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If you’ve been looking for online business ideas for some time, chances are you may have found Stefan James’ youtube channel called Project Life Mastery.

He makes very high-quality videos on how to make money online & interviews with other successful internet entrepreneurs.

He’s got quite the impressive following on his channel as of September 2020.

He also shoots his videos inside his impressive million dollar penthouse based out of Vancouver.

How does Stefan make his money?

Surely he is monetizing all these views he’s generating?

you bet

One mentor taught me to “model after success”

I’ve been following his channel for a while, I’m on his email lists & today I’m going to take a look at his course:

Affiliate Marketing Mastery

It is a course he made based on his success with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is basically selling other people’s products for a commission.

What kinda results are possible?

Here’s some stats…

Project Life Mastery’s Own Stefan James’ Affiliate Earnings

Above is Stefan’s Clickbank daily earnings.

He’s making roughly $750 average per day.

He also reports other impressive earnings like

  • $340K in affiliate commission promoting an online course in 2 months (“by far the biggest promotion I’ve ever done”)
  • $170K from 2014 to 2015 with a different product

These are most likely the promotions he does whenever he interviews another coach & they get to promote their new coaching program to the Project Life Mastery audience.

His primary consistent earnings seems to be the $750 per day with Clickbank, so $30K per month in affiliate commissions which is pretty nice.

A lil bit about me... My name is Ippei...

In 2014, I joined a lead generation coaching program that freed me from my 9-5 in 7 months by building and ranking simple websites that generate leads for local businesses (who give me a sliver to deliver)

After grew my lead gen biz to high six figures in 2016, I (out of FOMO) tried out affiliate marketing and actually made some money, but it took over 2 years of daily work see significant regular income. 

Learn more about the program that got me out of my day job below or continue to get the details on Stefan's course

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course Review

Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing Mastery


  • Complete: Covers his journey, A through Z, exactly what Stefan did to build his audience & make money with affiliate
  • Long-Term: His strategies revolve around long-term success of building a brand & providing real value for the audience (imo long term strategy is the only way to go in 2020)
  • Multiple Skills: You will gain multiple skillsets such as: Setting up wordpress blog, setting up social media & youtube marketing channels, email marketing
  • White-Hat: His coaching is based on very safe white hat methods of building an online brand through passion, hard work & dedication


  • Long to Money: His white hat methods are safe, but often take the longest before you can generate any sizeable income
  • Low Student Success Rate: With this approach, the actual success rate is quite low (not particularly Stefan’s fault, its just not easy & people get burned out)
  • Missing Niche Guidance: Could use more guidance on picking the right niche (you better have a lot of passion for it or it better be something that is low competition & easy to dominate)
  • Lacks Advanced SEO: His SEO training does not provide the most comprehensive or advanced SEO skills out there

Stefan's Guide Get Started in Affiliate Marketing

Even Stefan admits that in the beginning, it was very slow going.

But if you want to successfully follow Stefan’s blueprint, having a passion for that subject is the key.

"As an affiliate marketer, you don't have to do the work of creating a product, your main job is to promote that product." (source)

Stefan James‧ Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is ideal for those that have that burning passion to share something or put out content on some subject regardless of how much you’re getting paid.

Putting out content because you enjoy the process of creating it. (man that sounds like gary vee lol)

You need to just forget about money & just enjoy the process of making content.

Think about it. 

If someone just pushed you to buy a product, like by being all salesy, you'd probably be turned off. 

But if you continue to produce valuable, helpful written or video content (blogging or youtube), your customers will come, see your guidance/knowledge and want more, and some will eventually buy into what you are selling.

But giving value must be your priority as an affiliate marketer. 

In fact, inside his training, Stefan emphasizes this effect your content must have:

Unfortunately, what's not emphasized is the time it takes for the content to curate and grabbing the attention

Practice a shit ton of patience & keep pushing for at least a year before you have the right to talk about your commissions.

Where it gets bit challenging is not every affiliate niche out there is profitable. (more on this later…)

So becoming fixated on your passions can be very problematic to your online business success as well.

For those of you that’s looking to make money as soon as possible so you can quit your job or whatever, I’m just not sure if affiliate marketing is the best way to go in 2020.

Its not 2012 anymore, there’s so much more competition & noise out there that it takes even longer to succeed with affiliate marketing these days.

I will say local marketing is where there is real do-able opportunities still because there’s so many cities & different businesses you can work with.

This is why I first became successful with local marketing first before dabbling with affiliate.

Stefan's Stats that Led to His Success

Insert Image

When you study what Stefan’s doing, its not that difficult to see that he’s able to rake in $30K per month in affiliate commissions.

Stefan is a clear example of someone that demonstrates the value of building a personal brand.

He is bringing massive value to the marketplace through his youtube video's & blog posts.

So he gains fans that trust his opinions.

& These fans will buy from him. & Love to buy the products that he recommends.

Hence why he makes affiliate commissions.

Here’s some more stats:

  • He started Project Life Mastery in 2012 (so he’s been at it for a while)
  • His site gets roughly 130K unique visitors per month, that’s 1.4M Unique Visitors Per Year 
  • 1.07M YouTube Subscribers, over 54 Million views

To succeed in Affiliate Marketing you need tons of traffic (so that your affiliate links get clicked).

This does not happen overnight.

& it’ll only happen for one good reason: 

You actually produce good content.

It takes a lot of time & dedication of putting out quality content for the long-term to build your audience.

I’ve personally been building a different affiliate site for almost 2 years now and it’s still not earning me the quit-your-job income that I made in the first 7 months of my lead generation business.

Stefan's Niche Training

Choosing the wrong niche is more fatal to your business than utilizing bad SEO methods, that can cause your site to get stuck.

Hate to tell you the truth, but not all affiliate projects will pan out as you had hoped.

For example, if you build a blog & youtube channel about women’s lingerie & work at it for a long time & wonder why its not making you much money.

Sometimes its because you picked a bad niche.

Women care about brands & the fit, its a product where most women would prefer to go to actual stores to buy.

Also, your competition is too powerful like Amazon & other fashion blogs & stores.

This is why building a personal brand like Stefan did can help greatly.

Its a chance for you to stand out from the crowd.

With a niche like building an online business or entrepreneurship, people enjoy hearing different perspectives.

Your unique perspective.

The essence of the message might be the same, but we still find value from other people speaking that same message.

I do believe this is why Stefan is doing so well with Project Life Mastery, he’s not just rehashing the same shit we heard from Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, or other bigtime gurus.

He’s still putting his own spin on it.

How many different perspectives can you really give on a niche like women’s lingerie?

Stefan also does some quality interviews with other entrepreneurs & authors.

Which means he is able to leverage their name & access new audiences.

I also believe there are some intangibles that go into Stefan’s success.

He comes across good on camera.

He’s got a good voice that’s easy to understand.

He’s got some natural charisma.

What if you aren’t blessed to have these things going for you or cringe at the notion of becoming a personal brand online, are you fucked?

No, because I became successful & I don’t have any personal branding like Stefan.

In my opinion, developing some high-income skills can overcome these dilemmas.

the 2 main one IMO being.

  1. Your ability to rank shit in Google & Generate Leads
  2. Talk to business owners & Close deals

If you have these 2 skills you can essentially cut your own paychecks.

you’ll always be able to make money online.

1 skill helps the other as well.

Parting Thoughts on Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Affiliate marketing should be looked at as a long-term passion business.

For some it will be a lot harder.

For example, if you have no experience regarding the niche or you have no relatability with your audience, you will struggle a lot.

You won’t resonate with your audience.

Obviously, not everyone is cut out for just any niche.

Even Stefan.

He was deeply passionate about personal development, like a big fan of Tony Robbins & others before he started Project Life Mastery.

So this was a subject that he was already deeply familiar with.

Affiliate Marketing takes time because it takes time to build a huge audience.

If you’re okay with the fact that it will take time, patience, perseverance, & plenty of passion then you won’t regret Stefan’s Affiliate Marketing Mastery course.

One way to spot a good mentor is to ask or investigate if they are making money with the things they’re teaching & it is clear with Stefan James’ case that he is because he continues to pump out quality content on his blogs & youtube channel.

He practices what he preaches.

So kudos to Stefan for that & sharing with others how he did it.

Affiliate Money is okay, but Leadgen is better, here's why

My Results with Affiliate Marketing

It took me 1.5 to 2 years to develop an affiliate site that now made $2240 last month. (Average making around $2k per month)

But just to give you some perspective.

In my first 7 months doing lead generation, I landed 8 local clients. the total income from landing those clients come out to be $8750 per month on-going.

And just to give you an idea of how long these clients last, here's one of my tree care sites that I set up 6 years ago and they still pay me monthly mailbox money.

Check it out for yourself:

Proof that it's mine is at the bottom of the page

Honestly, I don't think many internet marketers out there aren’t aware how much money can be made in local just yet.

Yes if you grinded like Stefan out of passion & built a huge personal brand then you can be successful with affiliate as well, but is that an easy thing, or even doable for most people???

Even with serious SEO skills (which is beyond the scope of what is taught in Stefan’s course), to make any money with an affiliate site, it’s taking well over 2 years in 2020.

My recommendation?

Do affiliate marketing if you got the passion for it but also look into building other streams of income.

My favorite?

 Affiliate Marketing Alternative

Lead Generation is similar but earning commission by generating leads for local businesses instead, it is powerful because local search is so much easier to rank still. Click here to find out more.

Local lead generation because the conversion rate is much much higher than affiliate & its significantly easier & faster to rank in local versus affiliate offers where you have to compete with hundreds of other affiliates around the world.

In local you compete with like 10-20 local companies, that’s it.

No need to build a personal brand either.

When you rank a site for tree service in Grand Rapids MI

People will only find your site if they are in need of water damage restoration service right?

You’re simply getting in front of people already searching for your business.

They land on your site & call right away (immediate conversion)

No need to establish trust & convince anyone to buy a new product they weren’t thinking of before. (aka interruption marketing which is what affiliate marketing is)

Local marketing is attraction marketing because people are coming to you, already wanting the service.

IMO its much easier.

Check out the coaching program that’s changing lives teaching people how to generate leads for local businesses -> Right over here

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