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Larry Lubarsky Review – Does Larry break Amazon’s terms of service?

February 28, 2024

Larry Lubarsky has been selling products on Amazon for over 10 years. Before making millions of dollars, all he was into was video games, hanging out, and smoking. After making some money with a summer job, he focused was completely changed towards making more of it. Things went bad after the 2008 market crash and he ended up in tremendous debt. After Larry learned about Amazon FBA, his life drastically changed. Of all the different Amazon FBA business models, Larry's expertise is in the wholesale business model. In this Larry Lubarsky Review, we're going to dive into Larry's rags to riches story, how he got started with Amazon FBA, if he's doing anything illegal, what you get with his FBA course, if he's legit, and how Amazon FBA wholesale compares to the local lead generation business model which could have a greater passive income potential.


Larry has done over $50 million in sales

Larry sticks to teaching all aspects of the Wholesale Amazon FBA business model

His course is exclusive, which shows means he provides more direct support to his students

Wholesale Academy is comprehensive program that is always being updated with the newest strategies and tips


You have to wait for enrollment to open if you want to learn Amazon FBA from Larry

They accused Larry of unethical practices

Amazon FBA requires you to have at least $5K ready to invest in inventory and startup costs.

Does Larry break Amazon's Terms of Service?

Someone on Reddit posted that Larry's success was because of some unethical methods he was implementing. 

They said that Larry took a huge wholesale list from his previous job. They claim that Larry's rags to riches story is based on someone else's foundation. Also, they say that he uses multiple Amazon accounts on multiple computers but sells the same products. By using several IP addresses, he can cover it all up. If this is true, he's trying to eliminate competition and win the Buy Box for certain products. It's unclear if any of this is true, and the fact remains that he's an 8-figure Amazon seller for a reason and has been doing so for over a decade while also teaching valuable content on his YouTube channel.

Larry Lubarsky's Story

Larry Lubarsky is from Brooklyn, New York whose father passed away when he was 12 years old. When he was 17 years old, he dropped out of high school. One of his friends was a stockbroker and helped him get a summer job. After that summer, Larry became a stockbroker himself for over 10 years. After the market crash of 2008, Larry found himself with $100K in debt. He ended up working a corporate 9-5 desk job that was only commission based. As time went on, he felt like he wasn't making any progress and was miserable. At 32 years old, he felt forced to move back in with his mother. 

In 2012, things changed when a friend, who had an e-Commerce business for his optical store, gave Larry a job, and he fell in love with the business model. His friend was buying sun and eyeglasses at wholesale prices and then marking them up and reselling them. At first, Larry was only doing customer service and was getting paid $400-$500 per week, but at least he was making money. Larry's friend knew he was hungry, so they partnered up and sold products in Europe. After a year of selling products overseas on Amazon UK, Larry made $1 million in revenue. He no longer needed to do customer service and went into Amazon Wholesale full-time.

In 2014, Larry launched his own Amazon FBA wholesale business. What helped him get started was a $60K investment from one of his friends. To save money, Larry and his friend would handle all the packaging and shipping themselves from a garage they rented in Brooklyn. In his first year, he did $3 million in revenue. Today, Larry's profitable Amazon wholesale business has sold over $50 million in revenue out of his warehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY.

Larry Lubarsky Net Worth

Larry Lubarsky's net worth is an estimated $5 million.

From Broke to 8-Figures: Wholesaling on Amazon Larry's Way

Larry's Background and Story

In 2011, Larry faced deep debt and had to move back with his mom at the age of 31. He started selling on Amazon through a wholesale model to help himself from his financial situation. Larry borrowed $60,000 from a friend in 2014 to invest in his Amazon venture. This business grew massively in just 4 years and made him the 8-figure entrepreneur that he is today. 

How Larry’s Business is Doing Today

Larry's business achieved nearly $18 million in gross sales in 2017. His focus is on wholesaling popular brand-name products. His strategy is to purchase directly from brands and major distributors and prioritize products with high turnover rates. Larry prefers to deal with products of larger quantities and substantial margins. He ensures a consistent stream of inventory and sales.

Lessons Larry Learned on the Biggest Challenges He Faced

Reinvestment Strategy: Larry highlights the importance of reinvesting profit to buy more wholesale products. This approach can turn a $10,000 investment into a much bigger amount over time.

Hard Work and Realistic Expectations: Larry points out that doing well in Amazon's wholesale business takes a lot of effort, research, and commitment. He reminds people not to think it's easy to succeed in online business.

Personal Growth and Paying It Forward: Larry talks about how his business has helped him grow personally and achieve success. He wants to help others in tough situations by sharing the opportunity that changed his life.

What's not mentioned in the interview: Wholesale sellers typically operate on thinner margins than private label sellers, often ranging from 10% to 20%. The key is to sell in volumes, which means you need bigger capital for inventory. 

What is Wholesale Academy?

Wholesale Academy is an Amazon FBA course by Larry Lubarsky that teaches you how to sell products in the Amazon marketplace after buying them at wholesale prices. This training program teaches not only teaches you how to build your Amazon business but also to scale. Larry opens enrollment for his course every so often and takes on a few students at a time. He does it this way because he wants to give more attention to the students that join. When enrollment is open, Wholesale Academy costs $1,997. There is a payment option of 4 payments of $697 if you can't pay the onetime payment. That option is in place to encourage you to just pay the $1,997.

In Larry's course, there are over 40 hours of constantly updated video content. 50 training videos are divided into 8 training modules. When you join, you're given access to the Amazon FBA Sellers' private Facebook group for support. Larry only holds two live coaching calls each month. A bonus that Larry adds to this course is the training on Pan-European FBA. Pan-EU is where you sell products on Amazon in Europe. This is valuable because there are few Amazon FBA UK courses available.

Wholesale Academy teaches you everything from finding profitable suppliers, profitable product research, the logistics of sending your products to Amazon warehouses, managing your inventory so that you never run out and lose money, keeping your Amazon Seller Account in good standing with Amazon's TOS, and how to scale your business. 

For more info, read my Wholesale Academy Review

Positive Larry Lubarsky Reviews

Sebastian is a student at the Wholesale Academy. He started Wholesale in November 2019 and was able to double his 2018 sales by doing over $289K in sales. 

Javi Garcia is another one of Larry's students who found massive success from Larry's training program.

After only two months of joining the Wholesale Academy, Javi went from $99K in total sales, to $100K in revenue in just 30 days. He credits this growth to Larry's mentorship and course.

Is Larry Lubarsky legit?

Larry Lubarsky is legit. He's made millions selling on Amazon as a wholesale seller. Although there are claims he is violating Amazon's TOS and that he took a large wholesale list from a previous employer, he continues to sell products and teach students within his coaching program and on the Watch Me Amazon YouTube channel, and watchmeamazon Instagram.

Final Thoughts

Larry Lubarsky has spent over a decade selling on Amazon, but his course isn't always open for enrollment. Currently, you can only join the waitlist. If you're patient and really want to join his Wholesale Academy, you must stay tuned to his sales page and see when it's open. Otherwise, according to a podcast interview by Apple Crider, Larry said you can send him a message on Instagram letting him know your intentions. It's worth a shot. Larry's course is the best option to learn Amazon FBA wholesale. If you want to look into the Private Label business model, look into Private Label Masters by Tim Sanders.

I don't have a problem with Larry or his course. My problem is entirely with Amazon FBA. Wholesale can be a profitable Amazon business model, but because there are many aspects that are out of your control. Things such as your Amazon account being suspended without notice if you violate Amazon's terms of service. Also, running paid ads is expensive because you need to split test your ads. You will most likely sell products from larger brands, but you're competing with thousands of Amazon sellers from around the world. Competition for the Buy Box is increasing, which drives prices down. As a result, it's harder to make any profit.

Local Lead Generation is better than Amazon FBA, here's why...

Many people are choosing to do local lead generation over becoming Amazon wholesalers in 2024 because you have more control of your business. You are the one who decided what niche to generate leads in. You decide who you send leads to, how much money you're going to rent your ranked lead generation sites and if you need to stop working with someone, you make the call.

As a local lead generator, you simply run your business how you want. 

The control all starts with building and ranking sites that offer services like tree care.

As long as your sites rank on Google, they will generate leads. Your clients will keep paying you on autopilot if you can send them leads they couldn't generate on their own each month. 

This is how you can earn a passive income. Over 7400 in the lead gen training program are building out their digital properties and expanding their digital real estate portfolios. As a result, they're having a positive impact in their local communities economy and in their own lives too.

To learn how you can earn thousands of dollars a month passively, check out the local lead generation coaching program. Financial freedom is right around the corner.

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