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June 27, 2023 is an online review blog founded by Joshua Osborne to help people avoid online scammers. Scam Risk provides free reports and unaffiliated course reviews so consumers can make educated decisions on if they will invest in a certain online course or not. The idea is to uncover any potential online scam courses/programs or to reveal if they provide enough value to students while teaching the business model. You find out if programs are comprehensive, if they have any good resources, a private community, or if they are complete online scams. In each article, Joshua summarizes what you learn in each course. He reveals the pros and cons of each course and uncovers who the course creator is. Finally, he gives you his final verdict on if you should invest your time and money in it.

There are many online blogs and YouTube channels that review online training programs and look to reveal if they are worth your investment. Few blogs and channels are consistently reviewing different programs like Scamrisk does and many of the reviews you do come across are created by affiliates looking to make money by promoting a course instead of offering an unbiased opinion. 

Similar to, offers unbiased opinions on the course creators and the courses they sell. But is it worth seeking Joshua Osborne's opinion on different business models and is the business model he promotes worth considering?

To avoid the hassle of researching and attempting to make money with various online business models, check out the local lead generation business model that offers a passive income and more control in your business without having to deal with online marketing scams.

What courses does Review? reviews courses that teach online business models in industries such as finance, business, working from home, investments, and health & beauty. There are also reviews on course creators which teach you a bit about who certain online entrepreneurs are and if you can trust what they say or teach in their online programs or even on social media. Without doing your proper research, the chances of you becoming a victim of a scam are high in the digital marketing space.

What's the Goal with Scam Risk?

The goal with Scam Risk is to first educate you on a certain business model or course you may be researching. Then, Josh compares the online course to his digital real estate business model. That is the business model Joshua teaches in his BAM University course. Thousands of people have joined his course after first researching another course and realizing that the business model Josh teaches is far superior to what they were originally looking into. 

What is BAM University?

BAM University is a training program Joshua Osborne put together that teaches you how to build a digital real estate empire that pays you passively each month. What he teaches is the original local lead generation business model he learned from his mentor, Dan Klein. Josh shows you how to leverage service sites and Google map listings to generate leads for local business owners who don't know how to do it themselves. Thousands of students have joined his program, and many have reached financial freedom. The private Facebook community Josh created is a great resource for all students so they can ask questions and learn from more experienced members. 

Before joining BAM University, you are sold on Josh's Map Pack Hero program. This is an introductory course where you learn how to set up a Google Business Profile and how to monetize the skill by helping local business owners get themselves setup to gain more visibility online. BAM University reviews are all positive when you look into Josh's course.

More Info: BAM University Review

More Info: Map Pack Hero Review Review: Is it a fraud? is not a fraud, even though the goal of Josh's blog is to funnel people into his high-ticket program. You can learn plenty of information about any online training program you are searching for in each of Josh's course reviews. The business model Josh is teaching is one that is offers a passive income online with low overhead and allows you to have the most control over your own digital properties. For these, reasons, is not a fraud.

Original Local Lead Generation Training Program

Lead Generation Coaching Program by Dan Klein

Dan Klein has been coaching the local lead generation business model since 2014. That was the year I joined his program and today I now work side by side with Dan to help people quit their 9 to 5 jobs. What you learn in this program are all the skills you need to generate leads for small businesses using online properties like service sites and Google Business profiles that generate consistent free traffic each month. Over 7400 students have already joined the program. 

Each step of the process in each training video is taught to you in the simplest form without leaving out any details. You learn each minute detail from learning how to get started with your digital properties, how to structure and optimize them, how to reach out to local small business owners and how to ensure your digital properties remain profitable. Twice weekly, live coaching calls are hosted to provide further support to students and to give everyone the needed push everyone needs as entrepreneurs. Many students have gone on to make 6 and 7 figures with what they've learned from Dan.

You too can earn more money than you ever have if you learn and implement the skills of creating digital assets that's taught in the original local lead generation training program

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