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Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review – Project Life Mastery by Stefan James (Legit?)

April 5, 2023

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is an affiliate marketing course that Stefan created to teach you how to make money online through affiliate marketing. He’s put all of his experience with affiliate marketing into the course so that a complete beginner with no technical skills can earn money online within 1-3 months. His strength and success is in creating a personal brand on YouTube and through his personal blog. Is affiliate marketing a newbie friendly business model or are there better alternatives today? In this Affiliate Marketing Mastery review, we find out what Project Life Mastery is, what Stefan teaches, which mediums work well for affiliate product promotion, the different affiliate marketing, if you should invest in Affiliate Marketing Mastery, and I go over how affiliate marketing differs from local lead generation, another popular online business model.


You get access to Stefan’s 90-day email coaching program

Live weekly webinars

You're shown how to find products to promote on 8 different affiliate platforms


Basic paid traffic (PPC) training

Students could use more guidance on picking the right niche (you better have a lot of passion for it or it better be something that is low competition & easy to dominate)

Advanced SEO training could be better


Affiliate Marketing Mastery costs $997 or 3 payments of $397 (you're better off paying the one-time price)

Refund Policy

No refund policy


Over 70 training videos divided up between 7 total modules; transcripts and summaries in PDF form available for each module


Private Facebook group


They started this course in 2016


Stefan is one of the more successful Amazon sellers in the world and is also a world-class, inspirational speaker.

Who is Stefan James?

Stefan James is a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, life and business coach from Vancouver, British Columbia, CA. His parents struggled financially and were always fighting, which affected him. Because of the financial issues, Stefan had to move to 3 different high-schools which made him always feel like an outsider. His escape was in video games. He also worked in his Greek father's family businesses, who made him work even through summer breaks. This life made Stefan close up, becoming introverted.

At 17, he got into self-development learning from people like Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, and more. He wanted to become a better man so that he could attract women. In time, his confidence grew, and he began having more success with women. Stefan also went to Kwantlen College for one class, which was an Introduction to Marketing. He didn't have any motivation to continue and dropped out halfway through. 

In time, Stefan started working as an assistant to a dating coach. His clients started getting significant results with women and so at 21, he started his first business, Lifestyle Transformations. They did coaching, free seminars, and a weekend bootcamp to help men pickup women. Problems arose when they owed a lot of money in taxes to the Canada Revenue Agency. Eventually, they paid it all back.

After some time, he got into internet marketing with Kindle publishing, where he sold over 100 books and grew that business to $10K per month in sales. Within a year, he had already made almost $100K in revenue. Still, Stefan didn't feel fulfilled in life because he was passionate about learning, growing, and helping people. In 2012, he started Project Life Mastery. Since then, he's been helping many men become the best versions of themselves.

By the age of 27, Stefan's net worth was already around $1 million. Now, Stefan sells various courses that teach things like book publishing, Amazon FBA, morning rituals and affiliate marketing. He even privately coaches other entrepreneurs and holds masterminds. 

Stefan is also married to YouTuber, & successful Amazon seller, Tatiana James.

Stefan James' Net Worth

Stefan James' net worth is estimated between $1.5 million and $5 million.

What is Project Life Mastery?

Project Life Mastery is a blog and YouTube channel Stefan created in 2012. The purpose of the blog and channel was for him to document his experiences as he mastered his life. Stefan wanted to help others become masters in many areas of their lives, not just with money. With over 1.25 million subscribers, he's definitely affected others' lives positively.

The content on his Project Life Mastery podcast is like that of his Project Life Mastery YouTube Channel with more interviews.

What do you learn inside of Affiliate Marketing Mastery?

1) Introduction, Strategy, Mindset

In module 1, Stefan shows you how to use the platform and how to go through the lessons. He also explains his Affiliate Blueprint strategy and shows you all the steps to make it work. 

2) Market Research & Keywords

Module 2 is all about finding niches or markets for you to get into. Stefan has you come up with 10 each. After that, he then has you come up with 5 potential products you can promote. Once this is done, he helps you find the most profitable keywords for your market and with the help of the Affilorama software, shows you how to do niche background research, how to look up search volumes for keywords, and check what competitors are doing.

3) Setting Up Blog, YouTube & Social Media

In this module, Stefan gives you step-by-step guidance on how to setup your blog, your YouTube channel, and how to create accounts on social media accounts such as...

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • LinkedIn

4) Content Creation

In module 4, you learn about the importance of quality content for your blog, how to find keywords that help you create your content, the different articles you can write, how to create YouTube videos, and how to create content for your social media profiles.

5) Attracting Visitors, Followers & Build Your List

The 5th module is where Stefan explains how to optimize your website using basic SEO techniques and how to share articles on social media with the goal of attracting more visitors. 

You also learn how to optimize your YouTube videos for keywords, how to embed your videos in your blog, how to launch a Facebook Ad Like campaign, and how to launch a Twitter ad Follow campaign to increase your number of followers.

6) Earning Revenue & Monetizing Your Traffic

In module 6, he goes over FTC Compliance, how to find high converting products to promote, and more tips on the ways you can promote your products, which include email marketing.

7) Tracking & Optimization

In the 7th and final module, Stefan focuses on tracking and optimization. He has you ask yourself a series of questions that will help you stay on top of your affiliate marketing business. With these questions, you'll be able to identify any issues or if you need to optimize a certain part of your business. 

Stefan stresses the importance of tracking all your affiliate links, your metrics on YouTube, Google, and email marketing. He also mentions that it's a good idea to leverage your visitors and subscribers to help you make a more informed decision on what works.

Finally, he talks about how to monetize on Google and YouTube and the importance of split testing your campaigns.

Additional Training

  • Google SEO for YouTube videos
  • Press release marketing
  • LinkedIn marketing
  • Interviewing Strategy
  • Pinterest
  • Guest Blogging, and more

What specific mediums work well for affiliate product promotion?

Some of the specific mediums that work well for affiliate product promotions are...

  • Blog (in-depth articles well optimized for the search engines)
  • Social Media (influencers can reach thousands of people with their content)
  • Mobile affiliate social (in-game ads, banner ads)
  • News & Media (Native ads)
  • Coupon sites (Customers visiting these are already looking to spend money; looking for deals)
  • Review sites (People who review products already have a community of people viewing their content)
  • Email marketing

Some marketers are more comfortable with certain methods than others.

What are the different types of affiliate marketing?

In a nutshell, this is what affiliate marketing looks like.

When you actually get more involved, you'll come to realize that there are 3 different types of affiliate marketers.

Below, we describe the 3 types.



The marketer has no experience or knowledge of the product or service they’re promoting.



Marketers do have experience and knowledge of what they’re promoting.



Marketers are much more involved in the promotion efforts (ex. Creating content or recommending as a product they use often instead of just adding a link somewhere)

Can you make money with Affiliate Marketing Mastery?

Making money with this course is possible if you are proactive and take action following what Stefan teaches you. All the methods and strategies he teaches are things he’s implemented in his business as an affiliate marketer. Plenty of students share their success in the private Facebook group and you can do the same, but it takes work.

On this course’s sales page, you’ll see that even Author and millionaire mentor, Dan Lok, endorsed Stefan and his course. 

But don't get confused with Ivan Mana's Affiliate Marketing Mastery because it has the same course. 

Should you invest in Affiliate Marketing Mastery?

This course is a good option to start with if you want to learn the basics of affiliate marketing. If you're looking for something else, we created a list of the best affiliate marketing courses for you to look through.

I much rather spend my time and money growing my local lead generation business, which is much more scalable and passive.

How does affiliate marketing compare to my lead gen business?

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Alternatives

The Affiliate Lab, by Matt Diggity, is a great option to learn affiliate marketing. Matt not only shows you how to create your affiliate sites and build their authority, but the end goal is to sell those sites for up to 40 times the monthly revenue that they generate. This course has hundreds of training videos that teach you how to become profitable with your niche sites. Matt is one of the world's top SEO experts and this training includes high-level link building to help you sites rank on Google no matter how many core updates they do.

Price: Affiliate Lab costs $997

More Info: Affiliate Lab Review

Commission Hero 2.0 by Robby Blanchard also teaches you how to make money with affiliate marketing. Robby shows you how to find affiliate offers to promote on affiliate platforms. The main platform you learn about is ClickBank. You'll learn how to advertise on platforms like Facebook and YouTube to get more traffic to your offers. The updated version of Commission Hero provides you with the newest tools that will help you run and scale your affiliate business. This 6-week training comes with automation tools, a private community for support, and more.

Price: Commission Hero costs $2,497

More Info: Commission Hero 2.0 Review

Affiliate Marketing or Local Lead Generation?

If you're new and looking to make money online within the next couple of months, affiliate marketing isn't the best option.

Lead gen is like affiliate marketing in how you're attracting more business/sales for another company, but there are some glaring differences.

With affiliate marketing, you must rank globally for your search terms. To see a worthy return on investment, you need to generate a lot of traffic because you're competing with thousands of affiliate marketers worldwide. Also, you may not see any commission for months initially and when you do, it's not a predictable income. 

You can create a YouTube channel or a blog, but you've got to publish content often. Ideally, every day so that you can provide value to your audience. If you run Facebook ads, you're going to end up spending a lot of money quickly in finding an ad that will convert well.

That instability is not passive and far too expensive.

With lead generation, you're only competing with 10-15 local companies and your traffic is all local. You're in more control of how much commission you earn per month and who you work with. No one can fire you and no one can suspend your account. There's no need to spend money on ads and you won't have to put out content each day as you would with a YT channel or blog. Your sites generate leads on their own once positioned correctly and you get your commission monthly.

Affiliate marketing is better viewed as a long-term passion business.


I've made a good amount of money with affiliate marketing, but over the long run, local lead generation has earned me my most passive income with sites like this one. (Over $52K monthly)

Local lead generation

If you’d like to learn more about how to earn a passive income online with local lead generation, click the link below and get started.

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