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Digital Real Estate Course: Our Top 5 Picks For 2024

November 24, 2023

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Digital real estate is a chance to own virtual land. It's a market worth over $5 million and one of the best ways to harness passive income. But what is digital real estate? How do you become a digital landlord? And why is the local lead generation business model the best way to own a piece of the action?

If you're ready to jump on this trend, you should consider investing in a digital real estate course. And learn from an industry leader. Someone who has achieved wealth and can share a blueprint for success. Below are the five top digital real estate courses for 2024. They all offer various price points, features, pros, and cons. Let's take a look:

What Is Digital Real Estate?

Digital real estate is any uniquely identifiable virtual asset you own that can be bought or sold for money. Not only is it a brilliant investment strategy. But it also offers an opportunity for people looking to make money online. Of course, you need to do the work upfront.

And create a virtual property that has value. But then, it requires little to no management. As a result, taking advantage of a digital real estate investment doesn't have the headaches typically associated with investing in physical real estate. But it’s also versatile and has many forms that include things like:

  • Domain Name & URLs

  • Websites & Webpages

  • Social Media Accounts & Apps

There is a multitude of ways to invest in the digital world. But you need to focus on your skill set. Or be ready to take a course. So you can learn which online business is the best fit for you.

Can You Make Money With Digital Real Estate?

Yes, you can make money with digital real estate. And a substantial amount. But you need a strategy. 

  • How will you get your virtual land in front of eyeballs? 
  • What type of digital property do you want to own?

Digital assets become valuable when people want them. Or they solve a problem or fill a gap in the market. There are a few ways to capitalize on this trend that include things like:

Digital Real Estate Business Opportunities:

  • Rent Digital Assets: Starting a lead generation business is the best way to make money with digital assets. You leverage organic traffic and create a passive income. By building and ranking websites that generate leads for small business owners. You own the websites and the leads. Then you sell those leads for a profit.

  • Drive Online Traffic: Affiliate marketing allows you to promote multiple offers on your website or social media channel. And you get a commission for every sale. Or you could use your virtual land as advertising space for brands who want to sell to your identified target audience.

  • Grow A Personal Brand: You can build a brand or become an influencer. 

  • Sell Products Online: You can sell products you make or that are created by someone else using the ecommerce business model.

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Digital real estate investing offers all kinds of opportunities. But you need to learn the skills that will get you a steady stream of traffic-either organic or with paid advertising. But ad costs are rising. So if you want to know the best and fastest ways to get eyeballs on your virtual assets, you need to have a digital marketing strategy. 

On the other hand, being an investor in virtual real estate costs less than buying physical real estate. And your digital assets appreciate over time. So if you decide to sell them in the future, you stand to earn a hefty profit.

1. Best Lead Generation Digital Real Estate Course & Our Number One Recommendation: Job Killing: Dan Klein

Job Killing by Dan Klein is our number one recommendation. Not only is this local lead generation program the same training I used to achieve a passive income of over $52K/month. But you'll be hard-pressed to find a more detailed online course. Dan launched his program in 2014. And there are now over 7000 members.

JK provides a blueprint on the exact steps to start, build and scale a lead generation company. From launching your first website to what niches to avoid. Learn where to find 'free stuff.' And how to set up and optimize your GMB. In addition, students learn how to conduct keyword research, search engine optimization (SEO), and tips on prospecting and closing. 


Job Killing has an engaged online community, and Dan is an active participant.

Dan updates the course material consistently and there are thousands of student success stories and testimonials.

JK provides their students small group training, ongoing support, and live events.


There's a lot of misinformation and fake reviews online.

Ex-students have created 'copycat' versions of Dan's training and pose as his partners in hopes of making a quick buck.

You need to book a call to find out the price and to see if you're eligible for the program (they don't take everyone). 


Not listed

Refund Policy

Refunds are handled by Dan on an individual basis.




Job Killing has an exclusive members-only Facebook group with over 7000 members. Here students can network, ask questions and get ongoing support. In addition, JK offers numerous done-for-you services and 24/7 customer support. They also provide tracking number software, website hosting, premium training options, and small group training called ‘TEAMS.'  And have a YouTube channel with 4.62 subscribers, where they publish a ton of free content.


Job Killing is an in-depth lead generation course. The training includes over 100 hours of video content that's divided into 5-30 minute easy-to-digest segments. Members also get access to downloadable PDF worksheets, a profit calculator, free resources, and bonus materials.


Yes, live streams every Tuesday and Thursday, in addition to special guest appearances.

picture of JK logo

Dan Klein is the mastermind and course creator of Job Killing. The father of two, Dan was a well-established used car salesman when he began his online journey in 2012. Dan spent 18 months fine-tuning his lead generation course. (That he launched in 2014). Fueled by the focus on coaching and helping others achieve the same results with the business model.

Dan's course covers content on topics like lead generation, social media, and paid ads. Dan also shares some cutting-edge negotiation tactics. And he remains committed to the success of his students. Eight years and 7000+ students later, Dan shows up for live streams twice a week. In addition to constantly adding new content, software, or tools to fast-track the process. Plus, Dan stays current on Google trends. So he knows how to best circumvent issues before they happen.

Dan’s Course: Job Killing

2. Best Budget-Friendly Digital Real Estate Course For Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Lab: Matt Diggity

Don't be fooled by the reasonable price point of this online course. Affiliate Lab is full of value-packed content. And Matt provides in-depth training on niche selection, on and off-site SEO, and how to achieve the best conversions. Students also get tips on building an authoritative site and how to leverage Google.

But Affiliate Lab teaches affiliate marketing. And for beginners, building a blog that ranks for global keywords is insanely challenging. (Even with a great course). So you need to learn how to leverage online traffic. And how and where to find the best offers if you want to make money.


Matt shares some high-level techniques, including SEO and link-building strategies.

Matt updates the course material on a consistent basis.

Affiliate Lab has an active online community, and Matt is a regular participant.


The content might be a bit too advanced for beginners.

Building an authoritative site for affiliate marketing can take years. If you want to buy an existing site, it will cost you big bucks.

It's challenging to generate a steady income.



Refund Policy

No refunds




Affiliate Lab has an exclusive, members-only Facebook group where students can connect, network, ask questions, and get ongoing support. Matt also has a blog, done-for-you services, 1:1 consulting and coaching, and a YouTube channel with 59.9K subscribers where he regularly shares free content on SEO and ranking your assets.


Affiliate Lab includes a complete guide on affiliate marketing with over 24 hours of training in 160+ videos, templates, SOPs, cheat sheets, and checklists. Students also get access to Matt's SEO tools, bonus materials, and free resources.


No, but Matt does post regular content on his social media channels.

photo of affiliate lab logo

Matt Diggity is an SEO expert and the creator of Affiliate Lab. He began his affiliate SEO journey in 2009 and went full-time in 2011. Fueled by success, he started selling affiliate websites for 6-figures. Matt is the CEO of Lead Spring (his affiliate SEO company that generated over $1 million in its first year of conception).

In addition, Matt is the CEO of Diggity Marketing. But he's also a partner to the link service Authority Builders. And is a renowned speaker at the Chiang Mai SEO Conference. Diggity has spoken in 32 countries. And he's taught thousands of students how to be successful with affiliate marketing.

Matt’s Course: Affiliate Lab

See my review of Affiliate Lab 

3. Most Educational Digital Real Estate Course: Entre Institute: Jeff Lerner

Jeff Lerner's ENTRE Institute program teaches three ways to make money with digital real estate; affiliate marketing, digital agencies, and online courses. But Jeff also spends a lot of time discussing holistic strategies. Including why all aspects of your life need to be in sync to be successful in business.

In addition, Jeff's program provides ongoing support, an active online community, and mentorship. Plus, his training offers in-depth material on how to pick a niche. The criteria that make a product worth promoting. And profit hacks to drive online traffic to your platform.


Jeff has over ten years of experience and his low-ticket course, the ENTRE Blueprint, is inexpensive and easy to understand.

Lerner is an animated and well-spoken instructor who shares specific details on achieving financial freedom with digital assets.

Jeff provides numerous opportunities for students to network, ask questions and glean support from an active online community.


Jeff doesn't offer any new or revolutionizing materials. And what he teaches in his introductory course can be found easily on Google or YouTube.

There are a LOT of upsells, and if you want to access certain features, you will need to pay more than $39.

Lerner uses a lot of online marketing tactics to promote his upsells (kind of like an infomercial).



Refund Policy

A 30-day keep-it-all refund allows you to keep all the materials you purchased and get a full refund.




Jeff has taught, trained, or coached over 20,000 students and continues to offer current updates and valuable content. In addition, members get access to Jeff's ENTRE Nation. Here students can ask questions, network, and get ongoing support. Jeff also hosts live events and conferences for members who also get access to the ENTRE Life App. Jeff also publishes regular content on his YouTube channel (where he has 82.4K subscribers).


The program includes six modules on lifestyle habits and affiliate marketing. But students also learn how to create a digital agency and the importance of building a valuable virtual asset. In addition, you get PDFs listing Jeff's core values. And a second PDF outlining how to build a personalized success path. (Plus, a chance to purchase numerous upsells and additional training).


No, but Jeff posts regular content on his YouTube channel and hosts conferences and events for his members.

image of entre logo

Jeff Lerner is the founder of ENTRE Institute and Entresoft. Lerner is an entrepreneur extraordinaire and has a lengthy list of business ventures and partnerships like:

  • Owner of 2:20 Investment Group
  • Official Member of the Forbes Business Council 
  • Google AdWords Certificate Holder (June 2014)

Jeff is the father of four, a fitness fanatic, and a professional jazz pianist. And he has been investing in digital real estate since 2008. In addition, Jeff has an active social media presence that includes a YouTube channel with 82.4 subscribers. (Plus, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook accounts). But he also hosts a podcast: Unlock Your Potential with Jeff Lerner. And he's still an active entrepreneur and course creator.

Jeff’s Course: Entre Institute

See my review of Entre Institute

4. Best Basic Lead Generation Digital Real Estate Course: Digital Real Estate Secrets Revealed: James Kuck

James Kuck's DRE training shows you how to build simple digital properties and rank sites to generate online traffic. Students receive step-by-step teaching on topics like choosing a niche. And tips for finding the right location.

Learn strategies around on and off-page SEO and where to find clients. Follow James's checklist as he outlines how to design and optimize your digital real estate. And you can produce predictable results and maximum profits.


James provides excellent training for beginners and covers the basics of the rank and rent business model well.

The course is reasonably priced.

DRE has an active online community and provides a supportive environment for its members.


The course is a bit basic.

The add-ons James offers aren't that beneficial.

James is invested in more than one online business model. (Which is fine. But why teach rank and rent if you're also promoting other stuff?)



Refund Policy

You get 14 days to test the Digital Real Estate system. Then, if you don't like it, you can get your money back. (As long as you've only completed 20% or less of the training materials).




DRE has a members-only private Facebook page. A place where students can network and ask questions. The group also offers an FB Messenger direct line. In addition, James provides a list of his recommended developers and outsourcers. And he posts regular content on his YouTube channel (with 13.5K subscribers).


The training shares over 75 hours of over-the-shoulder video content on how to rank and rent websites. James' course covers his simple 3-step system on 'build, close, and rent digital real estate.' Students also receive email templates and phone scripts. And bonus materials, including lifetime updates. Plus, you can access James' other online courses, 'Prospecting King's and 'Local YouTube Domination', for free. 


Yes, James hosts live updates and Q&As in the members-only Facebook Group.

image of DRE logo
image of james kuck

James Kuck has over 11 years of experience in Business and the Digital Marketing space. The co-founder of My Media Pal (a digital marketing agency). James has sold 7 figures in digital marketing services. In addition, he has experience in SMMA, landing pages, funnels, affiliate marketing, and consulting.

In fact, there are only a few online business models James hasn't tried. Published in articles like Thrive, he is a known figure in digital marketing. His rank and rent model has been highly profitable. And James says it's his 'favorite' business model to date. 

James Course: Digital Real Estate Secrets Revealed 

See my review of James Kuck 

5. Longest Running Digital Real Estate Course-Four Percent Group: Vick Strizheus

Vick launched Four Percent in 2011. His first program was the High Traffic Academy. An online education platform designed to 'train, encourage, and elevate marketers.' Vick has since created dozens of online courses. And he shares a toolbox of resources, events, videos, and industry hacks. Vick's primary focus is on affiliate marketing. But he also offers members an MLM-style opportunity to promote his VIP training and platform tools for commission. 


Vick is an animated instructor. 

Vick shares a ton of high-quality content in his courses.

He is a seasoned entrepreneur who has achieved incredible financial success online. 


Vick relies heavily on paid traffic.

There are hidden costs (like the $997 you need to cough up to become a program affiliate).

Vick teaches some pretty advanced techniques that might be difficult for beginners to execute.


Vick offers four price points and membership can be cancelled at anytime:
Basic: Free
Silver: $25/month
Gold : $297/month 
Platinum : $1,000/month

Refund Policy

30 day refund policy & cancel subscriptions anytime




Four Percent offers multiple online courses and mindset training. Members can access the group's interactive entrepreneur community. (This isn't a Facebook group). Instead, Four Percent has its own social network. And they also offer 24/7/365 live support.


Four Percent offers online courses on copywriting, Facebook ads, and sales funnels. But Vick's big ticket sellers are his affiliate marketing programs. And he provides members with program challenges, like the $10K Challenge, $100,000K Challenge, and the $1M Challenge. Each challenge comes with its own course content. Plus, downloadable materials and Vick's profit hacks.


Yes, virtual live events are hosted weekly in addition to Q&As with Vick

four percent logo image
photo of vick strizheaus

Vick Strizheus needs no introduction. One of the best internet marketers of all time, Vick is a mentor and coach. Vick has trained over 30,00 students in 180 countries worldwide. And is an expert in marketing and advertising. Vick had to overcome a few poor business decisions early in his career.

(Unfortunately, Vick has historically been involved in questionable business ventures that resulted in jail time). But now, he's the CEO of Four Percent. One of the best-performing digital marketing platforms on the internet. And this husband and father of six is also an author, business strategist, and motivational speaker. 

Vick’s Course: Four Percent

See my review of Four Percent

Why You Should Take A Digital Real Estate Course:

You should take a course if you want to hit the ground running and generate income with your virtual real estate. Not only is it in investment in yourself and your financial future. But a digital real estate course guarantees you'll gain a competitive edge. And get a head start securing a steady cash flow.

Learn how this online market works and the best types of digital properties to invest in. Digital real estate costs less than traditional property investment. But that doesn't mean it's easy. Or free. You need to know how to leverage Google and get your digital asset at the top of the SERPs. 

And you need to know how to employ strategies to drive online traffic to your properties. Like the skills used in the local lead generation business model. So you don't need to rely on paid ads. Instead, you drive organic traffic to websites using things like:

  • Content Creation & Videos Or Reels
  • SEO & XML Sitemaps
  • Backlinks & Citations

Of course, you don't need to pay someone to teach you. You can find all kinds of information for free on YouTube and Google. But if you want to:

  • Fast-track your path to financial freedom.
  • Learn what mistakes to avoid. 
  • Learn the best way to generate 90% profit margins.

Then investing in a digital real estate course from a creator with a proven concept is worth it.

Is Digital Real Estate Worth It?

Digital real estate is worth it because it's valuable. People want it. And once your digital land offers value, you have a tangible commodity you can sell, lease, or rent, like a lead generation company. (Renting websites that generate leads to small business owners for a piece of the profits). 

You own the asset. And if you can harness online traffic, other businesses and brands are willing to pay. (Sometimes big bucks) And get their product or service in front of your target audience because your website offers value.

Plus, like traditional real estate, your digital assets appreciate over time. So they have the potential to generate a lucrative payout should you decide to sell in the future. When compared to physical real estate, digital real estate offers a few other advantages like:

Advantages Of Owning Digital Real Estate

  • You have more control.

  • Your investment costs are lower. 

  • Virtual land is a way to trade time for money.

  • You have numerous options, from digital property to bitcoin and Web 3.0 investing, like NFTs, Metaverse real estate, and crypto. Plus, each offers a unique way to make money online.

It’s also an evergreen asset that offers multiple options. And because you build your virtual property on fundamentals (like content, images, metadata, etc.), you can scale your online business quickly. Plus, once you learn the skills needed to drive online traffic. Then, you can make money on any topic in any niche. 

How To Become A Digital Landlord:

To become a digital landlord, you need to own and capitalize on your virtual land. (So that they become valuable). A digital landlord has a portfolio of digital assets that can be 'rented' for a fee. When virtual properties are worth something to a business, brand, or individual, they're willing to pay money to leverage your assets.

As a virtual investor, you manage digital properties that include things like:

But you need to be prepared to invest the time and resources to create a virtual property that people want. Unfortunately, there's no precise formula for how long it will take to make a profit from your website. For example, with a lead generation business, you can get your site to the top of the SERPs in as little as 6 weeks-6 months.

cartoon of a man holding a computer

But other options, like starting a blog or growing a YouTube channel, can take 12-18 months. However, if you stay consistent and learn industry tips taught in online real estate courses. Then, you can expedite the process, start renting your digital assets faster and begin making a passive income.

Why Lead Generation Is Our First Choice:

Digital real estate is the next hot trend. And is the ideal investment opportunity if you want to create a passive income. But not all digital properties are equal. And not all of them offer value. For example, starting a local lead generation company is the best way to capitalize on the virtual market.

Every business owner needs leads, so your websites offer tremendous value. Once your sites are at the top of the SERPs, you own prime real estate. And business owners are happy to pay for your leads. Plus, because lead generation requires a specific skill set, the market isn't saturated. 

You can target any niche or market in the world and build as many lead gen sites as you want. In addition, because the websites, tracking numbers, and leads belong to you, you call the shots on the price tag.

Of course, there is a multitude of options when it comes to investing in digital real estate. (I've tried my hand at a few). But none have been able to generate the income level. Or the consistent results I've achieved with my lead gen business. Now lead generation is my number one recommendation. And the best way to make online money with digital real estate. 


Digital real estate offers an opportunity to generate a passive income. It can teach you how to leverage search engines. And how to drive online traffic to your virtual land to create a valuable online property. 

By taking an online course, you set yourself up for success. Like Dan Klein's Job Killing course that includes a community of over 7000 students. People from all over the world who invested in themselves and changed their lives. Just by following Dan's step-by-step instructions on how to be successful with local lead generation.

A digital real estate course will help you fast-track the learning curve. Learn how to monetize your assets and get the biggest payouts. It's an investment in yourself and your future and worth it in 2024

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