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Abdul & Chance’s Modern Millionaires Review – 5 Controversies About This Program

January 27, 2023

Modern Millionaire by Adul Farooqi and Chance Anthony Welton is a paid ads agency program. You will learn how to run Google AdWords for high ticket clients like lawyers and dentists. The challenge is it's not so easy to get these people on the phone and close them. Even after you get these clients, it's difficult to keep them long-term, since AdWords can be unpredictable and expensive. Today, I'm not the biggest fan of running a paid ad agency. I like lead generation with free traffic better.

Is it a scam?

There are some negative reviews of Modern Millionaires that exist on YouTube, Reddit, BBB+ (Better Business Bureau). We had a close look and most of these complaints seem to stem from under-delivery of "turnkey" done-for-you promises, the use of low ticket offer and then aggressive upselling and lack of transparency.

Basically, some of Modern Millionaire's negative reputation stems from deceptive marketing. Modern Millionaire costs $5000 to $8000. However, they would sell a $49 course and make it seem like it's their actual program, but it was just a low-ticket trip wire to cover ad spend costs and then their sales people would upsell you to their actual high-ticket coaching program.

There's nothing wrong with selling high ticket but the customers will expect high level ongoing support. Also, you should not promise "turnkey" solutions because getting paid ads client is difficult and you have to put in the work to make it work. No high-ticket client is just going to hand you over their credit card, it takes persistence and dealing with tons of rejections to go out there and get these clients. I think Abdul and Chance is putting the wrong marketing message out there to make it sound way too easy than it actually is. 

I hate to break it to you. But there is no "turnkey" solution to convince small business owners to hand over their credit card to a marketer that they've never heard of before.

My general review of Modern Millionaire is that it's a decent program that will teach you how to create a paid ads agency. It's not quite a scam, but they should really back off on such aggressive marketing tactics that make their business model sound way easier than it is. Getting paid ads client is difficult and it will take a lot of effort on your part.

We will also look at Chance & Abdul's past. Their original mentor, Dan Klein, that taught them how to be successful online using a different business model. What Dan teaches is generating leads using free organic traffic. Chance & Abdul teach paid traffic, so we look at the difference between the two. Dan Klein still runs one of the most successful online coaching program to date. Full disclaimer, I will make my case why I believe Dan's local lead generation business model is a smarter business in 2023.


Abdul and Chance have earned 8-figures in their online marketing business

You're taught how to automate your prospecting on LinkedIn

Sales call training

Chance and Abdul teach enough skills to get you started in your marketing agency


There are many complaints that the private Facebook isn't as active

PPC ads are expensive to run

Chance and Abdul aren't very active in their Facebook group


Modern Millionaires costs between $5000-$8000

Refund Policy:

No refund available


5 modules with 40+ videos; Pre-recorded coaching calls, VIP bonus videos (Email and proposal templates shared)


Private Facebook group with over 5700 students


After joining the local lead generation coaching program in 2014, Dan Klein helped them get their own training program started in 2019.


Chance and Abdul's students have generated over $120 million and over 400 of them are earning 6-figures

5 Controversies about Modern Millionaire

1. Modern Millionaire Testimonials are Misleading

They have testimonials of students that claim to have reached $10K to $20K per month in few months but this is very misleading because when you get paid ad clients, most of the money you receive from the client goes towards the ad budget. You as the advertiser only make around 10-20% margins. So the screenshots they show of students making XYZ income is misleading when you don't understand how paid ads works. Only when you generate leads using free traffic can you attain 90%+ profit margins.

2. It is difficult to keep a client long-term with Paid Advertising

It is irresponsible to only show case studies of students that's gotten some result of getting a client and making $XYZ per month and pretend like that student's lives are changed forever. This is far from the truth. With paid ad clients, its much easier to get money upfront but the difficulty is to keep that client long-term. When you're running paid advertising for a business owner, they're paying top $$$ for the leads, so when the ad cost fluctuates if more people advertise than sometimes your client could have a month where they felt they paid way too much for the leads. Or if they failed to close enough of the leads, than they could also have paid way too much for the AdWords. This means that its challenging to keep a client happy month after month when you're running paid ads for them. I, personally, have noticed that I can keep a paid ad client 3-6 months on average and they dip off. Because they always feel like they're paying too much and that there's better places out there or another agency that can get them leads for cheaper. These are the challenges of this business model that Abdul and Chance do not talk about.

3. Abdul and Chance learned Digital Marketing from Dan Klein who teaches a better business model (potentially)

Dan Klein is the original mentor that taught Abdul and Chance lead generation using free traffic. This is how they went from being broke, living paycheck to pay check to being able to live that online entrepreneurship lifestyle. Abdul and Chance eventually had some success with paid ad clients, so they created a coaching program for it which Dan Klein helped them create and he also helped them launch inside his program so most of the original Modern Millionaire students were actually Dan Klein's students. Unfortunately, they had a dispute about how much Dan's % of the Modern Millionaire business should be and they had a falling out. According to Dan, greed got the best of Abdul and Chance because they try to re-negotiate the deal after Dan helped them get all those initial sales from his program. Abdul and Chance will say that after a while they felt that Dan's % in Modern Millionaire was too much. Whatever the case may be, it is difficult to argue with anyone that has had paid ad clients and free traffic clients that the free traffic client is a much better long-term business model (Dan Klein's model) than the paid model of Modern Millionaire. With free traffic, you have a lot more control; you generate higher quality leads and much higher profit margins because free traffic beats paid traffic any day of the week.

4. Saturated Prospecting Strategies

One of the biggest challenges when you have a paid ad agency, which is what Abdul & Chance teaches, is to have a way to continually reach out to new business owners and pitch them your services. Abdul & Chance teach a method of using LinkedIn bots to reach out to lawyers, dentists, surgeons, etc but what ends up happening is when all the other MM students are doing the same thing, many of these business owners are getting hit up with the same messages and the same techniques. This creates a major problem that faces most marketers, which is the inability to stand out from the noise. You can use this strategy and just do sheer volume and eventually find an interested prospect, but it gets more and more difficult as time goes on and that well (LinkedIn) prospects start turning a blind eye to this strategy. As time goes on, it gets harder and harder for new MM students to even find a warm body to make their pitch to.

5. No Ownership of Any Assets

The biggest flaw of running a paid ads agency is that ultimately you don't own or control anything and it's really hard to build a 7 figure business where you don't control the flow of the money yourself. Your client can fire you and decide to go with another ad agency and there's nothing you can do. This means you're more of a service provider more so than being a business owner. A proper business is one in which you're the owner of assets or intellectual property that people are buying from you and no one can take it away from you. When you own the asset or product, you have so many options to monetize it which makes you much more versatile. One of the main things I didn't like about running paid ads for a client is that I always felt the pressure of always having to please them and make sure they never got upset with me because I knew (and they knew) that they had the upper hand because they're the ones paying for my ad management service fee and the AdWords fee. So they knew they could decide to pull the plug at anytime and my income (from them) would go to zero over night. This is why our mentor Dan Klein always harps on building your own digital assets business that you own and control.

Who are the creators of Modern Millionaires?

Abdul Samad Farooqi is from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. He was an investment banker after graduating from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Commerce. After realizing that the 9-5 grind wasn't how he wanted to make money, he looked towards internet marketing. In 2013, Abdul started his marketing company called Samad Consulting. He also worked under the DBA of Lion Digital Solutions.

Chance didn't want to live a rat race life of working 9-5 either. He decided to live out of his van with his girlfriend. In 2010, his father passed away and only received $116K in life insurance. He wasn't smart with his money and blew it all on partying and drinking.

In 2014, when Chance was down to his last $1,300, he and Abdul joined the local lead generation coaching program, which was then called Job Killing, and they learned how to generate leads for local businesses. Two weeks after joining, Chance landed his first client, who paid him $2K per month. Abdul landed his first client only 6 days after joining. Chance and Abdul eventually made over $50K each month in passive income.

In 2017, their mentor, Dan Klein, invited them to speak at the annual live Job Killing event in Las Vegas.

Dan Klein is the main mentor in the program where Abdul Samad & Chance Welton first got their start in online entrepreneurship.

In 2019, Abdul and Chance started the Modern Millionaires program initially called the Officeless Agency and The Millionaire Middleman.

How Chance & Abdul Got Started as Entrepreneurs in Job Killing 

Abdul joined Job Killing back in 2014, and Chance joined soon after. Here is one of Abdul's earliest posts in the private Facebook group as he finished watching all of the training videos.

Here's Abdul's Job Killing interview with Dan.

Here's Chance's interview with Dan.

Abdul's Thoughts on Dan Klein's Mentorship

Dan helped Abdul & Chance get started with their coaching program and became one of their partners.

Why Their Relationship Ended

Once they launched Millionaire Middlemen, there were various disputes about who was responsible to do what for the program. Abdul & Chance wanted to renegotiate the deal with Dan, which ended up rubbing him the wrong way. This was the beginning of the end of their relationship.

They have their own side of the story, and Dan has his.

I've met a lot of these internet entrepreneurs, and sometimes you feel like some of these guys got lucky on the internet. But whenever I talk to Dan, I'm constantly impressed at his insights and business IQ. He's truly a gifted serial entrepreneur. 

Most internet marketers copy other people, but Dan Klein innovates.

What is the Modern Millionaires course content?

The Modern Millionaires online course teaches you how to get clients and offer to generate leads for them with Google ads and Facebook ads. Look through what Chance and Abdul teach in each module.

Module 1 - Foundation

In this first module, Chance and Abdul welcome you to their course and give you an overview of what to expect. They also help you get your mindset right and get you thinking about what niche you may want to get into.

Module 2 - Prospecting and Sales

Module 2 is all about how to find potential customers for your marketing business. You learn how to prospect with...

  • Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • Email Marketing
  • Cold calling

They even share contract and proposal templates for you to use.

Module 3A - Google Ads Training

They split this module up into 3 sub-modules. 3A is all about how to advertise on Google for your clients. Abdul takes you through the landing page build out, research, and tracking with Google Analytics.

Module 3B - Facebook Ads Training

Abdul teaches you how to run ads on Facebook in module 4. You learn how to set up your Business Manager account, how to install the Facebook pixel, how to create ads, how to re-target, optimization, and more.

Module 3C - Review

Module 3C is a review of the two previous sub-modules in module 3. You learn how to develop the leads you generate and turn them into paying clients.

Module 4 - Auto-Pilot (Outsourcing)

In this last module, Abdul covers outsourcing on Upwork and Fiverr. Chance talks about how to hire a sales team to help you accomplish more in your business.

Modern Millionaires Reviews

In under two years, Sajid had 20 clients and was earning $15K per month. After high school, he worked at eBay, Best Buy and Yellow Pages. He grew tired of the 9-5 grind and knew there was a better life waiting for him. He found Chance and Abdul's program very useful and is looking to continue increasing his monthly earnings to continue providing for his family.

Julian has been in religious ministry for over 14 years. His wife became a real estate agent, and he went to work at Starbucks to get health insurance. When COVID happened, he had to find something else to do. After coming across the MM course, he felt he could jump in and be successful. With only 4 clients, he was able to generate $9K per month. His goal is to continue helping other businesses to generate more money and open up his own church. 

Modern Millionaires Alternatives

Paid Traffic Mastery by Kasim Aslam is a great option to learn how to run paid traffic. Kasim is the founder and CEO of Solutions 8, which is one of the world's top ranked Google agencies. This revamped course, which was previously taught by Molly Pittman, dives deep with advertising on Google. Not only that, Kasim and his team teach you how to advertise on YouTube and Facebook as well. This course comes with 72 training videos that are divided into 7 modules and you're given tools, templates and worksheets to stay on track. The only bad thing about this course is that there isn't a private Facebook group for support. Either way, this course is legit.

Price: Paid Traffic Mastery costs $495

More info: Paid Traffic Mastery Review.

Lead Generation Blueprint by Ryan Wegner is another alternative to Chance and Abdul's course. Ryan focuses on teaching you how to run ads on Facebook. You not only learn how to run FB ads but Ryan also shows you how to prospect and even price your services to potential clients. As opposed to Paid Traffic Mastery, you get support from Ryan directly in the form of Facebook Messenger. 

Price: Lead Generation Blueprint costs $497

More info: Lead Generation Blueprint Review.

Paid Traffic vs. Free Organic Traffic

Paid Traffic


You can generate leads quickly; You don't need as much skills or patience as you do with SEO (Ranking sites organically)

You can generate leads for high-end clients like lawyers if you're very good at sales

You can scale the leads & traffic faster if you have finely tuned campaigns, simply increase the budget


You don't own any assets, your clients can fire you anytime they want

Requires a lot of patience & great sales skills to convince prospects they should invest money with you to run their paid ads

Dealing with paid ad clients is a lot more of a hassle. It requires ongoing monthly reports and constant monitoring & tweaking of paid ad campaigns, which can get expensive.

Paid traffic is inconsistent and expensive when you have to split test ads

Free Organic Traffic


You own your own website, client can't fire you, even if they did, you can send the leads to a competitor and keep making money

Free traffic allows you to get the attention of business owners, which makes closing them so much easier. When you get a client, you also make 95% profit margin instead of 15% from paid ads.

Clients that are getting leads from free traffic are less of a hassle because they're not worried about spending any of their own money for every impression or lead


SEO is difficult to master. There are plenty of guides out there for running Google ads; there's drastically less reliable help with ranking sites organically in Google

To build & rank your own site, you must spend money out of your own pocket (you're building your own asset, think of it like investing in real estate)

Ranking a site takes time. Anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months. Therefore, we tell our students to build 10 sites right from the beginning because some of those sites will rank faster than others.


Of all the online business models, local Lead Generation with free traffic offers a more stable long-term income that is less of a hassle. With paid ads, you may provide some results initially, but you may not keep that client long-term because you don't own any assets. Also, ad exhaustion is a real thing. Your clients can easily hire another Google ads person over you if they offer cheaper prices.

When you own a website that's ranked at the top of Google search results, your client won't want to leave you because it will continue producing leads.

It takes more upfront work and time to build these digital properties. However, the long-term reward is far greater.

My Thoughts on What Modern Millionaires Teaches

PPC ads can provide results but, it shouldn't be your only skill-set in digital marketing. At some point, you should build digital assets for yourself that you own and control. Otherwise, you're always going to be at the mercy of someone else. 

At that point, it will become harder and harder to scale past a certain point because of the turn-over rate of paid ad clients.

Therefore, I don't mess with any paid ad clients. All I do is build digital assets like this blog and my local lead generation websites that pay me on autopilot each month.

Why Mike Switched From Paid Ads to Free Traffic

Mike Marin, who's pictured in the middle of Dan and I, got his start in online business as a paid ads expert, which is what Abdul & Chance teach.

At one point, he got up to $50K per month running Google and Facebook ads for his clients. However, that number dwindled down because those ad platforms changed some policies which made advertising costs rise. Also, some of his clients started to not convert leads into customers enough for them to keep spending money with him.

That's another huge issue with paid ad clients. If they suck at converting leads, they'll blame you and stop spending money with you because they won't see an ROI. It can be a lose-lose situation.

Today, Mike focuses on building digital real estate that generate free traffic.

Mike Marin

My biggest mistake in business was not building my own assets from the beginning.

Who is Dan Klein & what is Job Killing?

Job Killing (JK) started in 2014, by Dan Klein & Brad. It teaches you how to make money online by building & ranking websites at the top of Google's search engine for local services like plumbing, roofing, tree care, landscaping, & more.

Lead Generation Pool Cleaning Site

Dan has a net worth of $25 million and has continued to be the primary driving force behind the local lead generation coaching program engine.

Brad initially promoted JK with his blog but quit around 2018. I took over his role and now promote the program with this blog.

This is my picture, with Dan and his wife, Tori.

I was one of their first students that joined back in 2014 and became one of their top students. Instead of leaving to do something else, I partnered up with Dan and kept pushing the program to be the best rank and rent course there is.

The local lead generation coaching program now has over 7000 students and we're one of the most successful, long-standing programs for teaching students how to make a passive income online.

As time has passed, our program has developed much more than what the initial Job Killing group was. Myself, Chance, Abdul, Cory Long, Joshua Osborne, and more are proof of that.

We're Not Completely Dismissing Paid Ads

What Abdul and Chance teach is not a waste. Paid traffic is a good skill to learn. I can use paid ads in the beginning with a brand new client so that they get leads right away while we wait for my sites to get built and ranked.

You can even use paid ads to generate leads for yourself. 

Mike Marin actually teaches a paid ads strategy inside our local lead generation coaching program.

I prefer to build businesses where I own my own assets and still help a local small business.

For example, this blog, no one can take it away from me. It'll continue to make money on its own. 

Why do you think Abdul & Chance focus on their MM coaching program? Because it's an asset that they own.

We all got started with Job Killing. Which is an amazing model because you own your own websites that generate leads from FREE traffic.

Local lead generation

That above site has been making me $2000 per month since 2015 and I haven't had to touch it in years. The business owner keeps paying me because they know I can send the leads to their competitor at anytime for any reason. For example, they don't provide excellent customer service anymore.

Paid traffic works, but it's not reliable long-term and is expensive.


I am biased towards Dan because I still work alongside him, and his coaching has changed my life.

But the fact is, that Dan is the coach that has allowed Abdul and Chance to quit their 9 to 5 and become internet entrepreneurs too.

Dan has been coaching since 2014 and in 2023 he's still providing twice per week, live coaching inside the local lead generation program

We now have over 7000 students. It's astounding the impact Dan Klein has had over the last 7 years.

I've went through many programs over the years. And I can confidently say that my bias for Dan Klein comes from first-hand experience working alongside him over the last 4 years. The business model of owning websites that generate leads for a local business with free traffic has a lot of leverage as well.

Click here to learn more about Dan's local lead generation program.

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  1. Total fucking scam artists. They told me I was buying into software than as soon as I was given access it was a bunch of how to make cold calls and pay to use the software. I asked for a refund immediately as it was not software. It has been 2 months and still no response. These bastards can go to hell.

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