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David Vlas’ Monetari Fund Review – Top 3 Reasons Option Trading Is Not Worth The Risk

November 15, 2023

Monetari Fund logo on black background

Monetari Fund is a group of trading experts who share their top plays of the day via a Discord group. Each day, they will post an alert in a specific Discord channel and on your phone with signals. These signals are recommendations for entry prices and stop-losses for the day. All you do is place the same trade they are taking on your Robinhood account. If you decide to act on a signal, you purchase the contracts through your own brokerage account. Their method of trading is called Option Trading. Option Trading is when you buy a contract that enables you to purchase an asset at a specific price. It is more volatile than stock trading, but the profit margins and losses are larger.

options have bigger returns and bigger losses

You must set a date for the contract to expire, but you can sell the contract on that date or before. Assuming it was a call (when you believe that a stock price will rise to a specific price point or above it) you have the option to purchase the stock, with options, but you don't own any stock of the company. A put is when you believe the stock price will drop below a specific price point. 


Each day you get alerted what strategy to implement. 

You will learn the steps that successful traders from the Monetari Fund take each day to make money, and you can copy the steps they take.

The signal format is clear and easy to follow once you get the hang of it.

Option for monthly subscription 


Options trading is a volatile way of making money and there's no guarantee you make any. 

Mystery - There's zero info about the people who's trading advice you're following & that's not how financial services usually operate.

You do not earn a passive income through the stock market even if you're an experienced trader.

It's time consuming because you need to monitor the Discord channel actively and be ready to make trades immediately during New York Stock Exchange hours (9:30 am - 4:00 pm Eastern time).

Day Trading Limits - you're limited to 3 day trades per 5 days when you trade options unless you qualify as a day trader (you need $25,000 in your broker account for that). Go over your limit and your account gets suspended for 90 days.


The Monetari Fund costs $1,995. Monetari Fund Lite version is free and you only get one or two trading alerts per day. 

Refund Policy

60-day money-back guarantee for 6-month and yearly plans.

27-day money-back guarantee for a monthly plan to try out their software.

For both refund policies, you will get a refund minus 5% to cover payment processing costs. 


Over 2 hours of video training. 


Private Monetari Fund Discord community for strategies and support. 

Top 3 Reasons Option Trading Is Not Worth The Risk

1. Highly Volatile

When trading options or even stocks or day trading, your investment is highly volatile. The price of the asset you invested in can drop or it can rise without notice. Trading options isn't as volatile as trading cryptocurrency, but it still has its level of volatility, which translates to insecurity and unpredictability. With this volatility, you can't expect to make a recurring income each month.

2. The Stock Market Can Crash at Anytime

The last financial market crash was in 2008. Many people lost thousands of dollars and others lost everything they had. When investing in the stock market, even if you are trading options, you are not in control of what the market does. All you can do is guess. Trading options is not something you want to do full time unless you are already set for life. This unpredictability makes people not want to invest in stocks or options, no matter the trading platform you use.

3. No Consistent Income

The income you make with option trading is not one that you can expect to receive each month. You cannot budget with the money you make. It is inconsistent and unreliable. To go full time into trading is not the wisest decision one can make. It will take time for you to learn how to read charts and make trades in the manner the Monetari Fund does. Even then, there is no guarantee you'll be profitable. Come into trading with no expectations and with a mindset that you are ok with losing the money you will invest. That way, if you lose money, it won't break your bank.

Monetari Fund Trading Signal Breakdown

A 7-figure trader named AB is who sends you signals. The Monetari Fund trading signals you receive in the Discord channel are shown below. 

monetari trade alert explained with premium and risk score

The ticker symbol represents the company's stock name. The type of trade represents if it's a day or swing trade. A swing trade is when an asset is held for one or more days in hopes the price increases. The premium is the price per 100 contracts. Finally, the risk score is the Monetari estimation of how risky a trade is. The risk score ranges from 1 to 10.

In this next picture, you can see a trade number, which is a letter. This is to not confuse you with all the other numbers on the alert. The start date is the date the alert was posted. Price per share is the price currently trading at. 

monetari options alert breakdown

The next image shows a sell recommendation alert. 

sell alert info for monetari fund

The very end of a trade will look like the following.

monetrai final sell alert

As you can see, the final sell premium was lower than the previous sell recommendation.

Notably, if you buy multiple contracts, you can sell them at different times and spread your risk. 

At some point, you may end up with a winning trade and make some money.

Monetari Fund Mini Course Overview

Even if you sign up for the Lite membership, you are given access to a mini course to get you started with this business. The lessons are:

  1. Trader's Mindset
  2. How to start Trading (Robinhood Walkthrough)
  3. What are Options in Trading
  4. Risk Management
  5. Trading walkthrough & how to copy Monetari Fund
  6. How to follow Monetari's trades CFD (outside of the United States)
  7. What are CFDs
  8. Following their trade alerts
  9. How to join the Monetari Fund Discord group
  10. FAQs
monetari mini course

Who is David Vlas?

David Vlas is a YouTuber who dropped out of high school. His videos comprise pranks and challenges. By the time he was 18 years old, David was already making 6-figures in revenue from his YouTube videos. In 2018, he created an online course called YouTube Revenue Machine that taught people how to make money as a YouTuber by creating viral videos. On the David Vlas YouTube channel, he has over 2.7 million subscribers but has posted no content in over a year. There is speculation that he bought some of his subscribers, so his follower count is in question.

Monetari Fund Review: Is it legit?

Monetari Fund appears to be legit because you can actually make some money with the trade signals they share. However, you have zero control if those trading alerts stop rolling or the stock market crashes. It is wise to tread carefully and not risk what you can't afford to lose. Other online business models are far less volatile. If you are not into option trading, check Index Fund Pro. It teaches you how to build wealth by investing in index funds. 

Monetari Fund Testimonials

Tricia is a student of the Monetari Fund who found success with trading options. After only 8 weeks of being in the Discord group, she grew her account from $2,000 to over $29,000. She had never traded in her life and joined the Monetari Fund after losing her 9-5 job. Tricia went in with zero expectations and came out winning.

Jamel also made a lot of money trading options while following the signals shared in this course. Before joining the group, he surfed YouTube during his 9-5 job. He looked into FOREX trading, but Monetari stood out to him even more. Jamel started with only $1,000, but he grew his account to over $11,000 in only a couple of days. He says this group is perfect for day traders and swing traders. 

Monetari Fund Alternatives

Hustler's University Cryptocurrency Campus by Andrew Tate teaches you how to invest in crypto. You learn the fundamental lessons of trading, and there is training on NFTs. You even learn about short-term trading and which wallets are the best to choose from to store your crypto. Surprisingly, this course goes deep in showing you how to move on the crypto exchanges.

Price: Hustler's University costs $49.99 per month. 

More Info: Hustler's University Crypto Campus Review

Dan Ryder crypto CashFlow collective

The Crypto Cash Flow Collective by Dan Ryder is another program that helps you make money with crypto on the blockchain. Dan teaches you about Pool Driver Rewards. His method is to help you make it easy for other people to make crypto trades and collect a finder's fee. You can make money online passively with cryptocurrency by staking your tokens. 

Price: Given to you on the onboarding call.

More Info: Crypto Cash Flow Collective Review

The Daily Traders by Mark Thomas is a full mentorship program that teaches beginners how to succeed in day trading. In his course, Mark talks about trade selling and buying, price movement, technical market analyses, and trading psychology. You also get lifetime access to a Discord community of pro and newbie traders.

Price: According to various online sources, the course price is $494.

More Info: The Daily Traders Review

monument traders alliance

Bryan Bottarelli’s Monument Traders Alliance is an options trading community and educational service. Subscribers get access to their War Room where they can access training materials and take daily trade recommendations. Monument Traders Alliance also offers other programs made by their experts.

Price: The War Room costs $2,600 for 1 year and $3,600 for 2 years.

More Info: Monument Traders Alliance Review

my investing club review

Alex Temiz's My Investing Club is a day trading chat subscription where members can also access courses, reports, live trading, 1-on-1 mentorship, and more. Learn how to trade like a pro using the scalping and intraday swing trading strategies.

Price: My Investing Club costs $497 a month for the Silver membership.

More Info: My Investing Club Review

Is Option Trading Profitable in 2024?

Option trading is profitable in 2024, but it is a highly volatile manner of making money, but it doesn't offer any guarantees. It's extremely speculative. Many factors influence the movement of stock prices, which makes it impossible for even the experts to get it right every time. You are guessing on the probability of a stock's future price. 

Option trading can make you money, but it isn't something to get into without plenty of research first. It also doesn't provide you with the benefits the local lead generation business model does.

In theory, you can make a lot of money if you pick the right trades, and get out at the right time, but you can also lose a lot more.  

Trading options is not like running a business where you can create a predictable income each month. You also need to factor in taxes. There are too many moving parts when trading options. 

Though it can be profitable, option trading doesn't offer the benefits the local lead generation business model offers. If you are not into option trading and want to try decentralized finance (DeFi), check Decentralized Masters

Local Lead Generation is Easier to Control & More Passive Than Option Trading 

Making money with local lead generation is more passive and predictable. This is because you own your digital assets. You choose what your clients have to pay you and when. There is no need to rely on external sources like the stock market to determine if you're going to make money in the long-term or not. 

After you build and rank your service sites and Google Business profiles, they will start generating leads. You then send the leads to a local small business owner who wants more customers each month. Once you put this machine in motion, you will get paid every month for the value you bring to other businesses. Each site is an income stream.

My tree care site pays me $2,000 every month and has for several years non-stop. 

Local lead generation

Creating digital assets that you own and control is going to mark the difference between who is able to achieve long-term wealth in the near future and who will live in poverty.

To learn how to create digital properties that will predictably pay you each month without all the risk that comes with trading options, check out the local lead generation business model

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  2. I stated communicating with a man claiming to come from the United states online around 6 months ago and everything was going well till he started demanding for money from me. I was forced to send over $280,000 to him, I sent this in batches and when I was almost going broke I told him I am not sending it to him again. He became abusive for some days and he deleted my contacts, I was so devastated and I was disappointed that I could be scammed but it could have happened to anyone so I had to find a way to get back and bounce back on my feet I search for a way and contacted a recovery firm via email and am happy that I was able to recover more than $410,000 I will recommend the recovery firm to anyone with similar issues.

    1. It’s much better to create digital assets that pay you a predictable income each month instead of gambling with options trading.

    1. 100% building your digital properties that predictably pay you every month is the way to go. You can achieve financial freedom much faster and more securely than options trading. You also control everything.

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