This individual  handles product sourcing, quotes, shipments, tracking, and warehouse management.

Brian from Growth Devil says 87% of online merchants struggle with finding a trusted supplier. GSP resolves that problem with direct connections to manufacturers in China and US. Goshippro's dashboard even provides tracking and notification for shipments.

Goshippro reviews on Shopify app store, and Trustpilot has excellent reviews. There are no negative reviews, despite having minimal online reviews. GSP has no YouTube reviews. GSP has a YouTube account with 258 subscribers. Most users recommend GSP for their customer support and affordable products. Some mention how it is the best supplier for their dropshipping business. 

In this Goshippro review, you learn the pros and cons, usage, price, and features. It discusses the 5 steps you can take to use GSP while discovering other services it offers. Additionally, it shows online reviews and comparison to other platforms. It answers FAQs and shares difficulties why most dropshippers fail. In the end, it talks about an alternative business better than dropshipping.

Goshippro Pros and Cons


Goshippro dropshipping saves you a lot of time through automation.

Every Goshippro sign-up comes with a personal service manager that helps with concerns and services.

Goshippro products are cheaper than AliExpress.

Goshippro allows you to have custom packaging for thank you cards, stickers, etc. with no MOQ.

Goshippro allows you to manage multiple stores in one dashboard.

Goshippro has a local warehouse in the USA and China.


There is no Goshippro price list. You need to ask your service manager for a price quote and shipping rates.

Goshippro suggests sellers to have stocks which are more expensive than normal dropshipping.

There are minimal Goshippro online reviews.


GoShippro is free except for GSP services, product shipping, etc.


Goshippro has a private Discord server with 1,345 members.

Refund Policy

Goshippro offers refunds for damaged, delayed, incorrect items, etc.


Goshippro started in 2017.


The reputation of Goshippro is good. It is based on reviews from Shopify App Store and Trustpilot.

5 Easy Steps to Use Goshippro

Step 1: Connect your store

Create a Goshippro account by clicking the “Login” or the “Join Free” button found on the landing page. You can see it on the top right or middle part of the website.

You can either sign in using your Google account or a Sub account. Input information like nickname, email, and password. It requires you to agree to GSP privacy policy and the email verification code. Input your Goshippro login details to start. 

A survey will appear on your GSP dashboard asking informations about your business. You can also download a Word document that teaches you how to use the platform. After Goshippro sign up, it is time to connect your store.

On the left side of your dashboard you can choose “Stores” and bind your store. You can connect Yampi, Etsy, CSV file, WooCommerce, and Shopify. Then click “Bind now”.

Step 2: Sync products and ask for quotes

You can sync your products by clicking “Products” then “My Products” on the GSP dashboard found on the left. Then click the “Update Products” on the upper right side to connect your products to the platform.

Your personal service manager’s Whatsapp and Skype shows on your main dashboard. They handle all queries regarding GSP services. It includes POD, price quotations, and fulfillment orders. Synced products on the GSP dashboard have an “Ask for Quote” button.

Goshippro takes pride in offering cheaper products than CJ Dropshipping and AliExpress. It is because of having connections to the manufacturers.

Step 3: Accept quotes and sync orders

Goshippro service managers answer quotation requests within a day. You will also receive a notification through email. You can check the quotation price by clicking “Check”. Then either click “Accept Quote” or “Reject Quote”. Additionally, you can request for a requote.

Step 4: Pay orders

You can top-up your credits using Paypal, Payoneer, and WireTransfer. It is seen by clicking “Wallet” then “My Wallet”. Input information like your name and the amount. Remember that top-ups can only be used for GSP transactions.

You receive benefits depending on the top-up amount. Additionally, benefits start at $2,000 with 0.5%. The larger amount your top-up, the bigger your benefit is.

Step 5: Automate fulfillment and Make sales

Goshippro automatically retrieves your latest order after 8 hours. You can click “Sync” for manually syncing your orders. Choose your logistic preference and fulfillment options. You can access the wholesale feature by talking with your service manager. Practice orders are only available for successful GSP payments.

You can pay per product or pay in bulk by clicking “Combine Orders'' on the dashboard. You can pay for at least 100 orders. Additionally, fulfillment starts after successful payments. Your store updates tracking along with the tracking number. Then, your paying customers will receive an email notification. 

Is Goshippro Free?

Yes, Goshippro is free, but you still need to pay for service and product fees. The total order is equal to the cost of the product plus the shipping fee. GSP takes advantage of bulk orders to give you discounted product prices. Meanwhile, the shipping cost is based on the weight of the product, shipping method, and destination.

What Are the Features of Goshippro?

Inventory Management

This feature is for dropshippers to rent Goshippro’s warehouses. It is for sellers who prefer stocking their products before customer purchase. Take advantage of this feature, especially for seasonal products, when most products are in trend. 

Multiple-Store Management

A dropshipping platform that allows you to manage multiple stores is an advantage. GSP allows you to manage different stores connected to your account. 

1-1 Reception

Everyone who signs up to Goshippro receives a personal service manager. The manager helps with orders, product sourcing, and order tracking. It appears on the GSP dashboard. You can communicate with your service manager through Skype and WhatsApp.

Branding Services

It allows you to build your own brand through GSP, increasing your overall value. It also helps your business stand out against intense competition. Sellers who have customized packaging and brands can demand higher prices for products.

What Are the Services Offered by Goshippro?

Supplier and Product Sourcing

Goshippro helps you find suppliers and manufacturers for products cheaper than AliExpress. The GSP website shows you what to do when you are low on stocks and how to get refunds. It also allows you to choose logistics to know ‌your orders.

Print on Demand (POD)

This feature lets you create designs on white-label products like mugs, apparel, etc. You can test this POD feature because GSP does not require a minimum order. A good niche like memes and animals & pets are a great way to earn more. Printify mentions that an average seller reaches $1,000 within 5 months or less.

Pre-set Logistics

This feature allows you to pre-set batch orders during shipment. Orders can have a different “pre-set shipping method” before the actual purchase. It helps you to have a fast and efficient check out. GSP partners with different logistics companies. They provide worldwide shipping in 6 to 15 days.

Packaging Optimization

The GSP customization feature allows you to design stickers, labels, and thank you cards. It is also for packaging bags. It is a way to create an experience for your customers for every unboxing they create.

How Does Goshippro Help You Succeed in Dropshipping?

Goshippro helps you succeed in dropshipping by offering wholesale and cheaper products compared to other platforms. It helps by automating your processes and allowing you to access your stores into one dashboard. Additionally, it offers POD products with customizations on packaging, cards, etc. 

Goshippro handles customs and duties for international shipments by offering warehouses in China and the US. This allows you to receive products faster compared to platforms with suppliers from China. Orders made from the US take around 6 to 15 days, but only 1 to 3 days if the products are in stock in the US warehouse. Other countries have an average time of 6 to 20 day delivery time. Goshippro works for shipping by fulfilling orders once you pay for the products. 

Goshippro handles returns and exchanges if products are:

  • Damaged, Missing, and Incorrect Orders

  • Delayed

  • Canceled but Unpaid Orders

  • Product dislike by customer

Your personal service manager can answer any clarification regarding returns and exchange terms. Their customer services are always ready 24/7.

Who Is Goshippro for?

Goshippro is for beginners, entrepreneurs, and dropshippers who enjoy the cheapest products for their business. It offers affordable prices because of having the same factories as CJ Dropshipping, AliExpress, Taobao, TikTok and 1688. Additionally, they take pride in offering cheaper products than AliExpress. It is for sellers who favor buying products for their dropshipping business since GSP also offers warehouses you can rent. There is also no MOQ for people who are interested in trying their POD products first before selling on their store.

Are the Users of Goshippro Getting Results?

Yes, users of Goshippro are getting results based on their reviews on both Trustpilot and Shopify. The customer reviews for Goshippro include a lot of praise for their customer service, fulfillment options, and dropshipping supplier selection. There are minimal reviews on online platforms, but all posted reviews are positive. 

There are 3 reviews found on the website, and all come from Shopify App Store. An example is from Easy Sushi highlighting GSP’s great customer service. Additionally, the review recommends the platform for their shipping and processing feature.

Goshippro Reviews Online

What Does Shopify App Store Say About Goshippro?

Shopify app store says Goshippro has a 5 star rating with no negative reviews. There are 17 reviews and all are pleased with GSP’s services. The reviews from Shopify app store dates from late 2022 to April 2024. However, some reviews are in German or Spanish.

FaerixShop is a dropshipping website that posted a review on May 2022 within 10 months of using GSP. It continues by crowning GSP for their prices compared to CJ Dropshipping. The review shares how reliable and polite their customer service is. Additionally, it recommends GSP for sellers who want a fast and “perfect” business.

A recent review posted last February 2024 shows Hydro Peak from Czechia. Again, the reviewer comments on GSP's customer service for their resolution to issues. Therefore, recommending the platform for dropshippers.

What Does Trustpilot Say About Goshippro?

Truspilot says Goshippro has a great 3.8 rating from 2 reviews.There are not enough reviews for the platform to increase its rating, even if both are 5 star reviews. The platform has no updated the reviews, as the most recent one was posted in 2022. Thus showing no negative reviews for Goshippro on Trustpilot.

Inspire Fever from Malaysia posted a review in 2022, highlighting the excellent service of Goshippro’s customer service. The issue about importing CSV file reviews is easily resolved with little hassle. The representative’s fast response to resolve the issue proves the platform’s dedication to offering a great service.

Christina li from China posted a review in 2021 sharing her experience with the platform after being offered by a friend. She shared her smooth experience with Goshippro compared to CSV. Goshippro helps her business with automated real-time tracking, which saves her a lot of time than manually doing it herself. She recommends the platform for its fast shipment, communication, and cheap prices.

What Does Reddit Say About Goshippro?

Reddit says that people are curious about Goshippro. There were no Goshiproo Reddit reviews, but they are discussions where people are interested in knowing more. An example is EarComfortable1606 who asks about the legitimacy of the platform. The Redditor wants to know the legitimacy of the platform and wants to know the experiences of current users.

H1Ed1 replied to the thread, mentioning his thoughts about Goshippro. As a fulfillment center company owner himself, he thinks that the platform is legit despite not hearing about them. Additionally, he notes Goshippro’s UK address, which he concludes by saying it’s a “white-labeled Chinese '' company.

Despite not having Reddit discussions and threads, Goshippro has their own Reddit community. It has 801 members and an active moderator who maintains discussions. Goshippro’s account posts about drop shipping tips, resources, and answers dropshipping concerns. Although there are no recent discussions and majority are posted in 2023.

What Is the Goshippro Affiliate Program?

The Goshippro affiliate program is a member-only incentive wherein you earn a 2% commission for every one you entice to buy the platform. You can copy the affiliate link given to you after signing in and use it to promote GSP.

On GSP’s dashboard, you can click the “Affiliate” tab and copy the link given. You can post the link on your social media accounts or other platforms where you think can earn you a commission. The dashboard shows a record of every commission you receive, including the withdrawal record, balance, price, and member. 

Is Goshippro Worth It?

Yes, also their customer support is excellent and they will help you grow your business and have seamless transactions. Has easy to navigate features, automatic tacking uploads. Helps clients to scale their business. 

Goshippro offers a tool you can use to help you manage your online store. Even with the help of your service manager, you still need to spend a lot of time managing it. Additionally, prices and cost for GSP services are not mentioned on the website. There is no estimation cost and would have to ask your manager about.

Goshippro FAQs

What are the payment options for Goshippro services?

Wire transfer, Paypal, and Payoneer are the payment options for Goshippro’s services. The usage of the platform is free, however, you still need to pay for GSP’s service fees, shipping fees, and product cost.

What are the fulfillment options available with Goshippro?

Product sourcing, wholesale, warehouse storage, shipping with custom packages are the fulfillment options available with Goshippro. The platform fulfills 20,000 to 30,000 orders a day. GSP has become highly proficient in handling an enormous volume of orders since 2017.

Product quality is not neglected since items in the warehouse are checked twice before shipment. You also get a notification email in your WooCommerce and Shopify store once products are shipped. However, it only happens when products are stored in GSP warehouses.

What are the system requirements for using Goshippro?

Account sign-up, dropshipping store, preferred shipping logistics are the system requirements for using Goshippro. You can use the platform for free but it requires you to bind your dropshipping store. You can scan GSP for products to sell or choose to sync your products from your store.

What are the customer support options for Goshippro users?

The customer support options for Goshippro users are emailing, contacting your support manager, and through Discord. The Discord server allows you to connect to other GSP users through free chat. It also has a 1 on 1 help feature you can use for private concern and issues.

GSP customer service answers emails within 1 to 2 days. The website also has a Help & Support page for tutorials on how to utilize the platform.

What are the shipping label options with Goshippro?

Goshippro’s shipping label option allows you to print designs or customize shipping bags, cards, labels and mailboxes. GSP offers shipping from CNE Express, J&T Express, 4PX Tracking, UBI Smart Parcel, Yanwen, FedEx, DHL, and UPS. Additionally, the average nationwide shipping takes 6 to 12 days.

How Does Goshippro Differ From Different Dropshipping Platforms?

Goshippro vs Zendrop





Goshippro has a 5 star on Shopify App Store and 3.8 rating from Trustpilot. Compared to Zendrop, Goshippro has lesser reviews from both platforms.

Zendrop has a 4.8 rating from Shopify App Store and 4.7 rating from Trustpilot. 


The cost of Goshippro’s products and services are not mentioned on the website. Ask your personal service manager for a quote.

Zendrop is free, but Zendrop Pro costs $49/month and Zendrop Plus costs $79 a month for additional features.

Affiliate Program

Goshippro has an affiliate program.

Zendrop has an affiliate program.

Refund Policy

There is no refund policy for Goshippro, but you can ask for a return policy for purchased products if quality is met.

The refund policy of Zendrop is 5 days.

Unique Feature

Every Goshippro sign-up comes with a personal service manager. They have warehouses you can rent and a POD feature.

Zendrop has a product, label, and thank-you card customization feature. They also have 24/7 customer support.


Goshippro is used for product management that allows you to connect multiple stores in 1 dashboard.

Zendrop is used to find reliable suppliers both in the US and China.

Free Trial

Goshippro is free to use except for other services.

Zendrop is free to use as default.

Goshippro vs Dropified





Goshippro has a 5 star on Shopify App Store and 3.8 rating from Trustpilot. Compared to Zendrop, Goshippro has lesser reviews from both platforms.

Dropified has a 4.6 rating from Shopify App Store and 4.6 rating from Trustpilot.


The cost of Goshippro’s products and services are not mentioned on the website. Ask your personal service manager for a quote.

Dropified is free while the Pro plan is $47/month ($468/year), Elite plan is $97/month ($948/year), and Lifetime plan is $497/month.

Affiliate Program

Goshippro has an affiliate program.

Dropified has an affiliate program.

Refund Policy

There is no refund policy for Goshippro, but you can ask for a return policy for purchased products if quality is met.

The refund policy of Dropified is 30 days.

Unique Feature

Every Goshippro sign-up comes with a personal service manager. They have warehouses you can rent and a POD feature.

Dropified offers a private label feature that comes with an image editor.


Goshippro is used for product management that allows you to connect multiple stores in 1 dashboard.

Dropified is used for product, supplier management and automating processes for dropshipping.

Free Trial

Goshippro is free to use except for other services.

Dropified is free to use as default.

Do Most People Fail in Dropshipping?

Most people fail in dropshipping due to fierce competition, inventory issues, reliance on suppliers, and poor product quality. No specific data mentions dropshippers’ success rate. However, it is said that “90% fail” within 4 months. Your business can succeed with the right niche and proper management. At first you will experience some risks and adjustments that’s a normal process in the beginning of dropshipping. You need a lot of patience and persistence in dropshipping. Dropshipping is not for everyone. Learn everything first. Understand the business model, then take the risk for your success.

A Reddit discussion speculates this data. It shows the curiosity of aspiring dropshippers. There are replies wherein it mentions how 99% fail and 95% fail within a month. Another mentioned how out of 1,000 dropshippers only 1 becomes successful. 

  • High Competition - One reason dropshippers fail is because of intense competition. You can avoid becoming part of the 90% who fail through acquiring the right skills. Products are an essential part of this business model. It is better to understand what products are in trend. There are tools like Google Trend and AutoDS that help with product research. 

    According to Yaguara, dropshipping is becoming popular throughout the United States and is still growing at 19.4% in 2025. It is tempting for new entrepreneurs. This business model needs little upfront investment. Competition comes with creating unique product ads. It includes marketing strategies, ad copies, virality and content.

  • Inventory and Product Quality - Dropshipping does not require you to have the products you sell. Thus, having no inventory control and product quality. Dropshippers fail. This is because viral products are in demand and their availability depends on your suppliers. Your product availability relies on your supplier's inventory replenishment. You can avoid this problem by befriending a supplier or finding many suppliers. As the middleman, the key is to always update your stock. This prevents bad reviews in your store. 
  • Heavily Reliant to Suppliers - You are the middleman between suppliers and customers. Thus, your business relies on them. Without suppliers, your business won’t thrive. It can be an issue whenever you have delayed shipments. That is why platforms like Goshippro offer fast order shipment. They do this through their trusted suppliers. 

Conclusion: Why Start With Local Lead Gen Biz Than Dropshipping

Start with local lead gen biz rather than dropshipping because it has less competition plus owning a passive business in the long run. A dropshipping business requires a lot of attention even with GSP’s help. It includes inventory updates and supplier discussions. This is unlike a local lead gen biz. It becomes passive after website creation. Additionally, you can start a business for $1,000 depending on your preferences. 

Google Trends’ data shows a growing interest rate of people with dropshipping. More people are learning to start their own dropshipping business. It becomes more competitive. Ruler Analytics’ data shows that marketers get 27% of leads from organic research. While 91% mentioned lead generation as their major goal.


Local lead generation works by targeting a niche from a local town. It can be plumbing or a tree service website. You target specific keywords to make the website ranks. An SEO optimized website can rank on Google within 3 to 6 months. Once it’s ranking, you can rent your website for $500 to $2,000 a month. It does not require you to regularly check or edit. Thus, owning a passive business. You can create more websites increasing your income. Additionally, your service improves as you expand your knowledge. You do this by ranking a website on search engines. More knowledge leads to higher service rates.

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