Titan Network Review—A Pyramid Scheme Or A Legit Amazon Mastermind Group?

January 28, 2023

Titan Network is an invitation-only membership to a mastermind group of industry experts, 7- to 8-figure sellers, mentors, and teams for product sourcing and researching. 

This membership will give exclusive access to at least two masterclasses per month that are focused on leadership, mindset, keyword research, and more, for their fellow titan. However, these don’t come cheap. And most of which are products for upsell by other titans..

Most tools (keyword research, metrics, trackers, etc.) and services (product research, sourcing, systems building, team building, etc.) come at different level pricing depending on the titan that offered them. 

This Titan Network review will talk about what you are getting into, especially if you will spend over $5K to $10K a month for their membership. They inspire collaborative effort with the goal of having you figure out what you want for your business and how you want it to grow.

But with over a thousand members and experts exchanging their winning strategies and information about Amazon FBA, you can easily get overwhelmed and confused. Plus, Amazon FBA is saturated depending on your niche. 

That’s why I highly encourage people to go with local lead generation as their business model. It’s much simpler, not saturated because of the localized niche, unlike Amazon FBA, and can give you the passive income you want to have financial freedom.

Titan Network Pros and Cons


Great for product sourcing and researching connections

Will provide you with tools that measure and analyze your business and marketing (for a cost)

A community of sellers for sellers

Instant feedback from a network of experts and experienced sellers

Discount on tools and services if you are a member


Not for beginners

You can get easily overwhelmed with information

You need to be earning significantly to take full advantage of their course/community

You can find similar resources online

Too many upsells on tools, softwares, and more

Is Titan Network A Scam?

Titan Network is not a scam. It can look like a pyramid scheme, though. With the way they hype fellow sellers into joining them, and the 12-month commitment of paying the member’s fee, you would likely think so too.

The key difference is that an Amazon mastermind group makes money through membership subscriptions. This comes with a lot of perks and an entire network of Amazon FBA experts willing to help other members with their businesses. Meanwhile, a pyramid scheme makes money mainly through recruitment. This can be done by any member—earning them more money through commissions rather than the actual products they sell. A pyramid scheme is illegal.

Here are some reviews from Reddit and Trustpilot, because it actually looks promising. You may not get your money's worth if all you want to do is relax and wait for your revenue to increase. You'll have to climb the ladder before getting to where these people are.

Titan Network Trustpilot Reviews (4.9/5.0)

Titan Network Reddit Reviews

Julian Campuzano - I would highly recommend considering it if you are ready to dive in and take full advantage of the resources available to you.

Mista-123567 - Yes worth it if you want to build a significant brand and are not dabbling. I have been selling for 2 years and had hit 20k a month on my own watching YouTube and testing things. I think I wasted a lot of time cause I didn’t have a proper system.

Claitynpaitience001 - From that year ago I had ordered my first batch of inventory. From an asm/googled freight I was quoted 1,200 to ship that inventory here. When I joined Titan I went to their sourcing team and was quoted for the same shipment for $700. This to me showed proof that their team did have good connections and high-quality processes to cost-effectively manage my inventory BUT this was before the docks started shutting down due to covid.

How Much Does Titan Network Cost?

Titan Network will cost you from $5,000 to $10,000 or more per year. This comes with the commitment of 12 months. If that is too big of a single payment for you, Titan Network offers payment plans for your membership. To get the actual cost, you need to apply for their membership and request for a call.

It will depend on the tools you use within the group. Meaning the more you want to be ahead of competitors, the more you would have to spend on a feature, software, event, promotions, and others.

And if you are someone who will commit to being a member for a year, you will eventually keep spending for the growth of your Amazon business as the days go by.

What Do I Get In Titan Network?

  • Community - You get to be in the same scene as 7- to 8-figure sellers on Amazon and other eCommerce platforms. Titan Network members believe in collaborative effort to improve their businesses.
  • Mastermind Event - Titan Network brings their members on trips and meetups all over the world. This makes communicating with experts easier and better as you get to see them face to face.
  • TitanWay™ Playbook - All the latest working strategies and tools are given in video format through live masterclasses that happen at least twice a month, and more.
  • Seasoned Experts - Over 40 members of Titan Network are Amazon experts that have been making millions of dollars per year. These are also the people who you can turn to for feedback if you want to scale your business further.
  • Mentoring - Titan Network encourages members to interact with other titans. High-level players of the industry are always ready to give feedback. And it can be a big help if you have lots of questions about your Amazon business.
  • Proprietary Tools - Titan Network offers tools that can help you with performance metrics, product listing, market analysis, keyword research—tools that can help in automating your business. Of course, they also teach you how to use these tools and all of which will cost you an additional 90 to over 400 dollars. If you are a member of Titan Network, you will get discounts for these.
  • Exclusive Discounts - Speaking of which, Titan Network offers exclusive discounts on services such as product sourcing and research. Their team will help bring clarity on what niche you should go into and the product that’s best for you and your market.
  • Expert Sourcing - Titan Network has a team of experts on product sourcing and research. They can also connect you to the right manufacturers that offer the best prices for the product you want to sell.
  • Personal Development - Titan Network hosts sessions that improve your health both physically and mentally. You would think that it’s all business and you can opt out if you prefer to do so. But their “Titan Tough” program offers activities like yoga, breathing, and more for self development.

Who Created Titan Network?

Dan Ashburn and Athena Severi created Titan Network. These two have put together their backgrounds to produce a community for Amazon sellers that want to increase their revenue by seeking help from experts in their fields—those that came before them. And they have done a great job motivating the members of their group.

Dan Ashburn

Dan Ashburn is an industry leader in Amazon sales that manages and delivers multi 8-figure annual sales from different brands. He is an ambitious man who has experience scaling multiple brands in the ever complicated Amazon FBA business model. He makes it seem easy with his knowledge in online marketing and SEO.

Before starting his Amazon business, he ran his own marketing agency. He wanted more freedom in his hands because he felt like he was being controlled by the company than the other way around. And when an Amazon email landed in his inbox, he stepped right in.

When business was going well, he started sharing his tips and tricks with people who wanted to be successful like him. Eventually, he wanted to reach a broader audience. That was when he met his co-founder, Athena Severi.

Athena Severi

Athena is known as the “Goddess of Networking” with 15 years of experience in marketing and PR. She is considered a true expert in building communities focused on eCommerce. Together with Dan, they created Titan Network hoping to bring together the most brilliant minds in the industry.

Her networking skills allowed the group to create a web of leaders, mentors, and support people and scaled Titan Network into what it is today. She has a magnetic energy that attracted people from all walks of life that are and wanted to get into eCommerce.

Her knowledge in marketing, eCommerce, and networking made their partnership successful. A mentorship program for Amazon entrepreneurs and a community of people that believe in combined efforts to have a successful Amazon business.

What I Like About Titan Network

  • Titan Network is a community of sellers for sellers. Each member can take advantage of the combined efforts and experiences of industry leaders to help build and/or improve their already running Amazon businesses.
  • Titan Network is built on the culture of wanting to pull each other up. Besides the relatively expensive membership cost of their group, it gives access to already working tools, systems, metrics, and more, that can boost the earnings of your business.All that and a few masterclasses per month. But some reviews said that it’s generic and you can get them from other cheaper online courses and seller groups.
  • The creators of Titan Network themselves are a great resource for your business. Their combined experience in sales, marketing, and eCommerce can be an advantage for you if you’re planning to focus on Amazon FBA. But that will have to take a lot if you compare it to local lead generation.

What I Don’t Like About Titan Network

  • Titan Network is an invitation-only membership. Also, it seems to gauge at first if you can pay for the membership and services in the long run. You’ll see it when you head over to their site and apply for their membership. Some reviews even said that they mostly invite those that are already earning significantly. You may not make it if that’s not you.
  • Titan Network seems like a pyramid scheme. They want to keep inviting members who they can upsell to. These members are also selling services, tools, and softwares that you can use if you’re willing to pay for them. Again, most members are already earning, so you get how they can easily upsell to these people.
  • Titan Network is over-hyped. You can find similar, if not the same, resources if you relentlessly look for them. You should check this article if you plan on starting an Amazon FBA business this 2024.

Is Titan Network Worth It?

Titan Network is not worth it simply because there are other Amazon seller communities out there. Check out my review on Amazing Selling Machine, which Dan Ashburn is a co-creator of. They offer a more streamlined set of courses than just at least two masterclasses in Titan Network. It also has a bigger community with over 30,000 members compared to Titan Network's over 1,100. You should check out our list of the best Amazon FBA courses.

Again, if you’re looking for courses or a community of Amazon sellers, there are better courses and communities out there that you can join for way less money. You can put your cash by reinvesting it directly into your business. And even if you are not strapped for cash, you can invest in a more organized course or membership.

Why I Choose Local Lead Generation Over Amazon FBA

I personally suggest local lead generation over Amazon FBA. I have done both. Local lead generation is not as saturated as Amazon FBA and it never will be for as long as people need the services in the niche you are in.

Companies will keep popping up here and there, and they would want an advantage over competition by getting leads from you. They get leads; you get paid. Simple as that. Check out this article if you want to learn more about the advantage of local lead generation over Amazon FBA.
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