34 Top Entrepreneurship Courses: Are Entrepreneurship Courses Worth It?

May 17, 2024

Top entrepreneurship courses

The top entrepreneurship courses are:

  • Dealmaker Wealth Society by Carl Allen
  • Superconscious Entrepreneur by Christopher M. Duncan
  • Daniel Hughes’ Radikal Marketer Mentorship
  • Derek Moneyberg Courses
  • Digital Doctor Income by Chester Zoda
  • For Good Profits by Andrej Morgan & Darryl Ephraums
  • My Freedom University by Emmaus Ferdinand
  • World Builders Mastermind by Michael McLean
  • Passive Playbook by Hannah Ingram
  • Business 101 for Creators by Thomas Frank 

Entrepreneurship courses are worth it if you want to learn essential business concepts. This includes business planning, marketing, finance, and business management. You can also study to gain practical skills, expand your network, or find inspiration for new ventures. These courses can equip you with the right tools and knowledge for a successful business. The course that is best for entrepreneurship is Andrej Morgan & Darryl Ephraums' "For Good Profits". This is great because they offer mentorship on how to scale an e-commerce store. They also focus on for-purpose entrepreneurship. Their core value is "profit & purpose must coexist". 

Bronson and Makaela Bragg saw success with "For Good Profits". Their homemade herbal tinctures online business, Curio Crow, got a few sales here and there. However, they stated that after taking the course, they were able to boost their sales. Bronson said that the most helpful section was on “how to craft a specific offer to customers”. Today, they say that they earn a monthly income of almost $40,000.

Top entrepreneurship courses success story

Based on the top entrepreneurship courses, the average cost can range from $300 to $10,000. Of course, you can find much cheaper or free online courses on Udemy, Coursera, YouTube, or through books and expert advice. Some successful business owners even say that you don’t need a course. According to them, the best lessons come when you dive right into it. Sean Lee-Amies, the founder of Square One Digital, says that courses don’t make you an entrepreneur. You become one when you do business and are determined to face the hardships with resilience. Now, there are some people who have no clue about certain aspects of business and need a structured lesson on it. The bottom line is that it’s worth it for some, and isn’t for others. Here’s what one Reddit user has to say:

Are entrepreneurship courses worth it

In this article, we’ll review the top entrepreneurship courses to help you determine if it’s for YOU. We’ll also go into detail on the pros and cons, how to pick a course, and more.

Top Entrepreneurship Courses Available Online

Dealmaker Wealth Society by Carl Allen

The Dealmaker Wealth Society by Carl Allen offers online programs teaching leveraged buyouts (LBOs) to acquire businesses without upfront personal investment. It provides knowledge on leveraging existing business foundations, including customer bases and operational structures. However, it cautions against potential risks and emphasizes seeking professional advice. The society offers various programs, with costs ranging from $67 to $10,000, not all having a refund policy.

The society's suitability varies; it may not be ideal for beginners due to high costs and limited refund options. While it is possible to acquire a $1 million business using LBO, the success depends on multiple factors, including the financial health of the target business. This training for entrepreneurs has limited social media presence, which suggests a smaller reach compared to others.

Price: The price varies depending on what programs you choose. There are four programs inside the Dealmaker Wealth Society.

Dealmaker Launchpad costs $67.
Dealmaker CEO costs $$4,997.
Dealmaker Academy costs $9,997.
Dealmaker Empire system costs $10,000.

More Info: Dealmaker Wealth Society Review

Superconscious Entrepreneur by Christopher M. Duncan

Superconscious Entrepreneur by Chris Duncan is an online entrepreneurship course designed for those seeking not just business success but personal growth through innovative methodologies. By integrating the Magnetic Mind Method and Superconscious Recode Process, Duncan promises to unlock higher levels of decision-making, creativity, and innovation in entrepreneurs. While this program offers various learning modes, coaching calls, and mentoring, its steep price range and mixed online reviews pose considerations for potential enrollees. Duncan's approach is rooted in tapping into the superconscious to foster business and personal development, which makes it unique entrepreneurial training.

Price: The price of Chris Duncan’s Superconscious Entrepreneur courses range from $495 to $63,000.

More Info: Superconscious Entrepreneur Review

Daniel Hughes’ Radikal Marketer Mentorship

Daniel Hughes' Radikal Marketer Mentorship program offers extensive entrepreneurship training. It focuses on financial literacy, funding, credits, side hustles, travel, and social media. Good financial literacy is important in achieving success and in growing your business. Participants of these entrepreneurship classes are getting results. This is based on the testimonials found in his social media platforms and website. In addition, his videos, TikToks, and reels also received an abundance of positive comments. However, these reviews and stories are not available elsewhere outside his platforms.

Price: The price of Radikal Marketer Mentorship is $1497.

More Info: Daniel Hughes’ Radikal Marketer Mentorship

Derek Moneyberg Courses

Derek Moneyberg's courses offer a comprehensive dive into entrepreneurship, real estate, and investing. The entrepreneur classes are designed to arm students with the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary for financial success. This includes practical exercises, networking opportunities, and access to Moneyberg's own insights and experiences. His courses covered a range of topics, such as negotiation, leadership, e-commerce, law, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, and wealth creation. However, the high cost of enrollment, lack of a refund policy, mixed reviews online, and the demanding nature of the coursework are significant barriers for many students.

Price: The price of Derek Moneyberg’s courses range from $1000 to $20,000 and it can go as high as $60,000 for 1-on-1 coaching.

More Info: Derek Moneyberg Review

Digital Doctor Income by Chester Zoda

Digital Doctor Income is an online course that teaches medical professionals like doctors, chiropractors, and nurses to monetize their expertise. This course offers a way for them to work from home and cut down on clinic time. It includes full pre-recorded learning modules, seminars on entrepreneurship, lifetime access to templates and worksheets, exclusive access to the Digital Doctors Community, pre-created and ready-to-use sales funnel, and 1-on-1 success coaching with Dr. Zoda. 

Dr. Chester Zoda (real name Chester Zhuoda Lee) is the creator of Digital Doctor Income. He graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and claims to be an ER doctor in New York.

Price: $10,000 with no refund guarantee 

More Info: Digital Doctor Income Review

For Good Profits by Andrej Morgan & Darryl Ephraums

Andrej Morgan
Darryl Ephraums

For Good Profits was created by Andrej Morgan and Darryl Ephraums. It’s a coaching program for online entrepreneurs aiming to scale. The program focuses on starting and running a business. It does not focus on sales tactics. The marketing approach relies more on emotion than information. It has no external reviews but many client testimonials on their YouTube channel. The program offers processes, community access, and mentorship. It focuses on shifts from product developer to entrepreneur, renter to owner, and tactics to process.

Price: There isn’t any information on how much their products and services cost.

More Info: For Good Profits Review

My Freedom University by Emmaus Ferdinand

my freedom university review

My Freedom University is an educational platform that teaches how to achieve financial independence by creating a diverse income stream. The courses offered cover both online and physical business models that range from low cost, quick profit to high cost, long-term models. These income streams are event ticket sales, storage auctions, ecommerce, car buy and sales, network marketing, Airbnb, real estate wholesaling, information selling, and social media branding.

Price: My Freedom University courses costs $997 to $1997. Group coaching is available for $4,997 or $100 for 30 minutes of business consultation call.

More Info: My Freedom University Review

World Builders Mastermind by Michael McLean

World Builders Mastermind by Michael McLean helps you build your own business and scale it to 6-7 figures with complete control over your work hours and income. The program costs $9,800 per year. It offers comprehensive support, including bi-monthly live training sessions, a personal coaching community, and various other resources to ensure business growth. You are expected to complete a detailed application and commit to the year with an upfront refundable deposit.

Michael's approach combines his extensive experience in real estate and business growth. It emphasizes full engagement and commitment from participants. The program promises significant returns, backed by a full money-back guarantee plus an additional $5,000 if you follow the program's teachings without achieving the promised results.

Price: The World Builders Mastermind costs $9,800 per year.

More Info: World Builders Mastermind Review

Passive Playbook by Hannah Ingram

Passive Playbook by Hannah Ingram is an entrepreneurship course. It teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to acquire and profit from self-service car washes, laundromats, and storage facilities using creative financing methods. The program offers a step-by-step guide to taking over existing businesses with established customer bases. It provides you with an immediate source of income. The course includes over 20 detailed videos, access to a private community, and 90 days of group coaching calls, along with a "done for you" service for essential tasks like cold calling and research. 

Price: Passive Playbook costs $1,997. But, it is discounted to $997.

More Info: Passive Playbook Review

Business 101 for Creators by Thomas Frank

Business 101 For Creators by Thomas Frank is an online for scaling content creators. It covers key topics, such as setting up the right business structure, managing finances, organizing files, delegating tasks, and diversifying income streams. Thomas Frank, the course creator, is a well-known productivity expert and content creator. He has a significant following on YouTube, and has built a reputation for providing valuable advice to his audience. His course is beneficial for creators in the early stages of business formation in the creator economy.

Price: Business 101 for Creators costs $2.50 per month since it's available in Nebula.

More Info: Business 101 for Creators Review

Disruptive Entrepreneurship Masterclass by Richard Branson

Richard Branson's Disruptive Entrepreneurship MasterClass teaches startup CEOs and experienced business leaders the strategies that have sustained his business successes since 1972. The masterclass goes over innovative problem-solving, leadership, and creating a brand that challenges industry norms. Richard Branson is the founder of Virgin Group. He is known for his daring and adventurous business style. His net worth is 2.9 billion, according to Forbes.

Price: Disruptive Entrepreneurship Masterclass costs from $10 to $20 per month, since it's available on the Masterclass platform.

More Info: Disruptive Entrepreneurship Masterclass Review

Brand Builder Academy by Leah Kay Krabbenhoft

Brand Builder Academy by Leah Kay Krabbenhoft teaches you how to establish and scale a profitable online brand. The program includes finding and developing products that sell, creating an optimized website that converts, implementing strategic marketing plans, and setting up automated sales funnels. It emphasizes practical steps such as selecting a unique brand name, designing a recognizable logo, creating a memorable slogan, developing an easy-to-navigate website, leveraging social media for brand visibility, building an email list, and engaging with the target audience.

Leah shares her expertise through a class with five modules and 15 lessons. Brand Builder Academy provides lifetime access to the Brand-Building Blueprint, monthly classroom calls, exclusive entrepreneur interviews, and various business-enhancing bonuses. 

Price: Brand Builder Academy costs $1,997, but it has a payment plan of $397 for six months.

More Info: Brand Builder Academy Review

Residual Payments by Patricia and David Carlin

Residual Payments is a comprehensive course and toolkit that teaches how to create residual income through the digital payments industry. The primary focus of their training revolves around credit card processing, where they teach how to set up and earn from merchant accounts, effectively cutting out middlemen to enhance business profitability. Their strategy includes diversifying income through investments in various sectors and promoting bootstrapping to maintain control over ventures. The program also extends to related financial services, such as payroll processing and SaaS products, aiming to develop comprehensive digital payments expertise.

Price: Residual Payments costs $9,997. There are various upsells available.

More Info: Residual Payments Review

Top Entrepreneurship Courses for Small Business Owners

10 Day Cleaning Company by Cristobal Mondragon and Dalton Ousley

Cristobal Mondragon and Dalton Ousley’s 10 Day Cleaning Company is a business course for entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners. It teaches how to start and grow a cleaning business in 10 days using digital tools and automation. It focuses on earning significant passive income without active cleaning involvement. The course costs $199. It offers access to a private community, educational videos, and downloadable templates. 10 Day Cleaning Company presents an attractive yet possibly overly optimistic pathway to success in the cleaning industry. While the course boasts positive testimonials on its own website, external reviews are scarce and varied.

Price: Originally $950 but there’s a $750 discount for 8 days. This makes it $200. 

More Info: 10 Day Cleaning Company Review

Membership Guy by Josh Rasmussen

The Membership Guy by Josh Rasmussen is a comprehensive entrepreneur online course designed to teach individuals how to build their own membership business from the ground up. Key elements of the program include generating ideas, creating products, building a landing page, mastering ad campaigns, and making initial sales. The program offers value through live teaching sessions, 30 days of free group coaching via Zoom, and a supportive community.

The course addresses crucial aspects of membership businesses, including defining a niche, choosing a membership model, creating value propositions, building and marketing a platform, and maintaining member engagement.

Price: The Membership Guy program costs only $97 from $1,200.

More Info: Membership Guy Review

High Impact Coaching by Zander Fryer

High Impact Coaching is one of the best entrepreneurship courses for coaches. It has two main offers: High Impact Coaching-Launch for beginners and the 12-month High Impact Coaching-Accelerator for established coaches. The Launch program focuses on teaching inexperienced coaches to grow a six-figure business in 90 days, emphasizing premium service positioning, client acquisition, and lead generation. The Accelerator program is designed for coaches already earning six figures, guiding them to scale their earnings up to $100k monthly. This program includes teachings on semi-automated funnels, the "cold-to-sold" enrollment process, and team building strategies.

Zander Fryer is the founder and CEO of High Impact Coaching. He is a renowned coach, best-selling author of "Sh*t You Don't Learn In College," and a TEDx speaker. Zander has mentored over 500 coaches and has shared the stage with prominent figures like Jack Canfield.

Price: Not disclosed, you need to book a "clarity call" with Zander's team. 

More Info: High Impact Coaching 

Passion Expert Growth by Dan Harvey

Daniel Harvey -Passion Dan

Dan Harvey’s Passion Expert Growth offers a comprehensive roadmap for creators looking to amplify their online presence and earnings within the Passion.io ecosystem. Tailored for coaches, course creators, and experts already acquainted with Passion.io’s platform, Expert Growth unfolds a structured approach to scaling monthly earnings from $10K to $50K.

While the course provides actionable insights, its reliance on Passion.io's infrastructure and the competitiveness of high-ticket course selling poses some challenges. However, prospective enrollees should set realistic expectations, understanding that achieving significant revenue growth requires ongoing effort and market adaptability.

Price: Passion.io's Expert Growth costs $997, or a three installment of $397.

More info: Passion Expert Growth Review

Overages Blueprint by Bob Diamond

Overages Blueprint teaches a method for making money through a business model that helps property owners claim overage funds from their foreclosed properties. There are six modules inside the program, which cover introduction of the business to laws on unclaimed overages on foreclosed properties. The course also includes customer support, scripts, legal document templates, and states list. 

Bob Diamond is the creator of Overages Blueprint, known as "America's Tax Sale Attorney." He started in the legal profession in 1995 and authored three books on foreclosure real estate investing.

Price: Onetime payment of $1,497 or three installments of $597 

More Info: Overages Blueprint

Build a Micro SaaS Academy by Jamie Tam

Jamie Tam profile pic

Build a Micro SaaS Academy by Jamie Tam teaches micro SaaS, which differs from traditional SaaS by guiding individuals in creating and launching software products independently, without hiring additional help. This online business course for entrepreneurs covers idea generation, validation, app development, publishing, and marketing strategies, targeting those already familiar with software development. Although lacking external reviews due to its recent launch and narrower audience focus on programmers, the course provides valuable insights into the unique challenges and opportunities of micro SaaS entrepreneurship. It emphasizes specialized solutions for niche markets, offering potential for significant income growth through subscription-based revenue models.

Price: The enrollment fee for Build a Micro SaaS Academy is $29, which includes access to the course along with 10 free resources. 

More Info: Build A Micro SaaS

The Course on Website Flipping by Mushfiq Sarker

The Course on Website Flipping by Mushfiq Sarker is for both beginners and experienced website flippers. It teaches buying, improving, and selling websites for profit. This course covers essential aspects such as due diligence, website valuation, and strategic growth to facilitate successful website flips, potentially leading to six-figure exits.

Mushfiq updates the course monthly to reflect the latest industry trends and provides lifetime access for a onetime payment. Mushfiq Sarker is an established authority on website flipping, having successfully flipped over 215 websites.

Price: The Course on Website Flipping costs $390.

More Info: The Course on Website Flipping Review

Lux Travel Hacks by Andy Cantu

Lux Travel Hacks by Andy Cantu is an entrepreneurship online program for novice and seasoned travelers alike. The program aims to teach students how to access first-class flights, premium hotel stays, and other luxury travel experiences within 90 days or less. Cantu provides insider strategies for hotel upgrades, recommends top credit cards, and shares his favorite airlines and hotels, alongside offering direct VIP email support, lifetime access to the course, and membership to an exclusive Facebook group for ongoing support and networking. Lux Travel Hacks is highly ideal for entrepreneurs and tourists who take flights regularly and want to enjoy a premium travel experience.

Price: Lux Travel Hacks cost $997.

More Info: Lux Travel Hacks Review

iKrave Vending by Lakinya Francis

iKrave Vending by Lakinya Francis offers consulting services and training courses to help individuals start successful vending machine businesses, covering everything from machine acquisition to location securing and inventory management. While vending machines present a lucrative opportunity, generating over $300 per month on average, they require regular maintenance and monitoring. iKrave Vending's pros include affordable packages and positive customer feedback, but cons include the absence of a refund policy and the necessity for ongoing investment in vending machines.

With packages ranging from $97 to $497, iKrave Vending provides online training courses, workbooks, and machine finder services, with the ultimate package offering 90 days of mentoring. 

Price: The costs of iKrave Vending depend on the package you'll avail.

Starter Vending Package: It costs $97.00.
Standard Vending Package: It costs $297.00.
Ultimate Vending Package: It costs $497.00.

More Info: iKrave Vending Review

ATM Together by Paul Alex Espinoza

atm together review

ATM Together is a dynamic course that teaches you how to start and scale an ATM (Automated Teller Machine) business. The comprehensive training modules, hands-on tutorials, and real-world case studies will show you how to identify profitable locations, negotiate favorable contracts, and optimize ATM performance for maximum returns. ATM Together also emphasizes business automation to create passive income.

Price: ATM Together's masterclass course costs $397.

More Info: ATM Together Review

Coding With Mitch by Mitch Tabian

coding with mitch review

Coding With Mitch is a comprehensive that teaches software development, with a strategic emphasis on practical coding skills, problem-solving techniques, and project-based learning. This course tackles various programming languages and frameworks. The course includes hands-on coding exercises, in-depth tutorials, and real-world projects. Coding With Mitch is constantly updated with the newest techniques and technology.

Price: Coding With Mitch costs $340 CAD yearly subscription or $40 CAD for monthly subscription.

More Info: Coding With Mitch Review

Startup Society by Gillian Perkins

Gillian Perkins' Startup Society is an online training program tailored to assist individuals in launching successful online businesses. Priced at $49 per month, the course provides access to a wealth of resources, including comprehensive guidance, weekly coaching, and a supportive community. While the program lacks a free trial and offers only a 7-day refund policy, it boasts positive feedback and is led by Gillian Perkins, a successful online entrepreneur with over 661K YouTube subscribers.

The course covers eight effective ways to make money online, ranging from filling out surveys to selling courses and membership sites. With Startup Society, participants gain access to a startup success training program, live monthly coaching, weekly co-working sessions, and various bonus resources. 

Price: Startup Society costs $49 per month.

More Info: Startup Society Review

Recruiting Accelerator by Jon Chintanaroad

Jon Chintanaroad

Recruiting Accelerator, founded in 2020 by Jon Chintanaroad, is a comprehensive training program designed for both beginners and aspiring freelance recruiters. The program offers a step-by-step methodology to help students land their first $20,000 placement within 90 days. It features video training, daily coaching calls, and a holistic support system. It is praised for its beginner-friendly resources, technical support, and personalized coaching.

Despite the competitive nature of the recruiting industry, testimonials highlight significant earnings and successful placements by graduates, making it a viable option for those looking to start or scale their recruiting business.

Price: Recruiting Accelerator cost is not disclosed on the website.

More Info: Recruiting Accelerator Review

Online Music Business Courses

Ad Agency Master Program by Andrew Imbesi

The Ad Agency Master Program by Andrew Imbesi is an entrepreneurship course focused on building an online music business, offering live masterclasses on utilizing 0% finance funding. Despite the global growth of the music industry, this course, priced at $7,500, presents a substantial investment, particularly for beginners. It features over 20 hours of training, with the promise of potential success stories similar to Imbesi’s own journey from DoorDash driver to seven-figure earner.

However, its high cost and lack of a clear refund policy are significant drawbacks. The entrepreneur online classes’ approach to 0% finance funding offers an interesting perspective but requires careful consideration of potential hidden costs and the necessity of a good credit score.

 Price: The Ad Agency Master Program costs $7,500.

More Info: Ad Agency Master Program Review

The Elite Musician by YoungMin You

The Elite Musician by YoungMin You is a 90-day course aimed at teaching musicians how to create a stable online business. Focusing on developing multiple passive income streams, it leverages YoungMin's experience in building a successful 7-digit online music business. The course has received positive feedback, with a 4.5-star rating on Trustpilot and praises for its community-building aspect and practical guidance. However, it's noted as challenging to start an online business, and the action-based refund policy could be a concern for some. The program offers a mix of video modules, weekly coaching calls, and a private community for ongoing support. YoungMin’s approach includes transforming passion into a mission, defining target audiences, creating irresistible offers, automating sales systems, and scaling the business, all aimed at achieving a millionaire mindset for musicians.

Price: The cost of The Elite Musician is $2,997.

More Info: YoungMin You Review

Freelancing Courses

The Freelance Formula by Brendan Dell

brendan dell

The Freelance Formula by Brendan Dell offers a comprehensive online entrepreneur program that transforms entrepreneurial skills into a lucrative freelance business, promising substantial income within 60 days. With modules ranging from business setup to client management and money allocation, it caters to freelancers at all stages. Brendan Dell's expertise in messaging and technology further bolsters the course's credibility, making it a worthy investment for aspiring freelancers.

Price: The Freelance Formula costs $599 for the lifetime course access, $100 for lifetime community access, and $299 for the 6-Figure Proposal Templates.

More info: Freelance Formula Review

Online Money Maker by Chelsea Winstead

Online Money Maker is a free online freelancing class by Chelsea Winstead and Hollie Prescott. It teaches newcomers how to start freelancing and transition from traditional 9-5 jobs. The program provides foundational knowledge on digital services, methods of service billing, and insights into potential earnings across various niches. While the course offers valuable entry-level information and access to a growing community of like-minded individuals, it lacks personalized coaching and in-depth content.

Price: Online Money Maker is free.

More Info: Online Money Maker Review

Content Creator Lab by Shannon Livingston

Shannon Livingston

The Content Creator Lab by Shannon Livingston is a 6-week intensive program priced at $1,497. It aims at equipping individuals with the skills needed to thrive as freelance content creators. With a focus on foundations, implementation, and scaling, Shannon shares valuable insights from her nine years of experience, including the importance of finding a niche, continual learning, and appropriately valuing one's work. This is why it’s one of the best courses for entrepreneurs looking to create content. Although the course demands a substantial investment and time commitment, it offers comprehensive modules and bonuses, such as a photography library and content planning guides.

Price: Content Creator Lab costs $1,497, but you have a choice of $297 with 6 payments.

More info: Content Creator Lab Review

Freelancing School Review by Jay Clouse

Freelancing School by Jay Clouse provides a comprehensive educational package for freelancers, offering three key courses covering marketing, business operations, and selling skills. The courses are all designed to enhance a freelancer's ability to earn more.

The courses, well-received by students on the course's website, are accessible for both new and experienced freelancers, with a bundle deal available at $199. Criticisms include a lack of external reviews and overlap with content in Clouse’s other program, Creator School, which offers similar courses at a lower cost. 

Price: Freelancing School costs $99 per course. A bundle deal is also available at $199.

More Info: Freelancing School Review

Freelancer Freedom Blueprint by Laura

Freelancer Freedom Blueprint by Laura of SuperHumans Life offers a coaching program designed to guide beginners into successful freelancers, teaching them how to monetize their skills, attract clients, and automate their businesses for long-term success. While freelancing provides flexibility and income opportunities, it comes with challenges like irregular income and tough competition. The program's pros include a 50% discount for onetime payments, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and Laura's extensive coaching experience. However, it lacks coaching, an exclusive community, and access for a lifetime.

Freelancer Freedom Blueprint covers essential aspects of freelancing, offering guidance on job applications, niche selection, and business acceleration strategies. Laura, a career mentor with an MBA and Fortune 100 experience, shares her expertise through the program and her SuperHumans Life YouTube channel, which boasts 214K subscribers. 

Price: Freelancer Freedom Blueprint costs a one-time payment of $697.00 and a three-time payment of $297.00.

More Info: Freelancer Freedom Blueprint Review

The Productize Course by James Sowers

James Sowers' The Productize Course is an online course to help service providers transition from billable hours to the productized business model. Originally created by Brian Casel in 2014 and acquired by Sowers in 2022, the course offers practical tools for standardizing services that can be taught and delivered by employees. It is tailored for freelancers, consultants, and agencies aiming to streamline their operations. The course provides lifetime access, downloadable lessons, and a supportive community, but suffers from a lack of external reviews and has undergone multiple ownership changes.

Price: The Productize Course by James Sowers costs $299.

More Info: Productize Course Review

Entrepreneurship Courses Pros and Cons


Structured learned path

Expert guidance

Skill development

Networking opportunities

Access to resources

Can choose from a wide range of topics

Some are self-paced learning

Flexibility as it’s offered online


Lack of practical experience

Requires motivation and self-discipline

May have generic content

Can be expensive

Danger of scams and low-quality courses

May have limited interaction with instructors

Can experience technical issues

Quality can vary from course to course

Are Entrepreneurship Courses Worth It?

Entrepreneurship courses are worth it if you want to effectively build and grow a business. An entrepreneur training program provides an understanding of the complexities of a business. You can learn the skills you’re bad at, too, like marketing or finances. Some courses even come with expert guidance from instructors or coaches. If you don’t need any of that, these courses are worth it for the resources and networking alone. Case studies, business templates, and financial models equip learners with practical tools. Plus, a network with like-minded individuals can help your business grow significantly. You can get valuable insights, support, and collaboration opportunities. MDPI did a study of entrepreneur characteristics with a course and without one. Here are the results:

Entrepreneurship courses graph

However, entrepreneurship courses are not for everyone. If you prefer hands-on experience, these courses might be a huge disappointment. Also, some courses are very expensive and only offer generic content that you can find for free. Then, there are the courses that are just plain scams. If you want to avoid the risks, a free or low-cost resource might be a better option.

Where Can You Find Top Entrepreneurship Courses Online?

You can find top entrepreneurship courses online in:

  • Udemy. This platform offers a wide range of entrepreneurship courses. You can choose to learn from industry experts or experienced entrepreneurs. You can go for topics such as business strategy, marketing, finance, and much more. The courses typically range from $10 to $200, making it a very cheap option
  • Coursera. This platform features entrepreneurship courses and specializations from top universities. You can choose from individual courses or comprehensive programs. Since these are universities and institutions, you will receive a verified certificate after. The course costs range from free to several hundred dollars. What’s great is that financial aid is available for many courses
  • FutureLearn. This platform provides entrepreneurship courses from top universities and cultural institutions. Courses are free to access here. However, there is a monthly fee of $39 for certificates and unlimited access to the materials
  • LinkedIn Learning. This platform offers entrepreneurship courses taught by industry professionals. You can easily find topics on business planning, leadership, marketing, etc… To access LinkedIn Learning, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee of $29.99 or an annual fee of $239.88. If you’re not sure if the price is worth it, you can do a free trial
  • Google search engines. A good ol’ Google search can lead you to numerous entrepreneurship courses. You can even search for specifics such as “entrepreneurship courses for real estate” or “free entrepreneurship courses”. This will lead you to many articles from reputable sources or reviews from experts

How to Pick an Entrepreneurship Course?

  • Determine what you want to achieve with the course
  • Review the curriculum to see if the course covers topics relevant to your needs
  • Research the instructor's background. It’s best to go for courses taught by successful entrepreneurs or industry experts
  • Get feedback from previous students to gauge the course’s effectiveness and quality
  • Ensure the course format and length fit your learning style and schedule. The most common formats are video, text, or interactive
  • Choose courses that offer flexible learning options. This is so you can work on your business startup while studying
  • Check if the course offers a recognized certification upon completion (if you need it)
  • Consider whether the course provides good value for the price. Consider the lessons, as well as additional resources or support offered
  • Go with courses that include practical assignments, projects, or real-world case studies. This will provide you with a bit of hands-on experience
  • Ensure the course provides access to valuable resources. This includes templates, tools, and a community for networking opportunities

The best courses to be a good entrepreneur in business include For Good Profits by Andrej Morgan & Darryl Ephraums, Business 101 for Creators by Thomas Frank, and Passive Playbook by Hannah Ingram. These courses cover essential skills and strategies needed for successful entrepreneurship. You'll learn ethical business practices, foundational knowledge, and passive income generation. But remember, the most important thing is to study an entrepreneurship course that fulfills YOUR goals and needs. 

What is an Online Entrepreneur?

An online entrepreneur is someone who builds and manages an online business. They’re the ones who create, market, and sell their products or services. They also leverage digital tools, platforms, and technologies. Now, an online entrepreneur’s business model can vary widely, including: 

  • Ranking and renting websites 

  • Selling digital or physical products

  • Promoting affiliate marketing links 

  • Offering digital marketing services

  • Creating an online course

  • Dropshipping

  • Freelancing and consulting

  • Content creation and monetization 

  • Developing apps and software

Since they’re business managers, a training program for entrepreneurs might be crucial. This will help develop essential skills, gain valuable knowledge, and navigate the challenges. Free online entrepreneurship courses can do the trick.

Why Learning Local Lead Generation Is Worth It for Entrepreneurs


I became a millionaire with my local lead generation business. I've tried several online businesses, such as Amazon FBA and affiliate marketing. It was only when I learned about lead generation with free traffic that I saw tangible results. I built, ranked, and rented websites to local businesses in a specific area. It took me 7 long years to become successful and start generating millions. 

Learning local lead generation is worth it for entrepreneurs as it’s one of the easiest businesses to start and manage. All you need to do is build a service website and rank it. Since you’re targeting a specific location, there will be less competition. This makes it easier to rank. After that, you'll need to find a local service that doesn't have a website and is willing to rent yours. That's the hard part. Once you rent it out, though, you won't have to worry about it anymore. Plus, you'll earn every month since it's a website rental. If you're not sure what business to start as an entrepreneur, consider local lead generation!

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Ippei Kanehara

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His #1 online business recommendation in 2024, is to build your own lead generation business.

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