Ryan Maya’s Ecom Mastery Group Review: Do You Really Need A Mentor To Build A Profitable Shopify Store?

April 10, 2023

Ecom Mastery Group is the newest personal mentorship program of Ryan Maya, a graduate of Cardone University and founder of two successful ecommerce businesses focused on fishing supplies. The ecommerce marketing entrepreneur uses the techniques he’s learned from world-renowned sales trainer, Grant Cardone (popular for his 10x Your Business, 10x Your Income method) and his own personal experience to help you create an extremely profitable business. 

The selling point of the program is that you will be personally coached by a successful ecommerce entrepreneur, but a basic search on Maya reveals very little. Maya has an almost invisible online presence and his official website has three short paragraphs about who he is or what he does. 

Let me be clear that online visibility is not a necessity for success. You can be a successful entrepreneur without having the world know who you are. That being said, if the core of your brand is mentoring and helping other people achieve financial freedom and independence, some level of credibility is required. And this means having a certain level of conspicuousness: People need to know who you are if you want them to be trained by you. 

What does Ryan Maya teach you?

Ryan Maya teaches you how to build a successful Shopify store from scratch and then promote your brand through Facebook or TikTok. Interestingly, Maya does neither, as his fishing supplies stores have their own websites and are promoted solely through Instagram. 

This, when combined with Maya’s underwhelming online presence, raises some red flags as to his authenticity. There are also no student reviews of his program outside of his sales page, and even his website has just one positive review. 

Who is Ryan Maya? And what makes his lessons different? He claims that working with him will help you create a profitable Shopify store, but do you really need a private mentor to make one? This Ryan Mayas Ecom Mastery Group review answers these questions. 

I’ll also discuss my preferred business model, local lead generation, which can conceivably earn you five figures a month in passive income. This business model also features a low entry point with a low competition rate - something that Shopify dropshipping does not have. 



Business model is known for its high-income potential

Mentorship seems relatively straight-forward


No student reviews

Unclear program

No differentiating factor


Ecom Mastery Group costs $47 per month

Refund Policy: 

There is no mention of a refund policy at Ecom Mastery Group 




There are no reviews of Ecom Mastery Group 

Do I need a private mentor to learn Shopify dropshipping? 

You do not need to hire a private mentor to learn Shopify dropshipping, but having a coach can speed up the progress. With experts noting a significant increase in Shopify stores being created each year, it might be a good idea to work with someone who has personal character experience in the model and has achieved success doing it.

As with choosing the right school for your specific major, you should select the right mentor for your Shopify store. 

It is unclear, however, whether Ryan Maya is this person. Ryan may be his own success story, but his claim to fame is that he used to work with Grant Cardone. I am a big fan of Grant myself and enrolled in his program as well. In my Grant Cardone review, I mention how his lessons truly helped me and I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their entrepreneurial skills in reality. 

But, is being a Grant Cardone student enough to get you clients? Unlike Jack Gibson, for example, who has styled himself in a similar manner as Grant and also offers a clear dialogue program of what he teaches you, Ryan is deliberately vague about why you should work with him. 

Ideally, you should choose a mentor who can help you build a Shopify store making as few mistakes as possible. It is also a good idea to find a mentor or director who can teach you the ins and outs of Shopify dropshipping. 

What is in Ryan Maya’s Ecom Mastery Group?

Ryan Maya's Ecom Mastery Group is an individual accountability and ecommerce marketing mentorship program. For $49 per month, you will have weekly coaching calls with Ryan Maya and have access to an exclusive Facebook group who will work with you every second, word-for-word. 

Who is Ryan Maya?

Ryan Mara is the founder of two successful ecommerce businesses specializing in fishing tools. After graduating college, he immediately got a job working with Grand Cardone and learned everything that he could from the society so that he could live a better life. 

After 2 years, he decided to start his own ecommerce business and quit working with Grant. He was able to replace his full-time income (he claims he was making $119,000 annually working with Grant) using the skills he learned. He now leads a team of 10, has a “huge social media following”, and earns consistent profits each month. 

What is The Real Ecommerce Success System by Ryan Maya?

The Real Ecommerce Success System by Ryan Maya is a 9-part training series on how to build a successful ecommerce business. The entire program has a one-time fee of $997. 

  • Module 1: Finding the right products (15 sections)
  • Module 2: Building your Shopify store (10 sections) 
  • Module 3: How to market your Shopify store through Facebook ads (24 sections) 
  • Module 4: Creating converting ads (9 sections) 
  • Module 5: Designing email & SMS marketing campaigns (4 sections)
  • Module 6: Leveraging other forms of social media to market your store (3 sections)
  • Module 7: Outsourcing your customer service department (3 sections) 
  • Module 8: Scaling your Shopify store (8 sections)
  • Module 9: Partnering with Ryan Maya (1 section) 

What are the 4 coaching sessions by Ryan Maya?

You can choose to have 4 private lessons with Ryan Maya for $3,000 (or 1 coaching session for $1,000). Each session is an hour long and completely confidential. You can ask Ryan anything and/or have him create a personalized action plan for you for your specific problem, whether you're in America, Japan, or Australia.  

The Real Ecommerce Success System Alternative

The Last Ecom Training by Justin Phillips is an online ecommerce training program that also teaches you how to start and scale your Shopify store by leveraging social media influencers to help promote your brand. This training is presented in video format and you receive support through coaching calls and a private Facebook group. Justin also shares how he contacts influencers on IG.

Price: The Last Ecom Training costs $1,497.

More Info: The Last Ecom Training Review

What is Shopify dropshipping?

Shopify dropshipping is a variation of the dropshipping model, which allows you to sell products at a profit in your store while paying a wholesale price from your supplier. Once a customer orders from your store, it is your supplier who ships it to them. 

You may or may not keep a warehouse of your products, but the simplest form of dropshipping has you acting as a middle-man, where you promote a product that you do not manufacture and earn money by adding a certain percentage on top of what you pay in wholesale. 

Is Shopify good for dropshipping?

Shopify is arguably the best place to start your dropshipping business, as it has one of the lowest entry points while still giving you a professional store. Shopify has website plans beginning at $29 per month and you can build a high-quality website through a drag-and-drop system. If you’re just starting out, Shopify can be a great place for you. 

Is Shopify good for beginners?

Shopify is a good starting point for beginner dropshippers. Unlike Amazon dropshipping, Shopify dropshipping gives you more freedom to create the store that you want. Keep in mind that Shopify is a tool that allows you to build your own store, whereas Amazon is an online store itself. When you sell on Shopify, you have more leeway to configure your store the way you want and find customers through different means, such as Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram.  

How do you find winning products for Shopify dropshipping?

1. Conduct thorough product research to know what your target audience wants or needs.

2. Find a reputable supplier. 

3. Craft a marketing strategy that aligns with your target market. 

Depending on how you want to build your Shopify store, you can choose to sell seasonal items (for example, Christmas lights) or choose evergreen products (such as toilet paper). Either avenue can be profitable and both have their own pros and cons. 

Remember that there is no such thing as a “100% guaranteed winning product”. Any product, even a necessary one, is not guaranteed to generate massive sales. Your product research should focus on products that are profitable, in terms of the difference between how much you pay to the supplier and how much you add to the wholesale price. 

Should I use Shopify or Amazon for my dropshipping business?

Choosing Shopify or Amazon for your dropshipping business depends on your needs, budget, and personal business style. Use Shopify for your dropshipping business if you want more control over your store. Use Amazon for your dropshipping business if you prefer automation. 

Shopify allows you to build your own custom store for an affordable monthly subscription, while Amazon is an online marketplace that has its own storefront. 

With Amazon, you are competing against other online merchants in the same market, though you will also have access to Amazon’s automated systems. The Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) program is an easy-to-use and -understand model, as it allows you to send goods to an Amazon fulfillment center that stores, packs, and ships your products. Because your goods have the “Amazon” label on them, customers receive their packages faster (through Amazon Prime) and are more likely to trust your store. 

That being said, having a Shopify dropshipping store helps you develop your own brand. The platform has over 100 professionally designed themes you can mix and match to create a custom brand. This is ideal if you are selling products within a super-niche. Training programs such as Product Launch Masterplan go more in-depth about this specific strategy.

You need to also consider your marketing options. The Amazon marketplace receives millions of visitors each month, which is both a strength and a weakness. Your store is potentially visible to a wide range of people, but you need to stand out from the rest. Despite its high traffic, Amazon is much more competitive than Shopify. Further, if you choose to do FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant), you need to find better ways to advertise your store, as Amazon does not prioritize FBM stores as much as FBA. 

What is the difference between Amazon FBA and FBM?

As their names suggest, the difference between Amazon FBA and FBM is how your orders are fulfilled. With FBA, your products are stored in an Amazon fulfillment center, and Amazon ships them directly to the customer. Having an Amazon FBA account also gives you instant access to Amazon Prime shipping and gives you a higher chance of winning the “buy box”. 

On the other hand, FBM means that your products are stored in your own storage facility or in a third-party storage area. You also handle all customer fulfillment duties such as receiving returns, answering customer complaints, and ensuring the quality of each product shipped. The advantage of the FBM model is that you pay fewer fees to Amazon and can ship larger items. 

Which one should I choose, Amazon FBA or FBM, for my dropshipping business?

Deciding between Amazon FBA or FBM for your dropshipping business depends on your sales strategy. You need to consider six major factors to select the right fulfillment method for your business: 

  • Size and weight of your product
  • Seller feedback
  • Control of your customer experience 
  • Inventory turnover rate
  • Logistical capabilities
  • Expenses and fees

You should consider FBA if: 

  • You are selling small and lightweight products 
  • You want Amazon to have complete control over the customer experience
  • You do not want to handle any form of logistics
  • You are willing to spend high fees 

You should consider FBM if:

  • Customer experience is important to you
  • You are selling large products 
  • You have a logistics strategy
  • Your inventory turns slowly
  • You want to pay fewer fees

Thankfully, it’s not an either-or situation. It is entirely possible for you to have both Amazon FBA and FBM. In fact, data suggests that around 30% of all Amazon sellers have both FBA and FBM. If you’re considering selling an extensive array of products, having both strategies will be useful for you. 

Is Facebook automation worth it for my dropshipping business?

Facebook automation is worth it for your dropshipping business if you want someone else to do all the work for you. Typically, these companies only require capital for you (usually around $10,000) and they will handle everything, from sourcing to marketing to fulfillment. These companies, such as Blueriver Ecommerce, set up a Facebook store for you and use the dropshipping model to fulfill orders. You receive a percentage of the total sales. 

Take note that automation is not limited to Facebook, either. There are Amazon automation businesses as well, such as Automated Investments by Shawn Megira. Similar to Facebook, these companies handle everything for you. 

Automating your business, regardless of platform, has its advantages. If you do not want the hassle of running your own business, these models may be a good idea. However, complete autonomy also means that you have no control over how your store is run or if you’re maximizing profit. You are entirely dependent on the automation company; and this may be risky if you partner with an unknown company. 

How do I use social media to promote my Shopify dropshipping?

1. Research on the demographics of your target audience. 

2. Decide which social media is more appropriate. 

Social media is an effective strategy to promote your Shopify store because it has an incredible customer reach. Almost everyone today has social media, so promoting your store through any platform should generate a good level of visibility and credibility. 

What you should focus on instead is where to promote your store. Depending on your products, you may want to use Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, or even Twitter. It would be a good idea to further research each of these social media platforms to see which one is most appropriate for you. 

Should I use a social media marketing agency for my ecommerce business?

Since more experts expect digital advertising to grow even more in popularity in the next 10 years, hiring a social media marketing agency may be a worthwhile investment. These agencies specialize in trade techniques that dramatically boost your online visibility and branding - two things that you must have if you want to improve your income potential, especially if you’re an ecommerce entrepreneur.

Nevertheless, it’s not a requirement. You should determine what your business goals are and see whether hiring a social media marketing agency will help you reach those goals faster. If you’re a smaller store owner and do not require significant reach, then this option may not be profitable for you. 

Are TikTok ads effective for Shopify dropshipping?

TikTok ads are effective for promoting your Shopify store, but only if you’re catering to a younger audience. According to data, most TikTok users are younger females, or those in their twenties or younger. You should align your marketing strategy to TikTok if your product is intended for this audience. 

How do I advertise on TikTok?

Once you set up a TikTok account, you need to fill out a “TikTok ads” form and submit it online. You will then need to speak with a TikTok representative who will assess if your business qualifies for ad space. If it does, then you can start creating an ad campaign by clicking the “Campaign” tab on your TikTok Ads dashboard. 

You need to make eye-catching short-form videos that have the right hashtags. Unlike Instagram or Facebook which encourage some form of written summary, TikTok videos should have limited text. Your TikTok ad should immediately show what your product does or how it can benefit the target user. Considering that your audience is young, you may want to consider riding on trends. This includes incorporating new music and/or dance moves into your TikTok ad. 

It is a good idea for you to create a specific marketing strategy if you want to advertise on TikTok, as the platform has different needs than other social media. If you’re just starting, you should spend some time looking at TikTok and gathering inspiration from trending videos on your for-you page. You can also input specific hashtags in the search bar so that you can see how other brands advertise their products. 

Who is Grant Cardone?

Grant Cardone is the bestselling author of the 10X rule and founder of Grant Cardone University. He is a successful entrepreneur and is considered one of the most popular and influential social media businessmen in the world. To date, he has created over 20 business programs, authored several books, and is a world-renowned international speaker. 

What does Grant Cardone teach you?

Grant Cardone teaches you to invest in yourself by removing self-limiting beliefs, seeking advice from more experienced professionals (or working with a mentor), and practicing delayed gratification to 10X your brand. Grant believes that there are technical skills you can learn to become a better entrepreneur, but you must first start with yourself. You cannot apply the knowledge that you need if you are not mentally prepared to handle the load. 

CONCLUSION: Is Ryan Maya's Ecom Mastery Group worth it?

Ryan Maya's Ecom Mastery Group is not worth it because it is like any other online course and no social proof of its effectiveness. Ryan Maya may be a successful entrepreneur and probably learned a lot from Grant Cardone, but there is nothing that separates him from other Shopify dropshipping mentors. If you’re truly interested in learning about Shopify dropshipping or building a Shopify store, there are more well-known and clear programs taught by experienced dropshippers. 

Among all the other online business models, local lead generation is my preferred ecommerce option. This business model gives you the same freedom as a Shopify store without the disadvantage of having a steep learning curve. Once you successfully establish a local lead generation website, it easily sells itself, offering you the time and freedom to focus on other priorities.

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