43 Side Hustles For Couples [Ultimate List, Opportunities And Potential Income]

March 20, 2024

The best side hustles for couples are:

  1. Local lead generation 
  2. Start real estate investing
  3. Operate an event planning business
  4. Offer child or pet services
  5. Start podcasting
  6. Leverage the Facebook marketplace
  7. Produce print-on-demand products
  8. Run an Etsy shop

According to Market Research, the side hustle market in the United States is huge, worth $2.58 trillion. This means there are chances for couples to make extra money. On average, a side hustle in the US makes about $686 a month, as The Motley Fool says. Also, Bank Rate found that 40% of millennials rely on their side hustles for at least half of their monthly earnings. But some side hustles, like selling on Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify, have fierce competition. Market Pulse found that 1,824 new Amazon sellers start daily, so it's tough to stand out. In early 2024, Etsy had 7.9 million active sellers, PR Newswire reports. Blacklinko says that 1.75 million sellers use Shopify. Many people use these platforms to sell things, so it's hard to get noticed if you and your partner are beginners.

Additionally, some side hustles, like real estate investing, landscaping businesses, and food/ coffee truck businesses, need a lot of money upfront. Zillow says a typical home in the U.S. costs about $280,000, which means you need $14,000 for a 5% down payment. NFIB suggests starting a landscaping and garden business might need about $50,000. Lastly, if you want to start a food truck, Finance Buzz advises you to have at least $100,000 to get going. These are big investments.

This article will present a list of 43 side hustles for couples. It will provide statistics on each side hustle opportunity, potential income, and challenges you and your partner may encounter. Finally, we will introduce a business model that can be an ideal side hustle for couples.

44 Side Hustles For Couples

1. Local Lead Gen Biz

Local lead gen biz is a prime side hustle for couples, especially considering that 68% of local business owners need help with this aspect, and there are over 10 million businesses in the USA without a website. With 8.5 billion Google searches daily, the opportunity to tap into this market is substantial. This approach can yield between $500 and $3,000 per month per website, with minimal maintenance required once set up.

Couples engaging in local lead gen can split tasks effectively: one can focus on identifying profitable niches and understanding the local demographics, leveraging the high demand in the market. The other partner can manage the technical side, developing and optimizing websites. This division allows each to use their strengths efficiently while managing client relations and site maintenance together.

2. Start Real Estate Investing

Starting real estate investing is a famous side hustle for couples because it involves properties that can generate a steady income. You and your partner can buy, manage, and either sell or rent properties to turn a profit. Some folks in this field opt to fix up and enhance properties to maximize their earnings, and you can do that both as well. What's unique about real estate is that unlike stocks and bonds, it's tangible—you can touch it, manage it, and improve it.

According to Realtor, as of December 2022, there was a notable surge in the number of homes available for sale compared to the previous year, resulting in a whopping 244,000 more homes on the market. This creates a fantastic opportunity for you and your partner, who are considering real estate investing.Speaking of earnings, the current average salary for a real estate investor stands at $139,851, according to ZipRecruiter. But here's the catch–this figure can vary depending on whether you and your partner choose to make it a full-time profession or pursue it as a side hustle alongside your regular jobs.

Real estate investing offers the potential for a significant income boost, which can be particularly enticing for couples aiming to enhance their financial stability. However, it's crucial to keep the downsides in mind. The real estate market can be highly competitive, and finding the right properties at the right prices may prove challenging. Moreover, managing properties and dealing with tenants can be time-consuming and demanding. 

3. Event Planning Business

Event planning business is a smart side hustle for couples because you and your partner focus on various types of events, such as meetings, parties, or conventions, catering to a wide range of customers. To effectively manage this side hustle, you and your significant other can divide tasks based on your individual strengths. One of you may excel in organization and logistics, while the other possesses a creative touch for designing memorable events. By delegating responsibilities in this manner, you both can provide a well-rounded event planning service.

According to IBISWorld, the American event planning industry is expected to experience a 4% expansion in 2022. This growth signifies a thriving market with increasing demand for event planning services. Furthermore, Convene reports that job opportunities for event planners are on the rise. It surpassed the average job growth rate for other occupations in the US. This highlights a promising landscape for lovers who want to venture into event planning.

For income potential, ZipRecruiter reveals that the average monthly pay for an Event Planner in the United States is approximately $5,063. Additionally, BuiltIn shows that the average base salary for event planners in the US stands at $64,182 per year. However, the event planning business requires you and your lover to build a client base that may take time and effort. Additionally, event planning can demand long hours, particularly during event execution, which can be physically and mentally taxing.

4. Offer Child Or Pet Services

Offering child or pet services is a flexible side hustle for couples because they can cater to working parents seeking reliable childcare solutions or busy pet owners in need of pet care assistance.transportation. As a couple, you can split the tasks based on your strengths: one of you can specialize in childcare, offering personal care, supervision, education, guidance, and transportation for children, while the other can focus on pet care, ensuring the well-being of pets through grooming, training, and maintaining a safe environment. The demand for these services is significant.

Zippia reported that 57% of working families spent over $10,000 on childcare, with American households with children allocating at least 10% of their income to childcare. Additionally, Forbes revealed that as of 2023, 66% of U.S. households, approximately 86.9 million homes, own a pet. This signifies a substantial increase in pet ownership over the past three decades. You and your partner can tap on that demand.

If you're interested in pet care, the average hourly pay for a pet care worker in the United States stands at $13.10, based on data from ZipRecruiter. Additionally, for babysitting, the average hourly pay in the United States is $17.62 per hour. You and your partner can offer your services on the best pet-sitting and babysitting platforms in the USA, including Rover, Wag, Care, and PetSitters. However, it's important to be aware of potential disadvantages. For child services, demanding hours and responsibilities come with the territory. For pet services, dealing with varying pet personalities and potential risks must be considered.

5. Start Podcasting

Starting podcasting is an appealing side hustle for couples because of the growing podcasting listeners in the U.S. To get started, your partner can handle content creation, research, or scripting, while you can manage technical aspects, recording, and editing. Hosting platforms like Podbean, Anchor, or Libsyn offer user-friendly tools for launching and distributing your podcast.

According to Statista, podcasting is on the rise in the U.S., with 79% of people being aware of it, and over 82 million individuals tuned in to podcasts in 2021. As of 2023, "The Infinite Dial" report by Edison Research reveals that 42% of Americans aged 12 and older have listened to a podcast in the past month. For couples looking to start a podcast, these statistics suggest a ready and potential audience. With the right content and approach, you both can effectively leverage the popularity and regular consumption of podcasts to connect with your listeners, share messages, and potentially generate income through advertising and sponsorships.

If you and your partner aspire to have your own talk show, diving into podcasting as a side hustle is a viable option. According to Riverside FM, a podcaster with around 10,000 downloads per episode can expect earnings ranging from $500 to $900. While the potential for income is promising, podcasting demands consistent content production and marketing efforts to build a loyal audience. Additionally, monetization often takes time to materialize. It requires patience and dedication.

6. Build A Digital Marketing Agency

Building a digital marketing agency is a lucrative side hustle for couples because it allows them to leverage their complementary skills. Your significant partner can focus on client relations, strategy, and sales, while you can handle the technical aspects like website development, content creation, and digital advertising campaigns. To get started, platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix provide user-friendly tools for building a professional online presence. Additionally, you and your partner can join freelancing platforms like Upwork or Fiverr to find clients or collaborate with other professionals.

The opportunity in digital marketing is substantial. According to Semrush, global digital advertising spending is estimated to reach $571.16 billion in 2023, underscoring the growing demand for digital marketing services. In terms of potential income, ZipRecruiter reports that the average annual pay for a digital marketing agency in the United States is $87,280. This figure represents the earning potential couples can strive for in this side hustle.

7. Leverage Facebook Marketplace

Leveraging Facebook Marketplace is an ideal side hustle for couples because of its accessibility and the vast customer base it reaches. For couples looking to start, couples can divide responsibilities. One might handle product sourcing and posting, while the other manages customer interactions and sales.

According to Zipdo, an impressive 1.212 billion online shoppers use Facebook Marketplace monthly. It highlights the immense reach of the platform. Furthermore, 65.9% of social media users report making their most recent purchase through Facebook. This data not only shows the platform's popularity but also indicates a thriving market for you and your partner to explore.

Regarding potential earnings, the figures are equally encouraging. Thrive My Way's report suggests that a substantial segment of Facebook users, specifically 70% of individuals earning over $75,000 annually. However, one potential disadvantage for couples is the time and effort required to maintain a consistent presence and respond promptly to inquiries on the platform. 

8. Produce Print-on-Demand Products

Print-on-demand (POD) presents a fitting side hustle for couples because it allows for creative collaboration and reaches a diverse customer base interested in unique, personalized products. To divide tasks effectively: your partner can focus on design aspects, while you can manage the business and marketing side. You both can start platforms like Shopify, Etsy, or Redbubble. It serves as excellent starting point for launching a POD venture.

The rise in popularity of print-on-demand is noted by Ahrefs during the pandemic's onset in March 2020. It highlights the sustained interest in this sector and its continued relevance in 2023. It suggests a robust market for innovative and custom products for you and your lover. This trend makes POD a promising opportunity for couples looking to diversify their income through a flexible and creative side hustle.

In terms of financial prospects, ZipRecruiter reports an average monthly income of $4,639 for those engaged in POD from home in the United States, with potential earnings reaching up to $9,833. This data indicates that dedicated couples can achieve a significant supplemental income through this side hustle, especially if they effectively leverage their combined skills and creativity. However, a primary drawback might be the intense competition. You are both competing with millions of sellers on Etsy or Shopify. Also, this side hustle needs continuous design innovation to stay relevant in a market with rapidly changing trends and preferences. 

9. Offer Rental Property Management Services

Offering rental property management services is an excellent side hustle for couples due to the diverse range of tasks involved, such as tenant communication, financial management, and property upkeep. For instance, your lover might excel in interpersonal skills, making it ideal for handling tenant communications, lease negotiations, and resolving tenant issues. Meanwhile, you might have a knack for numbers and organization, perfectly suited for managing financial aspects such as rent collection, budgeting for maintenance, and keeping track of expenses and income.To start in this field, you both can explore listings on platforms like Indeed and LinkedIn, where many opportunities are often available.

The demand for property management services is evident from Gitnux's report, which states that around 9.6 million residential properties in the U.S. are managed by professional firms. This statistic highlights a significant market for property management. In terms of financial prospects, ZipRecruiter notes that the average hourly wage for rental property management in the U.S. is $22.03, with the potential to reach as high as $34.86. This indicates that you and your partner can expect a promising income, potentially totaling up to $139,851 annually. But it depends on the scale and number of properties managed.

However, one of the major challenges in this field is the requirement for constant availability and responsiveness to tenant needs and property issues. Property management demands a high level of commitment and time, which could be a significant consideration for couples looking for side hustle. 

10. Run An Etsy Shop

Running an Etsy shop is a top side hustle for couples, especially those with a passion for crafting handmade items or collecting vintage goods. One of you can focus on creating or curating products, while the other manages the online store, marketing, and customer communication. This division of labor ensures that all aspects of the business are well-managed. The potential for success on Etsy is evident from its user statistics. In 2022, Etsy boasted about 92 million active buyers, as reported by Statista. This high number of active buyers shows a robust market and a significant opportunity for you and your partner to reach a wide audience interested in unique, handmade, and vintage items.

In terms of income, Etsy can be an effective way to make extra income. For instance, Erank highlights that top Etsy sellers like PlannerKate1 and CaitlynMinimalist have achieved over a million sales. It shows the platform's significant earning potential. However, there are financial considerations to keep in mind. In April 2022, Etsy increased its transaction fee from 5% to 6.5%, besides other costs such as listing fees, payment processing fees, subscription fees, and regulatory operating fees. These expenses can affect your overall income, and you both should be mindful of these when calculating your potential earnings and setting prices for your products.


If you and your lover are interested in selling handicrafts on a popular platform, you can check my ultimate list of best Etsy side hustles.

11. Provide Furniture Refurbishment

Furniture refurbishment is a lucrative side hustle for couples because it involves a variety of tasks, from hands-on work like sanding and painting to customer service and marketing. In furniture refurbishment as a side hustle, your other half can focus on the hands-on restoration work, such as sanding, painting, and reupholstering, while you manage the business aspects, including marketing, customer relations, and financial management.

You both find opportunities and ideas on platforms such as Pinterest, Etsy, or local community forums. As noted by the Woodworking Network, Americans spend upwards of $23.5 billion on furniture repair and replacement, with half of U.S. households reporting furniture damage in the past year. This significant expenditure highlights a growing market for refurbishment services. It presents an excellent opportunity for lovers giving old furniture a new life and saving customers money while contributing to environmental sustainability.

The income potential in this field varies with experience and customer base. According to Fin Models Lab, beginners can expect to earn between $30,000 to $50,000 annually. Those with more experience and a growing customer base can see incomes ranging from $50,000 to $80,000. For seasoned professionals who have established a loyal clientele and expanded their operations, earnings can exceed $100,000 per year, demonstrating the substantial financial prospects in this industry.

However, a key challenge in furniture refurbishment is the initial investment in tools and materials, as well as the space required for work and storage. Additionally, the time and effort needed to source, restore, and sell pieces can be significant, especially when balancing this side hustle with your both primary jobs.

12. Be A Tour Guides on Airbnb /TripAdvisor

Becoming a tour guide through Airbnb or TripAdvisor is a unique side hustle for couples because it allows both partners to share their love and knowledge of their local area with travelers. By working together, couples can provide more comprehensive and engaging tours. One of you can focus on historical and cultural information, while the other could manage logistics, like bookings and itineraries. You both can start by creating tour guide profiles on Airbnb Experiences and TripAdvisor.

With this side hustle, you and your partner can take advantage of growing demand for travelers. As reported by Search Logistics, there were about 2.25 million active Airbnb listings in the US in 2021, showing a high demand for local experiences. You both have the chance to offer personalized and unique tours that appeal to tourists seeking authentic local insights. In terms of side income you can make, Talent's data shows that tour guides in the USA earn an average of $33,589 per year, or $16.15 per hour. Beginners may start at around $27,300 annually, but with experience and a solid reputation, you both might earn up to $69,504 annually.

However, a potential drawback of this side hustle is the seasonality of the tourism industry. Demand for tours can fluctuate significantly depending on the time of year and local events, which can lead to inconsistent income. 

13. Start Blogging

Blogging emerges as an excellent side hustle for couples who share a passion for writing and content creation. One of you can focus on content creation, such as writing articles and creating visuals, while the other handles tasks like website management, SEO optimization, and promotion. The opportunity in blogging is promising, as DemandSage reports that in 2023, 91% of B2B businesses and 86% of B2C marketers are actively using content marketing. This signifies a growing need for quality content creators. Whether for businesses seeking to enhance their online presence or for individuals aiming to share their expertise and passions.

When it comes to how much money you can make, Fiverr data indicates that bloggers typically earn approximately $36.80 for every 1,000 page view. For blog owners with monthly page views ranging from 10,000 to 100,000, earnings from advertising can amount to $200 to $10,000 per month. It depends on the niche and audience engagement. However, you and your partner should note that the blogging landscape is highly competitive, with over 31 million active bloggers in the United States alone. 

14. Offer Home Renovations

Offering home renovations is an ideal side hustle for couples because of the substantial demand for these services. Today's Homeowner reports that 55% of homeowners have undertaken home renovation projects within the past year, highlighting a consistent need for home improvement. You both can cater to this extensive customer base, whether by leveraging their existing DIY skills or acquiring new ones. To get started, you and your better half can explore online platforms like Houzz or Thumbtack to connect with potential clients seeking renovation services. Your partner can focus on project planning, client consultations, and sourcing materials, while you are in-charge in the hands-on aspects of renovation, such as carpentry, painting, or plumbing.

In terms of income potential, according to FinModelsLab, the average annual income for home remodeling business owners in the United States falls within the range of $71,000 to $123,000. This signifies a lucrative income stream for couples engaged in the renovation business. However, home renovations can be physically demanding and time-consuming. It often requires meticulous attention to detail. Additionally, you both may encounter unexpected complications during projects, which can affect timelines and budgets. 

15. Provide Live Entertainment

Live entertainment is a promising side hustle for couples because it allows you both to showcase your talents in front of live audiences. Whether it's music, public speaking, drama, dance, modeling, or comedy, live entertainment encompasses a wide range of performances that people enjoy for pleasure and diversion. To get started, you can explore online platforms like GigSalad and GigMasters, where you can create profiles and promote your services.

The live entertainment industry presents a promising landscape for couples. According to Gitnux, the live music market is projected to experience significant growth, with a 6.85% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) and a 5.52% growth in 2022. This growth trend indicates a rising demand for live entertainment experiences. If you and your spouse can deliver captivating performances, you both can tap into this demand and secure bookings. It's an opportunity to not only showcase your talents but also generate additional income.

Output Mag reports that the average working musician grosses $35,300 annually from their music career. However, competition can be fierce, and success often requires continuous skill development, effective marketing, and building a loyal fan base. 

16. Stock Market Investing

Stock market investing is a great side hustle for couples for those who will adopt a long-term investment strategy. Stock market investing involves purchasing and selling shares of companies, owning a portion of these enterprises. To embark on this side hustle, you can both consider online brokerage platforms like E*TRADE, Charles Schwab, or Robinhood.

The stock market presents an interesting opportunity for couples, as indicated by recent performance. According to IBD Digital, the U.S. stock market has showed impressive gains in the first half of 2023, with the S&P 500 rising by nearly 16% in mid-June. However, it's crucial for you and your partner to acknowledge the associated challenges. Stock markets can be volatile, and there are no guarantees of profitability. 

17. Start A Storage Business

Starting a storage business is a practical side hustle for couples because it involves providing individuals with secure storage spaces for their belongings. It is akin to renting them a safe and accessible facility to store their possessions. To get started, you both can begin by identifying available spaces within your property that can be repurposed for storage. You can check online platforms like SpareFoot and Neighbor for listing and managing your storage spaces.

In this venture, your sweetheart can handle customer inquiries and bookings, while you manage the physical aspects of ensuring the storage spaces are secure and well-maintained. The storage business is appealing because it caters to the growing demand for storage solutions. According to Storage Cafe, one-third of people have previously used self-storage services, and an additional 11% are contemplating doing so in the future. This signifies a consistent need for storage solutions.

The potential income in the storage business can be substantial and is influenced by factors such as location and facility size. As per Storeganise, annual earnings in this industry can range from $365,000 to $800,000. However, it's crucial to acknowledge that managing a storage business comes with challenges, including property maintenance, customer service, and competition from other storage providers.

18. Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching is an excellent side hustle for couples because you both can help fitness-enthusiast achieve their health and wellness goals. This side hustle is ideal for couples who are passionate about fitness and well-being. For instance, one of you will deal with client interactions and coaching sessions, while the other manages administrative tasks, such as scheduling appointments and maintaining client records. To market your wellness coaching services, consider platforms like LinkedIn and Upwork.

The wellness coaching industry is currently booming, with a market worth exceeding $7 billion, according to the US Health Coaching Market Report. This indicates a high demand for wellness coaching services, making it an opportune time for lovebirds to enter the field. In terms of income potential, health and wellness coaches in the United States can earn an average of of $69,516, with potential earnings ranging between $60,227 and $79,790, as reported by Salary. However, it's important to recognize that building a client base and establishing a reputation in the wellness coaching industry may take time and consistent effort. 

19. Sell on Amazon

Selling on Amazon is a highly promising side hustle for couples because it offers a potential annual sales range of $12,000 to $300,000. To do it effectively, your lover can handle product sourcing and inventory management, while you will focus on creating interesting product listings and managing customer inquiries.

This side hustle is advantageous for couples because it allows them to tap into a vast customer base and grow their sales effectively. The opportunity to sell on Amazon is substantial. As reported by eMarketer, Amazon is projected to achieve $746.22 billion in global retail e-commerce sales this year, underscoring its dominance in the online retail sector.

However, it's essential to acknowledge the competitive landscape. According to Helium 10, there are approximately 1.11 million active Amazon sellers in the US. This signifies intense competition, and you, with your partner,  should be prepared to invest time and effort in product research, marketing, and customer service to stand out in this bustling marketplace.

20. Open A Car/RV Rental

Opening a car or RV rental is a fantastic side hustle for couples because you both can cater to a wide range of customers, from vacationers looking for a convenient way to explore new places to families needing extra vehicles for road trips. In splitting tasks—one of you will in-charge of handling customer inquiries and bookings, while the other manages vehicle maintenance and cleaning. To get started, you and your spouse can consider platforms like RVshare, Outdoorsy, or Turo. These websites can connect you with potential renters and provide a secure platform for transactions.

According to RVshare, there's a growing demand for RV rentals, with a 95% increase in bookings year-over-year for Labor Day weekend and a significant 123% rise in bookings for the autumn season. This means you both can tap into a thriving market, especially during peak travel seasons. When it comes to potential income, RVshare suggests that owners can earn anywhere from $10,000 to $40,000 annually by renting out their RVs when they're not using them. 

However, maintenance and upkeep costs can eat into profits, and insurance considerations are crucial to protect against unexpected issues. Additionally, the initial investment in an RV can vary significantly, with costs ranging from $10,000 to $400,000, as reported by Bob Villa. You and your partner should carefully assess your budget and financial goals before diving into this side hustle.

21. Sell And Produce Products At Farmers' Market

Selling and producing products at farmers' markets is an ideal side hustle for couples because these markets offer a ready-made customer base looking for fresh produce, live animals, plants, and prepared foods. Websites like LocalHarvest and the USDA Farmers Market Directory can help you and your partner find suitable markets to take part in. You both can divide tasks efficiently, with one of you handling product preparation and the other managing customer interactions.

Farmers' markets present a promising opportunity for couples. According to Produce Pay, there's a growing demand for fresh produce, with an expected annual global market growth rate of 5.14% until 2027, potentially reaching a market value of US$210.9 billion. Additionally, U.S. farmers' markets play a significant role in this growth, contributing an estimated total of $1 billion in annual sales, as reported by AGMRC. You and your partner can benefit from this upward trend by offering high-quality products and building a loyal customer base.

The University of Maryland Extension states that products can often command prices 40% to 70% higher than those in wholesale markets. According to Quora User, farmers' market income varies widely, ranging from $1,000 to $5 million annually. However, the actual income depends on factors like farm size, marketing experience, and customer base. 

22. Create A Virtual Assistant Team

Creating a virtual assistant (VA) team is a lucrative side hustle for couples, primarily because it caters to the growing demand for remote services. Businesses and individuals seek VA teams for tasks like administrative support, customer service, social media management, and creative design. This demand is driven by the cost-effectiveness of hiring virtual assistants, as reported by 99 Firms, which can save companies up to 78% of their operational costs.

To initiate this side hustle, you and your spouse can allocate specific responsibilities, such as task delegation and client communication, to maximize efficiency. You can both start on websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and OnlineJobsPH to create profiles and connect with potential clients. The income potential in the virtual assistant business is substantial. According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary for a virtual assistant is $59,888 annually. You and your lover can leverage skills and expertise to earn a combined income that can boost your financial goals. 

23. Start A YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is an awesome side hustle option for couples because it allows you and your partner to share your interests and content with a vast online audience. The United States boasts the second-largest YouTube audience globally, with approximately 246 million viewers, as reported by Statista. This significant viewership shows a substantial demand for video content that you both can tap into. You can use websites like YouTube and social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to help you connect with potential viewers and build a subscriber base.

In terms of income, Finance Buzz reports that the average pay for YouTubers in the U.S. in 2022 was approximately $1,154 per week or $4,616 monthly. It offers lovers the chance to turn their hobbies and interests into a profitable venture. However, you need to be both aware of the competitive nature of YouTube, with around 122 million daily active users worldwide, as per Wyzowl.

24. Operate A Food Or Coffee Truck Business

Starting a food or coffee truck business is a fun side hustle for couples who share a passion for food and entrepreneurship. It provides a unique opportunity to cater to a diverse range of customers, from office workers seeking a quick lunch near their workplace to shoppers looking for a snack at local malls. You both can effectively run this business by dividing responsibilities. For instance, your partner can handle cooking while the other manages customer service and sales.

The opportunity in this side hustle is significant. According to Food Truck Nation's 2019 survey, the food truck industry in the U.S. is vibrant, with a high demand for mobile food services. The presence of about 36,324 food truck businesses, as reported by Zippia. It shows a thriving market  for new truck businesses. Financially, the potential income from this side hustle is quite attractive. Food trucks typically generate annual revenues ranging from $250,000 to $500,000. 

However, you both need to know that starting a food truck requires a huge initial investment of around $100,000, as per Finance Buzz. This investment is substantial and poses a financial risk. Additionally, you and your partner must navigate local zoning regulations and be prepared for expenses related to truck maintenance and repairs. 

25. Run A Photography Business

Running a photography business is a rewarding side hustle for couples because it allows them to cater to individuals seeking personal portraits to businesses needing professional photographs for their marketing. You and your better half can leverage your combined skills, with one focusing on photography and the other handling editing, client relations, or marketing. The field of photography offers substantial opportunities. The National Bureau of Labor Statistics highlights an annual projection of 12,700 job openings for photographers, indicating a robust market.

In terms of financial prospects, a photography business can be effective way to generate side income. According to Fin Models Lab, the average annual income for a studio photography business owner ranges between $50,000 and $75,000. However, ZenBusiness outlines several initial costs, including purchasing equipment, business registration, setting up a website, and marketing efforts. These expenses can range from $2,000 to $10,000 or more.

26. Sell Online Course

Creating and selling online courses is a suited side hustle for couples because it allows them to combine their expertise and interests, whether it's in specialized areas like digital marketing or more general skills. You can divide tasks, with one of you focusing on content creation and the other on technical aspects or marketing. You and your sweetheart can start on Teachable, Udemy, and Thinkific. It provides accessible venues for you to share your courses with a global audience.

As reported by Email Vendor Selection, the industry was valued at over $240 billion in 2022. It demonstrates the growing demand for online education. This trend offers lovers a fertile ground to contribute their knowledge and skills. Financially, the potential of selling online courses is notable. LearnWorlds highlights that successful course creators can earn a monthly income ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. However, creating high-quality, engaging content requires time, effort, and sometimes financial investment in equipment or software. Additionally, the market is competitive, and building a student base can take time. 

27. Offer Landscaping / Garden Care

Offering landscaping and garden care is an appealing side hustle for couples because it allows lovebirds to cater to a significant number of homeowners who seek professional help to enhance their outdoor spaces. One of you can handle design and planning, and your lover will focus on physical gardening and maintenance. With that you both can efficiently manage various projects. You can start offering your services on platforms like TaskRabbit and Thumbtack.

The demand for professional landscaping services is substantial. The National Association of Landscape Professionals reported that 40% of Americans employ professionals for lawn care. Moreover, the U.S. Bureau of Labor predicts over 173,200 new job openings for landscapers in 2023. This data indicates a robust and growing market in this side hustle.

Additionally, landscaping and garden care can be quite rewarding. Jobber states that landscapers can earn an average annual income of about $34,570, or $14.62 per hour. However, starting a landscaping business can involve significant upfront costs for equipment like lawnmowers, trimmers, and hedge trimmers. Additionally, finding customers and competing with other established landscapers in the area can be challenging.

28. Start an Airbnb Hosting

Starting an Airbnb hosting is an excellent side hustle for couples because it involves renting out a space in your home, whether it's a single room or the entire house, to travelers for short stays. It's ideal for lovers because they can share the responsibilities of hosting, such as one managing the bookings and communications, and the other taking care of the property and guest relations.

The demand for Airbnb accommodations is substantial. In 2022, as reported by the World Tourism Organization, US hosts on Airbnb welcomed over 44 million guests, particularly in areas lacking hotels. This data signifies a high demand for unique and local lodging experiences. It provides you and your partner a lucrative opportunity to capitalize on this trend.

Financially, Airbnb hosting can be a significant source of additional income. According to iGMS, hosts averaged about $924 per month before the pandemic, summing up to between $10,000 and $12,000 annually. However, managing the property, ensuring guest satisfaction, and dealing with the competition in the market require time, effort, and sometimes financial investment. 

29. Resell Items

Reselling items is a smart side hustle for couples because it involves purchasing products at a lower cost and selling them at a higher price. You and your other half can divide tasks like sourcing items, managing online listings, and handling customer service. You can start on platforms like eBay, Etsy, and Poshmark. Lovers can cater to a broad customer base, including those interested in secondhand and sustainable shopping. The global market for secondhand and resale apparel, as per a 2022 Statista report, stood at an impressive $177 billion, with projections to soar to $351 billion by 2027. This trend proves a growing consumer shift towards more sustainable and affordable shopping options. 

In terms of earnings, the average income for reseller business owners in the United States hovers around $60,000 annually, according to Fin Models Lab. However, one notable concern is market saturation, as more entrepreneurs enter the reselling space. This competition can affect your profit margins. Additionally, managing your inventory and ensuring product quality can be demanding, particularly if you and your partner have 9-5 jobs.

30. Open A Car Wash Service

Opening a car wash service is an increasingly viable side hustle for couples, especially given the rising number of vehicles on the road. Forbes reports a 3.66% increase in registered vehicles in the U.S. from 2017 to 2021, showing a larger potential customer base for such services. This venture allows you and your soulmate flexibility in roles, where one of you can focus on day-to-day operations, while the other handles marketing and customer relations. You both can either invest in self-service equipment or opt for a more automated setup, depending on your budget and expertise.

In terms of income, the financial prospects are promising. Joshua Moroles notes that automatic car wash businesses can average around $100,000 per year, with potential earnings reaching approximately $250,000 in high-traffic areas. This income range offers couples the chance to generate a substantial side income. However, the initial investment for equipment and facility maintenance can be significant.

31. Offer Cleaning Services

Offering cleaning services is a practical side hustle for couples, especially considering the constant demand for such services. As reported by Zipdo, the global market for cleaning services was estimated at approximately $55,944 million in 2022. This statistic highlights the vast potential and steady demand in the cleaning sector. It involves residential cleaning, office upkeep, and lawn maintenance. For instance, your lover can focus on indoor cleaning while you handle outdoor maintenance. To start, you both can advertise your cleaning services on platforms like TaskRabbit and Thumbtack, which are popular for connecting local service providers with clients.

You can expect to earn a significant income from this side hustle. According to Business Hue, cleaning business owners in the U.S. typically earn between $50,000 to $60,000 annually, averaging around $26 to $32 per hour based on a 160-hour work month. However, cleaning services require substantial physical effort and may demand availability on a 24/7 basis, especially in the initial stages or for urgent client requests. 

32. Lead Online Communities

Leading online communities is a popular side hustle for couples because it involves creating and overseeing virtual spaces where people with shared interests or goals can connect and engage. For couples, this can be an exciting venture. You can check popular platforms for such communities, including Facebook Groups, Reddit, and specialized forums.

The growth potential in this field is substantial. As per Docebo, the online communities market is experiencing a robust compound annual growth rate of 24.3%. This remarkable growth rate reflects a growing global interest in digital communities.Additionally, leading online communities can be a great source of extra income. Fin Models Lab reports that successful online community managers in the U.S. can earn between $50,000 to $500,000 annually. However, building and maintaining an engaged online community requires consistent effort, creativity, and time.

33. Start A Catering Services

Starting a catering service is a promising side hustle for couples, with the potential to earn up to $80,000 annually. It involves preparing and serving food and drinks for various events, such as weddings, parties, and special gatherings. For division of labor, your partner focuses on the culinary aspect, creating delicious menus, while you manage logistics and client relations.

According to Zipdo, the food service sector in the U.S., including catering, is expected to employ 15.3 million people by 2029. This trend shows a robust demand in the industry, offering a stable market for you and your lover. This means a splendid chance to build a profitable business in a field with a growing workforce.

Additionally, catering services can be a lucrative side hustle. Sokanu reports that the average salary for caterers is around $48,000, placing them in the top 25% of careers in the food industry. Beginners in the field can expect to earn about $30,000, while those with more experience and working in established businesses can make over $80,000.

However, catering requires significant time and effort, especially in terms of preparation and event execution. The irregular hours and the need to work on weekends and holidays can also be demanding. You and your partner should understand the physical and time commitments in this side hustle.

34. Start Shopify Dropshipping

Starting Shopify dropshipping is an attractive side hustle for couples because it involves selling products online without the need for inventory, making it ideal for those wanting to start an e-commerce venture with minimal upfront costs. Lovers can benefit from this setup and divide responsibilities easier. For instance, one of you can handle product selection and supplier relations, while you focus on marketing and customer service. To begin, you both can easily set up a store on Shopify.

The global dropshipping market is expected to reach $243.42 billion in 2023, as reported by Obnerlo, marking its first surge past $200 billion. This growth shows a strong demand for online shopping options, making it a favorable time for you and your better half to start Shopify dropshipping.In terms of income, Shopify dropshipping can be quite profitable. Gelato's data suggests that most Shopify dropshippers earn an average of $1,000 to $5,000 monthly, with the most successful ones making over $100,000 annually.

However, income levels can vary based on factors such as inventory costs, product pricing strategies, and niche market selection. Also, you and your lover should know the potential challenges. Dropshipping requires staying current with market trends and consumer preferences, and competition can be stiff. Additionally, profit margins may be thin because of reliance on third-party suppliers and shipping costs. 

35. Teach Music Classes

Teaching music classes is a fulfilling side hustle for couples because it involves imparting knowledge in various aspects of music, such as instrument playing, singing, music theory, or even conducting. Given the widespread interest in music education in the U.S., you and your partner can capitalize on this demand by offering specialized classes in your areas of expertise.

If your partner is skilled in playing instruments, he can focus on teaching instruments while you specialize in vocal training. You and your partner can start on platforms like TakeLessons, Thumbtack, or even local community centers can be ideal places to start offering your services. According to Antique Sound Workshop Ltd., over 52% of U.S. households have at least one individual actively engaged in playing a musical instrument, and 40% have two or more individuals involved in music. 

This statistic proves the high demand for music education, making it a promising avenue for you and your better half to make additional income. Outline reports that music teachers in the U.S. earn between $18 to $34 per hour, with the annual average income hovering around $40,000. Experienced music teachers have the potential to earn upwards of $65,000 annually. However, there are challenges to consider. Building a client base and establishing a reputation can take time especially if you are both starting from scratch. Moreover, income can fluctuate based on the number of students and the pricing of classes. 

36. Offer Ranch Services To Farms

Offering ranch services to farms is another side hustle for couples because family farms and ranches make up a significant portion of the U.S. agricultural sector. It involves animal care, pasture management, and general farm maintenance. According to the Farm Bureau, about 86% of U.S. agricultural products come from family farms or ranches. This high demand for ranch services creates a promising market for couples looking to offer their expertise.

Speaking of income, you and your other half can earn a median annual wage of $69,620 or $33.47 per hour in this side hustle, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). However, ranch work is physically demanding, often involving tasks such as lifting, feeding animals, mending fences, and operating machinery. If you're considering this side hustle, you should be prepared for physically demanding work and ensure you both have the stamina and strength to handle these tasks.

37. Become An Amazon Influencer

Becoming an Amazon Influencer is a lucrative side hustle for couples because it requires minimal effort and it allows you to leverage Amazon's extensive user base. With a minimum of 1,000 followers on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram, you can become an Amazon Influencer. It's essential for both of you to have an active engagement on your chosen platform, as Amazon reviews follower interactions. The appeal lies in the simplicity—create video reviews of products you already own.

To kickstart your journey, create an Amazon account, read and agree to the terms of the Amazon Influencer Program, and submit your application. Once approved, you and your lover may begin to build and customize your Amazon storefront, and start sharing quality content. This side hustle eliminates the need for building a separate website or generating traffic independently because, as per Okereke Daniella's article on EngageBay, Amazon Influencers contribute to over 37% of Amazon's total site traffic.

For potential income, couples can tap into significant income potential through the Amazon Influencer Program. Successful Amazon influencers like Jeremy Sciarappa earn around $16,000 monthly, as highlighted in Amanda Perelli's 2022 article on Business Insider. While Sell Saas suggests a more conservative estimate of $4-500 per month, there's still ample opportunity for lovers. To boost your income, consistently creating and sharing engaging content, exploring partnerships, and taking advantage of special deals on Amazon.

However, the primary challenge lies in the competition. The rise of social media, influencers, and content marketing has intensified competition, making it crucial to stand out in a crowded space. Additionally, according to Sell Saas, the standard rule of thumb is 1,000 followers, but the actual number may vary based on the sponsor's size. Larger companies may prefer influencers with thousands of followers, while smaller ones may consider those with 500. As an average person or couple, aiming for 2,000 to 3,000 followers is advisable to enhance your chances. Just take note that this may take time to achieve.

38. Social Media Management

Social media management is an ideal side hustle for couples because countless businesses and individuals are seeking help with their online presence. By teaming up, you and your spouse can cover a wider range of services and appeal to different clients. Also, one of you can focus on content creation and strategy development, while the other handles scheduling, engagement, and audience expansion. You can both check platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.

The opportunity in social media management is huge, and it's still growing. The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics predicts a 10% growth in demand for social media managers or specialists by 2026. LinkedIn data support this trend with a 116.4% surge in demand for paid social media skills and a 28.4% increase in demand for Instagram skills since the pandemic began. For couples, this growing demand presents a chance to secure a stable source of income while working together.

In terms of potential income, social media managers in the United States earn an average salary of $74,367, according to Glassdoor. Payscale data from August 2022 indicates an average salary of $53,060 for social media managers. You and your sweetheart can earn even more by offering combined services and make this side hustle financially rewarding.

39. Be A Facebook Advertising Manager

Becoming a Facebook advertising manager is a smart side hustle because it focuses on helping businesses create and deliver targeted ads using Facebook's advanced advertising system. You and your partner will serve a diverse range of clients, including local businesses, e-commerce stores and startup businesses. Effective teamwork is the key to this side hustle. For example, your partner can handle client interactions, understand their advertising goals, and formulate strategies. Meanwhile, you can take charge of the technical aspects, such as ad design and performance monitoring. To kickstart your journey, consider platforms like Upwork and Freelancer, where businesses frequently seek Facebook advertising services.

The opportunity within the Facebook advertising management side hustle is substantial. With about 93% of businesses utilizing paid Facebook ads and over 160 million businesses using Facebook for customer outreach, the demand for skilled advertising managers is on the rise. This presents a golden chance for you and your lover to tap into a growing market and assist businesses in navigating the digital advertising landscape.

In terms of how much side income can you make, Talent reveals that Facebook ads managers in the USA earn an average annual income of approximately $65,500 or around $31.49 per hour. If you're just starting out, you might initially earn about $50,000 per year. However, with experience and an expanding client base, your potential annual income could reach up to $95,000.

40. Start Affiliate Marketing

Starting affiliate marketing is a practical side hustle for couples due to the surge in online shopping. Also, it allows couples to reach a broader audience, generate leads, and boost sales without the need for substantial marketing expenses. Notably, 80% of brands engage in affiliate marketing, allocating about 10% of their marketing budget to such programs, according to a study by Rakuten/Forrester Research.

 Lovers can take advantage of this opportunity by focusing on products that are relevant to their audience. Both of you can start by identifying products or services that resonate with your interests or lifestyle. Then, one of you can create content around these affiliations and leverage platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram, to promote them. You and your partner can dive into this venture by joining with affiliate platforms like Amazon Associates, ClickBank, Rakuten, eBay Partner Network, Leadpages, ConvertKit, and Semrush. Amazon Associates, in particular, stands out as a promising avenue. 

The potential income for couples in affiliate marketing is substantial, with an average annual pay of $82,015 for affiliate marketers in the United States, according to ZipRecruiter. To maximize their earnings, lovers must invest time in building a loyal following on social media platforms. Additionally, sharing genuine experiences and reviews related to affiliate products creates trust, leading to increased click-throughs and higher earning potential.

While affiliate marketing offers lucrative opportunities, couples should know potential challenges. According to Roche, it takes approximately two years before one can achieve "job-replacement" income through affiliate marketing. This time frame may pose a challenge for couples seeking immediate financial returns. 

41. Start Social Media Marketing Agency

Starting a social media marketing agency is a well-regarded side hustle for couples because it provides a lucrative avenue to tap into the growing demand for digital marketing services. The opportunity lies in catering to businesses looking to boost their online presence and engage with their audience effectively. To kick start this journey, you and your hubby can explore platforms like Upwork or Fiverr, where you can offer social media marketing services.

For the opportunity, a study by Search Engine Journal reveals that 68% of marketing agencies acquire new clients through social media, emphasizing the vast potential for couples to find clients for their social media marketing services. Additionally, business executives are eager to invest more in social media marketing, with 80% expressing a desire to allocate additional funds, as reported by SproutSocial. To take advantage of this demand, you and your partner can follow these steps: create a professional online profile on LinkedIn, Fiverr, or Upwork, showcase your skills, and actively reach out to potential clients.

In terms of how much potential side income you can make, according to Agency Analytics, social media marketing agencies can earn between $1,500 and $25,000 per month for a single client. To boost income, you both can consider expanding your skill set to offer additional services, such as content creation or graphic design.

However, Hootsuite's study shows that 50% of social media marketing agencies fail within the first year, with only 10% surviving beyond five years. You should be prepared to navigate the competitive landscape and continuously adapt to industry trends. Also, building a strong online presence, delivering quality services, and staying updated on social media algorithms are key factors in overcoming the odds and ensuring long-term success in this side hustle.

42. Offer A House Sitting Service

Offering house-sitting service is a viable side hustle for couples because it allows you to cater to homeowners who want responsible and trustworthy individuals to take care of their homes while they're away. It's pretty simple. You can sign up on websites like TrustedHousesitters, HouseSitter.com, or Care.com to find house-sitting opportunities in your area or even in different parts of the country. These platforms connect you with homeowners seeking reliable house sitters. It makes it easier for you and your partner to find gigs.

In 2022, 46% of homeowners hired a house sitter at least twice, according to The Travelling House Sitters. This growing demand means more opportunities each year for couples like you. Additionally, house sitters in America can earn an average salary of $63,503 per year or $31 per hour, as reported by Kiiky. However, house-sitting may require you to be away from your own home for extended periods. Additionally, dealing with unexpected issues in someone else's home, like plumbing problems or security concerns, can be stressful. 

43. Be A Graphic Designer

Being a graphic designer is a solid side hustle for couples because of the growing demand for graphic designers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a projected 2.6% increase in graphic design employment from 2021 to 2031, resulting in approximately 6,800 new job openings. For couples, this means a consistent flow of potential projects and clients. It makes it a favorable opportunity.

To get started, both of you can collaborate on projects. You and your partner can combine skills and creativity to offer a wide range of design services. You both can find freelance graphic design work on Upwork, Fiverr, or 99designs. When it comes to income potential, the average salary for graphic designers in the US is $103,931, as reported by Salary. However, one potential drawback is the irregularity of work and income. Projects may come in waves, and it's challenging to maintain a steady stream of clients. It's essential to be financially prepared for periods of fluctuation in your workload and income.

44. Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is a promising side hustle option for couples because it involves delivering Amazon packages to customers, and it can be done during your free time. Think of it as running your mini-package delivery business. What's noteworthy is that Amazon Flex delivery drivers typically make around $19.37 per hour in the United States, which is 15% higher than the national average wage.

Your partner can take on deliveries while you handle logistics, such as managing schedules and tracking deliveries. This division of labor can streamline the process and increase your efficiency. You can sign up for Amazon Flex on the official website, and once approved, you can start accepting delivery assignments in your area. It's a straightforward process, and you can easily access the resources and information on the platform.

The demand for speedy package deliveries is on the rise, and Amazon Flex plays a significant role in meeting this demand. As more people turn to online shopping, the need for delivery drivers continues to grow. For couples, this means a steady stream of delivery opportunities in your area, providing a reliable source of extra income. However, joining Amazon Flex can be physically demanding, especially when you and your lover are dealing with a high volume of packages. You both should be prepared for the physical demands, which may include carrying heavy items and walking or driving for extended periods.


If you're a mom who is looking for a side gig to earn extra income, check my ultimate list of side hustles for moms

5 Effective Tips For Couples Looking Side Hustles To Make Extra Money

1. Identify Your Shared Interests And Skills

For couples seeking to engage in side hustles, the key tip is to identify shared interests and skills. This means sitting down together and discussing what each of you loves doing and what you're good at. It can transform a side hustle from just an additional income stream into something you both are passionate about and skilled in. It enhances your and your partner's chances of success.

The National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) suggests that choosing the right side hustle that aligns with your skills, interests, and goals is crucial for success and satisfaction. They advise taking an inventory of your skills and strengths, exploring your passions and interests, and considering your goals to determine the best side hustle for you. You can start by listing down your hobbies, interests, and skills, and then look for areas where these overlap. After pinpointing an area of mutual interest, take the time to research its market potential. Then, explore platforms that align with your shared interest—Etsy for crafts, Udemy for teaching, or freelancing websites for a variety of skills. 

2. Maintain Healthy Communication

Maintaining healthy communication encompasses the need for open, honest, and regular discussions about the side hustle's goals, progress, and any challenges. Good communication forms the backbone of effective teamwork. It ensures that both partners are aligned, can collaborate efficiently, and can make joint decisions that are crucial for the success of their shared venture. According to BusinessDIT, poor communication has led to 46% of businesses losing a customer. By prioritizing clear and consistent communication, couples can effectively navigate their side hustle journey together and serve their customer to keep them coming back. 

3. Set Realistic Goals Together

Setting realistic goals together means that, as a couple, you should sit down and define achievable objectives for your side hustle. These goals should be specific, measurable, and tailored to your unique circumstances. By doing this, you establish clear expectations and a shared sense of purpose, which can enhance your chances of success. The Small Business Administration (SBA) reports that businesses with well-defined goals are more likely to survive and thrive. This principle applies to side hustles as well.

4. Manage Your Expectation

Managing your expectations involves setting realistic anticipations for your side hustle's outcomes. It involves being aware of what you can reasonably achieve and avoiding overestimation or underestimation of potential results. By doing so, you can reduce disappointment and enhance your motivation to succeed.

5. Consider Starting LLC For Side Hustle

Starting an LLC involves creating a legal business structure separate from your personal finances. This structure provides limited liability, protecting your personal assets if your side hustle encounters legal or financial issues. It's a formal way to establish your business. According to data from a survey conducted by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), 37 percent of small businesses in the United States prefer the LLC structure due to its personal liability protection, adaptable ownership arrangements, and specific tax advantages.

Why You Should Start A Side Hustle With Your Partner?

Starting a side hustle with your partner offers many advantages that extend beyond financial gains. First, it provides a shared goal and purpose, strengthening your connection as a couple. Moreover, working with your partner allows you to leverage each other's skills and talents effectively. For instance, if one partner excels in marketing while the other is skilled in product creation. You can create a well-rounded team that covers various aspects of your side hustle. This collaboration not only enhances your business's chances of success, but also reinforces your relationship.

As an illustrative example, consider the case of Anthony and Jhanilka Hartzog. They faced a daunting debt of $114,151. They started their side hustle journey with a simple goal in mind: to eliminate their debt by Jhanilka's 30th birthday within two years. Besides traditional employment, they also explored opportunities on platforms such as Turo and Rover, offering car rentals and dog-sitting services. Additionally, they established their own cleaning service to generate extra income. Their unwavering dedication paid off, and in just 23 months, coinciding with Jhanilka's 30th birthday, they successfully paid off their substantial debt.

How Much Money Can Couples Make From Side Hustles?

On average, the money couples can make from side hustles is around $686 per month. This is based on the survey conducted by The Motley Fool with 1,006 respondents. But, it's important to note that this average can be influenced by top earners who earn significantly more from their side gigs. However, as a couple engaging in side hustles, you have the potential to earn even more collectively, potentially doubling the average income.

For example, if you and your lover have your own side hustles, you can combine your efforts to generate income from two different sources. Additionally, if each of you explores multiple side hustles, your earnings potential can increase further. 

Conclusion: What Is The Highest-Paying Side Hustle For Couples?

Local lead generation is the highest-paying side hustle for couples due to its low maintenance, minimal upfront costs, and significantly lower competition. In local lead generation, you create websites as digital assets and rank them on search engines like Google. Once they rank, you can rent them out for recurring monthly payments ranging from $500 to $2,500. This contrasts with some side hustles like renting out cars, houses, or operating a food truck, which demands substantial involvement. It includes maintenance, client interactions, and cleaning for each customer. With local lead generation, a well-ranked website requires little to no maintenance and can generate income for an extended period, often a year or more.

Another advantage of this business model is that you can start building your own website for as low as $500. Unlike other side hustles like real estate investing, lawn services or food truck businesses require huge upfront investments ranging from $14,000 to $100,000. What sets local lead generation more apart as the best side hustle for couples is that you focus on ranking in local cities and towns where the competition is significantly less. This is unlike selling on global platforms like Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify, where you compete with millions of sellers worldwide, including those in the same niche as you and your partner.


For example, the tree service website above has generated $2,000 per month since 2015, with only 15 hours of work to build and rank it. Over seven years, this site has earned me $168,000. If you divide that by the 15 hours I spent on it, it becomes a $11,200-per-hour activity.

If you want to learn more about the best-recommended side hustle for you and your partner, join my local lead gen training.

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