Tamara Tee Reviews | 4 Reasons I Do Not Recommend Her Course

March 23, 2024

Tamara Tee owns an Amazon FBA private label business that made her 7 figures. She also created a 1-on-1 coaching program called Winners eCom Workshop. Amazon FBA is a 100% legit business that can be lucrative as long as you follow Amazon’s policies and regulations. In her FBA program, Tamara teaches you how to create an Amazon FBA business and scale it quickly without breaking Amazon's terms of service.

Amazon FBA is a program in which Amazon handles order fulfillment. Amazon handles product pickup and storage, packaging, shipping, customer service, and returns. While FBA may be cheaper and more convenient than the alternatives, FBA comes with many downsides. Read along with this Tamara Tee review to know exactly why I do not recommend her course and to know my top recommendation for an online business in 2024.

Why I Do Not Recommend Tamara Tee's FBA Winners Course

Tamara Tee and her FBA Winners course is NOT a scam. You can learn how to create an Amazon FBA private label business with her program. That said, there are other reasons why I cannot recommend Tamara Tee's FBA Winners Course.

1. Getting mentorship from Tamara

In January 2023, Tamara received her Two Comma Club X Award from ClickFunnels. This award is given to those who have earned over $10 million dollars using ClickFunnels. This means Tamara has hundreds, if not thousands, of students.

The FBA Winners Course holds the coaching sessions in a private Facebook group. There have been reports from students of her course about the difficulty in getting help or one-on-one coaching with Tamara (on a first-come, first-served basis) because of the high number of students. The biggest value of the program comes from the coaching, and without it, the high course price is unjustified.

tamara tee review

One-on-one coaching with Tamara is pricey and is usually done with a member of her team and not Tamara herself. Prices range from $240-$600.

tamara tee review

2. Generic training course

Tamara teaches nothing different from most Amazon FBA programs out there. A tried-and-tested formula may be an excellent strategy, but when thousands of others are doing the same thing, you'll just end up with more competition. You probably want to find other Amazon FBA programs with unique strategies.

The strategy she teaches is basically finding a product in a trending niche using Helium 10. Then you'll find a supplier to buy your customized items in bulk from marketplaces like Alibaba or AliExpress and then sell them on Amazon FBA for a profit. These trending products will always have high competition, which means you'll end up competing for price and lowering profit margins.

tamara tee review

Bashar J Katou's BJK University is a similar Amazon FBA course that I do not recommend because of the generic training and the difficulty getting mentorship due to the sheer number of students.

3. Low cost products + PPC strategy

Tamara's strategy revolves around selling low-cost trending products. She acknowledges that new stores need to utilize Amazon PPC advertising in order to improve visibility and have the listings show up to shoppers.

The problem with this strategy is that low-cost products may sell faster but also have lower profit margins. PPC ads charge you every time a customer clicks on your listing. This further lowers your profit margin and even risks creating negative cash flow. If your PPC ads do not convert enough to even pay for their use, you will end up losing money.

4. Tamara Tee's own path to success

While Tamara's story tells of the typical "quitting your 9-5 to achieve success with an online business," she does explain more on her YouTube channel how she was able to find success easily. When Tamara lost her job, she had substantial savings to sustain herself for months. Her husband is also a real estate investor who has constant income.

Tamara was able to work on her Amazon FBA business full time with her savings as a safety net. She invested all her earnings back into the business, as she did not have to pay herself. Her situation allowed her to experiment freely and try multiple times until she was able to find her winning product, which would be children's toys.

If you cannot afford to fail or do this full time, then her approach may not be the best fit for you. There are several success stories on her YouTube page in which the students themselves tell their stories in detail. However, considering how many students Tamara has had, the success rate of students who reach the $10K/month goal is pretty low.

You can check out FBA mentor Darren Lynch, who documented the growth of his Amazon business for 3 years before creating and selling his course. He gives a more realistic presentation on how an FBA business works with real-world examples. Another similar mentor who does this is Yaniv Itskovich.

Who Is Tamara Tee?

Tamara Tee is an entrepreneur from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, who is the founder and CEO of Winners eCom under Official Tamara Tee Online Inc. She has been selling on Amazon since 2017, and after finding a lot of success with her business, she created her Amazon FBA course.

In 2008, Tamara enrolled at the British Columbia Institute of Technology but stopped after a couple of months. She had a 9-5 job that she got fired from before she searched for a way to make money online. Her success with her Amazon business did not come immediately; it took a few failures and a couple of mentors before she started turning a profit.

Tamara Tee’s husband is a fellow Vancouver local and real estate investor, Palmer Joseph. Palmer is also the marketing director of Winners eCom. She is a mother to twins and does Amazon FBA mentorship full time.

Tamara Tee's net worth is estimated to be around $14 million, with most of her profits coming from her course sales. She also has a modest social media following, with 22K followers on her Instagram and 5.4K followers on Facebook.

Pros and Cons of Tamara Tee's FBA Winners Course


Private Facebook group

The training course is enough to learn everything you need to start an Amazon FBA private label business within 2 weeks.

You get discounts and free trials to tools you'll be using such as Helium 10.


Training is generic. No unique strategy. Thousands of others are using the same approach as you.

Hard to schedule the one-on-one coaching. It is reported that it is not Tamara who does the coaching herself, but one of her team members.

The strategy is focused on low value products with high competition. Added with PPC ads, this leads to very low profit margins and high risks of losing money.


Tamara Tee’s course costs $1,997. Previously, it cost $5,000, while early birds who purchased the program only got it for $997.

Refund Policy

A refund request must be submitted within 7 days without consuming 30% of the course or downloading any of the material.


Complaints circulate around the access to coaching, and the effectiveness of the strategy learned from the course.

What Do You Get With Tamara Tee's FBA Winners Course?

Tamara Tee's FBA Winners Course is a self paced 16 module training with over 10 hours of video content. The lessons can be completed within 2 weeks at a pace of 1 hour a day. You will also get access to a private Facebook group for support.

Module 1 - Getting Started

The first module covers the basics and the creation of your Amazon FBA account. You will learn how to create your Amazon Seller Central account and create a brand name and trading entity.

The requirements for Amazon FBA comes in 3 parts:

  1. Amazon Seller Account - Amazon has 2 selling plans that suit different kinds of sellers. The Individual selling plan is great for small sellers who aren’t planning on selling more than 40 items per month. Individual selling plan charges $0.99 per item sold. For sellers planning to sell more than 40 products a month or utilize advertisements, the Professional selling plan replaces the $0.99 charge for $39.99 monthly.
  2. FBA product restriction - Your product has to adhere to FBA’s product restrictions policy. New sellers are also restricted from selling products that fall under gated categories. To sell items under gated categories, you must apply for approval.
  3. Inventory requirements - You have to follow Amazon’s inventory requirements; otherwise, Amazon will not ship your items to customers. There are several requirements that you need to follow, such as properly tagging your product as "new," properly barcoding your products, printing and applying labels to your shipping boxes, etc.

The lesson also covers how to open a foreign exchange account if you’re located outside the United States. The last part covers the basics of using Alibaba.

Module 2 - Engaging With Suppliers

Module 2 is all about how to effectively engage and negotiate with suppliers in Alibaba in order to get the lowest price with the lowest MOQ (minimum order of quantity).

Module 3 - Product Research

One of the most important parts of the process is product selection. This module has about 3 hours of comprehensive and detailed lessons on product research.

Module 4 - Patents and Trademarks

The module covers the basics of patent and trademark issues and how to handle issues that may arise.     

Module 5 - Barcodes

Module 5 centers on UPC barcodes that need to be attached to your products by Chinese manufactures.         

Module 6 - Logistics

A good lesson on shipping and logistics. This is not as important for Amazon FBA but may come in handy just in case issues may arise.

Module 7 - Profit Maximization

Tamara teaches how to maximize your profits. The target is for you to have 20% profit after ad spend.

Module 8 - Virtual Assistance

The lessons in this module will come in handy once you start to scale your business. By utilizing VAs (virtual assistants), you'll be able to scale and automate your Amazon FBA business.         

Module 9 - Product Listing

This module is all about creating effective product listings. You'll learn how to use Amazon SEO, how to find and set optimal prices, and how to create professional product photos without spending too much.

To write the ideal Amazon product listing, you have to hit certain points. Point out the main feature or benefit of your product at the top of the description. Then follow up right after with a more detailed description. Explain how the product’s features will benefit the customer and solve their problem.

Module 10 - Reviews

Tamara teaches how to get positive reviews fast without breaking Amazon's terms of service. This will be very useful in building your store up quick without the risks of suspension.

Module 11 - Launching

This module is about launching your product while maximizing visibility in order to sell out fast.         

Module 12 - Advertising

In this module, Tamara teaches how to create converting ad campaigns in order to minimize your ad spending while maximizing your conversion rate.

Module 13 - Brand Registry

It is unnecessary to register your brand with Amazon. However, registering your brand will help protect your intellectual property from copycats.

Module 14 - Efficiency

Eventually, you would want your listings to be visible without having to continuously pay for PPC ads. Tamara will discuss how to keep your listings ranked without the need to run PPC ads. She also teaches how to liquidate your product after launch in case it isn't selling.

Module 15 - Accounting

It is important to stay on top of your finances. This module is all about taxation and expense accounting.

Module 16 - Scaling

The last module will teach you how to scale your Amazon FBA business quickly and safely.

Is Amazon FBA Still Profitable in 2023?

Amazon private label is still profitable in 2023. Private label product sellers have the highest profit margins, which can range from 25% to 30%. On average, almost half (45%) of Amazon sellers make $1,000 to $25,000/month. ¼ of Amazon sellers make over $25,000 a month.

It is not hard to make a profit with Amazon FBA as long as you do your due diligence and put in the work. A beginner can make $100 monthly at a 10% profit margin by selling on Amazon FBA with an investment of $1,000. In general, the more you invest in your products and business, the higher the profit margin you can expect. It could cost as much as $4,000–$12,000 to start your Amazon FBA business. The total cost will depend on multiple factors, such as the product costs, marketing, seller's plan, etc.

Is Amazon FBA Worth It?

Amazon FBA is not a sure path to being rich, although it can prove a good way to make extra income. Amazon FBA can be a full-time job or even a passive income business. It is best to start Amazon FBA part-time or full time so you can have full control of your business and its direction. If you find success with your business, automation would be a great way to scale.

There are, however, many disadvantages with the Amazon FBA business model.

For private label sellers, the disadvantages of selling on Amazon FBA are:

  • Visibility - For new stores, you will need extensive marketing to build visibility. To get the best results, you will need to pay for Amazon PPC ads, market on social media, maximize the use of keywords and use Amazon SEO tactics.
  • Manufacturer dependency - The availability of stock and product quality relies heavily on your supplier. Delays from the manufacturer's side out of your control may negatively affect your seller rating.
  • Increasing Amazon fees - Amazon fees are ever increasing. Amazon FBA fees include storage and fulfillment fees. In addition to this, there are many other fees such as seller plan fee, referral fee, high volume listing fees, refund administration fees, and many others.
  • Amazon's private label brands - Amazon has over 100 of its own brands. It is almost impossible for new stores to compete with Amazon’s own brands.

For new sellers, Amazon also places restrictions for certain categories. To get approval to sell in gated categories on Amazon, new sellers must send their application. You must have a professional Amazon account, build a good reputation, and hit certain metrics for your application to be approved. The metrics are:

  • Last shipment rate of less than 4%
  • Order defect rate of less than 1%
  • Pre-fulfillment cancellation rate of less than 2.5%

Thousands of new sellers sign up for Amazon every day, but many of the old sellers leave. Check out my article on the question if Amazon FBA is dead to find out the reasons many of the veteran FBA sellers are leaving Amazon for other marketplaces or moving on to different business models. Alternatively, you can try selling on other platforms. Programs like Gretta van Riel’s Start and Scale, and Timothy Dixon’s EntreBeliever, teach you how to create private label brands and sell them on Shopify.

My Top Recommendation for Making Money Online in 2024

My top recommendation for making money online in 2024 is local lead generation. You can start a local lead generation business with as little as $500 for the software, tools, and hosting. The return on your investment, though, is up to 90%. The profits are also immediate. As soon as you rank and rent out your site, you immediately start earning a predictable passive monthly income.

Competition is low considering there are hundreds of niches and thousands of small local areas that you can target. The best part is that it is easy to scale. All you need to do is repeat the process, and you can have as many sites rented with very low maintenance costs. These are the attributes of local lead generation that make it the best online business model to create time and financial freedom.

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  1. What exactly is “lead generation business”? I do lead generation in my Real Estate business, but I am not sure we are talking about the same thing. Please explain.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Rosalie, thanks for your comment. Our lead generation coaching program teaches students how to build and rank digital assets. Essentially we build a website in one location that offers one service (drywall, concrete, landscaping, etc.) Then we rank those sites on Google. They get leads that students then sell for profits (around 90%). Hope this helps you better understand our business model. If you have any more questions or would like more information, you can book a call with one of our coaches through this link: https://go.ippei.com/
      They’d be more than happy to help. I wish you the best of luck in your real estate journey. (Maybe you’ll add digital real estate wealth to your portfolio).

    1. Did you try her class? They were selling to me her course for $5,800 but I had to make the decision immediately and I hesitated

      1. I was in her team. Her team tricked me and said they can help me to make at least $10,000/month. From the first conference call with me, they dragged me to pay $5,000 to her educational courses + $150 for international tax. I lost a lot of money besides few thousands for China item purchases, Amazon inventory and ads, other platforms for accounting and taxes, Helium 10 monthly fee, etc. I believe the total of my money loss was $8,300+ in few months. I had to give up of this and go back to a salary job to make money and survive. You can just study her course and do the job by yourself. They don't help you in your business. I f you want to request 1 to 1 call with them, they will charge you extra money just to give advice. She gets $5,000 from each person/victim, and she has more than 2,000 people, so how much money ($ millions) do you think she's made from us? This is a really big fat scam.

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