What is Online Entrepreneur? Examples and Strategies

June 27, 2023

What is Online Entrepreneur?

An online entrepreneur is a business owner that uses the internet to run operations and make money. 

To make money, entrepreneurs online sell digital or physical products, promote affiliate marketing links on social media or through email marketing, start digital marketing agencies, rank and rent websites with local lead generation, and countless other online business models.

You can call an online entrepreneur a digital nomad, small business owner, ecommerce entrepreneur, e-preneur, or solopreneur if they operate alone.

Online entrepreneur job description: An online entrepreneur does niche and market research on their online business idea, tests different marketing tactics to reach their target audience, develops and tweaks their business model, operates social media marketing, orders inventory, hires and trains employees or freelancers, and all other business administration tasks. 

What is online entrepreneurship: Online entrepreneurship is the act of creating a business online. It’s different from traditional businesses as the entire business is done through the internet.

Online entrepreneur examples: Ippei Kanehara, Dan Klien, Jeff Lerner, Abdul Farooqi and Chance Welton, Chris Luck, Sophie Howard, and Brian Page. Jeff Bezos is the richest online entrepreneur, according to Statista. Their success stories can educate aspiring entrepreneurs in their target market, how to clinch potential clients, and more.

Online entrepreneur jobs include starting your own:

Online entrepreneur salary: Online entrepreneurs make $97,730 per year on average according to Comparably. 

Stanford Online what is entrepreneurship: “... entrepreneurship refers to an individual or a small group of partners who strike out on an original path to create a new business.”

What is digital entrepreneurship and how to become a digital entrepreneur?

Digital entrepreneurship is the act of creating a business and relying solely on technology to make money online. It is the same as online entrepreneurship. To become a successful digital entrepreneur, you must build an entrepreneurial skill set, research your niche’s market, vet suppliers, get the appropriate licensing, market your products and services, and manage your finances.

What is the difference between internet entrepreneur and internet CEO?

The difference between an internet entrepreneur and an internet CEO is that an internet entrepreneur owns their own company while an internet CEO answers to the board who really owns the company.

What is the difference between administrative entrepreneurship and incubative entrepreneurship?

The difference between administrative entrepreneurship and incubative entrepreneurship is that administrative entrepreneurship focuses on management and business practices. Incubative entrepreneurship focuses entirely on the success and development of businesses.

How to Become an Online Entrepreneur

Your steps to becoming an online entrepreneur are:

  • Curate profitable online entrepreneur ideas. To start an online business, you need to have data behind any great idea. You can get this data by researching whatever market you’ve chosen online. Research the business model, learn where your target audience is online, and settle on a business that complements your skills.
  • Create a successful online business plan.
  • To start operations, you’ll need whatever business license is required in your state and market. Some states do not require a business license. Alabama, Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Nevada, Tennessee, and Washington require a general business license.
  • Build traffic through SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, PPC, and your website.
  • Entrepreneurs make money online by selling products, monetizing ads, investing, networking, and more. Reinvesting the first dollars you make will also help you reach financial goals faster.

How Can I Be A Successful Online Entrepreneur?

To be a successful online entrepreneur and heighten your chances of profitability:

  • When vetting a good idea, choose a product or service that will solve your audience’s problems. Use Google Trends to get an idea of what is popular.
  • Keep a passionate, driven mindset.
  • Learn about your business model or niche with online courses.
  • Develop how you will be paid, like what credit card system you will use. Make it simple for potential customers to figure out.
  • Seek and rely on investors, but only if necessary.
  • Analyze your competition. By doing so, you can create a better product or service that better serves your customers.
  • Test ads to see which ones are performing the best. And, start slowly with marketing. Master one strategy before adding the next.
  • Network with other professionals for added wisdom.
  • Cultivate positive reviews. This will look different depending on the platform and business model you choose. For example, on Amazon, you can encourage positive reviews. But, you cannot reward customers or you risk getting banned by Amazon.

Successful online entrepreneurs rely on real data to make business decisions. This is one of the biggest risks of being an online entrepreneur- at the end of the day, you are a person who answers for every aspect of your business. For example, internet entrepreneurs pay themselves a salary. A beginner entrepreneur makes $34 per hour, according to Zippia. The highest paid entrepreneur job is IT manager, according to CareerKarma.


The best online entrepreneur business is scalable, tailored to your skillset, and reliable. Local lead generation is a successful business model. It’s very scalable, as you can simply build more websites to diversify your income stream as needed. Once you rank your websites and rent them out to small businesses, you will bring in reliable monthly income. This is the business model I choose as an online entrepreneur.

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