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Sarah Titus Review – Best Blogging Bundle 2024 Course, is it worth it?

June 17, 2023

In this review, I'll go over Sarah Titus's Best Blogging Bundle.

This is the best review you'll come across because I'll talk about what her blogging bundle offers, if it's worth the investment and if blogging is the best way to make money online in 2021.

Let's now get into Sarah's story and how she became a self-made successful blogger.

Who Is Sarah Titus?

About a decade ago, Sarah had to deal with an extremely tough situation.

Her ex husband abandoned her and their children.

As a result, they ended up in a homeless shelter.

On top of that, Sarah was $30K in debt.

Bad situation, no doubt.

She knew that she had to find a way to provide for her children and also felt that she needed to find a way to do so while being home.

Sarah eventually started selling products on eBay.

This was a big deal because it helped her to finally live comfortably, kill her debt and take care of her kids without having to depend on anyone.

What a relief!

Then, Sarah started blogging where she would talk about how she was able to make a living from it.

Many of her friends had so many questions about how she was able to do it all so, this was the perfect way for Sarah to answer them all at once instead of one by one.

Work smarter not harder, right?

On top of that, she also started a Shopify store.

In only one month of selling printables, Sarah made $52,060.

Today, Sarah's pulling in $4 million dollars per year through her Shopify store and $1.4 million/year from selling courses.

Low Hanging System by Rachel Rofe is a program that teaches you how to start and scale a print-on-demand ecommerce business. 

What To Expect

Have you wondered if there was ever a single solution that explained everything you needed to know about blogging?

Well, Sarah has put one together.

According to Sarah, this bundle of information is the solution to help you achieve a passive income of 6-figures while blogging.  

The tactics you'll learn here are ones that the pros use to make easy money every day.

The price of this bundle is $1,997 and is made up of 11 books and more than 650 blogger images.

Some of the books that are included in this bundle, teach you topics such as:

  • How To FInd The Right Ideas That Are Right For You
  • How To Turn Your Blog Into A Six-Figure Money Making Machine
  • How To Work Less & Create Killer Content
  • How To Make Real Money As A Virtual Assistant
  • How To Get People To See Your Content
  • How To Make Money When Blogging Is Slow

There's plenty of great information in this bundle to get you pointed in the right direction so that you can become a super successful blogger.

Let's get into all the details.

Best Blogging Bundle Review

What’s great about Sarah’s approach is that she gives you everything you need bundled into binders.

That way all the essential information is clearly organized so you can reference back to it at any time.

Included in this bundle is the Blogger Stats Binder.

There are 30 pages that go over the journey of 4 top bloggers.

There's plenty of detail regarding each of those bloggers journey through the years.

With this section available to you, you'll be able to compare where you are in your blogging journey, compared to where they were at the same point in time. 

This will help you stay on track and/or make any necessary adjustments.

Another book in the bundle is,

This book will help you open your mind and do some soul searching.

Too often, bloggers have ideas that are not so great.

They wonder why their blogs flop.

Sarah really gets your mind working in this book.

The goal of creating a blog is to educate others, hopefully inspire and absolutely make a 6-figure income.

Sarah also has a book that teaches you how to get to the point where your blog earns you that type of income.

These techniques and tricks are all Sarah's roadmap to success.

Remember, in her first year of blogging, she was making $10K per month with 1 million in traffic.

If that ain't success, I don't know what is.

Worried if you'll have the time to create a successful blog?

Sarah definitely has the key to living a balanced life as a single parent.

She's been doing it all these years!

This book will help you see how possible it is to achieve your goals if you put your mind to it and stick to a schedule.

The goal, of course, is to put out only the best content.

Killer content to be exact.

After going through this book, you'll be able to draw people's attention to your blog week in and week out.

Now, are you aware of what an Alexa score is?

Well, if you don't know, now you know.

Not everyone knows this exists but this is very important and Sarah includes a book all about how you can boost your Alexa score organically.

If you want to be found even on AI, pay good attention to what's in this book.

Among all of the possible ways to make money online, being a virtual assistant can be a great way to break into the space.

Many of the VA's I've hired are new in the online space and later go on to make much more money.

Now, as with any job, you need tools to get things done.

Sarah shares which are the best tools that you absolutely need to be successful when blogging.

This is super valuable because you can literally spend so much time researching what you need.

Instead, Sara's bundle has you taken care of.

You ever heard of SEO?

Search Engine Optimization.

Well this has to do with optimizing websites so that Google can rank you high in the search results.

You want your blog to be seen, right?

SEO is necessary then.

Sarah's book goes over all of the technical aspects.

Sarah knows what she's talking about because her blog gets over 40,000 views on Google every month. 

You'll even learn how to make a post go viral.

Not many people know how to do that.

Next, Sarah goes into all of the ways you can make money from your blog.

This is something most people just don't know.

Here are some examples:

  • Ads
  • Sponsors
  • Products

Once you know all of these ways to make money, you're going to feel so pumped to get started.


It may take some time.

The truth is that you'll go through ups and downs each month.

In my experience, traffic is down during the holidays and more recently, the election. 

There are plenty of other reasons why traffic dies down.

You need to know how to deal with these periods.

Sarah gives great tips in her, "How To Make Money When Blogging Is Slow" book.

Definitely pay attention to what's in this book so that you don't end up panicking because your views are down near Christmas.

You'll be fine.

The last of her books in her bundle is "Why You're Not Making Money Like The Pro Bloggers".

This isn't a book to make you feel like a loser.


The truth is that there are bloggers that are doing things that take them to the next level.

When you're starting off, you might miss doing certain things they do.

It happens.

Sarah's an "analytic geek".

Therefore, she teaches you what it is they're doing so you can make 6-7 figures as well.

The great takeaway from Sarah’s bundle of books, is that you can startup more than one blog.

You can create a steady income by establishing a series of blogs on various themes and you can even hire out content writers while earning big money from advertisers.

There's also the option of engaging in affiliate marketing.

Sarah even shows you how to fine tune your blog software to get the best results. 

There really are so many ways.

All in all, Sarah walks you through every necessary step so that you can become a true blog master earning 6-figures.

If you love writing and helping others, blogging can be a great way to earn a big time income and be happy while doing so.

The best part is that it won't feel like a job at all.

Believe me, blogging can be lucrative.

Having said that, blogging here on isn't my #1 passive money maker. 

Local lead generation with free organic traffic is.

Let me explain how.

Local Lead Generation Is My #1 Online Business Model

I use my SEO skills to rank simple websites that generate leads locally for local businesses looking to take on more work each month. 

Here's a screenshot of one of my lead generation sites.

As you can see, this site has made me $2000 every month ever since 2015.

Wait, Ippei, do you own a tree service company?

Not at all.

Honestly, I don't need to.

I simply built out that website and ranked it on Google above the competition for the keywords relevant to tree services.

Yes they will.

Most people don't bother going to page 2 or 3 on Google hoping they find a contractor.

It's logical to think that my site will generate leads.

What do I do with those leads?

Forward them exclusively to a local business owner looking to take on more work each month.

Here's what that entire lead gen process looks like.

Look, leads are in high demand and business owners aren't going to turn down free leads.

That's how we entice them.

After a week or so, we simply ask them if they want us to keep the leads coming.

Majority of business owners say yes.

All we have to do is come to a mutual agreement as to if the commission will be a percentage, or a monthly flat fee.

I prefer a flat fee.

That way, I know what's coming in each month.

That's what makes this business model a passive one.

All are hustling hard to help make an impact on local business owners.

These skills we learn are so valuable because biz owners most times don't know how to market themselves and generate leads.

That's where we come in.

You can even get into recession proof niches such as HVAC or medical supplies.

The niche selections are endless to be honest.

Also, the private group is way valuable because of the amount of resources and contacts you have access to.

If you've never been exposed to learning about business or money, you're already ahead of the curve by simply being a part of this group.

This coaching program has been life changing for me.

There's no doubt it can change yours.

All it takes is action.

Here are all of the reasons why lead generation is my # online business.

You ready to take action?

If so, click the link below to set up a call and see if this is a good fit for you.

Don't worry, there's no obligation.

Hopefully, I'll see you on the inside.

This is the way.

See ya.

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