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I Hate My Job: 9 Things To Do To Turn Things Around

December 3, 2021

You're miserable.

Oh sure.

You get it.

Unemployment is at an all time high.

People losing their jobs left and right.

You should be grateful you have a job.

But the mantra 'I hate my job' runs through your head.

Every. Day.

Life's too short.

For those of you saying 'I hate my job' here are 9 things to do to turn it around.

Get unstuck.

You deserve happiness not just a paycheck.

And I should know.

That was me.

Let me tell you a 'lil bit about my story.

How I managed to not only turn things around but ditch the 9-5 grind and become a self-made entrepreneur.

Allow me to reintroduce myself... My name is Ippei...

Hi, my name is Ippei.

I used to be saddled with a cubicle job.

Man I hated that job.

The 9-5 grind.

Working my ass off-barely making ends meet-and for what?

That all changed in 2014 when I found this course.

I said sayonara to the drudgery, and now I run my own show.

I'm my own boss.

Making money for me-on my terms.

This business model gave me the tools I needed to work from home.

Designing & ranking websites that generate leads for small businesses.

That tree service site above has been making me $2000 per month since 2014.

IMO this biz model is one of the best opportunities on the internet, and I'm going to show you why.

1. Negotiate

If you have to be there-you may as well squeeze as much cash out of them as possible.

Renegotiate your salary, benefits package, vacation, bonus structure, whatever.

This may be enough to placate you until you figure out your next steps.

If you feel like you are fairly compensated for your hard work, then being stuck at a job you hate becomes a less painful pill to swallow.

Sure it's intimidating going head to head with the boss over numbers.

Especially if they're the reason you hate your job.

No need to tenterhook.

But don't be Roger Ramjet with ultimatums either.

The key is to strategize.

Do your homework and know your numbers-facts-stats-etc.-before you negotiate.

To make a compelling case, there are a few steps to take as per this post, which include:

  • How much are you worth?

  • What are the market trends?

  • How much are your expenses?

  • Write it down.

  • Rehearse your pitch. 

  • Exude confidence.

  • Be flexible.

  • Know when to say 'no.'

Don't be afraid to speak up.

You'll never get what you don't ask for right?

Sometimes being appreciated for our hard work is all it takes to turn things around.

2. Cut Your Hours

What if you cut back on hours?

Would spending less time at your job help to turn things around?

You need to be in good standing with your employer to pitch this suggestion.

Presentation is paramount.

Know what you want before you make your spiel.

You need to be flexible.

Demonstrate to your employer exactly what you bring to the table.

Your worth to the company and their bottom line.

Assess your negotiating position.

How easy is it for them to replace you?

How can you troubleshoot objections?

You need a persuasive case that should include a few fundamental points as outlined in this article including:

Tips To Pleading Your Case

A stellar reputation

What an asset you are to the company

Offer a variety of options

Suggest a trial period

Provide solutions to potential problems or rebuttals

Timing and execution are crucial.

Practice your pitch.

Enter negotiations with a clear outline of what you want-the value you bring to the company-and an open mind to alternate proposals.

3. Be The Gold Star Employee


When you hate doing something it can be very easy to go the half-ass route to getting it done.

If you hate your job you may be tempted to let your work ethic and quality of your performance slide.

But what happens then?

Not only do you risk termination for not producing up to par, but you subconsciously undermine your personal value.

Sure everyone likes accolades.

But not getting them isn't a reason to let your standards go down the shitter.

Think of it like a form of revenge.

The better you perform-the more value you bring.

And ultimately the more negotiation chips you have when you pony up and make a concerted effort to turn things around.

Consider some fundamentals to get you through each day like those outlined in this post like:

How To Take Control of the Situation
Become the Master

Let personal accomplishment and owning your work becomes your focal point.

It's about you now-not the job.

Do It Your Way

Sure you have to get the work done, but no one says how you have to do it.

Be inventive-think outside the box and challenge your creativity.

Find Meaning In What You're Doing

You might hate it but view tasks as a means to an end.

A way to build your resume and reputation.

Don't Be Afraid To Mix It Up

Boring tasks? Make a game out of them.

Uber-stressed? Use calming images to take you out of the chaos and put one foot in front of the other until you're finished.

Empower Yourself

Give yourself rewards when you complete an aspect of your job that you particularly dislike.

The Power of Scarcity

Check out the Pomodoro technique to work smarter not harder.

Can you make a friend or even a pleasant associate?

Someone to share a laugh or at least tell a knock-knock joke to?

By doing your best and not selling out on yourself you can leave your job at the end of the day with self-respect.

Taking ownership over the circumstances you can control and letting go of the stuff you can't.

4. Take Out the Emotion

Hate is a tenacious word.

It's also exhausting.

When you wake up five days a week muttering 'I hate my job' you are draining yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The answer?

Remove the emotion from the equation.

There are numerous facets to your identity.

You're not just your job.

Your self-worth is not defined by your place of employment.

Stop focusing on just how much you hate your job. 

Easier said than done-we get it.

Try this.

Turn things around by concentrating on other aspects of your life like:

Shift Your Focus


Hobbies & Interests

Alter Your Response & Thought Patterns

Concentrate On Yourself & What You Can Control

This article offers some additional suggestions for being happy(ier) in the workplace.

By detaching emotionally, you improve your life quality and make what you do for a living more bearable.

5. Utilize Support Systems

Albert Einstein said "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

But sometimes those golden handcuffs are pretty tight.

If you can't leave your job due to financial responsibilities or other reasons, then find an avenue to glean support from while you persevere.

Rather than complaining and venting continually about the job you hate-try leaving the bullshit at work.

Think about having a set day and time that you can complain about your job and then shut it off.

Implement actionable methods like:

  • Lean on friends and family members.

  • Consider professional intervention-counseling-therapy-whatever.

  • Try a negativity detox.

By setting boundaries and prohibiting work life to enter into your personal space you take back some control.

You may be able to turn things around just by altering the pattern and using a support network.

6. Shift Your Mindset

Mindset is a term that has been increasingly discussed and adopted by society in the last decade.

The focus on a growth mindset is all well and good.

But what do they mean?

It may sound a bit like tree-hugging hokum but hear us out.

Growth mindset is the belief that you are in control of your destiny.

This way of thinking allows you to explore the possibility that you can learn and improve any aspect of your life-including the job you hate.

As per this article this tactic encompass basic components such as:

Factors of Growth Mindset

The belief that you can get better at something if you dedicate time & energy.


Concentrate on the process-not the outcome.


Embrace challenges & learn from criticism.


The belief that with time & practice you can achieve what you want.

Sure hard work and effort are fundamental components of success.

But when you allow a shift in your mindset you remove barriers.

You stop believing that your talents and intelligence are fixed traits and that investing time to develop them is irrelevant.

What if you were to alter your mindset?

Transform your fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

Would that turn things around?

It's not always black and white.

Sometimes we need to take a close look at ourselves.

I wrote this post not too long ago about taking personal responsibility for our life experiences that might make you think.

Are your actions the reasons why you hate your job?

The answer isn't always easy to recognize.

If you believe you could use a shift in mindset check out this post on additional tips for cultivating a positive attitude.

7. Make Your Spare Time Count

There are 168 hours in a week.

You spend 40 hours of those at work.

Maybe another 5-10 commuting.

That leaves you with 118 hours.

If you sleep 8 hours a night you still have over 60 hours of non-work time.

Every. Week.

Instead of moping around feeling sorry for yourself or doing the whole Netflix and chill thing find something you enjoy and pour your energy-and work frustrations-into that.

There are literally hundreds of options, but few top runners listed in this post include:

Spare Time Suggestions

  • Spend time with family
  • Go out for dinner or drinks with friends
  • Volunteer or Coach

  • Learn a skill-language-sport-etc.

  • Meditate & Exercise

Find activities that not only interest you but challenge the mind-creativity-physical stamina-etc.

Whatever you want to focus on.

When you engage in rewarding activities outside of work hours, you fill your tank with positivity.

Might make a difference and be enough to eliminate the 'I hate my job' chant from your head-well at least a little.

8. Look for a New Job

The American unemployment rate is sitting at 7.9%

Job uncertainty is at an all-time high thanks to COVID-19.

Not exactly the ideal recipe for job hunting.

But not reasons to not give it a shot.

The reality is-even if you enjoy your job-you should always keep an eye on industry trends.

Current salary rates-opportunities-etc.

If you hate your job it's time to put your quest for a new job into overdrive.

Dedicate a couple of those 60 hours a week to update your resume-network and actively look for new job opportunities that align with your skillset.

This article lists a few of the best places to look for a new job which include:

Where To Look For Jobs

Consider joining Facebook groups in your profession and build relationships that may result in employment connections.

Talk to family and friends.

Maybe they have an inside scoop somewhere.

Persistence is key.

80% of Americans report that they are dissatisfied with their jobs.

So not only are you in good company but face a wee bit of competition.

Don't let it discourage you.

Keep at it and keep putting yourself out there.

9. Secure A Secondary Income

Multiple streams of income are where it's at.

And with 57% of Americans-that's over half of the population-reporting to having a side hustle-as per this post-this is the new normal.

Remember you have 60 hours a week that is yours to do with what you like.

Why not capitalize on that free time? 

Invest in something that will not only secure a secondary income but may allow you to ditch your current job altogether?

It may not be easy.

It may not be quick.

But take a listen to what Dan Carlin has to say in this video.

He talks about having a 'passion project.'

Use your spare time to focus on something you enjoy.

You can pick anything you like.

Check out this post I published listing some of the top side-hustles in 2020 that include things like:

Side Hustles
  • Podcasts & Blogs

  • Flip Furniture

  • Tutor

  • Sell homemade stuff on Etsy 

  • Create & sell a course 

You need to love it.

Let your secondary income be about investing in yourself and your future.


Something completely unrelated to your current job.

Let your 'side hustle' be the reason you can finally stop saying I hate my job.

That's exactly how it went down for me after I found this course.

My Personal Journey: How I Quit My Job Back In 2014

Lead Generation

Just like you-I woke up five days a week saying I hate my job.

I was stuck in a cubicle making $3000/month.

Not exactly the picture of prosperity and achievement.

I knew I wasn't going anywhere in that job.

So I started scouring the internet in my free time.

Looking for a solution that would allow me the freedom to live the life I wanted.

On my own terms.

That's when I found this lead generation course.

Lead generation was a foreign concept to me.

I had no previous experience going into this business model.

But it didn't matter.

The online training was so comprehensive and easy to follow. 

I devoured the content.

Following along with the step-by-step instructions just like they are outlined in the course.

Lead generation is all about building digital real estate.

Publish a website and rank it in the Google search engines until it hits the number one spot and starts producing leads.

Sell those leads to local business owners hungry for growth.

I built one lead gen site-and then another.

This tree site is one of my first attempts at lead generation and has been making me $2000 per month for the last six years.

That's 1/3 what I was making at the job I hated.

Speaking of that job.

Within months of signing up for this program, I gave my two weeks' notice and dedicated my time solely to lead gen.

The beauty with lead gen is that you can go into over 400 niches in any city-any country in the world.

There are no boundaries with digital real estate.

And there are no limits to how many sites you build.

I didn't stop at one.

Instead I utilized every hour of my spare time to build and rank lead gen properties.

I kept publishing and ranking websites just like it's outlined in this course.

I hit $10,000/month.

I hit $35,000/month.

I bought a Tesla.

I now have over 80 digital properties.

All producing leads.

I just followed the training.

I take those leads and pass them on to local business owners for a slice of the profits.

Individuals keen to grow their business.

You can choose pay-per-lead-flat fee-commission-rev share-arbitrage-whatever you want.

You see-these are your leads.

These digital properties belong to you.

Yep-some biz owners don't get the value you bring to their business.

Don't worry 'bout it.

Just find a business owner that gets it and keep building sites.

Earning a semi-passive income just by following the detailed steps in this online program.

Checks coming in like clockwork month after month.

It didn’t happen overnight.

I invested time and money into making this work.

You bet your ass I was motivated to succeed.

I had to leave that job.

So I devoted every spare hour I had to my lead gen business.

But there was also an outside force propelling my success.

A guy named Dan.

A used car salesman from Oregon who has dedicated over a decade to creating and improving this course.

A guy that hated his job.

A guy that wanted more.

A guy that was willing to sacrifice everything to create an online program to help entrepreneurs achieve their financial goals and leave their 9-5 grind.

Don't get me wrong.

There's work involved with lead generation.

But like Joe Rogan said-your 'soul-sucking' job takes work too.

Put in the time and invest in yourself and the program.

Success doesn't happen overnight.

But if you trust the process and follow the training-and I promise you it is so easy to follow-then you have the tools you need to build websites.

Focus on ranking them at the top of the search engines and sell your leads for cash.

If you're serious about leaving your job understand that lead generation gives you a ticket to the 'out' door.

You can't compare lead generation to anything else.

It's in a league of its own.

Here's why:

  • Local lead generation doesn't base its success on finding the right trending product week after week, month after month.
  • You don't have to consistently make adjustments to your advertising methods or budgets. In fact, you don't have to run Facebook, Instagram or Google ads at ALL...
  • There's no buying and selling of products. You don't have to worry about profit margins. Or shipping. Or returns. Or any of the other problems associated with selling physical products. EVER!
  • You get FREE organic traffic from Google.
  • If you set it up properly from the start, you can leave your lead gen site for months without having to tweak it.
  • It provides you with a passive income. THAT'S the golden ticket!

I'm not the only one who has seen tremendous financial success with this program.

There are over 6000 students enrolled from all over the world.

All with various backgrounds and levels of experience.

I have gotten to know many over the years. 

Some of my best friends are people from this exclusive group of entrepreneurs.

We connected in the Facebook group-an added bonus to signing up for this course.

There people share wins-discuss strategies-ask questions and attend live streams hosted by Dan and veterans of the group twice a week.

Ongoing value from a program that has already allotted many of us the ability to ditch the jobs we hated and interact with like-minded entrepreneurs.

All with the mindset of being in control of their financial freedom.

Back in 2014 I hated my job.

I needed to get out.

I had to do something-anything-to alter my course.

But I never imagined that this course would so dramatically change my life.

I followed the training.

I was all-in.

I worked hard and asked a lot of questions.

But I trusted the process.

I invested in myself and the training.

I was able to quit my job.

I moved to San Francisco and got a dope pad and now make over $52K/month.

I'm not sharing my story with you to brag.

Completely the opposite actually.

I'm telling you my bio to show you what's possible.

If you're willing to invest in yourself.

Willing to commit to change.

Shift your mindset. 

Have the drive to succeed and you can leave the job you hate.

You can alter your course and become financially independent.

Be your own boss.

Run your show.

If you're ready for change and want more information about lead gen.

Or if you're ready to sign up.

Click the link below and schedule a call today.

I can commiserate.

I was one of the 57% of American's who said to anyone who would listen-I hate my job.

But we've given you 9 things to do to turn it around.

Hopefully one of these suggestions will help make your 40+ hour work week a little more bearable.

Give you ideas you can implement to change your story.

Stop hating and start living.

If you hate your job and have a suggestion for others in the same situation, please don't hesitate to leave it in the comments below.

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