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Kevin David AMZ Automation: Should You Sign Up? Everything to Know

March 8, 2024

My Verdict

Kevin David AMZ automation is a service, not an Amazon FBA course. The service is also called AMZ Autopilot or AMZDFY. Kevin and his partner David are experienced internet marketers. Their team of virtual assistants will do everything for your Amazon business, under your Amazon account. They will pick your product for you, you will not choose it. Then, they apply their product launch strategy, keep your inventory stocked, handle fees (but not pay them), work on customer service, and more. 

But, while this seems like a great deal, it’s all done at significant risk to you. The cost of this service at least $40K. Also, there's no guarantee in Amazon FBA that a product will take off, even if you do everything right, because the marketplace gets more saturated every year. There’s a chance you can’t get your money back. Finally, you must buy your inventory and cover the cost of returns. So, while AMZ DFY is not a scam, it is a high-risk way to make money online. Local lead generation, on the other hand, is much less high-risk. With it, you simply rank  websites and provide leads to small businesses.


There’s a Facebook group for support.

Because they get a cut, they’re more likely to help you become successful.

You get to use David Arnett’s warehouse.

You can build passive income.

Their team completes all product research.

They find the products, negotiate the price, and ship it to their warehouse.

The team optimizes your product listing for organic traffic.

They help you get good customer reviews.


The cost is astronomical.

The reviews seem faked.

You keep less than 70% of profits (They take 30%, you pay Amazon fees, advertising and refunds costs, etc)

You’ll have to continue to pay for Kevin to continue his service.

You’re trusting your entire business to someone else. (Make sure you completely trust the person you’re working with.)

You’re not employing Kevin. Rather, you are working “with” him and his team of VAs. You will sign a contract to do this. 

From my research, it doesn’t sound like Kevin’s team helps with any Amazon PPC. That will be on you.


Over $40K, but to get the exact number, you will have to book a call (more insights below)

Refund Policy

No refund. Says they offer it but rarely do.




Most reviewers seem skeptical. Many positive reviews are vague and seem faked.

Find more on Kevin and David’s business model here: Is Amazon Automation Legit or Scam? 14+ Things to Know (Top Agencies Discussed)

Visit Kevin's site: AMZ DFY

Review by Dave - "Neither product sold"

  • Verified Student

Hi, I'm Dave and I took part in Kevin David's Amazon automation business. Kevin David is a known name, but I had steered clear until I saw his automation company come out and thought. I’d just go ahead and bute the bullet. It was late 2020, and I spent $30,000. I think that cost has actually gone up since then.

I'm gonna tell you what was good about the automation services that Kevin and his team provided so that I can tell you about the bad second. First, you get to join their Facebook group. I love a good community, and this one was helpful. You can also use their warehouse, which supposedly can save you money on Amazon FBA costs.Personally Amazon's FBA fees were a huge downside to this business model. And honestly, this was the main reason why I decided to try AMZ automation. 

Unfortunately, that's where the good stuff ends. Using their warehouses did not take away as much Amazon fees as I thought it would. And then we get into the product ordering.

So Kevin David promised that they would conduct effective product research. And at the very least to get me something that I could sell. We went with two products. One was basically a carbon copy of an established seller, nothing differentiated it from that person's product. So it continues to sit in the warehouse.I was relying on his team to move this product and it just isn't happening. 

The second one also won't sell and we ended up liquidating it to get back under half of what I paid. I have now lost close to $35,000 at this point, covering the cost of the service, of course. I asked for a refund and I had heard during the signup process that they do have a refund, And I figured that even if I could get something from them, that would be better than nothing. Nope. Zilch. Don't trust Kevin David's automation service, or maybe even any of his many products. I regret that I did. Invest your hard-earned and money elsewhere. $30,000 is life-changing cash for many of us middle-class Americans.

Review by Sara - "Not as automated as I'd like"

  • Verified Student

Hey, I'm Sarah. I did Kevin David's AMZ automation program.  I already had a product that I had listed on Amazon, but I was just ready to step back.  When I first listed my product- I'm very grateful that it even ranked at all, because I did not know what I was doing and quickly learned that I really don't like having a product on Amazon because everything is so reliant on your metrics. Like, if you have a bad review, Amazon will take that super seriously and you can lose the buy box very quickly and lose all of your potential customers. And so, I was just done handling reviews and deciding if I needed another product. 

And so I was shopping around for an automation company and Kevin, David has so much experience online and most of the reviews seemed great. In hindsight, I probably should have. Looked a little bit more into those reviews, but so far. It isn't going too badly. Their customer service could definitely be better when it comes to dealing with me. Sometimes it'll take a couple of days to hear from them. And. it just isn't as automated as I was hoping that it would be. 

If I were to look for a different Amazon automation service, I would look for something more like an Amazon automation investment company since I do have this extra capital to pay someone that will not ask me for so much help. Not that they've really asked for help. I just feel like I'm doing more tasks than I thought that I would be. So, I would try something like that instead next time, maybe after a few more products rank, hopefully, see if I can find an Amazon automation investment company that will treat me like a client, or otherwise I will just go for a complete different kind of investment altogether.  

Review by Corey - "Hopefully I can get a partial refund"

  • Verified Student

Hello, this is Corey. I’m going to give my experience with the Kevin David AMZ Automation service. I ended up paying for the service in late 2021 and I paid those guys $22,000 to help me out with product sourcing; they sold me at a done for you launch, and they were supposed to give me 90 days of post launch support on two products.

Those two products came back with a clean trademark review and they helped me pay the manufacturer, which they found. After paying the manufacturer, I did a little of my own research and actually found that one of the products that they had found for me actually already had an active patent going for it. So I would’ve gotten in pretty big trouble, I believe, if I would’ve gone forward that product. And I showed them that.

Luckily, I was able to reach out to the manufacturer with their help and get a refund on my deposit for the inventory deposit I put down. Kevin and David gave me no explanation at all at how that could have happened. How did they provide to me a patent protected product when I’m paying them so much money? That is crazy to me and they claim to be Amazon sales experts there. So we still don’t know how that happened..

But luckily the other product they provided for me was able to launch successfully and is currently making me some revenue each month. But that product didn’t come without its own issues.

So for that product I paid 17,000 for inventory and shipping and Kevin David AMZ automation was supposed to handle the rest. Basically, that’s what I expected. So right before the product launch, I noticed some red flags. I actually checked over the product listing they had set up for me, and I was pretty disappointed with what I found there. It was filled with a bunch of grammatical errors and incomplete details.

I just couldn’t believe it. I thought, who would buy from somebody looking so unprofessional? What kind of person did they hire to write this for me when I paid so much for their service? So I ended up having to go to Fiverr myself and hiring an expert Amazon product listing expert there, and they fixed up the product listing for me.

I asked Kevin David AMZ Automation to give me a refund, or at least a partial refund, because they’d only provided me one product when I had paid for two. And then that’s when things got even worse because they stopped responding to me at all at that point.

I paid for the 90 days of post product launch support. I expected them to at least help me with PPC advertising during that time to help me get on the right track and get going and fine tune my campaigns to make sure I wasn’t wasting too much money. That we were actually successfully advertising on the Amazon platform because I had no idea how to do that before, but they just stopped responding. So I was kind of just left with going to the Facebook group for help and referencing free YouTube videos on how to do Amazon PPC, which is where I’m at right now.

The product that they helped me find is generating me some revenue each month, but I am putting a lot of money into PPC. I still feel like I haven’t quite figured out how to successfully handle Amazon PPC advertising yet. I’m basically just breaking even month to month. I’m really hoping this will pay off and I can move my product high enough in the organic search. I’ve definitely started to see the product climb a little bit from my PPC advertising spend, but I feel like if I had some more help like the help I expected to have from this, I would definitely be better off at this point.

It’s just shocking to me that Kevin and David cut off communication with me when I asked for a refund. So hopefully at some point I’m able to get my partial refund back.

Review by Tala - "I can't even sell on Amazon anymore"

  • Verified Student

Hey, this is Tala. Because of Kevin David AMS Automation, I can’t even sell on Amazon anymore. Here’s what happened. In mid 2020, I paid Kevin David AMS automation $29,000 for their service, which I thought was a done for me Amazon business. They made a lot of impressive claims to me about using experts to set up and basically run the business for me, and they actually claimed a minimum of 25% return within 12 to 18 months.

Within a month of paying them, they presented me two products in the home decor category and showed me some impressive numbers about the expected sales, just based on how other products in the category were doing and those particular niches of the two products they showed me. So I agreed to have those products manufactured and paid them another $19,000, which included manufacturing those two products in China and shipping from China to the United States.

Once the products actually started selling, though, I was so shocked at the reviews I was getting. People were complaining about the quality of the product, and I was getting refund after refund request. It seemed like so many of the products were just made poorly.

I thought, don’t these guys work with Chinese manufacturers all the time and know how to vet them? How do I have two products of such poor quality? Then it got even worse. I received communication from Amazon that they had suspended my seller account. I could no longer sell on Amazon unless I came to them with a solution.

So I reached out to Kevin David and their solution to me was to find a new manufacturer and have the products redone. But at that point I really couldn’t afford to have both the products redone. So I told them that I could do another, smaller bulk order of one of the product. And then I went back to Amazon and told them my solution, that I would pull all the products that we had there of the poor quality and that I would restock with one of the products that was supplied from a new manufacturer and they agreed to reactivate my seller account.

Once the new batch got to Amazon, although the reviews were not as bad as the first time around, I was still receiving a lot of poor quality reviews. I guess it was below Amazon’s required mark of quality because after about three or four weeks; I received another notification from Amazon that this time my account was just deactivated.

I really don’t even want to discuss the additional capital I put into letting Kevin David AMZ run my Amazon PPC ad spend, which was just astronomical. The worst part is that they didn’t even include the PPC spend and their profitability analysis for those products in the beginning. So the additional cost was quite unexpected for me, and I ended up having to pay with credit card. I knew I probably had to put some money in Amazon PPC spend, but I just didn’t know to the extent.

All in all, I just end up wasting a bunch of money and now I can’t even sell on Amazon anymore with that account. And Kevin David isn’t even offering me a refund on their service. So at this point, I’m not really sure what to do.

Notes on the Cost of AMZ DFY

To find out exactly what AMZ DFY will cost you, talk with one of his salespeople. His Facebook ads mention a $40K investment. However, in my research, I have found two very different package breakdowns:

AMZ DFY Package Options 1

Silver Package: $5,000

Semi-automation package: $10,000

Emerald package: $30,000

$500 or 30% profits for Kevin to continue providing services.

AMZ DFY Package Options 2

Standard automation: 25,000. Working capital minimum $7,500/maximum $10,000

Platinum automation: $40,000. Working capital minimum $15,000/maximum $35,000

Diamond Automation: $100,000. Working capital minimum $50,000

Plus a 30% monthly fee off of the profits

Account management fee of $25,000/year

It’s probable that only one of these sets of packages is currently available, or that Kevin and David have changed their prices since. But, it’s valuable to see these numbers for two reasons:

  • It gives you a ballpark of what kind of money they will ask for
  • This automation agency hasn’t been around long. So, it’s interesting that the price has changed so drastically, with little to no success stories found outside of Kevin David’s own advertising. Kevin claims they have “been around” and have a ton of reviews. This is true for Kevin, but not his automation business.

Why Don’t I Just Get the Lowest Package and Put More into Working Capital?

You could, but you won’t have the same level of service as a higher package. Also, Kevin and David’s business model requires you to put all working capital back into the Amazon FBA business, so you will only be able to scale.

What is the Difference Between AMZ Automation and AMZ FBA?

Kevin has dozens of other hustles and courses. These include:

  • A free one on one training
  • The Infinity Mastermind Training
  • A Digital Course Secrets Training
  • His Facebook Ads Ninja masterclass course
  • A Marketing Agency Program
  • His Amazon FBA Ninja Course

This last course teaches you how to do the same business model that he does for you in AMZ DFY. Consider buying this Kevin David course ($1997 upfront or 5 payments of $599) and Zonbase, their product research tool ($37-$67/month) before paying for full automation.

Who is Kevin David

kevin david

Kevin has won multiple awards, like the 2-comma club X (or 8-figure award). He won this for making over $10 million using a single sales funnel. He was featured in Business Insider and several other reputable news sources. His partner, David Arnett, is an internet marketer with a 12 year track record. David owns a 155k square foot warehouse that services all AMZ autopilot partners.

FTC Orders Kevin David and David Shawn Arnett To Stop Money-Making Schemes 

The FTC ordered DK Automation and its founders Kevin David Hulse and David Shawn Arnett to stop their money-making activities related to Amazon automation, business coaching, and crypto investing. The proposed court order by the United States District Court for Southern District of Florida required Kevin David and David Shawn to refund their customers a total of $2.6 million. 

According to the FTC report, Kevin David and David Shawn sold their programs under different company names, including AMZDFY, Amazon Done For You, and Amazon Done With You. They allegedly charged customers $100,000 for the program and promised a 100% return-on-investment. They also used fake testimonials to lure customers to sign-up into the program after they were promised exponential results. 

Despite the FTC order, Kevin David seems to be promoting a new program called Zonbase 5 Day Amazon Challenge. It is notable that this new program doesn't mention Kevin or David Shawn in any of their promotions. However, Kevin subtly promotes the course by linking it in his Instagram bio. 

The similarity of the Zonbase 5 Day Challenge to Kevin David's shutdown courses is suspicious. Just like AMZDFY, Amazon Done For You, and Amazon Done With You, Zonbase also teaches how to sell on Amazon. There are also digital tools offered under Zonbase like their sales estimator, hot products list, keyword base, and Google chrome extension. 

What Other People Say About Kevin David Online 

mike Vestil

Mike Vestil: "The reason why this guy is literally the real deal is because I’ve never seen someone so caring when it comes to helping normal, average people get crazy results.”

He says that just hanging out with Kevin motivates him even further in his own life.

Mike and kevin

Coffeezilla: “He copies other gurus’ content.”

Coffeezilla has done a few videos breaking down how Kevin copies other guru’s actual videos, sometimes even word for word. Kevin has gotten Coffeezilla’s videos taken down in the past.

spencer cornelia

Spencer Cornelia: “I think Kevin really blurs the line between being influenced by and straight copying. He is one of many that do this.”

He believes that Kevin David cares more about making money than his reputation.

kevin david video
brandon young

Brandon Young: “He’s defrauded people to the point of over $10 million in courses, for a course where he was faking screenshots to sell the course.”

When Brandon called Kevin a con artist,  Kevin’s attorney sent him a demand letter for $250,000 in damages. He also points out that Kevin forgot to put in a comma when he faked sales numbers to sell a course.

faked sales

Breakdown of AMZ Autopilot Services

Kevin and David’s Amazon automation service follows a wholesale business model. This is EXCELLENT. Most Amazon automation agencies follow a dropshipping model, which brings in a host of other issues, namely an increased risk of account suspension. Kevin and David knew about these issues, and decided against following a dropshipping model at all. 

When you work with Kevin and David, their team of Amazon sellers will pick the “home-run potential” product for you. These products are from Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 brands. Sometimes, you may have the exclusive right to sell these products.

They use their tool, Zonbase, to conduct product research. Then, they order the product from Alibaba. Finally, they set up your product listings using the keyword research tool to optimize the listing.

Because Kevin and David store your product at their warehouse and not an Amazon warehouse, you won’t have to pay Amazon FBA storage and fulfillment fees. You’ll still need to pay the 15% seller fee, but you’ll avoid the following costs for Kevin’s 30% fee:

amazon fba fees


Here’s what others are saying about the service:

get free with Annie

Get Free with Annie: “I don’t think that this is a scam… a lot of people say it is because of how expensive it is. The price is ridiculous, but it is a legitimate business that can make you money after you’ve been working it for a while.”

aaron chen

Aaron Chen: "Are you going to be taking on a risk? Absolutely. But, does Kevin David have some great skills and a good reputation? He does. He’s been in the market for a long time, he’s one of the leaders in Amazon FBA and affiliate marketing, so he knows what he’s doing.”

My Issues with AMZDFY

Amazon automation is controversial. The risk of this business model is my biggest gripe with Kevin and David’s AMZ Autopilot program. It’s a lot of money to give to someone that is not shouldering any risk themselves. After all, Kevin will still take his cut regardless of my sales. 

Plus, the margins are just too small. Kevin claims his products deliver a “very conservative” 25% profit margin. If the product he chooses for me does that well, he will take a 30% cut off that margin. Then, Amazon fees will cut even deeper. At the very least, I’d like to have a say in the products I’m selling, but that’s not an option with this agency.

Their business model is based on the idea that I would reinvest every dollar I make back into more inventory. So, I couldn’t live off of this money, anyway. I can only continue to grow my business… and make Kevin more money.

There are also several claims on his sales page that I have to question. For example, the product example he shares shows an average monthly revenue of $165,015, with an average 786 monthly units sold. But these numbers are just what Zonbase says about the products on the screen. These products don’t show a genuine success story. He also says that his team comprises successful, proven, rockstar Amazon sellers. But, he doesn’t prove it. I would love to hear from some of these team members and learn what their experience has been like.

Does Anyone Have Experience with Kevin David Amazon DFY Program?

Yes, there are people who have purchased Kevin David’s automation system. But, I’ve had a hard time finding legit reviews of this service. The positive reviews I find are full of errors and no specifics. I also can’t find any success stories that aren’t being shown on Kevin’s own platforms. He has his clients (and Facebook group members) sign NDAs, so maybe that is a part of it.

There are many others who have researched it at length. Here’s what one YouTuber had to say:

scott shafer

Scott Shafer: “It’s ridiculous to me that anyone would think about giving $100,000 to Kevin David, a confirmed fake guru.”

Scott points out that if you want to sell your store to someone else down the line (often 4-5x the value of your store) Kevin and David will take 30%.

He also goes through the phone discussion that one blogger had with Kevin’s salespeople. Here are some highlights:

  • When asked what products Kevin would choose for his business, the salesperson replied, “Products that sell.”
  • Kevin automatically charges your credit card when he picks your products. You don’t get to choose when he charges your card.
  • The seller asked how much the products would cost, what the cost per unit was, and what each would sell for. The salesperson skirted the answer, saying, "That’s not important. What’s important is your monthly profit, and we’re providing a conservative ROI of 14.5%."

Here are some other opinions:

amazon automation by kevin david and david arnett

Quora & Reddit Commentary on Kevin David

Why I Left AMZ for Lead Generation

Amazon Automation

  • Market Saturated - Only 6000 niches
  • Expensive to Start (Need 40,000 dollars)
  • Low Barrier to Entry (Anyone can duplicate product)
  • Low Profit Margin (~20%)
  • No Control - Amazon can Shutdown Account
  • Not as Passive as Advertised

Lead Generation

  • New Opportunity in Every Zipcode
  • Affordable to Start (few hundred dollars)
  • Requires Skills to Rank on Google
  • Little Overhead, High Profit Margin
  • Complete Control - You own the Website
  • Passive once Ranked - Just Deposit Mailbox Money

Conclusion on Kevin David AMZ Automation

Kevin David AMZ Automation may not be in your best interests. The cost is upwards of $40,000. Kevin and David keep a 30% cut of all your profits. And, it's not completely automated, as you will need to handle paid traffic yourself. Finally, Kevin isn't doing the work himself. Instead, his virtual assistants will manage your store.

To be successful Amazon seller, you don’t need to start with an Amazon FBA automation service. Instead, buy an excellent Amazon FBA course for $5000, and don’t cut any corners with inventory costs. Try to learning to sell on the Amazon marketplace by yourself first, and you will dedicate less money and less risk. Then, consider Amazon automation if it makes sense with what your goals are and how much capital you have coming in.

My Online Business Portfolio in 2024

Amazon FBA: $15K NET per month (After 50% split with a partner)

Local Lead Generation: $52K NET per month

Amazon FBA is a great business model but like all businesses it has its challenges, particularly how competitive it's becoming as more big brands & suppliers began selling on FBA themselves 2-3 years ago.

Another business model I've had a lot of success with is local lead generation. It's simple and less competitive. It might be a better fit for some people.

Click here to learn all about it: Local Lead Generation vs. Amazon FBA

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  1. Your verdict is correct. It's a scam. The NDA is the reason why there aren't any real legitimate reviews online than positive ones. He puts up fake reviews on Trustpilot for all his businesses. Many people who were scammed by him reported his Trustpilot business pages and tried to write negative reviews only for their reviews to be taken down. They make you show a receipt to write a review and if you write something negative, he will come after you with a cease and desist. Whoever is reading this, trust me, this dude is a scammer. I would share my experience here but it's a long story. They also only give you THREE days to get a refund. They purposely delay all sorts of communication with you for three days and then tell you that they can't offer you money back after you just sent them $12k+. I've yet to meet a single successful person. Even people in his private group knows he's a fraud but so many people paid already so they only make the best of it. Stay away. I can't even use my own name in this comment because his VAs are probably digging on Google right now seeing who's bad-mouthing him then trying to silence people.

    1. It’s unfortunate people have to go through that. As if starting an Amazon business isn’t hassle enough.

  2. Hi man love the read and very interested to start a lead generation business.
    Where can i make start with your content?
    Thanks in advance!

    Ig. @i.see.p

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