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Full ENTRE Institute Review: Inside Jeff Lerner’s Digital Marketing Education Platform

March 13, 2024

As you search for an ENTRE Institute review, you’ll soon learn that it’s difficult to find information about what’s inside this affiliate marketing, digital agency, and online course educational platform. Jeff Lerner has created a robust army of affiliate marketers that mostly push the introductory course ENTRE Blueprint. So, I’ve done the research, and put together this full ENTRE Institute review that looks inside the paywall.

In this ENTRE Institute review you will read about course options, the ENTRE Institute Affiliate Program, and read ENTRE Reddit reviews. You'll also learn about local lead generation, which is a form of digital agency called digital real estate. It's like affiliate marketing because you create content to promote another business. But, instead of selling a product, you pull in leads for local small businesses. 


Has the feeling of a school, builds a sense of community.

Jeff is motivational and positive.

Initial trainings focus on wellness and betterment of the complete self.


Jeff focuses too much on the lifestyle side of things.

Countless upsells.

Jeff Lerner creates multiple funnels (like Class with Jeff) to take people into the ENTRE Institute training. THis is part of his affiliate marketing strategy. His affiliates have access to these funnels and promote them within their content.


Entering the ENTRE Institute costs $39. From there, costs jump up exponentially. Every product within the Institute has an additional cost, which can set you back almost $50,000 (without the startup cost of your online business)


Lower ticket courses have a 30-day money-back guarantee. Higher-ticket have a 72-hour refund policy. The lower ticket offerings are: ENTRE Blueprint, ENTRE Nation/Elite, ENTRE Fundamentals. Everything else falls under the shorter policy.



Up to Date



ENTRE Institute has an impressive affiliate marketing program. So, there are countless positive reviews online and a few negative reviews. This affiliate marketing program is offered at the entry level of ENTRE, so many reviews only go so far as the initial ENTRE Blueprint course.

Who is the ENTRE Institute Coach, Jeff Lerner?

Jeff Lerner is the main coach and founder of ENTRE Institute. Originally, he worked as a professional jazz piano player, after getting his degree from the University of Houston without a high school diploma. 

To learn everything about Jeff Lerner (and decide if you can trust him), read our Jeff Lerner Review.

He got his start in online business in 2008, as the Great Recession arrived and he faced a broken wrist, over 10 failed business ventures, and $495,000 worth of debt. He discovered affiliate marketing and dug himself out, working long hours for 18 months. This tough time would inspire the content in ENTRE Institute. 

Jeff is both a lifestyle and a business coach. He is married, lives in Las Vegas, NV, and has 4 children. He shares his Millionaire Secrets on his active YouTube channel.

What is Jeff Lerner’s Net Worth?

Jeff Lerner’s net worth is probably around $4 million to $7 million, even though he claims to have made over $100 million since he started his online business. This lower estimate considers expenses and the 200,000 ENTRE students at $39 each. His partner Adam Whiting probably takes a cut off that, too.

If Jeff Lerner is Worth $4 Million to $7 Million, Why Did He Create the ENTRE Institute?

Jeff created ENTRE to provide the budding entrepreneur with a new educational platform tailored more to their needs than traditional education. It also gives Jeff another income stream and allows him to follow through on one of his core goals- building a legacy through wealth.

What is the ENTRE Institute?

The ENTRE Institute is an online-only education platform for entrepreneurs. Its content teaches Jeff Lerner’s holistic strategy for a healthy life and a successful business. According to him, you can’t have a truly successful business if the physical and relational aspects of your life aren’t in sync. 

Besides these principles, Jeff teaches students how to get into affiliate marketing by promoting ENTRE, how to use their newfound digital marketing skills to build a business-to-business digital agency, and finally how to combine all of that into an online course that will make money for years to come. 

Jeff Lerner has created a valuable asset that will benefit students who want to learn how to have an entrepreneurial mindset. By starting out with affiliate marketing, students will get familiar with digital marketing. Then, the next step- building a digital agency- is much easier to learn. Digital agencies are much more complex than affiliate marketing, and have a higher barrier of entry. That means digital real estate assets like local lead generation have less competition because of the specific skill set needed.

To join the ENTRE Institute, pay $39 and take the ENTRE Blueprint. After you finish this and go through the bonus content, you can look through your ENTRE dashboard for other courses like this:

entre institute dashboard
entre institute dashboard

Inside the Entre Blueprint...

The ENTRE Blueprint is Jeff Lerner’s initial, low-ticket, introductory course to his philosophies. It costs $39. You will need to share your email address and phone number to receive all bonus materials.

Inside the ENTRE Institute Blueprint, you will find a 6 module course about creating digital real estate.

  • Step 1 goes over strategies to strengthen the physical, personal, and professional components of your life. Jeff shares hacks like waking before 5 am and time chunking.
  • Step 2 covers Jeff’s philosophy that you must build community, knowledge, and strategy. Mastering these is how to take successful action.
  • Step 3 is Jeff’s whole-life strategy, which includes making money now, making that money dependably, and creating something of value that will last for years.
  • Step 4 talks about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is an online business model that involves promoting other brands’ products with a specific link. While this is a fairly simple business to start, that means there is a very low barrier to entry. Just by joining Jeff Lerner's affiliate program, you will already compete again all of his other students who are also promoting his course. 
  • Step 5 covers the next stage of Jeff’s digital real estate strategy- digital agencies. He encourages you to help other businesses become profitable by utilizing the marketing skills you have learned so far.
  • Step 6 talks about the creation of digital courses, which is the phase Jeff currently works in. This is the model that Jeff uses to build generational wealth.

Besides this course, you will receive bonuses (as long as you also provide your phone number). These bonuses include an ENTRE advisor, who is your contact with moving forward in ENTRE Institute. This person doubles as an ENTRE salesperson. You will also get an ENTRE Blueprint PDF of the ENTRE process to help you create a personalized success path, another ENTRE PDF with their core values on it, and access to the ENTRE Nation community and ENTRE Life App. 

Finally, you will take the ENTRE Income Jumpstart, where you’ll learn how to promote ENTRE Institute as an affiliate.

For an in-depth look at this course, read our ENTRE Blueprint review.

Does ENTRE Institute Have Any Upsells?

Yes, the ENTRE Institute training program has many upsells. Following completion of the ENTRE Blueprint, you must pay for everything within the platform.

What Else is Included in Entre Institute?

ENTRE Institute has many programs to choose from. As of June 2022, the digital marketing courses inside ENTRE are:

entre institute awesome life challenge
  • The Awesome Life Challenge: 20 lesson lifestyle training course and budget calculator.
  • Millionaire Productivity Secrets: 19 module course on building a productive lifestyle.
  • Affiliate Business Accelerator: 48 module Affiliate Marketing course presented by Jesse Singh. Also known as Affiliate Millionaire Accelerator.
  • Agency Business Accelerator: Over 60 lessons by Hilary Russell, CEO of 6-figure TRC Agency. Also known as Agency Millionaire Accelerator.
  • Knowledge Business Accelerator: 3 module course on researching your topic, what technology is best to create your course, and how to market your course. Also known as Digital Course Millionaire Accelerator.
  • Entre Foundations: 6-course training series on all aspects of business and lifestyle transformation.
  • Entre Coaching: Designed for the developed business person, 1-on-1 coaching costs $15,000.
  • Implementation Bootcamp: 2 week program led by ENTRE manager Al Monteiro.
  • Adskills Traffic Training: an intensive course on advertising and generating traffic. Adskills is a third party. Check out the Adskills website.
implementation bootcamp entre institute

Each of these comes with some additional cost. With your purchase of the ENTRE Blueprint you can also access the ENTRE Nation community. The Elite community comes with an upsell. 

If you’re interested in all 3 of Jeff’s courses, you might purchase the ENTRE Digital Bundle and get all 3 for a single price. However, it’s unclear how much that price is. Most resources say $4000, others say $2000. It’s likely that it is $1997 per course or $4000 for all 3. The ENTRE Inner Circle is another choice, which allows you to work with Jeff and team his once a month in a workshop setting. Entre Mastery is a similar intensive. Finally, if you hear about Entre Results Coaching, this is not an ENTRE product. The Entre Result coaching is not affiliated with Jeff Learner.

Was there an ENTRE Institute Lawsuit?

As far as we know, there has been no ENTRE Institute lawsuit. However, Jeff promoted other businesses that were involved in lawsuits, like Wealth Masters International, My Online Business Education, and Digital Altitude. Jeff has structured ENTRE similarly to these defunct businesses.

Entre Institute Cost

To get some value from ENTRE Institute while still staying relatively low cost, choose a single Accelerator for $2000. Unlike traditional education models, the cost of ENTRE Institute can stay as low as you need. You can stop at ENTRE Blueprint and spend only $39, but you won’t be able to start a sustainable, profitable business from only that. If you buy every part of the ENTRE Institute, expect to spend close to $50,000 in your first year on course materials alone.

Part of Jeff’s internet marketing for ENTRE Institute involves keeping exact pricing under lock and key until you’ve bought the ENTRE Blueprint. That way, you’re more likely to invest a little more, and a little more. To find out your options, you will need to purchase the introductory course and handle multiple calls and texts from your advisor.

What Problems Might I Face if I Apply for a Refund?

If you want a refund for ENTRE Blueprint, ENTRE Nation, ENTRE Nation Elite, and ENTRE Fundamentals, you will have insignificant problems as long as you cancel before 30 days. Everything else has a refund policy of 72 hours from processing.

How Do I Cancel My Entre Institute?

To cancel your ENTRE Institute account, you must send a cancellation request to This is the only place to request a refund. You must make this request within 30 days of purchase of the ENTRE Blueprint, ENTRE Nation/Elite, ENTRE Fundamentals. For anything else, you have 72 hours.

What are the ENTRE Institute Business Models?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the primary business model in the ENTRE Institute. They teach it in the ENTRE Blueprint and in the Affiliate Business Accelerator course. It’s also taught in the Jumpstart, which comes with your purchase of the ENTRE Blueprint. Here, Jeff teaches you how to be an affiliate for ENTRE itself. 

To do affiliate marketing, start by choosing a niche. Choose a topic you already have a following in, or something you’re interested in learning more about. Then, find the right affiliate program that is inside that niche. Depending on what you choose, there might be an application process. Then, you will create content that directs traffic to your link, and publish it on social media, on a landing page, or within your email marketing strategy. Jeff focuses on paid ads to push these links.

What are the Challenges of Affiliate Marketing?

Challenges of affiliate marketing include:

  • Promoting another person's product. While you get a commission, ultimately you are helping another compnay make money while you get a small cut for all your content creation. 
  • Low commission. Some programs, like Amazon affiliates, are near 5%.
  • Competition is fierce. If you enter the space now, you will compete against veteran affilaite marketers aroudn the world who have been generating income this way for years.
  • Extremely difficult to get traffic. Along wiht fighting professional competition, you will have a hard time getting traffic to your content. After all, audiences used to specific affiliate marketers will want to listen to their proven reviews and opinions much more than yours.
  • Low barrier to entry. In theory, affiliate marketing is simple. But this means more people are able to start this business model, further saturing the market.

How to Select the Right Affiliate Program for Your Niche?

To select the right affiliate program for your niche, take a few things into consideration. First, check reviews and forums to make sure the company has an excellent reputation. Avoid programs that have no reviews at all. Watch for information about the program’s support and responsiveness.

Also, take notice of your target audience. Figure out what brands your audience might be interested in by creating customer profiles or even creating surveys and collecting data. Cheek the brand’s commission levels and make sure it will get you close to your target income. Some programs are pay-per-sale, others are pay-per-action. Pay-per-sale means the customer will have to buy for you to get a commission. Pay-per-action could simply mean a visit to the website will put money in your bank. 

Finally, choose a product from that brand that you have used before and loved. 

Startup cost:

$500- $3000




Generating and retaining traffic, competition hijackers, delayed income, promoting another brand’s business

What is a Digital Agency?

Digital agencies take many forms, but they provide online marketing services for companies who don’t wish to do this themselves or digital consulting. My local lead generation business is one such business, which has a much higher barrier to entry than offering affiliate marketing/digital marketing services to other businesses. Other forms of digital agencies might help you promote your Amazon FBA listing, branding, or SEO.

Startup cost:

@ $60 - $45,000


Not as much as other business models, like Amazon FBA


Creating a mountain of content, designing a quality website, paying for experts to do those things if you don’t know how, generating leads consistently, booking clients, managing clients' requests.

What are Online Courses?

Online courses are the last piece in Jeff Lerner’s strategy to create a legacy of wealth for generations to come. You can create a course with just PowerPoint slides, or you can professionally record video courses. To bolster your online course, consider adding a student Facebook community or mentorships.

Startup cost:

Free- $10,000


Yes. Quality, updated courses are less saturated.


Choosing a topic that will sell, creating a quality course, advertising cost and content generation.

What is the Success Rate of ENTRE Institute?

200,000 students have joined the ENTRE Institute through Entre Blueprint. However, that doesn’t show how many students have created successful affiliate marketing businesses, digital agencies, or online courses. That exact success rate is not known.

Is the ENTRE Institute Legit?

Yes, the ENTRE Institute is legit. By buying training programs through Jeff’s education platform, you will learn new skills that can benefit your personal and professional life.

Is Entre Institute a Pyramid Scheme?

No, ENTRE Institute is not a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes recruit low-level participants, and the primary source of income for the higher level earners comes from this recruitment. Multi-level marketing businesses generate income from the sale of physical products. ENTRE sells products- the trainings. So, even though the upsells may appear to build a pyramid, this doesn’t make it a pyramid scheme.

Entre Institute Reviews: Just How Good is the Training?

Most student testimonials online say the training is life-changing and worthwhile. However, because of Jeff’s robust affiliate marketing program, not all these reviews are honest.

ENTRE Institute Affiliate Program

To be in the ENTRE Institute Affiliate program, you can join for free without buying the ENTRE Blueprint. You must apply for the program. In your application, they will ask you what your primary traffic source will be, your average clicks per month, and your experience with affiliate marketing so far. You must acknowledge their full affiliate agreement, too. 

Here’s a breakdown of your potential earnings per customer, if that customer goes through the entire ENTRE funnel.

entre instititue affiliate potential

Here's an example of one person's affiliate commissions:

affiliates earnings

ENTRE Institute Positive Reviews: Why is Jeff Lerner Training So Popular?

entre institute review jesse

“Their training is super powerful. It is legit- meaning, it is working now and they are constantly changing if something changes.”- Jesse

marie-christine entre blueprint review

“What I really learned when I jumped into ENTRE is that you get so much support from the community, you get so much support from your advisors, you get so much support just from the training and it's super clear, it’s a step-by-step process.”- Marie-Christine

Negative Reviews of ENTRE Institute

entre institute review ivan

“You will have to invest a lot of money. And the problem is, at the end of the day, you are not learning anything. You are not building anything. Basically, you are just perpetually buying more and more and more courses, ending up spending thousands of dollars, learn nothing. You can learn a lot of things, but the problem is you don’t learn how to implement things properly.”-Ivan

entre institute reddit

ENTRE Institute BBB

There is no Better Business Bureau page for the ENTRE Institute, but there is one for Lifestyle Design International, LLC. This business has the same phone number as ENTRE and Mr Lerner is listed as the CEO. The company is A+ rated and has had no complaints in the last year. This is the only one listed:

entre institute review bbb

ENTRE Institute Reddit

The affiliates are even on Reddit boards:

reddit affiliate entre institute review

My Review of ENTRE Institute

I appreciate the ENTRE Institute for being a new take on traditional education. I like Jeff’s motivational style, and his low-cost courses’ money-back guarantee. However, I don’t like that there is little information on courses within the ENTRE Institute found anywhere but after you purchase the Blueprint. I can’t find any reviewers for his high-ticket courses that aren’t affiliates, and I’d like an unbiased opinion before paying thousands of dollars.

SUMMARY: Is ENTRE Institute Worth It?

The ENTRE Institute might be worth it for you if you are looking for an affiliate marketing program to promote a product in the financial education niche. It might also be for you if you benefit highly from having a coach and motivator to cheer you on. However, if you are not sold on affiliate marekting, research other business models that work within a smaller market (like local lead generation).

Charlie Montgomery's Testimonial: A Retiree Whose Life was Transformed by the Entre Institue

Charlie's Background and Story and How Her Business is Doing Today

Charlie Montgomery is a 75-year-old retiree from Houston, Texas. For 40 years, Charlie helped struggling small businesses bounce back and profit. Despite this, she felt unfulfilled in her retirement years so she turned to Jeff Lerner's Entre Institute. 5 weeks into the program (at the time of the interview), she became more energized and motivated to achieve new goals for herself and to save for her travel plans. 

Biggest Challenges Charlie Faced

Charlie's biggest challenge was her personal "glass ceiling" which limited her potential. She had to change her established perspectives on wealth and success, which wasn't easy considering her state and age. Charlie also struggled finding satisfaction in her life which led her to try different business ventures just to keep herself busy. 

Top Lessons Charlie Learned

Personal Growth and Mindset Shift: Jeff's book, "The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind," helped Charlie understand the mental barriers that had hindered her from achieving financial success.

Importance of Adaptability: Despite her extensive experience, Charlie realized she needed to learn new skills and adapt new business methods. 

Future Planning for Family and Self: Her new financial goals are not just for personal gain but also for her family's benefit. 

What's not mentioned in the testimonial: The average retirement savings for Americans is approximately $65,000, according to the 2023 report. Although many are enticed to invest and grow their savings, it's important to know the risks involved before diving in. 

What is an Alternative to Entre Institute?

What’s the best alternative to ENTRE Institute for making passive income online? Here are a few to consider:

Affiliate marketing:

Creating online courses:

  • TrainerCentral

You can also check out Freedom Academy for more online courses. 

Digital agencies:

  • Local lead generation

For a collection of courses with overviews on multiple business models:

Local Lead Generation is Better Than Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Course Creation

If you are looking for a long-term online income source, the best business model to explore is local lead generation. Since the market is localized, there's less competition, and you can focus your efforts in a certain geographic area. Affiliate marketing, digital marketing, and course creation are dependent on external factors, but local lead gen isn't. 

Local lead gen is a long-term business model because businesses continuously need new clients to maintain their competitive advantage. You become the middleman of potential customers and business owners by supplying leads to businesses through the digital assets you own.

Ranked sites are like billboards in prime locations in the physical world, and you are the digital landlord. You generate leads through these assets and sell them at 85% margins. You also earn by renting out your sites to companies who don't have their own. 28% of small business in the U.S. don't have a website, so there's a huge opportunity for this service. 

I have done affiliate marketing in the past, but I realized I would be making bigger and more consistent income with a lead generation business. I started back in 2014. Almost a decade later, I'm still enjoying $52K monthly passive income from my digital properties.

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