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Anton Kraly Review: Do His High-Ticket Dropshipping Courses Actually Work?

March 6, 2024

My overall review of Anton Kraly is that he knows how to make money selling high-ticket dropshipping products on Google and Facebook with paid advertising. Anton's entrepreneurial journey began in 2006; his net worth in 2022 is an estimated $4 million. (His DSL Course generated $3.4 million in its first year of conception). 

Anton's methods differ from the 'traditional-style' dropshipping business model. Instead of low-ticket goods, he focuses on high-ticket and evergreen products in niches that cater to the upper-middle class. In addition, he teaches students how to bypass shipping merchandise from China and instead uses US dropshipping suppliers.

Anton Kraly launched his flagship training, the Drop Ship Lifestyle Course, in 2013. And in 2018, he created his Facebook Warriors Course. Anton offers a ton of value as a course creator. But he teaches the dropshipping business model, which may not be the most lucrative opportunity to make money online in 2024. Not only is the industry competitive. But slow shipping times and supply chain issues can impact profits. Unlike starting a local lead generation business that focuses on driving website traffic to generate leads for small business owners. 

image of anton kraly

He regularly updates the DSL Course content (currently at 7.0). But he also shares a ton of free information on his YouTube channel. (In March 2022, Anton was awarded YouTube's 'over 100K subscribers plaque and currently has 102K). He also hosts a podcast, blog, and free webinar.

Anton Kraly has taught over 14,000 students in 25 different countries and is one of the founding fathers of drop shipping. With countless positive reviews and testimonials, Anton Kraly appears to stand behind his methods and seems committed to the long-term success of his students.

The roller coaster ride with dropshipping…

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment-style business model where you don't need to shell out a ton of cash to get started, and you don't need to own any inventory. Instead, you're like a middleman between the consumer and the supplier. You get the orders and handle customer service issues, and your wholesaler takes care of the fulfillment. 

Dropshipping is one of the most popular online business models in 2024 and holds a market valuation of around $196.78 billion. But its popularity has created a competitive industry. So if you want to succeed with this business model, you need to be on your game. That means you need to be the best marketer and design an angle to tap into customer psychology. Know how to showcase the benefits of your products. And how they solve a problem or fill a gap in the market.

You have to be able to design scroll-stopping creatives, on-point product descriptions, and compelling ad copy. Typically dropshipping is about jumping on the latest trends and selling low-ticket items before the market becomes saturated and you're constantly on the hunt for new winning merchandise. So you need to use dropshipping product research tools to find hot sellers. 

And take advantage of third-party spy tools like BigSpy and real-time data software like Ecomdash to stay one step ahead of the competition. But, even if you opt to go the Drop Ship Lifestyle route and hone in on high-ticket items, you still need to find winning products. (Preferably ones that are evergreen, according to Kraly).

You need to know what criteria to look for to find the best dropshipping niches. But even high-ticket goods can become saturated. Not the niche, but too many people selling the same thing is a recipe for market saturation. Then there are the rising costs of advertising. Anton Kraly teaches people how to use Google Shopping Ads and Google Product Listing Ads which are lower-cost-per-click tactics that can save you money. But, if you only rely on paid ads to drive traffic to your online store, that low-cost start-up capital will get steep quickly. (Facebook ads have seen a 24% YoY increase in ad costs from 2020 to 2021).

The 7.0 updates of the DSL online course now include content on SEO and organic traffic. However, there's still a tremendous emphasis on getting paid social traffic with techniques like Google Listing Ads, Facebook Ads, and funnels. And whether you opt for paid ads or can successfully drive organic traffic to your Shopify dropshipping store, you need to connect with your ideal customer to make money as a dropshipper in 2024. So build a brand and a community around your drop shipping business. But find unique products that solve a problem or items that will make a person's life easier. And there will always be money to be made with dropshipping.


DSL has a supportive community of over 14,000 students that includes a private Facebook Group, Fast Business Forum, and annual retreats.

Weekly live streams & FAQs on his YouTube channel.

24/7 customer support and done-for-you outsourcing options.

Multiple success stories and student testimonials on his website.


Only teaches how to build a Shopify store-no other platform options.

Anton’s course is expensive plus you need to factor in costs for ad spend on Google and Facebook.

The DSL refund policy is extremely convoluted, and Anton requires people to complete 'identified tasks within 30-days' to be eligible.

Anton Kraly’s Story

Anton had $29 and a dream. But he always knew he wanted to be his own boss and find a way to make money online. From selling cookies out of a van in New Jersey to sourcing inventory from Asia, Anton Kraly has amassed tremendous wealth as a high-ticket dropshipper and course creator. What started as a way to make money online has transformed into a program with over 14,000 students. And his training was awarded Shopify's Best Ecommerce Course in 2017.

Anton uses the Shopify dropshipping business model to sell expensive products to the upper-middle class. His Drop Ship Lifestyle Course teaches students how to make money online with high-ticket drop shipping. And it includes Anton's drop ship blueprint on how to leverage platforms like Google and Facebook. His Facebook Warriors Program outlines his system on how to create and launch profitable Facebook marketing campaigns.

Active on multiple social media platforms, Anton publishes valuable content and information on current industry trends. He also gives tips on how to adopt proven methods and why it's not too late to start dropshipping. And the key to making higher profit margins with the business model.

Anton Kraly Reviews a Beauty Niche Shopify Store on YouTube

Shopify Store's Background and Story

Beauty Purple is in the beauty niche. It sells a range of special beauty products and caters to beauty enthusiasts. Right away, he identified a critical issue with its ".shop" domain. He highlights the risk of potential customers mistyping the URL as .com and get directed to other websites. 

Problems Anton Identified on the Shopify Store

Domain Name Issue: Customers might mistakenly type .com instead of .shop, leading to lost traffic and sales.

Hello Bar Message: The message about free shipping on orders over $50 does not incentivize immediate purchases.

Logo Design: The logo is overly complex and hard to read. This can be off-putting to first-time visitors.

Homepage Design:

  • The main image does not effectively represent the range of products.
  • Use of random and irrelevant images that do not add value to the store.

Footer Menu: Lacks essential elements like contact information, shipping and return policies, privacy policy, which may affect the credibility of the store. 

Misplaced Features: The referral and rewards programs are too prominently featured, which can be confusing for new visitors.

Anton's Suggestions for Improvement

Choose a ".com" Domain: To avoid confusion and potential loss of traffic.

Revise Hello Bar Message: Use limited-time offers to create a sense of urgency.

Redesign Logo: Opt for a simpler and more readable logo.

Homepage Improvements:

  • Use main images that better represent the product range.
  • Remove irrelevant images.

Enhance Product Pages:

  • Ensure color options are properly linked to images.
  • Fill in all the relevant product information sections.
  • Limit the use of images to those that are essential and professional.

Revamp Footer Menu: Include important links and information for credibility.

Reposition Programs: Place referral and rewards program information in less prominent areas, like the footer.

General Advice:

  • Focus on product quality and variety.
  • Consider offering higher-priced items for better profit margins.
  • Emphasize customer trust and site credibility.

What's not mentioned in the interview: Starting a Shopify store isn't easy. Aside from setting up the store and choosing products, you need to ensure the site is optimized. You should also check the mobile responsiveness of the site because mobile-friendly stores enhance overall customer experience. 

What Is Anton Kraly’s Drop Ship Lifestyle?

Anton Kraly's Drop Ship Lifestyle Program aims to teach people how to make money as high-ticket dropshippers and live the 'lifestyle business.' His DSL course shows people how to leverage paid traffic from trusted platforms like Google and Facebook. And how to sell evergreen products that appeal to the upper-middle class. 

Drop Ship Lifestyle provides ongoing support to students. They have an exclusive members-only Facebook Group and Fast Business Forum. Here individuals can connect with seasoned experts and ask questions.

Students can also get help with niche verification and learn what dropshipping niches to avoid. Drop Ship Lifestyle has a full-service outsourcing team. In addition to done-for-you options that include website builds. Anton also hosts live streams and updates on his YouTube channel. And he provides students with 24/7 support. 

Drop Ship Lifestyle Course:

DSL is Anton’s flagship training program comprising 83 lessons and over 20 hours of video content. Here Anton shares a dropship blueprint with identified action tasks to propel you forward and launch your dropshipping store in 21-days or less. The Drop Ship Lifestyle Course covers topics on things like:

Drop Ship Lifestyle Course Curriculum:

  • Niche Selection

  • Market Research

  • Website Creation

  • Finding Suppliers
  • How To Optimize For Conversions

  • How To Get Traffic

  • Automating Your Processes

You can read my complete Drop Ship Lifestyle Review if you're interested in learning more about Anton's DSL course.

Facebook Warriors Course:

Anton Kraly's Facebook Warriors Course is 8 hours of intensive training. Here he shows students the exact process on how to generate quality and profitable leads on Facebook. Anton dives into insider hacks on how to create and launch lucrative campaigns. And he shares effective ways to advertise dropshipping stores.

In over-the-shoulder video training, Anton teaches students how to build successful ad campaigns. He also shows students the best way to create Facebook marketing funnels. And how to leverage 'easy offers' and scale with a winning system—one without ad fatigue or account bans. Learn the secrets to creating dropshipping ads and how to 'kill the game' at profitable Facebook marketing campaigns.

Facebook Warriors Course Curriculum:

  • How to set up & use Facebook Manager

  • How to build customer awareness

  • Strategies on how to turn your cold audience into hot leads

  • Step-by-step system to set your brand apart from the competition

  • Learn the best ways to create CORE offer buyers

  • How to maximize the value of your customers with upsells & cross-sells

  • How to build a cost-effective community and the best way to retarget & educate your audience

  • Tips on how to generate reviews & testimonials

  • How to leverage affiliates to promote products & content


Anton Kraly delivers a ton of value in his Drop Ship Lifestyle Course and Facebook Warriors Course. But both rely heavily on paid social traffic like Google Ads or a Facebook Ad campaign. But they don't include a lot of content on how to generate free leads or leverage organic traffic for your drop shipping business.

Anton is a successful high-ticket dropshipper who teaches students his exact processes in his dropshipping course to set them for a win and increase your dropshipping success rate. But his programs are expensive. And when you factor in ad spend, you might be saddled with a total that was a lot more than you had anticipated.

Positive Reviews Of Anton Kraly

photo of a dsl student

Jose is a student in the DSL Program based in the USA who had no previous online experience. He admits to getting stuck 'a lot' but reached out for support and continued to believe in himself and what he was learning in the course. A month after his store went live, he made a sale and, within a few weeks, had made over $8K. Jose handed in his resignation letter a few months later and 'hit the open road.'

image of a dsl student

Patrick, a DSL student from Canada, confesses that this course changed his life. He went from working fourteen hours a day at a job he hated to having the freedom of being his own boss. Patrick had tried multiple ways to make money online but had consistently failed because he lacked the skills and understanding. But with Anton Kraly's Dropship Lifestyle course, Patrick is now making money with his dropshipping store and is excited to see what the future holds.

Negative Reviews Of Anton Kraly

A Trust Pilot Review by a disgruntled ex-student with the handle Pall Mall cautions others that the 'live webinar' is a recording with a chatbot. He says they drag out the refund process, so you go over the 30-day window for your refund (even if you fulfill all of the 'identified tasks).

image of a trust pilot review of dsl


Anton Kraly has a solid online reputation and is highly revered in the ecommerce community. One of the OGs of dropshipping, there are countless positive reviews from students, and he has a 4.8/5 star reputation on Trust Pilot.

Reviews that are less than stellar are typically from people who have not taken the course or did not qualify for a refund. But it is a bit odd that there aren’t more genuine negative reviews. (Even the best dropshipping courses usually come with a few unhappy ex-students). 

Does High-Ticket Dropshipping Actually Work?

Yes-high-ticket dropshipping can actually work. Countless reviews and testimonials on the Drop Ship Lifestyle website prove that people are making money with high-ticket dropshipping using the methods in Anton's training. It's not that different from low-ticket drop shipping. You're just focusing on products with a higher retail value. Anton gives a few reasons why you should focus on drop shipping expensive products like:

  • You can earn a good profit per sale.

  • You do less work to make more money.

  • It's easier to buy paid traffic and turn a profit.

  • They have a higher perceived value.

Oversized items cost more to ship, so you need to factor in your costs. DSL shares a cost calculator with their students. But you can use software like Contrado to calculate projected profit margins. Local suppliers will mitigate some of the cost, but you're still dealing with paid ads and low-profit margins. And despite less competition, you still need to find the best niche and items proven to sell well to see any long-term success with the business model.

Is Anton Kraly A Scam?

Anton Kraly isn't a scam. (Although there's been some controversy over affiliate links and the course becoming a bit like an MLM). He sells courses that teach people how to dropship high-ticket products on Google and Facebook. But if you pay for his Drop Ship Lifestyle Course or Facebook Warriors Course, you get access to video training, downloadable PDFs, bonus material, and a support system. 

He's also super active on his YouTube channel, podcast, and blog, where he shares a ton of free content. In addition, Anton hosts annual events for members of his programs and appears genuinely invested in the long-term success of his students. Anton Kraly isn't a scam. It's the business model he teaches that might not be the best online business in 2024. But as a course creator, Anton Kraly is the real deal.

My Final Thoughts On Anton Kraly

Anton Kraly has been refreshing content and updating his high-ticket drop shipping techniques since 2013. He's gone above and beyond to create a community around his program and continues to deliver valuable content on multiple platforms (both free and paid). Despite rumors to the contrary, Anton remains an active dropshipper.

So he's also a coach who's practicing what he's preaching. Anton shares a ton of strategies outside the 'traditional dropshipping box.' Including things like Google Shopping Ads and using US dropshipping suppliers. He's also on top of industry trends and current issues in the market. His 21-Day launch offers accountability and a way to get your online business up and running fast. The problem here isn't with Anton Kraly or his courses. Instead, the concern is the dropshipping business model itself.

With its low barrier to entry and how easy it is for other drop shippers to copy your ads, creatives, marketing angle, etc. They just need a lower price tag or a free shipping option, and you're undersold out of your own market. Dropshipping is also not a passive income stream. On the contrary, it takes a ton of hustle and daily grind for slim profit margins. Not really a recipe for the best online business in 2024. You can make money with high ticket drop shipping. But you need to be prepared to spend the cash on paid ads and do the hard work before you're rewarded with that beach life you're dreaming of.

Reasons Why Local Lead Generation Is Easier…

My number one recommendation is local lead generation. The business model offers higher returns without spending cash on paid ads. As a result, you don't need to worry about suppliers, saturated products, or shipping costs. Instead, you're helping local business owners get more business. And you generate a semi-passive monthly income. 

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