Brandon Olsen’s Rank Daddy Elite Review – Top 3 Reasons SEO Agencies Fail

October 2, 2023

Brandon Olson's Rank Daddy course teaches you how to build and grow a local SEO agency by implementing his "Trust Based Ranking" model. This model revolves around optimizing your client's site with useful, accurate information so that Google can easily identify what the website is about and boost its rankings. While Brandon's strategy is legit, you don't own your digital assets, which adds a ton of financial insecurity.

This Rank Daddy review will uncover how Brandon Olson got started with digital marketing. His mentor, Dan Klein, is an SEO expert who taught him the local lead generation business model in 2014 and showed him how to generate free organic traffic for local small businesses. Dan has a net worth of over $30 million and is actively coaching this program of over 7400 students who are currently building their digital real estate empires. I'll explain why I believe the local lead generation business model with free traffic Dan teaches is a better play in 2024 over running an SEO agency.


Brandon has made over 7-figures as an online entrepreneur

Search engine optimization is a valuable, in-demand skill that can pay you thousands of dollars per month

Live coaching calls twice every week for Q&A

Support available through email and in the private Facebook group

Training on how to rank Google Business profiles


Your SEO clients can drop you whenever they want

You don't own any digital assets which make you expendable

Income isn't a reliable one because your clients can fire you anytime they want

SEO doesn't provide fast results


Rank Daddy Elite costs $1,947.

Refund Policy

Rank Daddy Elite does not offer refunds for their program.


Several modules with training videos that cover all aspects of the business model.


Rank Daddy has a private and paid member Facebook group that provides 24/7 coaching and support.


Brandon Olson learned his search engine optimization skills from Dan Klein's local lead generation course. Brandon started the Rank Daddy SEO Academy in 2016 and updated the course in November 2020. Before being called Rank Daddy Elite, it was called Rank Daddy Pro.


This course has a good online reputation. There will always be skeptics, but Brandon hasn't been involved in any scandals. Any Rank Daddy reviews you read about this course are positive.

3 Mistakes SEO Agencies Make

1. Not setting realistic expectations for clients

One of the biggest mistakes SEO agencies make is they don't set realistic expectations for their clients. Before closing deals, they promise to get their site to rank at the top of the search engines and that they'll get more business. What they fail to tell them is that results vary. It can take weeks, months or years to end up at the top of the search results depending on the niche and market they are in. Agency owners also don't inform clients that with Google's constant updates, adjustments will always need to be made and their site's ranking will fluctuate often in the beginning. The best expectation to set for SEO clients is that they will see improvements in their ranking in the Google map pack and organically. That way, if you move their site from position 30 all the way to 12 in a few weeks, they'll believe you are making progress and it will make them more patient with you each month. Also, don't tell them their site will rank #1 on a certain date. You can give them a range, but never be so specific about exact rankings at an exact point in time.

2. Ignoring Social Signals

Another big mistake SEO agencies are making in 2024 is that they are ignoring social signals when taking on clients. Creating relevant content is key to SEO. But social signals are also highly important ranking factors that Google takes into consideration when determining if a website is the authority in a niche. SEO agencies either don't know how important it is to create social signals or are too lazy to set it up. If you take on an SEO client, it's wise to build out their social media profiles on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Another platform to take advantage of is YouTube, which Google itself owns. Creating business citations will also show Google that your clients' website is a real, relevant business worth pushing up the rankings.

3. Not making adjustments to Google updates

Google is always making updates on their algorithm. Their most recent update was December 14, 2022, which targeted spammy links. Many SEO agencies are not making necessary adjustments to keep their sites properly optimized and on par with the changes Google makes, which is why they can't provide lasting results for their clients. An SEO audit needs to be performed often to see where changes need to be made.

Who is Brandon Olson?

Brandon Olson is an online entrepreneur from New Braunfels, Texas. He has helped over 2,500 people build and scale their SEO agencies. In 2010, he made his first million dollars with a dropshipping site. This business eventually ended because competition in the ecommerce space increased and, to be competitive, they had to spend a lot of money on Google AdWords. 

Brandon also spent tens of thousands of dollars on online courses. One of those online courses was the local lead generation coaching program by Dan Klein and Brad Campbell, which he joined in December 2014. Brad Campbell is the creator of the Millyuns blog. This program put Brandon on the SEO agency path that he is on today. 

On January 2, 2015, Brandon had gotten his first Google My Business verification code and reached out to Dan Klein for help with an account suspension.

Brandon often sought Dan's help as he was going through the course.

In this post, he was asking Dan a question about the phone tracking software you have access to in the program.

Brandon made multiple 6-figures with what he learned from Dan Klein in the lead gen program. On October 11, 2016, he shared how much money he had made because of the program.

He had collected $383,921.26 in under two years of being mentored by Dan Klein.

Why Brandon Olson quit JK (Job Killing course)?

Brandon Olson quit Job Killing because, according to him, the business model seemed difficult and expensive because of the upfront costs. Brandon also broke the rules of the group. He was not allowed to sell his services in the private JK group, but he did anyway. It was like what another ex-student, Cory Long, had done.

After being kicked out, Brandon started the Rank Daddy SEO Academy coaching program to teach people how to focus on doing SEO for local business owners instead of generating leads for them. He wanted the upfront money you get with SEO instead of having to wait a few weeks or months for your site to rank like you do with local lead generation. Either way, he's made over 7-figures in his SEO business and to date, he's helped thousands of people make money by leveraging their SEO skills. 

What was Brandon Olson's RankDaddy TV Podcast?

Brandon Olson's RankDaddy TV podcast was an Apple podcast he started where he spoke about how to make money using the SEO skills he teaches in his course. The first episode he posted was on May 31, 2018, and the last episode he posted was on April 10, 2020. 

What do they teach at Rank Daddy Elite?

Ranking Strategies

Brandon shares the ranking strategies that have worked for him and his other students, so your site can also rank at the top of the search results. 

Link Building

You learn Brandon's ranking strategies that involve spreading links out to rank your sites and keep them ranking. 

On-Page SEO

In this section, you learn how to optimize each page of your website and show Google that each page of your site is authoritative and relevant to the keywords you're looking to rank for. This is about thorough content creation without the need for any keyword stuffing.


Brandon shows you how and where to outsource your work so that you can scale your business faster than your competitors. 

What is SEO Outsource?

SEO Outsource is a service that allows Rank Daddy members to outsource SEO services such as link building, content creations, citations, press releases, social signals, and more.

Keyword Research

You will learn how to find the top keywords so that your websites get pushed to the top of the search results.

Client Prospecting

Brandon teaches you how to prospect and close deals when you set up meetings with potential clients. 

What are the 3 main areas of SEO?

The 3 main areas of SEO are on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO. On-page SEO refers to optimizing each page of your website for the search engine. Off-page SEO is optimization that takes place away from your website to help your ranking. An example of off-page SEO is link building. Technical SEO can refer to things such as indexing your website, reducing file sizes, increasing site speed, optimizing for mobile, and more.

Is SEO an ongoing process?

SEO is an ongoing process because Google is always making changes to their algorithm. Also, other businesses are hiring SEO agencies to help them remain optimized and ranked. This means if you aren’t doing the same, your website will drop in ranking.

Rank Daddy Success Stories

Charles Henry is a business owner who has made thousands of dollars per month with the help of the training he received from Brandon Olson. Before joining Rank Daddy, he was a website builder. His problem was that he couldn't get his clients' websites show up in the search engine results. After learning about search engine optimization with Brandon, he grew his SEO agency to over 6-figures in revenue. He has clients paying him hundreds per month and others paying him thousands of dollars per month thanks to what Brandon taught him.

Jeff is another student who was able to change his financial situation for the better with the Rank Daddy Elite program. Before joining Rank Daddy, he was a welder working over 70 hours per week. Jeff gives credit to the seo tools and training provided to him in the program for the success he's reached. Jeff grew his business to over $90K in revenue while he was working a full-time job and eventually replaced his income and has gone full time with his SEO agency.

Is Rank Daddy legit?

Rank Daddy is legit because you will learn a real business model that makes you money from the comfort of your home and you can outsource much of the work. You also get paid up front before even lifting a finger, which most people like. Brandon shows you how to perform each aspect of the business model so you can provide results from your clients. Everything you learn about SEO from Brandon comes from what Dan Klein taught him, so it's legit. 

The success stories from this course prove it's valuable and that you can make your investment back if you land only one client. 

If you aren't so convinced that Rank Daddy Elite is legit, there are alternatives. First, a free alternative is Mike Martin's Hybrid Lead Generation rank and rent course. Keep reading for paid alternatives.

Rank Daddy Alternatives

The Blueprint Training by Ryan Stewart is a solid alternative to the Rank Daddy course. Ryan teaches you how to start and scale your SEO agency by implementing their "Sprint Method". This method has you offer one SEO service and hire a team of assistants to help you with the fulfillment. There are 16 training modules, Google sheets and templates you can put to work immediately to help you better keep track of your business operations. Ryan's SEO training is in-depth, covering all the SEO aspects you need to know to provide lasting results for your clients. They keep this program updated with the most current SEO strategies and there is a private Slack community for support. 

Price: The Blueprint Training costs $5,000.

More Info: The Blueprint Training review

The Traffic Hacks Accelerator course by Greg Morrison is another high-quality SEO course. Greg is one of the top SEO experts in the world and he co-founded this course after he left the OMG Machines program. Traffic Hacks will show you how to rank your clients' websites on Google and keep them ranked. This is a 12-month program designed to help you setup your SEO agency properly and to scale it to over $100K in revenue with the help of automation tools they provide you with. The monthly subscription pricing structure makes it easier for you to take advantage of the SEO and sales knowledge while not having to pay almost $6,000 upfront. They provide you with step-by-step training videos, live webinars each month, and excellent sales training.

Price: Traffic Hacks Accelerator costs $497 per month for 12 months

More Info: Traffic Hacks Accelerator review

The Rank and Rent Mastery course by Jordan Stambaugh teaches SEO strategies that will help you rank your websites on search engines using the local lead generation rank and rent business model. It helps you earn passive income by teaching you how to create a website using WordPress, the niches you should go for, and how to optimize your website using the on-page and off-page SEO strategies. Jordan also teaches how to enhance your website exposure using Google My Business (GMB). 

More Info: Rank and Rent Mastery

To view more alternatives to the Rank Daddy Elites training, read my article which lists the best SEO courses.

Is an SEO agency worth it in 2024?

An SEO agency is worth it in 2024 because it is a real business model that provides a valuable service to businesses of all sizes. Search engine optimization is the reason hundreds of thousands of business can attract more potential customers to their brand online.

Pros and Cons of an SEO Agency


You get paid upfront for your SEO services and can use the initial payment to pay your outsourcing team

It's possible to make money each month on autopilot without having to do all the off-page SEO work.

Easy to scale with a team of virtual assistants

SEO agencies are profitable because most business still rely on the internet to promote their company. There are SEO agencies that are making over 5-6 figures per year.


You aren't in control of anything because you don't own your clients' digital property.

Your client can leave you at any point for any reason, even if the work you did worked.

Before changing your clients' site, you have to ask them for permission, which can slow you down if they don't respond quickly. No freedom to do what you want or need to do.

SEO clients get impatient quickly because they may not see results when they expect to.

If a client leaves you, you are left with no money and no digital asset.

How to start an SEO agency?

To start an SEO agency, you should:

  • Learn SEO from a trusted source like Dan Klein.
  • Create your own website on WordPress or and practice what you've learned.
  • Get clients by prospecting on social media, sending cold email campaigns, cold calling, joining BNI groups and your local Chamber of Commerce to network.
  • Outsource tasks you don't want to do, like auditing websites, placing citations, and link building so you can scale your agency

As with other online business models, you can make good money with an SEO agency, but it won't offer you a passive income or provide you with the benefits that local lead generation does.

Top Alternative to Brandon Olson's Rank Daddy

Lead Generation Coaching Program by Dan Klein

Dan Klein has been coaching the lead generation business model since 2014. He has trained well over 7400 students from several countries. I was one of his original students and became a top student because of his mentorship. Today, I work with Dan to take students' skills to the next level by teaching them the top SEO skills they can leverage to generate leads for small businesses using online properties they own which generate free traffic. These properties take some time to become profitable, but if your sales skills are good enough, you can even pre-sell them and make your money upfront.

When you join this program, you'll get all the video training you need to learn the fundamentals running your lead generation business profitably and efficiently. Each week, there are two live coaching calls where Dan trains everyone on the current rank and rent techniques, regardless of the changes Google makes to its algorithm. If you aren't good at sales, you'll find all the sales training Dan provides highly beneficial.

In the private Facebook group, you get access to all the resources you need to run and scale your business, and the contacts you have at your disposal are priceless. There are many members making over $10K per month because they took action with what they learned.

Why a local lead generation business is better than an SEO agency

Local lead generation is a better business model than running an SEO agency because you own your digital assets. When you own your digital asset, you ensure your small business clients keep paying you every month. If they don't pay, you can send the leads to their competitor because there will always be a business looking for more customers. This is the control you have with local lead generation.

You get to choose what niche you'll get into, your ranking strategy with your website and Google maps listing, who you work with and how much they have to pay you each month. It's also possible to decide how often you get paid too.

This limo site I built and ranked in Lansing, Michigan, has paid me $750 per month for over 7 years.

Limo Lead Generation Website

The same is the case with the over 50 lead generation sites I've ranked and rented. All of my digital properties pay me on autopilot every month for the leads they still generate. Yes, it costs some money and time to set up, but it's more of a long-term, lasting play and no one can fire you.

As long as you optimize your site and it becomes the top search result, you will generate leads and business owners will pay you every month for them. 

To uncover how you can earn a recurring monthly income by creating your own digital assets you control, check out the local lead generation training program that taught Brandon Olson everything he knows about SEO.

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