Yaniv Itskovich’s Ecom Limited Review | How to Guarantee a Successful Amazon FBA Business?

March 23, 2024

Yaniv Itskovich is a legit, successful 7 figure Amazon FBA entrepreneur. He shows the live results of his business on his YouTube channel and gives updates on what went well, what went wrong, and how he improved his business. He offers mentorship under the Ecom Limitless program. Read along to find out if his mentorship guarantees you a successful Amazon FBA business.

Amazon private label works by finding a manufacturer to source unbranded goods at a cheap price, and then selling it under your brand name for a profit on Amazon. The purpose of private labels is for sellers to create and build their own brand by improving a generic product. Building a brand leads to a following and customer loyalty.

Selling physical products on Amazon has a lot of risks. You could lose all your investment or have negative cash flow if your product does not perform well. Local lead generation is a low-cost, low-risk business where you don't have to sell anything but rather act as a sort of digital landlord. Check out local lead generation if you want a passive income business model that creates immediate, predictable income.

Yaniv Itskovich Formula for Success?

There is no formula or strategy that will guarantee success in any business. Success with any business depends on how much work you invest in it and how you can adapt to challenges. Yaniv's strategy focuses on 3 different sections:

  1. Product Innovation - you need to improve your private label product in order to have an edge against the competition. You can do this by customizing additional useful features for your product or by combining other items to create a bundle.
  2. Preparation - pre-launch preparation is critical so success. Good estimation and prediction of sales and stock will help you keep the risks low. Building brand awareness through methods like influencer marketing can help drive customers and bring in reviews.
  3. Adaptation - monitor the performance of your business closely, especially during the first month. You need to be able to deal with issues and accommodate changes as they arise. This also includes adapting to competitors' black handed tactics. Successful FBA seller Janson Smith teaches how to deal with such attacks.

One way to increase your success chances with a business is to get advice from proven mentors.

An Amazon FBA coach is an experienced and successful Amazon seller who teaches proven strategy and offers advice to students. I think Amazon FBA courses can be very helpful in fast-tracking your business and avoiding costly mistakes by following a proven blueprint.

There are a few things you have to consider when choosing an Amazon FBA course:

  • Choose a course based on what Amazon FBA model or method you want to use, such as private label, wholesale, or retail arbitrage. Most legit courses have their own unique selling point such as a unique strategy. You should decide based on your own goals and capacity.
  • Make sure the course creator is legitimately successful with their own Amazon FBA business. You can do this by verifying their business on Amazon, looking at their social proof, and checking out reviews. Coaches like Yaniv Itskovich or Darren Lynch, who show documentation of the actual results of their businesses, are a good example. Be wary of gurus with mixed reviews like Tamara Tee who made millions selling courses but shows no proof of the results of their Amazon business.
  • Try to find out exactly what you’ll get from the course. Make sure the training materials are comprehensive and up to date. Confirm what’s included with the package, such as mentorship, support groups, tools, etc. You can do this by contacting their sales team and asking questions or checking out online reviews.

Who Is Yaniv Itskovich?

Yaniv Itskovich is an entrepreneur and Amazon FBA mentor from Toronto, Canada. He is the founder and mentor of the Ecom Limitless program. Originally from Ontario, Yaniv graduated high school in 2014 and started a window cleaning business with a friend. He attended Western University of Ontario but dropped out after 2 years after learning about Amazon FBA private labeling.

Yaniv studied the business model, and in 2017, he invested $2,500 into his first Amazon private label business. Fortunately for him, it was an enormous success, and he earned over 23K in his first month. He then moved out of his parents' house and got an apartment in Toronto.

yaniv itskovich review

Immediately after, Yaniv launched his 2nd product. His heat-resistant glove product did well initially, but sales started dropping after more competition entered the market.

yaniv itskovich review

This is when Yaniv started experimenting and finding different ways to improve the performance of his business. The experiences and lessons he learned about what works and what doesn't are what he teaches in his course.

Pros and Cons of the Ecom Limitless Course


Yaniv is a proven successful Amazon FBA seller

The course is comprehensive and includes materials and support for international sellers

The program includes weekly live group calls and unlimited 1-on-1 mentorship with Yaniv.

Access to a private community for further support


Amazon FBA is more of a business management. The course tackles this but doesn't go deep. For automation, take another course that specializes in it.

As the number of students with life access grows, there may be problems scheduling Yaniv's 1-on1 mentorship.


$497 gives you access for life

Refund Policy

14-day money-back guarantee provided 30% of the course is not consumed


Positively received, especially because of Yaniv's transparency with his own business.

Who Is Ecom Limitless For?

Ecom Limitless is for new and old Amazon sellers alike.

  1. Newbies with zero experience who want to learn the A-Zs of creating, running, and scaling an Amazon FBA private label business from this course.
  2. Current Amazon sellers who have problems or want to improve their performance and scale their business.

What Do You Get With the Ecom Limitless Course?

Ecom Limitless is a comprehensive Amazon FBA course by Yaniv Itskovich. The course has over 12 hours of training material that is organized into 8 modules that will teach you everything you need to know to create an Amazon FBA private label business.

Module 0 - The Foundations

The introduction module explains why some people succeed in Amazon FBA and why some don't. Yaniv also talks about which Amazon marketplaces are the most profitable. You will also learn how to get an LLC, set up your Amazon seller account, and avoid account reviews and suspensions.

For international sellers, Yaniv also gives information on how you can sell in international markets. The best countries for Amazon private label are the United States and Canada in America, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain in Europe, and Japan, India, Singapore, and Australia in the Pacific.

Module 1 - Finding Your Golden Product Fast

Module 1 is all about finding and improving a product to create your own brand. Yaniv teaches about product desirability and how it affects your business. What makes a product desirable is its ability to solve a real problem while having enticing aesthetics and reasonable quality for the price. Your product should be able to provide immediate and long-term satisfaction.

Yaniv runs through 5 methods for doing product research. He also teaches about legalities such as patents, how to calculate FBA fees, seasonal vs. year-round trends, and product profit estimation. It doesn't have to be a passion product, it just has to be profitable.

Module 2 - Contacting Suppliers & Negotiation Techniques (Learned From 8 Figure Seller)

The 2nd module deals with suppliers and negotiation tactics. You will learn the best method for finding the most trustworthy supplies. He also further expands on improving a product's desirability. Next, Yaniv explains shipping from suppliers in China, how to get real samples of the product, and how much initial inventory you should start with.

For new Amazon FBA Sellers, it is recommended that you buy 300 to 500 units for your initial inventory. This will minimize your risks in case your product flops while maximizing your earring potential.

Last, Yaniv explains about UPC barcodes and dummy listings. UPC barcodes are not the same as Amazon labels. Labels for Amazon are made by CTM Designs. They design and manufacture all of Amazon’s labeling equipment inside their facility in Ohio. These labels can only be used on Amazon.

Module 3 - Crafting A Perfect Listing That Sells

The first lessons in this module are all about branding. You'll learn how to design beautiful logos and stunning packaging. Next, you'll learn how to find the most profitable keywords for your Amazon listing, how to write effective copywriting, and how to get captivating product photos.

This module also covers shipping from the supplier directly to Amazon warehouses.You'll also learn how to get reviews quickly and within Amazon's policies.

Module 4 - The Exact Launch Sequence To Get To Page 1 Fast

In module 4, Yaniv teaches you his best strategies on how to effectively launch your new product. You'll learn how to do pre-launch preparations, such as setting up PPC campaigns, running Facebook ads, and other marketing.

The right time to launch your product on Amazon is after you’ve optimized your Amazon listing and created brand awareness externally.

  • Optimizing your listing is done through keyword optimization. You need to list down related keywords and check for search volume. Your listing has to be optimized for both Amazon SEO and buyer’s intent. Track the performance of your keywords to adjust accordingly if necessary.
  • Brand awareness can be created externally with methods like creating a blog post that links to your listing, creating a website for your brand, marketing it on social media, leveraging influencers, and email marketing campaigns.

Module 5 - Amazon PPC Mastery: Turn Every $1 Of PPC Into $2 Of Profit Consistently

The 5th module focuses specifically on Amazon PPC ads. You'll have all the material here to know what you need to optimize your PPC campaigns. PPC ads are a must for new sellers, as Amazon prioritizes those who run ads for the buy box.

Module 6 - Scaling Your Amazon Business To $1 Million & Beyond

In this module, you'll learn how to scale your business, starting by planning and launching your second product. You'll learn how to improve your business by registering brands with the Amazon Brand Registry. Yaniv also teaches all about automation, expansion into other markets, and Amazon's FBA exit strategy.

Module 7 - Supplemental Lessons & Things You Must Know

Module 7 includes a list of important things about Amazon FBA that haven't been covered.

  • Insurance for Amazon
  • Sales tax
  • How to keep your listings on the Amazon buy box
  • How to deal with hijackers
  • How to remove negative reviews
  • How to promote your product for free

Yaniv also talks about what you should do if you're running low on stock. The best thing to do if your product is running out of stock is to simply order more. Rushing an order may cost you additional fees, and there’s also the possibility that the manufacturer won’t be able to fulfill the rush order. If you need to buy some time, you can turn on holiday settings, which will hide your listing for 36 hours, or you can temporarily increase the price to slow down sales while you wait for more stock.

It is important to keep track of the number of sales regularly so you can predict how many units you’ll need to order for the next shipment.

Module 8 - FB Ads & Influencer Marketing For Amazon FBA (1 hour Bonus Module)

This bonus module includes a complete breakdown of Facebook ads and a lesson on how to leverage influencer marketing to promote your products outside of Amazon.

Another bonus is a free Biohacking course with over 5 hours of content. This course is useful for those who want to learn how to improve their health and mindset.

yaniv itskovich review

Are Students of Ecom Limitless Successful?

The course is fairly new and there aren't any reviews yet outside their community. Here are some of the success that students of the course have given:

Is It Worth It to Do Amazon Private Labeling in 2023?

Amazon private label is a highly profitable business. 59% of Amazon sellers use the private label method to sell on Amazon. Amazon also has its own private label brands.

It costs as much as $4,000–$12,000 to do private labeling on Amazon. This is the optimal figure that will consider several factors, such as the seller's plan, product costs, marketing strategy, etc. Private labels on Amazon have a profit margin of up to 40% or even more.

The advantages of private labeling on Amazon are:

  • Higher profit margin than wholesaling or arbitrage. It’s cheaper to buy generic products from third-party manufacturers than branded products.
  • You don’t have to compete with other merchants that are selling the same exact product. This usually results in price wars, which substantially lower the profit margin.
  • No need to create a product from scratch. You only need to design a logo and packaging.
  • You have full control over the design, style, and customization of the product.
  • The price of your product is completely up to you. You can set the price of your unique brand. The more unique your product is, the broader the price range that you can set.

The disadvantages of private label on Amazon are:

  • Extensive marketing is important for new sellers without reviews to build visibility. Running Amazon PPC advertising adds costs and creates another risk.
  • The availability of stock and the quality of the product depend on your supplier. Problems from the manufacturer’s side will impact your business.
  • Ever-increasing Amazon fees are lowering profit margins. Aside from Amazon’s referral fees, which range from 8% to 15%, additional fees bring the total that Amazon takes up to 20%–30% of the selling price.
  • Competing directly with Amazon’s own brands can be very costly. Amazon private labels make up 3% of Amazon’s sales volume in certain categories. Amazon has at least 118 private label brands.

If you're not into private labeling on Amazon, you may try the membership business model as an alternative. You can check my article about Membership Guy which teaches how to start that business model. Alternatively, you can also consider selling on Shopify which has less the competition of Amazon. Courses such as Timothy Dixon’s EntreBeliever, can teach you how to create private label brands and sell on Shopify.

My Number 1 Business Model for Making Money Online in 2024

My best recommendation for making money online in 2024 is local lead generation. With local lead generation, you create a website, rank it on Google using free tactics like SEO, and then rent it out to local businesses. As soon as you rent it out, you earn immediate, passive, and predictable income.

With as little as $500 for initial costs, you can start a local lead generation business. The profit margin with this business model is about 85%–90%. There are hundreds of niches and thousands of local areas you can get into, so you don't have to worry about much competition.

The best part about this business model is that it is simple to scale. All you need to do is repeat the process, and you can have as many sites rented that each bring in passive income. These qualities make local lead generation the best way to create time and financial freedom.

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