David Knight’s First Responder Wealth Network Real Estate Investing Bootcamp Review – Legit?

September 15, 2023

The First Responders Wealth Network Real Estate Investing Bootcamp is a course by David Knight that teaches first responders to make money through real estate investing in three main steps. The three steps are to find a property at a discount, finance it, and build passive income by learning how to manage tenants and portfolios seamlessly.

The Real estate industry comes with its setbacks because of how many things are not in your control. Real estate investors can't control when you're going to close a deal, if a deal is going to fall through because of a failed inspection, buyers failing to get mortgage approval, and more. 

An alternative to investing in physical real estate is investing in digital real estate with the local lead generation business model. Your income is more predictable, residual, and passive. You also don't need to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars on property or get creative with financing. 

First Responders Wealth Network Real Estate Investing Bootcamp Review: Pros and Cons


David trains you about what active and passive real estate investing is.

You add to your real estate skills by learning how to make money with short-term rental Airbnb.

David goes over conventional banking rules and mortgages, so you're ready for the next investment opportunity.

You learn how to build a team to help you scale your real estate investing business.


Earning a passive income with residential and commercial real estate is a long, expensive process with no guarantees of an ROI.

You cannot predict when you're going to close a real estate deal with a residential or commercial property.

There are far too many variables that are out of your control when running a real estate business.

A physical real estate investment is more demanding than investing in digital real estate. This holds you back from creating a good cash flow.


The First Responders Wealth Network Real Estate Investing Bootcamp costs $497.


There are 13 video training modules.


First Responder Wealth Network Real Estate Investing Bootcamp private Facebook group.


David Knight started the First Responder Wealth System in 2018.

What do you Learn in First Responder Wealth Network Real Estate Investing Bootcamp Modules?

In the First Responder Wealth Network Real Estate Investing Bootcamp modules you learn all the steps needed to start a real estate business and scale it. 

Module 1) - Building Your New Paradigm

Module 1 is all mindset training and David helps you set goals for your business.

Module 2) - Building Your Foundation

In module 2, David breaks down what residential and commercial real estate are. He also reveals 9 ways to create value and income in a deal.

Module 3) - Understanding The Numbers

In module 3, David teaches you how to calculate your return on investment 

Module 4) - Mortgages

David breaks down what American and Canadian mortgages and conventional lending are and how they work. 

Module 5) - Creative Financing

Module 5 covers the different financing options, which include private lending, joint venture partnerships, vendor take backs, and more. 

Module 6) - Wholesaling & Finding Off-Market Deals

In module 6, you learn what the wholesaling strategy is and how to find off-market deals.

Module 7) - Buy Reno-Rent-Refi (BRRR) Strategy to Scale

Here, you learn what the BRRR Method is and how to make it work for you.

Module 8) - Dominating Airbnb & Short-Term Rentals

Module 8 shows you how to make money with an Airbnb short-term rental property.

Module 9) - Choosing the Path For You

In module 9, David breaks down the difference between active and passive investing. 

Module 10) - Apartment Syndications

David explains what apartment syndications are. 

Module 11) - (CPA Advice) Accounting & Structuring

In this module, you get CPA advice that is specific to if you're in the United States or Canada.

Module 12) - Building Your Power Team

Module 12 teaches you how to put a team together so you can scale your business faster. 

Module 13) - Choosing Your Perfect Market

Choosing your perfect market is essential to your success and module 13 contains 2 videos that help you make an educated decision on where your perfect market is to get into. 

Bonus Module - How to Find & Screen Tenants Blueprint

The bonus module David added to the course is to learn how to screen tenants. Without properly screening tenants, you can end up with plenty of headaches dealing with difficult tenants who either damage your property often, pay their rent late, if ever, and who are always complaining about something. David's tenant screening blueprint will help you make better decisions about who will qualify as your tenants.

Is the First Responder Wealth Network Real Estate Investing Bootcamp Legit?

The First Responder Wealth Network Real Estate Bootcamp is legit because David Knight put together an in-depth course that shows you every step you need to take to run a real estate investing business that is profitable. The mindset training is always a necessary training. You learn about creative financing options and ways to get a property. David teaches you about how to make money with Airbnb and the BRRR method. He even touches on how to choose your perfect market and how to put a team together to help you scale faster. Few courses explain how to screen tenants, but this training contains a bonus module that covers how to do so. The private Facebook group is also a great resource. 

First Responder Wealth Network Real Estate Investing Bootcamp Success Stories

Like David, Chris is a police officer who thought his only path towards building money for retirement was to work overtime. After meeting David and investing in his program, Chris bought his first rental property, which led to him investing in more properties. He has 3 rental properties paying him a passive income each month thanks to what he learned in David's course.

This case study is of Pete. He is another police officer who knew nothing about real estate. All he thought was that his future was safe because he was a first responder and had a pension for retirement. After implementing David's strategies, he was able to become financially free and retire by age 32

Who is David Knight?

David Knight is a successful real estate investor who worked in law enforcement for 10 years. He worked long night shifts and worked overtime. After learning about real estate wholesaling, he deciding to begin his REI career and grew his business to over 7-figures while still working his 9-5 job as a first responder. David has sold and purchased many properties without using his own money.

Today, as an entrepreneur, David Knight coaches first responders to help them earn a passive income through real estate and help them protect their retirement. He also hosts his podcast, called First Responders Wealth Network Real Estate Investing Podcast. The First Responders Real Estate Podcast is a podcast created by David Knight that educates first responders on the possibilities of making money with wholesale real estate. David has hosted real estate experts like Grant Cardone, Bobby Castro, Cole Hatter, and more. 

First Responder Wealth Network Real Estate Investing Bootcamp Alternatives

BiggerPockets is a real estate course that teaches real estate investing. There are 4 Bootcamps that teach you different real estate investing strategies, like creative financing, short-term rentals, multi-families, and training for beginners. Each bootcamp lasts 10 weeks. There are accountability groups and live Q&As sessions. This platform has an in-depth bootcamp no matter the real estate strategy you'd like to get into.

Price: Each BiggerPockets bootcamp costs $515.

More Info: BiggerPockets Review

The Virtual Group by Tiffany and Josh High is a live 4-week training program that teaches students how to improve their real estate investing processes. They help you improve your marketing, systems, acquisitions and dispositions. Tiffany and Josh also teach you how to hire a team so you can automate certain parts of your business so you can spend more time growing it.

Price: The Virtual Group costs $997.

More Info: The Virtual Group Review

REI Education Academy by Jamel Gibbs teaches key strategies to help students make money with real estate investing by learning how to perform market research, evaluate properties, and get funding. Jamel offers paid access to his private Patreon community.

Price: The cost of the REI Education Academy is revealed over the phone depending on what you want and need.

More Info: REI Education Academy Review

Read my article on the top real estate wholesaling courses.

Is Real Estate Investing Worth it in 2024?

Real estate investing is worth it in 2024 because, according to one study by Trading Economics, home ownership in the United States increased by 66% in 2022. Clearly, real estate professionals and others are still buying properties even with properties having a high interest rate. 

Only if you have the patience to wait on your return on investment and the capital to make it by until you close a deal, will you see the fruits of your labor. The problem with flipping houses or commercial properties is that you don't know when you're going to close a deal, which makes it hard to live off of your REI. Also, your profit margins are between 15% and 20%.

You can make money with physical real estate business, but it doesn't offer you the benefits that digital real estate does.

Investing in Digital Real Estate is More Lucrative Than Physical Real Estate

It can be worth investing in physical real estate because there is potential to earn thousands of dollars on each closed deal. Even with the potential to earn a profit margin of between 15% and 20%, there are too many moving parts and variables that can get in the way, even if you run a property management team. Getting an ROI takes too long.

Local lead generation

Local lead generation is my #1 recommendation for making money in 2024. It is a business model that is proven to pay a residual income each month and help you achieve financial freedom. My Grand Rapids digital property has paid me $2,000 every month ever since 2014 when I positioned it on Google. 

This business model is easy to learn and implement and the initial investment is low while the profit margins are over 95%. The best part is that you have full control in your business and I barely have to touch it once it's in position to generate leads.

Interested building your digital real estate empire and create generational wealth? Check out the local lead generation training program.

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