Hector Perez’s Smart Wholesaler Review: How Much Can You Really Make With Real Estate Wholesaling?

March 24, 2024

Smart Wholesaler is a real estate wholesaling course by Hector Perez. It is an A-Z course that teaches you how to build a real estate wholesaling business from scratch and scale it to a 7 figure income business. The course does not teach any specific specialty but is simply designed to create a simpler way for beginners to learn the ins and outs of real estate wholesaling.

Wholesaling in real estate means buying and selling real estate deals without buying property. An example of real estate wholesaling is when you find a motivated seller, secure a contract, and sell it to an interested buyer for a profit. You get real estate wholesale contracts by negotiating with the sellers and drafting the contract with help of a real estate lawyer. You can use contract templates, but you should seek legal advice to prevent issues. Wholesaling is for those looking to make a quick profit, which is great for real estate investors who need to make more capital for other long term real estate investments.

Local lead generation is a digital real estate business model that creates sustainable passive income. You only need to invest a substantial amount of time in creating and ranking your website on Google. Once your site is ranked and rented out to local businesses, you spend very little time maintaining it. It's worth checking out local lead generation for a low cost, high profit, and low risk passive income business.

How Much Can You Really Make With Real Estate Wholesaling?

The average real estate wholesaler makes $5,000–$10,000 in commissions from one deal. The average wholesaler also does not consistently close a deal every month. You need to close more than one deal in a couple of months to feel any difference. Technically, you cannot do real estate wholesaling without money. You may need to put down an earnest money deposit, usually $100 which will be returned once the deal is closed, when you sign a contract with a seller. You also need to spend money to find leads, either by driving for dollars, using paid tools, or doing cold calling. That said, you can do real estate wholesaling with little money.

For example, if you close a deal for a house sold for $60K and bought for $70K, you get to keep $10K. All expenses associated with the transaction are covered by the seller, buyer, or both, depending on the contract. If it costs you $1,800 to get the deal, that leaves you with $8,200. The costs come from creating and running marketing campaigns, automation tools, comping tools, etc. All these also take a lot of your time if you work alone. Creating a team will significantly lower your profit margin.

Hector Perez’s Smart Wholesaler Review: Pros and Cons


Lifetime access to the course that can be accessed from multiple devices.

Access to private Facebook group.

Easy to follow step-by-step lessons.


Generic lessons. Does not teach any unique methods or strategies.

Designed as a simpler and faster way to learn compared to learning for free on the internet.

No coaching programs.



Refund Policy

7 day money-back guarantee


No reviews present about Hector or his course

Who Is Hector Perez’s Smart Wholesaler For?

  1. Beginners who have zero experience in real estate and what to learn how to make money wholesaling property contracts.
  2. Intermediate real estate wholesalers who want to learn different wholesaling strategies.
  3. Current real estate investors who want to do wholesaling to expand their portfolio. 

If you think that this course is not for you, Foreclosure Academy is another option. 

What Do You Get With Hector Perez’s Smart Wholesaler?

smart wholesaler review

With Hector Perez's Smart Wholesaler, you get lifetime access to the 9 module course packed with additional video tutorials. You will also have access to scripts and contracts that you can use. Lastly, you will have access to the private community for support and contact building.

Module 1: The Fundamentals

In the first module, you will learn the fundamentals of real estate wholesaling, different strategies, and the best property types. You will learn the best strategies for maximizing profits in today's real estate wholesaling market.

Module 2: Find Your Market

Module 2 will teach you how to choose the right market by narrowing down your target area to specific subdivisions and zip codes. This will make it easier for you to find fast deals by identifying areas where cash buyers are buying and what exactly they are looking for.

Module 3: Set Up Your Business

With Module 3, you will learn all the common real estate terms. You will also learn how to build your support team, which is made up of people who will help you close deals, as well as which tools you need to have a successful wholesaling business.

Module 4: Find Your Deals

Module 4 has lessons on how to find the best leads. You will learn both free and paid marketing methods to find the best properties.

Module 5: Talking To Sellers

Convincing property owners to sell at a profitable price could be a challenge. The lessons in module 4 will teach you how to talk and negotiate with sellers. You will learn how to manage objections, analyze properties, and estimate rehab costs.

Module 6: Meeting The Seller

In module 6, you will learn how to negotiate with sellers in order to get contracts signed with a maximized closing rate. You will also get all the documents you need to put properties under contract.

Module 7: Find Cash Buyers

Module 7 will teach you how to know when you need to assign a contract or double close a deal. You will also learn the best strategies to find wholesale cash buyers.

Module 8: Closing The Deal

In module 8, you will learn the best ways to work with title companies or attorneys. You will learn how to negotiate your deals with cash buyers and finally close them.

Module 9: Scale Your Business

The final module is all about scaling your wholesaling business. You will learn how and when to hire employees in order to automate your business. You'll also learn how to reinvest in other real estate business models.

Are Students of Hector Perez’s Smart Wholesaler Successful?

There aren't any reviews of Hector Perez or his course outside of his official site. The course Facebook page only has 105 members, which shows how many people have taken the course. The reviews on his site don't show any real world examples. There is no way to guarantee that his course really works.

smart wholesaler review

If you are looking for real estate wholesaling courses that specialize or have a unique strategy, check out other courses. Cole Ruud-Johnson's Wholesale Heroes, King Khang’s Wholesale To Millions, and Pace Morby's Subto are just some courses that have their own specialized approaches.

Wholesaling is all about constant flow of leads. Philip Smith's Loan Broker Network not only comes with lead generation training but also a done-for-you loan brokerage business service. But, if you're not into real estate wholesaling and want to start option trading, check Jeff Clark Trader. 

Who Is Hector Perez?

smart wholesaler review

Hector Perez is a real estate investor from Houston, Texas, and the co-founder of REI Flipping. He started learning about real estate investment for free from BiggerPockets before taking courses to simplify the lessons and process. Hector was also mentored by Darren Hardy. He closed his first commercial deal in 2018 and has since grown REI Flipping into a 7 figure business.

Is Real Estate Wholesaling Worth It in 2024?

Real estate wholesaling is worth it in 2024 if you want to earn a quick profit to build capital for other business ventures. Real estate wholesaling, like real estate flipping, is the least sustainable type of real estate investment. Both take a lot of time, or money in the case of outsourcing, to run. Real estate wholesaling is not better than flipping.

Real estate wholesaling is legal as long as you do not break any local laws. Real estate laws can differ from state to state. You do not need a real estate license to do wholesaling as long as you’re the principal buyer or seller in the transaction.

Disadvantages of wholesaling in real estate

  • Unpredictable income - How much you make comes down to how frequently you can find sellers, negotiate profitable contracts, and sell it to buyers. Zero deals for the month means a zero income for that month.
  • Inconsistent leads - Having a constant flow of motivated sellers and buyers is paramount to your wholesaling business. You may need to find effective and cost and time efficient ways of gathering leads.
  • Legal issues - Real estate laws may differ from state to state, which may create confusions and legal liabilities. Always seek legal advice or you might find yourself in trouble by breaking laws and regulations.
  • Time consuming - The process of finding and negotiating with sellers, drafting contracts, and finding and negotiating with buyers takes a significant amount of time. You can use tools or hire employees to do these tasks for you, but at a price and with increased risks.
  • Low profit margin - Real estate wholesaling profit margins average around 3%–6%. This is further reduced by the cost of finding deals. Scaling a wholesaling business requires automation tools and creating a team, which reduces your profit margin further.

You can check out other real estate investment strategies to see what would fit you best. If you are looking for an all around real estate investment course, check out Ryan Pineda's Wealthy Investor program. If you do not have capital, you can try doing rental arbitrage. Courses like Robert Iacob's STR Accelerator are a good place to start.

Why Local Lead Generation Is My Best Passive Income Business in 2024

Local lead generation is my best passive income business in 2024. It is a low cost, low risk, easily scalable business model. To put it simply, you create a website and rank it on Google searches using free tactics like SEO. Local businesses will rent it for the leads it generates. This creates predictable, passive income.

It costs as little as $500 for an initial investment to get started. You can make as much as $500–$2,000 a month per website. It costs very little to maintain, and a site can stay ranked on Google for years before even needing any updates. With hundreds of niches and thousands of local areas to choose from, you don't have to worry about competition.

Scaling is as easy as repeating the whole process of creating and ranking. You can basically scale as much as you want, which means your earning potential is limitless. All these qualities make local lead generation the ideal business model to create time and financial freedom.

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