Brook Hiddink Review: Make 7-Figures With High Ticket Dropshipping?

March 26, 2024

Brook Hiddink is a high ticket dropshipping business owner and mentor who made about $5 million in 16 months. He created several programs to teach his others how to find success with high ticket dropshipping. Brook Hiddink's course is a free 9-hour high ticket dropshipping training video on YouTube. Aside from the free course, you can choose to sign up for Brook’s paid masterclass. His free course covers the entire process of dropshipping on Shopify, from creating your store to marketing your products. Brook also offers a high ticket dropshipping 4-week blueprint and a list of 1,300 profitable dropshipping products.

Finding a highly profitable and trending product with unsaturated competition is the hardest part of dropshipping. This is the reason most dropshippers fail before they even begin, and why many updated dropshipping product lists are being sold. Dropshipping on some marketplaces, such as Amazon, are also highly regulated and dropshippers are constantly being suspended. You can start dropshipping with little money, but it is a hard business to find success with 90% of dropshippers failing.

Local lead generation is a sustainable passive income business model that works with the rank and rent method. You don’t deal with physical products and the issues that come with them, such as stocks, returns, shipping, etc. You create a site and rank it on Google, then rent it out to local business. This creates predictable and passive income. It’s worth checking out local lead generation for a low cost, low risk, high profit online business.

Brook Hiddink's 7-Figure High Ticket Dropshipping Strategy

Brook Hiddink says that high ticket dropshipping is better than low to mid ticket because your products have higher quality which means higher profit margin, has faster shipping, comes from real brands, and you have fewer customers to deal with leading to a higher chance to generate positive customer reviews. Brook claims his total earnings are about $5 million, but this does not include the operational costs. He shared a screenshot of his stores earnings for 15 and a half months. The screenshot shows a total earning of $4,696,082.78 which Brook claims a 25% profit margin. This would mean his profit amounts to about $1.17 million. There is no way to verify this, so take it with a grain of salt.

brook hiddink review

According to Shopify, high-ticket products are rarely sold by merchants as they get low sales volumes with only about 5% to 10% profit margins, while the big money actually comes from selling accessories for high ticket products (ex: phone chargers compared to actual phones.)

Finding a High Ticket Dropshipping Product

Dropshipping a product worth $200 and above is considered high ticket dropshipping. The common perception is that dropshipping high ticket products means high profit margins for less work, but this is not always the case. An electric scooter for the transportation niche is an example of a high ticket product. There are high ticket items in every niche. Remote control vehicles for the toy niche, camping tents for the outdoor niche, large beds for the home niche, and designer clothing for the fashion niche are some more examples. Women’s clothing is the most successful dropshipping niche. The fashion clothing niche makes up about 23% of all online sales, with women’s clothing taking the lead.

How Do You Find a High Ticket Product?

  • Marketplaces - You can search your niche on marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, and others. You can filter them based on price to isolate high ticket products. Check the volume of sales for these trending products to see their demand.
  • Google - You can use Google to search for trending items and use Google Trends to check their search volume. As a lot of online shoppers use Google to search for products, this will show you the popularity of high ticket products on every platform.
  • Dropshipping Groups - You can check dropshipping groups on Facebook for trending products. Dropshipping forums are also useful as you can get insights from other dropshippers on what high ticket products to sell.
  • Tools - There are tools specifically created for dropshippers to help them in their business, which includes searching for high ticket products. Product Mafia, Pexda, and Thieve are some of these tools that you can use to find trending high ticket products.

You can also purchase Brook Hiddink's list of 1,300 current trending products to save time and effort. Just remember to double check the products that you choose. 

Marketing Your High Ticket Dropshipping Product

Marketing is one of the biggest challenge in ecommerce. Driving traffic to your offer can prove difficult and costly. Brook uses both paid and free marketing techniques. Paid methods, such as PPC ads, are the quickest but riskiest way to get traffic. Free methods, such as social media marketing, can take longer to build up but have fewer risks. A motivated customer actively searching is the best audience for dropshipping. To target these kinds of customers, you need to rank on search engines or run targeted ad campaigns.

How Do You Get Traffic for Dropshipping?

  • Paid Ads (PPC) - Running Google ads or even marketplace ads, such as Amazon ads, may be the quickest way to market a product. However, there’s more to running paid ad campaigns than just paying a fee. You need to do a substantial amount of research and have creative skills to create and run effective ad campaigns.
  • SEO - SEO is arguably the most effective and cost efficient long term lead generation strategy. Using SEO to rank your blog, website, or even YouTube channel on search engines like Google will prove a cost effective way of creating organic traffic for your dropshipping business. 
  • Social Media Marketing - Leveraging social media marketing can be a low-cost method of generating traffic for your dropshipping store. You can run paid ads on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. You can also create a social media account for your business and marketing your offers there. Influencer marketing is another alternative where you can make deals with influencers to promote your listing.
  • Forums - A great way to market a product is to promote its utility. Answering questions on forums while suggesting your product as a solution to their problem can prove an effective way of driving traffic to your business.

Brook Hiddink Review: Pros and Cons


His course is free on YouTube with a paid mentorship option available.

A list of current trending high ticket products is available for an affordable price.


Brook Hiddink has only a few years of experience in dropshipping.

His lessons do not touch on other marketplaces and are exclusive to Shopify.

Brook's free cousre only teaches paid ads for marketing.


Shopify dropshipping course is free. $1 for Brook's 4-week high ticket dropshipping blueprint. $24.99 for a list of 1,300 currently trending high ticket products. Price of mentorship is given during the discovery call.

Refund Policy

No refund policy.




The programs are fairly new, so it's hard to say at this point.

Who Is Brook Hiddink's Course For?

  1. Beginners who want to learn how to dropship high ticket products on Shopify.
  2. For anyone who wants to learn how to do high ticket dropshipping on the US Shopify market.

What Do You Get With Brook Hiddink’s Course?

You will get over 9 hours of high ticket dropshipping training with Brook Hiddink’s free course. The course covers the fundamentals of setting up a Shopify store, finding your first high ticket dropshipping product, designing your Shopify store, and building relationships with your suppliers. You’ll also learn how to set up your Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram business accounts for running ads. Finally, you will learn how ad bidding works.

What Do You Get With Brook Hiddink’s Mastermind?

Brook Hiddink's mastermind includes more content and advanced strategies on Google ads, CRO, SEO, email marketing, and more. You will have access to the mastermind Slack channel, 10+ hours of group coaching every week, and 1-on-1 coaching to help select your niche, ad account, and more.

Are Brook Hiddink’s Students Successful?

Brook's mastermind is fairly new so don't expect any millionaires just yet. There are a handful of videos and tons of screenshots from students of his mastermind. One student, Christian, made $19,623 in total revenue from 4 sales in his 1st month after joining the mastermind.

2 other students, the partners Joel and Jack, who were experience store owners made $54.7K in the first month of joining the program and hit $200K after 4 months.

Keep in mind that these reviews only show total revenue. They do not say what the profit margins are, so we cannot know for sure how much you can realistically earn in profits.

Who Is Brook Hiddink?

brook hiddink review

Brook Hiddink is a Canadian ecommerce entrepreneur from Dubai, UAE, who made almost $5 million in 16 months by dropshipping $5,000+ high ticket luxury products on Shopify. He is the founder of High Ticket Ecom Incubator under which he created his high ticket dropshipping course in 2022. Originally from Ontario, Canada, Brook was a former professional hockey player who played in the Ontario Hockey League for 3 years. He went to law school to become a corporate lawyer but dropped out after 6 years. Brook started his first ecommerce store in 2021. His Instagram, ecomwithbrook, has 23.6K followers.

Is High Ticket Dropshipping Profitable in 2024?

High-ticket dropshipping is profitable in 2024 if you have a good trending product to sell in a profitable niche, have an effective marketing strategy, follow dropshipping policies, and have the patience and perseverance. Dropshipping high ticket products might make more money with less work, but you need good marketing.

Finding a highly profitable and trending product with unsaturated competition is the hardest part of dropshipping. This is the reason most dropshippers fail before they even begin, and why there are updated dropshipping product lists being compiled and sold by experts. It is important to know the pros and cons of dropshipping before starting your business. You can also increase your profitability by starting a business in a low tax jurisdiction, such as getting started with your online business idea in Dubai where taxes can often be 0%.  

What Are the Most Saturated Dropshipping Niches?

Saturated niches aren't necessarily a bad thing. While beginners might want to avoid these niches, more experienced and skilled dropshipper could make big profits from these niches.

  • Clothing - Clothing is the most saturated niche, with women’s clothing being the most saturated sub-niche. This niche makes the bulk of the ecommerce industry and thus holds a lot of profit potential if you know how to beat the competition.
  • Electronics - The electronic niche is one of the most profitable yet highly saturated and risky niche. This niche is plagued with problems with faulty products or even counterfeit items, so you must be prepared for the possibilities of costly returns and even suspension.
  • Watches - One of the biggest mistakes of new dropshippers is finding a high ticket niche that they think would make easy money. The watches niche appears to be flooded with beginner dropshippers who are spending on marketing and not making any sales as they are unable to compete with private labels and branded stores.
  • Furniture - Products in the furniture niche are often large and bulky which leads to high shipping costs. This further lowers your profit margin or even put you at a negative as the high demand niche is saturated with sellers competing for the lowest prices. Beginners should stay away from this niche.
  • Beauty and Health - The beauty and health niche is among the highly risky and saturated niches. There are many rules and regulations when it comes to health and beauty products. The worst that can happen in this niche will get you involved in a lawsuit for dropshipping an item that has proven illegitimate or dangerous.

What Niches Are Not Saturated?

Unsaturated niches that show potential for growth are great for beginners. Lower competition means lower risks, as you need to invest less in marketing. While this could also mean less sales, it can be a safer way to get some experience.

  • Solar Energy Products - Sustainability is a growing trend worldwide. Solar energy products are slowly gaining popularity and thus there is a growing potential to profit from this niche. These products save a lot of money in the long run, which makes the benefits easy to sell.
  • Eco-Friendly - Like solar energy, the eco-friendly niche is growing in popularity. As more people become environmentally conscious, the demand for eco-friendly products grows. To date, there is little competition within this niche, but you also have to do targeted marketing to find your target audience.
  • Home Office - As the work at home trend continues to grow post-pandemic, the home office niche is expected to rise in demand. It could be a great opportunity to begin while the demand and competition is still low and rising.
  • Pet Products - A semi-popular niche that does not appear to grow or decline. The pet products niche could be a good niche for beginners to start as the market is stable.
  • Sports Equipment - The sports equipment niche is growing in popularity and yet the increase in number of sellers is slow. This could be the perfect time to get into the sports equipment niche.

Ultimately, dropshipping is not a sustainable business model. Constant search for new trending products and overall low profit margins makes it a difficult business to scale and sustain in the long run. Most dropshippers eventually move to other ecommerce models after making enough capital. Private label selling is more profitable than dropshipping. Attaching a unique brand to your products means you get to decide your price and hence determine your profit margins. This also allows you to build a brand which could benefit your business in the long run.

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  • Anton Kraly's Drop Ship Lifestyle - A Shopify high ticket dropshipping program that has a large community of over 14,000 members. The course does teach organic traffic but focuses on paid marketing.
  • Joe Verschoor's High Ticket Masterclass - A Shopify high ticket dropshipping mentorship with a Discord support group. Joe teaches his students to focus on getting US suppliers as compared to Chinese ones despite the lower profit margins.

My Recommended Online Business in 2024

Local lead generation is my recommended online business in 2024. By using SEO to rank your site on Google then renting it out to local businesses, you earn a stable passive income with a profit margin as high as 90%. Compared to the highly competitive nature of ecommerce, competition is less of an issue with local lead generation. There are hundreds of niches and thousands of areas to choose from, hence you'll only be competing with a handful of sites or even none at all.

o scale a local lead generation business, you simply have to repeat the rank and rent process. You can repeat this process as much as you want. A single site can earn up to $2,000, making the earning potential enormous. 10 sites can potentially make $20,000 a month in completely passive income. A site can stay ranked on Google for years, meaning maintenance is hardly an issue. These qualities make local lead generation the best online business model to create time and financial freedom.

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