Top 4 Requirements for Amazon Influencer Program | Is It Still Worth It in 2024?

February 19, 2024

The top 4 requirements for Amazon Influencer Program are:

  1. An active social media account
  2. A significant follower base
  3. Good engagement metrics
  4. High-quality content

According to Travis Stephenson, the founder of Simple Profit System, the Amazon Influencer Program lets you earn around $10,000 to $20,000 monthly. This amount can go up to $40,000, given the current market movements, your followers and online presence, and the efficacy of your digital marketing strategy. Amazon Influencers can further boost their potential income by maximizing these top 4 requirements into practical strategies.

The rise of social media and e-commerce makes this business model profitable in the 21st century. JungleScout’s The State of the Amazon Seller report for 2024 states that 89% of Amazon sellers earn a sizable profit, specifically from video advertising. Realistically, attaining a 6-figure income with the Amazon Influencer Program is nearly impossible. This is because of market saturation and numerous competitors. It’s also why aspiring Amazon Influencers doubt the scalability of this business model. However, growing your following, engaging with your audience, and producing quality content are key to increasing your monthly revenue.

While no one really knows how the qualification process works, having in-depth knowledge of the top requirements for Amazon Influencer Program makes it easier to get approved. You can gain a significant advantage and succeed in building your Amazon business by researching the core concepts and critical factors of this business model. Dive in and learn more about the requisites you need before applying to the program and the information necessary to create your Amazon Influencer profile, Storefront, and account.

Top 4 Requirements for Amazon Influencer Program

1. An Active Social Media Account

You need to have an active social media account to qualify for the Amazon Influencer Program. This requirement is necessary because you will use this social media platform along with Amazon’s website features to promote your chosen products. You can use your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok account when signing up for the influencer program.

On the Amazon Influencer Program sign-up page, Amazon clearly states that you should use a business account when you apply using Facebook or Instagram. According to Reddit user Flibbidygibbit, this rule prevents aspiring Amazon Influencers from using bots and fake social media profiles to increase their personal account’s followers. User Suspicious_Future_51 also adds that this social network linking process helps with verifying the legitimacy of the account, checking the applicant’s metrics and content, and monitoring on-site and off-site traffic when approved. It ensures you have a legitimate follower base and not just fake profiles.

2. A Significant Follower Base

Another requirement to get accepted into the Amazon Influencer Program is your social media following. There is no set follower base needed to qualify for the influencer program, as detailed in numerous Reddit posts and comments. However, having a significant number of followers contributes to the overall decision of Amazon’s approval team. As per Nocheese1’s Reddit post, he/she got accepted into the program with only 8 followers and a 10% engagement rate.

While your follower base is a critical factor as an Amazon Influencer requirement, many individuals strongly claim that account longevity and signing up using an Amazon Associates account will increase your chances of getting approved. User Saceog mentions that he/she was approved using a YouTube account that was already linked to his/her existing Amazon account. Other aspiring Amazon Influencers who have tried applying multiple times clearly affirm that follower engagement is more important than follower count.

3. Good Engagement Metrics

Good engagement metrics are an essential and often reiterated requirement to get approved easily into the Amazon Influencer Program. Many successful influencers, like Jamye Hunter and Ashley Marquez, say that a strong engagement with your target audience is key to getting accepted and selling boatloads of Amazon products. However, Amazon doesn’t disclose what KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) they use to approve or reject an application. According to Reddit user Aware-Dimension-7053, you can start with engagement metrics such as comments, likes, shares, reactions, and saves/bookmarks.

As mentioned by user Future_flora, increasing your engagement rate drastically improves your chances of getting approved. He/she got accepted on her fourth attempt with a 5%-30% increase in engagement rate. According to Aurelie Sauthier’s article on Forbes, computing your engagement rate considers not only your followers but your actual reach. This means the additional 20%-30% of people that have seen your post but aren’t your followers.

You also need to consider which social media channel can give you higher engagement and better online presence. As mentioned by Nocheese1, Amazon also checks your uploaded videos and whether your content is geared toward your target audience. The best Amazon influencers have high-quality content that resonates with their followers and potential customers.

4. High-Quality Content

High-quality content that focuses on your target audience’s needs and wants is an Amazon Influencer Program requirement that is crucial for getting into the program. The more specific your content is to your chosen customer segment, the higher your chance of succeeding. This requirement also offers you more opportunities to boost your reach, follower base, engagement, Amazon sales, and potential earnings. Your social media account’s content should be specific, relevant, and timely. It can be review videos about your recommended products or video content that your target audience can relate to.

Amazon Influencer’s Conditions of Use clearly stipulates the kinds of content that are allowed. Before applying to the influencer program, it’s best to read the terms and conditions for sponsored content. The videos you upload will affect the volume of traffic you will drive to your influencer storefront in the future. Your videos will also be monitored regularly once you get approved. So, it’s important to create original content that is compliant to avoid getting your account revoked and ensure your Amazon Influencer journey is successful in 2024.

Is the Amazon Influencer Program Still Worth It in 2024?

Yes, the Amazon Influencer Program is still worth it in 2024 because of the continuous demand for influencer marketing. In fact, Statista’s latest data shows that 23% of brands globally set aside 40% of their marketing budget for influencers and influencer marketing initiatives. Amazon Influencers can utilize the Amazon Bounty Program to gain commissions on qualifying purchases on subscriptions like Amazon Prime. They can also maximize features like Storefront, Creator Connections, and Amazon Live to improve their monthly income.

Amazon influencer marketing is not slowing down this 2024, according to Creative Finance founder David Di Franco. He suggests newbies in the program to focus on popular items that are on the “best seller” page and narrow down their niche. Adam Young, creator of the Side Hustle Simplified YouTube channel, supports David’s predictions by revealing his $10,427 income for the month of July 2024.

While the Amazon Influencer Program has its positive side, some individuals also comment on how “slow” 2024 is in terms of sales. Reddit user Qualehouse comments on this saying that the retail industry is experiencing sluggish conversions because of the recession in the U.S. Professornez also piggybacked on this because of a 50% decline in his/her sales. Alternatively, you can tackle this by focusing on high-quality content creation and in-depth product research. It also helps to strengthen your influencer profile to attract more Amazon customers.

What Do You Need To Verify Your Amazon Influencer Profile?

You need a profile picture, a public name, a short profile description, and social links to verify your Amazon Influencer profile. Providing these details will help you create a good image for your Amazon Influencer page. Potential customers trust sellers with complete and verifiable information. While the “About” and “social links” portion is optional, filling out these parts in the Amazon Influencer application will help your followers and future customers get detailed information about your store.

What Do You Need To Create an Amazon Influencer Storefront?

You need a storefront logo, a background image, a page title, and a page tagline to create an Amazon Influencer Storefront. This step will also ask you where you found out about the influencer program. You should personalize your storefront based on your target audience, potential product recommendations, and how you want your customers to feel when they visit your store. Creating a custom storefront that is inviting, visually appealing, and informative will help drive interest and sales in the long run. It will reflect on your influencer account.

What Information Do You Need To Complete Your Amazon Influencer Account?

You need a payee name/business name, an address, a phone number, your blog sites (optional), and two primary product categories to complete your Amazon Influencer account. This part of the application process will also ask you if your content is geared towards children under 13 and if you agree to the Influencer Program Policy and Associates Program Operating Agreement. Completing your account information means you’ve finished the Amazon Influencer Program sign-up process.

How To Become an Amazon Influencer?

To become an Amazon Influencer, you need to create an Amazon account, read the stipulated regulations, apply to the program, and build an Amazon Storefront. Once you complete these primary steps, you’ll have to undergo the self-paced onboarding program to learn the practical ways to make money and find great deals. You can then start generating content that appeals to your target market after you get approved for the influencer program.

How To Get Approved for the Amazon Influencer Program?

To get approved for the Amazon Influencer Program, you need to grow your social media following, focus on a niche, produce original content, post consistently, and comply with Amazon’s terms and conditions. You can bump up your chances of getting approved by applying using your Amazon Associates Program account during the first step in the Amazon Influencer sign-up process. There are no specific guidelines from Amazon as to what factors can get you approved easily. However, these methods prove effective, as mentioned by existing Amazon Influencers.

How Long Does It Take To Get Approved for the Amazon Influencer Program?

It takes 30 minutes to less than a month (30 days) to get approved for the Amazon Influencer Program. This process depends on the completeness of your requirements and the discretion of the approval team. According to numerous Reddit users, getting approved doesn’t take months. You just need to provide all the necessary information during the application phase.

What To Do If You Do Not Get Approved for the Amazon Influencer Program?

If you don’t get approved for the Amazon Influencer Program, it’s best to build your social media following, engage more with your followers, create higher-quality content, and try again. There’s no limit to how many times you apply to the program. You can check blog posts and video resources on YouTube on how to amplify your online presence and attract more engagement. Be sure to follow all of Amazon’s stipulated guidelines.

Amazon Influencer Program FAQs

What is the Amazon Influencer Program?

The Amazon Influencer Program is an affiliate program that lets influencers make money from on-site and off-site commissions through an Amazon Influencer store or an affiliate link. They can earn monthly by creating videos and other engaging content about specific Amazon products. This affiliate marketing program by Amazon allows brands to sell more and customers to buy products from their trusted influencers.

What is an Amazon Influencer?

An Amazon Influencer is a content creator who makes product recommendations through the Amazon platform or their social media accounts to earn affiliate commissions for each qualifying purchase. They are social media influencers who use platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube to drive additional sales to Amazon through specialized links. The commissions they earn depend on the volume of purchases of their target customers.

How Much Do Amazon Influencers Make?

Amazon Influencers earn $500 to $10,000 monthly on average, given they consistently generate relevant content like review videos, live streams (Amazon Live), and Shoppable Videos. Increased traffic to their Amazon store, social media account, or business website enables them to scale their income to around $15,000 to $40,000. The amount they make will depend on the set commission rate for each product or service and how well they crafted their success roadmap and business strategies.

What are the Amazon Influencer Program’s Commission Rates?

The Amazon Influencer Program commission rates encompass special, standard, trade-in, and onsite commissions. An Amazon Influencer's monthly earnings come from the total commissions he/she receives. You can withdraw these earnings through a bank transfer, a cheque, or an Amazon Gift Certificate.

How To Find Influencer on Amazon & Their Storefronts?

To find Influencers on Amazon & their storefronts, check the Amazon Live section or go to the #FoundItOnAmazon feed. This article also talks about finding influencers using their social media accounts, such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Can Amazon Influencers Fail?

Yes, Amazon Influencers can fail if they create fake accounts, buy followers, use bot technologies, produce plagiarized content, and ignore Amazon’s terms. These illegal activities are sure-fire ways to get your account revoked even when you’re already accepted to the Amazon Influencer Program. It can lead to failure even before you get started. You can also fail if you post inconsistently, focus on a broad niche, or generate low-quality content. Always use legitimate and approved methods to promote products and post content as an Amazon affiliate for the Amazon Influencer Program.

Local Lead Generation is Still the Easiest Online Business To Start in 2024

Local lead generation is still the easiest and most profitable online business to start in 2024. While the Amazon Influencer Program offers up to $40K monthly, it has a complex, strict, and unknown approval process with requirements that are too vague. The growth of social media, influencer, and digital marketing made this industry more competitive and saturated than 5-10 years ago.

The Amazon Influencer Program is profitable, but it has an inconsistent monthly income potential. According to YouTuber Mercedes Gomez, September 2024 marked her lowest earnings due to a sharp decline in clicks. Jared Bauman, co-founder of the Weekend Growth YouTube channel, concurs with this downtrend with a 60%-65% drop in his earnings. Adding to the fluctuations in market demand, the Amazon affiliate program’s requirements are not clearly stated on their website. This makes it difficult for aspiring Amazon Influencers to enhance their social media account strategies and increase their chances of getting approved.

Alternatively, local lead generation doesn’t have strict requisites and a complex approval process. All you need is to select a high-demand service niche and create a customized website. Since it is localized, market saturation is not an issue. By organically ranking your service websites on search engines like Google, you build a solid online presence that doesn’t need consistent high-quality content generation. This strategy allows you to acquire free leads from microsites that you own. You can then rent out these digital assets to local business owners and earn around $20K-$50K monthly per website.

Creating more service sites lets you scale your potential earnings and generate a 6-figure passive income monthly with a local lead gen biz model.

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