Aaron Jack & Jan Frey’s Freemote Review: Why Coding Bootcamps Are Still Attractive in 2024

August 8, 2023

Freemote is a seven-week, self-teaching course created for individuals who want to learn how to code and be a web developer at the same time. Developed by Aaron Jack and Jan Frey, the program is a bootcamp that provides coding videos, with over 200 lessons. At the core of the course is applying these skills on Shopify and other eCommerce platforms. Jack and Frey revealed that there’s already a voluminous amount of jobs related to these skills on the platforms, and focusing on these skills will make you more profitable. The course is also quicker than other relevant programs in the competition in terms of accessibility to profitability in the market.

According to Springboard, an eCommerce coder has an estimated annual salary of $107,433 a year; this salary only increases with experience. The publication also revealed that the same salary increases once a coder attends and completes bootcamps. And while coding bootcamps, such as Freemote, are an excellent way to learn about coding, there are other far less challenging and taxing approaches out there that you can delve into.

We'll be breaking down the Freemote course in the next few sections. We’ll look at its modules and other inclusions; we'll also find out whether Shopify is still profitable this year onwards. Finally, we’ll identify the challenges you might encounter with the eCommerce platform as you take on the program.

The Freemote Review: Pros and Cons


Program is hyper-focused on coding for Shopify eCommerce websites as opposed to generalized coding.

Accompanying fee is reasonable.

30-day refund policy is fair and logical.

Theme development is also a focus, in which over 2 million stores on Shopify currently need.


It is still unanimous that coding will require more training before landing lucrative jobs; more focus is also essential.

Programming innovations and languages tend to become outdated more quickie as technologies are evolving exponentially.

The course might be too basic for those with advanced experiences.


$1,987 + $187 per month for mentorship and coaching.


7 to 8 weeks; self-paced.


Freemote has a following on Facebook.

Refund Policy

30-day money-back guarantee, but with more specific terms.


Freemote was founded in 2021.


Aaron Jack has 385K YouTube subscribers and 7,152 Instagram followers; Jan Frey’s “Coding With Jan” has 42.5K subscribers.

5 reasons why coding bootcamps are for you

While a college degree is more advantageous than a coding bootcamp, the latter can still prove to be beneficial for you. This is especially true if you want to infiltrate the tech field quicker, be a freelance developer, and start making money. If you plan to build a fulfilling career in an industry that is already projected to grow at an exponential rate in the coming years, here are more reasons why you should take the plunge:

1. Increase in job placement rates

Coding bootcamps such as the Freemote program boast a focused training. This alone is attractive to many companies that require job posts associated with this skill set urgently. On the other hand, bootcamps that come with assistance on freelance job placements will provide you access to guidance and support from the pros. This, in turn, should make the process a lot less stressful.

Some of the world’s top organizations are already hiring graduates from coding bootcamps like as Freemote. These companies include Comcast, Cisco, Eventbrite, and Sony Pictures.

2. Training is typically fast and efficient

With a short period of time in place for training, creators behind coding bootcamps would usually offer and impart crucial and technical coding skills that are already in-demand. In less than a year or months, participants are expected to be equipped with the right know-how and land a job or profitable projects.

3. Networking opportunities

Like you would in any educational opportunity that resembles a bootcamp, the likelihood of increasing networking opportunities is high. Meanwhile, the relationships you establish with your instructors and colleagues are indispensable.

4. Immediate and interactive curriculum

Curriculum in coding bootcamps also features hands-on learning and activities that ensure students with ease and comfort while applying the necessary skills. This isn’t just theory as a bootcamp program piles on imparting key skills needed for careers that are advertised.

5. Access to career services and support system

Apart from networking opportunities, a coding bootcamp also boasts an easy access to support system and career services. For instance, Freemote has career amenities that allow you to prepare for a job search during the course and post graduation.

Who are Aaron Jack and Jan Frey?

Aaron Jack

Aaron Jack is an American software engineer and YouTuber known for his numerous videos on technology, business, and making money in between. The founder and CEO of Freemote attended Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois; he then started as a teacher in Vietnam before becoming a disruptor in the coding industry. Prior to his teaching duties, Jack worked as an engineer in the Silicon Valley for Uber. He next pivoted into the world of freelance software developer. Currently, he lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, United States.

Jan Frey

Freemote’s co-founder Jan Frey attended the University of Duisburg-Essen in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. Frey also holds a degree in Master of Science in Mechanical Engineeering from the same institution. 

Frey began his journey as a self-taught, freelance web developer in 2017. In 2019, he worked in Eshop Guide as a frontend web developer. In 2020, he juggled two important roles—as a content creator at Coding With Jan GmbH and co-founder of Freemote. The former role is still ongoing.

What is Freemote?

Freemote is a course that offers a coding bootcamp environment specially created to cater to the needs of those who want to venture as freelance developers. The seven-week, self-paced program allows individuals with little to no coding experience to people who are already equipped with advanced knowledge to learn the niche with the right tools on navigating the more profitable sections of the industry, namely eCommerce and Shopify. Some of the tools and software that you'll be equipped with via the program include CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and Web Development. I've also listed the topics incorporated in the seven-week course in the next section.

Through the Freemote course, participants will also be able to bid on their chosen market and freelance gigs more effectively. With this accompanying feature, students should “learn and earn” at the same time. A professional portfolio that is both convenient and professional in the current market is likewise included in the program.

The Freemote’s method of delivery involves a fully remote learning course. It is also prerecorded, comes with module-based lessons and hands-on projects. While it is based on a self-teaching model, the recommended duration of the course is eight weeks, or 17-40 hours per week.

How much is Freemote?

Freemote costs $1,1987, plus $187 per month. The latter is for membership in mentoring and coaching. At the end of the course, they give students a certificate of completion.

What does the Freemote course include?

The Freemote course includes:

  1. Shopify development, with Liquid, Sections, ThemeKit, etc.

  2. Setting up Shopify stores.

  3. Front-end Development that includes CSS, HTML, and JavaScript

  4. eCommerce Development

  5. Web Development

  6. Skills development and tactics on freelancing

First Week: HTML and CSS

The first week of the Freemote course comprises lessons that cover CSS and HTML. Both topics come with beginner and advanced lessons. All squeezed in for five hours, these lessons, while basic, should come in handy in web design and development.

Second Week: Shopify Platform

Shopify is the focus of the Freemote’s second week of training. As the biggest and most popular platform in eCommerce, participants will learn how to navigate the tool and earn effectively in return.

Third Week: Basic Shopify Development

The basics of Shopify development are tackled during the Freemote’s third week of training. Through this section, students will learn how to develop their own eCommerce websites while being introduced to other important concepts, such as developing themes for customization.

Fourth Week: Freelancing Skills and Strategies

In the fourth week, participants will see the program shifting from learning how to code. Instead, they will be taught how to land freelancing sidelines more effectively. You will also be introduced to building a portfolio that stands out in the competition. Other focuses include landing gigs on Upwork, performing and thriving on networking, and learning vital ways on how to communicate with clients as you negotiate with contracts.

Fifth Week: Mechanics on JavaScript

Using JavaScript while programming is the focal point during the fifth week of the course. Students will learn more tactics and strategies associated in this niche, ones that are already tackled in the previous weeks.

Sixth Week: Advanced JavaScript and Web Development

Participants will further learn the advanced tools and strategies when dealing with JavaScript. Innovative tools on web developments will also be discussed.

Seventh Week: Advanced Shopify Development

The concluding week of the Freemote program will see students learning contemporary lessons on how to build a successful Shopify store in 2023 and beyond.

There are also additional features that come with the Freemote course. At the top of the list is the students’ access to the program’s online community. Through the platform, students can communicate and interact with other enthusiasts via discussion forums. Some subjects include the coding projects in Freemote and stories on freelancing jobs and opportunities.

Another feature of the Freemote program is its standout review materials, right on top of its lectures and course notes. These review materials include trackers, checklists, and a voluminous amount of cheat sheets—all provided to make retention easy. Students can also download these materials.

Who is the Freemote course for?

The Freemote course is for a lot of individuals, especially to those who plan to enter the tech field quickly and start making money as they do so. They are also for people who only want to spend a whole lot less than having a typical college degree. The program is likewise for people who prefer self-paced teaching options or who do part-time jobs and want to work while studying. Finally, the course is for hopefuls who want to conquer the world of Shopify and eCommerce and thrive while they are at it.

Freemote Reddit Reviews

Downsides of venturing into a coding bootcamp

While coding bootcamps are generally convenient and lucrative, there are also downsides that you might want to take into account. For one, these bootcamps are focused and therefore intensive and demanding. If you don't have the time to spare to complete such a comprehensive course, or just don’t have the commitment and self-discipline, it might not be for you.

Meanwhile, the curriculum provided by a coding bootcamp such as Freemote features a very specific syllabus, one that will also have quite a particular career outcome. The same can be said with the knowledge that is provided in and for the field.

Challenges on setting up Shopify stores in 2024

When you’re equipped with only the best and innovative coding and development tools, the chances of you getting into the hang of setting up Shopify stores or on any eCommerce platforms are high. With Shopify, however, there are a few challenges today that you may want to consider before committing yourself to this business model. Here are some of them:

  1. Integration of ERP systems

  2. Routine task automation

  3. Use of many marketing channels on advertising stores

  4. Extension of the product catalog on the platform

  5. Increasing traffic

  6. Improvement of sales via research and online marketing

  7. Security and performance issues

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Why Local Lead Generation is Still The More Attractive Business Model

Shopify is still a gainful eCommerce platform. As per Simply Wall St., the Canadian company is expected to grow earnings and revenue by 77.8% and 17.7% per annum, respectively. But when one wants to generate passive income, I think the local lead generation biz is a far more lucrative option in the competition. Unlike setting up stores in Shopify and getting yourself involved in often demanding coding bootcamps such as Freemote, the core model behind the business is without complication and never rigorous. 

Local lead generation is also less saturated. One of the few requirements of this venture is simply finding clients and getting their website ranked on Google organically. Meanwhile, there are other considerations that are convenient if you take this route, such as minimal research and online marketing, along with less effort when increasing these websites' traffic.

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