Freedom by FBA Review | Why Some People Are Hesitant About This Top-Ranking Course

March 24, 2024

Freedom by FBA is an Amazon FBA course by Ravi Singh and Sajid Desai. This comprehensive training program covers the basics of running a profitable Amazon FBA store.

So can this course help you succeed in doing Amazon FBA? These days, managing an Amazon FBA business can be difficult. For newbies, competition can be overwhelming plus you’re often at the mercy of Amazon’s constantly changing rules. Getting banned can mean losing your business in an instant.

In comparison, the lead generation business model is not as risky. You’re running your business your own way and so as long as you can rank websites using legit SEO techniques, you can consistently make money from business owners willing to pay for organic traffic. 

What is Freedom by FBA?

Freedom by FBA is a course created by co-founders Ravi Singh and Sajid Desai. In this course, students get to learn how they can build and grow their own Amazon FBA business. Whether or not you have previous Amazon or tech experience in general, the course promises you can start earning from the business model within 30 to 60 days.

In a Zuubly feature, Sajid shared how Amazon FBA is a simple and risk-free online business. “The beauty of Amazon is that there’s relatively low risk to get involved,” he pointed out. “Amazon takes care of everything. The customer service, the returns, shipping, everything.”

The course teaches learners how to find winning products to sell online, which Amazon seller tools and software to use, how to boost potential revenue, and more. The catch, however, is that their official website only contains very limited information. Aside from the course curriculum, site visitors won’t be able to find other helpful details about Freedom by FBA. 

What can you expect to learn from Freedom by FBA?

The Freedom by FBA course is divided into 10 modules available in videos, PDFs, worksheets, checklists, and other downloadable files. Each module is filled with detailed information about what it takes to start and succeed as an Amazon FBA seller. 

Module 1: Getting Started

Module 1 introduces you to the course and goes into the details of how Amazon works, how to set up an Amazon Seller Central account, and why some Amazon FBA sellers fail. It also discusses business licenses, bank accounts, LLC options, taxes, and other important subjects.

Module 2: Product Research

Module 2 talks about Amazon’s banned list, products to avoid selling, and differentiating your product offerings. Moreover, it also helps Amazon FBA sellers do product research while staying within their budgets by using the fee calculator, product evaluation checklist, and Amazon seller software Helium 10.

Module 3: Sourcing

In Module 3, learners are taught shipping terminologies, inventory limits, supplier negotiation skills, and more. Shipping and packaging concerns are also answered in an FAQ format. Popular ecommerce platforms and suppliers such as 1688 and Alibaba are also introduced.


Module 4: Branding

Module 4 shares top tips on product photography, listing images, as well as branding and logo design, among others. It also teaches how to set up email and domains for Amazon selling purposes.

Module 5: Building Your Listing

In Module 5, course students get an overview on keyword research and listing builder, as well as insights on creating a keyword list and using a keyword research form. Product description, backend keywords, and Amazon listing creation are likewise explained in this module.

Module 6: Shipping

Module 6 talks about how shipping works in Amazon FBA. Learners are also shown available shipping methods as well as tips and tools on inventory management. Moreover, freight forwarder contracts are also discussed, along with FAQs on shipping and warehouse placement.

Module 7: Steps For A Successful Launch

Module 7 is all about launching your online business, discussing what to do during your launch day plus ideal pricing strategies for the first 4 to 8 weeks. This module also explains the importance of influencer marketing, influencer outreach, requesting feedback, and more.

Module 8: Pay Per Click Ads

Module 8 covers PPC ads or pay per click advertising. Students can learn about doing exact match manual keyword campaigns and using the right keywords. Moreover, PPC optimization tips are also shared for beginners and intermediate-advanced level marketers.

Module 9: Selling your FBA Product on Etsy

In Module 9, FBA sellers are taught about selling on Etsy - from starting a store to using Amazon FBA to fulfill Etsy orders and more. They can also learn about building Etsy listings, scaling, plus PPC and retargeting campaigns.

Module 10: Shopify Store And Facebook Ads

Module 10 discusses building why it’s important for sellers to use Shopify and Facebook in their FBA businesses. This module teaches everything from creating your brand’s Facebook page to the basics of using Facebook advertising tools, and others.


No pricing information is displayed on the Freedom by FBA website. Interested students will have to book a call with the company to learn about the course’s price.

Refund Policy

The company has a “strict, no refund policy,” according to their Terms of Service page.


The course has several positive reviews on Trustpilot. No student testimonials are posted on their actual website.

Pros and Cons


A detailed Amazon FBA training. As the curriculum shows, this course digs deep and provides learners with detailed information about the subject matter.

The course creators are speaking from experience. Having run a successful Amazon business themselves, Ravi and Sajid understand what it takes to start from scratch and grow a brand online. They know which platforms, tools, and software are most effective for an FBA seller to use.

Personal coaching available. According to one of the Trustpilot reviews, Ravi and Sajid provide coaching for their students.

Online community. Freedom by FBA has a private group on Facebook where people can meet and network with fellow students for additional info and support.


The course mostly covers the basics. Freedom by FBA is highly recommended for beginners. Although the course contains some information for intermediate and advanced FBA sellers, they might as well elsewhere if they’re looking for next level information.

Limited information available on their website. Online visitors will be disappointed to know that aside from the course curriculum, the website only contains the pages Privacy Policy and Terms of Services.

Lack of unbiased reviews. Interestingly, 100% of Freedom by FBA reviews on Trustpilot are positive - and each reviewer even gave the course a 5-star mark. Reviews that discuss the program’s weaknesses are virtually non-existent, which is plainly suspicious as buyers may want to learn about the course’s advantages and disadvantages before making the purchase.

No refund policy. Potential buyers first have to book a call to find out how much the course is. In addition, another huge drawback here is that Freedom by FBA does not offer a refund policy.

Freedom by FBA social media presence

Aside from their official website, Freedom by FBA can likewise be found on social media. As of this writing, they have 2,570 followers on Instagram and over 213,300 followers on TikTok. Meanwhile, the Freedom by FBA Facebook page has 3,167 followers so far, plus they also have an exclusive Facebook group for students with 1,312 total members.

Freedom by FBA review

Freedom by FBA reviews are overwhelmingly positive. In fact, the course has a 4.6 star rating on Trustpilot. Here are some of the reviews we spotted on the said site:

Great content and easy to understand

“Great content and resources that breaks down the entire business model into an easy to understand format. Sajid and Ravi have gone through a lot of trial and error to determine which methods work, so that their students can have the highest chance of success from the start.”

Expect to receive help and support from the course creators

“I’m not going to lie, at first, I was skeptical. Asking all the questions to make sure it wasn’t a “scam”. Freedom by FBA was the best decision I made in 2022… I started in September and had my product launch by the end of December... Both Sajid and Ravi (as well as Kaylee) has been critical to my early success. They have answered every question and are always around to help.”

Community members are inspiring

“I cannot recommend and thank Freedom by FBA enough! Seeing all the other students progress & results have been extremely motivating as well.”

So far, Freedom by FBA has received a total of 20 reviews on Trustpilot. Interestingly, each of the reviewers gave them a 5-star rating on the site - and most of them are also from first-time Trustpilot reviewers.

Who created Freedom by FBA?

Freedom by FBA was created and co-founded by Ravi Singh and Sajid Desai. In 2008, the two partnered in their Amazon business and managed to earn $2 million a month by selling a single product. Since then, they’ve introduced more products and added new team members to scale their business.

Fast forward to the present, Ravi and Sajid now sell various products on different platforms including Etsy, Shopify, and Walmart, earning a combined profit of over $100 million. Aside from running their successful online businesses, they’re also sharing their knowledge to interested learners via their Freedom by FBA course.

Similar Amazon FBA Courses List

  • FBA Growth University - Jacqueline Vagar and Sal Habibi’s FBA Growth University is a course that shares 45 step-by-step videos plus over 50 pages of PDF to help people learn and earn from the Amazon FBA business model. Students get lifetime access to the course, become part of an online community, and get one-on-one mentoring.
  • Your Selling Guide - A course created by Nikki Kirk, Your Selling Guide is ideal for beginners who want to start from scratch. The course teaches setting up an Amazon account, using Amazon Seller Central, finding a profitable product, preparing FBA shipments, and more.
  • Smashers Academy - This course by Janson Smith has over 200 lessons divided into 23 modules. It teaches about private label creation and how to sell it on Amazon FBA. Learners also get information and insights on how to handle 1-star reviews on the platform.
  • Is Amazon KDP Profitable?  - It can be, but there are 6 major reasons why KDP might not be profitable for you. For instance, traditional publishiers are switching to digital, and marketing is expensive.
  • Smart FBA -  This is an FBA automation agency by Scott Hunt, Philip Kramer and Cohen Chorabik. They provide complete FBA automation services that will help you start and own an FBA store from scratch. 

Conclusion: Is Amazon FBA still a profitable business model?

Amazon FBA can still be a profitable business model. However, it also has its drawbacks including increasing Amazon seller fees, tough competition, and a growing number of bigger brands and suppliers joining the platform. On top of that, many dropshippers and Amazon automation accounts are now often getting suspended by Amazon.

Beginners and experienced Amazon FBA sellers should strive to overcome these barriers. Freedom by FBA and other Amazon FBA courses can provide some much-needed guidance and insights.

For those interested, lead generation is also an excellent online business idea that’s significantly less of a hassle to run than an Amazon FBA store. You're not competing with thousands of sellers because the industry is not as saturated, especially if you’re focusing your efforts on targeting the right keywords and specific geographic areas. It’s also potentially more profitable, especially if you take the rank and rent route.

With this, you build business websites, rank them on Google using location-based keywords (like I did for Grand Rapids Tree Service), and then rent them out to business owners who want to benefit from the organic traffic. You, as a digital real estate owner, get to earn top revenue from your clients.

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