How To Monetize Faceless YouTube Channel? (Step-By-Step Strategies for Your Cash Cow Channel)

March 15, 2024

To monetize faceless YouTube channel, you should:

✅ Check your eligibility
✅Set up Google AdSense Account
✅Set up a payment method
✅Review YouTube monetization policies
✅Sign up for YouTube Partner Program (YPP)

✅Choose how you want to monetize your faceless YouTube channel

YouTube monetization is very important for YouTubers as it allows them to earn money from their content. If you successfully monetize your faceless YouTube channel, you will get access to a vast audience on YouTube. According to Kepios, YouTube has 2.70 billion monthly active users as of 2023. However, monetizing a faceless YouTube channel is not easy as it seems. You need to make sure that your content follows every YouTube monetization policy to avoid potential delays of up to four months in getting your channel monetized.

This article will provide you with the step-by-step process to monetize your faceless YouTube channel. Also, we will uncover seven different ways to monetize your channel. This article lists top faceless channels and ideas you may need before starting a faceless YouTube channel. And by the end of the article, you will know if creating faceless YouTube channels is the best business model out there, or if other methods are better. 

What Is YouTube Monetization?

YouTube Monetization refers to the process through which content creators on the YouTube platform earn money from their videos. This happens by displaying advertisements before, during, or beside their videos. It allows creators to receive a share of the ad revenue. To be eligible for monetization, creators must meet certain requirements, such as having 1,000 number of subscribers and 4,000 watch hours. Once approved, creators can set up monetization options in their YouTube settings and start earning money based on the number of ad views and clicks generated by their videos.

Can You Monetize A Faceless YouTube Channel?

Yes, you can monetize a faceless YouTube channel. A faceless YouTube channel is one where the creator doesn't appear on camera. Instead, they might use other visuals like stock photos, videos, or animations to convey their content. As long as your channel meets YouTube's eligibility requirements, and follows YouTube monetization policy, it can be approved for monetization. The absence of showing a face doesn't prevent your channel from earning money.

How To Monetize Faceless YouTube Channel?

Step 1: Check Your Eligibility

To begin monetizing your faceless YouTube channel, follow these steps to check your eligibility:

  • Meet Policies and Guidelines: Follow YouTube's monetization policies, a set of rules that you must comply with to monetize your channel.
  • Location Eligibility: You need to live in a country or region where the YouTube Partner Program is available.
  • No Strikes: Make sure your channel doesn't have any active Community Guidelines strikes.
  • Secure Your Account: Turn on 2-Step Verification for your Google Account.
  • Access to Advanced Features: Ensure you have access to advanced features on YouTube.
  • AdSense Account: You should have an active AdSense account linked to your channel. If you don't have one, you can create it in YouTube Studio.

When you know what's needed, your channel can qualify for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). You will be notified via email in YouTube Studios Earn area when you meet these requirements:

  • Have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months.
  • Have 1,000 subscribers and 10 million valid public Shorts views in the last 90 days.

Step 2: Set Up Google AdSense Account

AdSense is Google's program that pays YouTube creators by showing ads on their videos. It helps you earn money from your content.

To set up your Google AdSense account for monetizing your faceless YouTube channel, follow these steps:

  • Access YouTube Studio: Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  • Navigate to Earn Tab: On the left menu, click on the Earn tab.
  • Start AdSense Sign-up: Click START on the Sign-up for Google AdSense card.
  • Enter Password and Choose Account: Enter your YouTube account password and choose the Google account you want to use for AdSense. If you're already using AdSense for other purposes, sign in with that account.
  • Verify Email: Make sure your email address is correct at the top of the AdSense page. If not, click "Use a different account" to switch.
  • Complete Setup: Provide your contact information and submit your AdSense account application.

After these steps, you'll be redirected to YouTube Studio and receive a message confirming your AdSense application. AdSense will notify you via email about your account approval (this might take a few days). Once approved, on YouTube Studio's "Sign up for Google AdSense" card, you'll see that your AdSense account is active.

Step 3: Set Up A Payment Method

You can choose from payment methods like check, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), or Wire Transfer, depending on your location.

Setting up your payment method to receive earnings from your faceless YouTube channel is easy:

  • Access AdSense Account: Sign in to your AdSense account.
  • Go to Payment Info: Click on Payments, then Payments info.
  • Add Payment Method: Click Add payment method.
  • Enter Bank Info: Fill in your bank account details in the "Add a payment method" section.
  • Make It Primary (Optional): If you want this to be your main payment method, select the Set as primary payment method checkbox.
  • Save: Click Save.

Step 4: Review YouTube Monetization Policies

If you're monetising on YouTube, it's important that your channel follows YouTube monetisation policies. These include YouTube's Community Guidelines, Terms of Service, Copyright, Rights Clearance Adjustment policies and Google AdSense programme policies. Make sure that you read each policy thoroughly, as these policies are used to check if a channel is suitable for monetisation.

YouTube assesses various aspects of a YouTube channel:

  • They look at the channel's main theme.
  • They consider the most popular and newest videos.
  • They analyze videos with the most watch time.
  • They examine video details like titles, thumbnails, and descriptions.

Step 5: Sign Up For YouTube Partner Program

When you're ready and your channel qualifies, follow the steps below to sign up for the YouTube Partner Program. 

On Computer:

  • Sign In: Log in to your YouTube account.
  • Access YouTube Studio: Click your profile picture in the top right, then select YouTube Studio.
  • Navigate to Earn: On the left menu, click Earn.
  • Start Application: Choose Apply to begin.
  • Review and Accept: Click Start to review and accept the Base terms.
  • Set Up AdSense: Click Start to create a new AdSense account or link an existing one.

On Mobile (Android, iPhone, iPad):

  • Open YouTube Studio App: Launch the YouTube Studio app.
  • Access Earnings: Tap Earn from the bottom menu.
  • Start Application: Select Apply to start.
  • Review and Accept: Tap Start to review and accept the Base terms.
  • Set Up AdSense: Tap Start to create a new AdSense account or link an existing one.


Some features like managing ads and more monetization options are not available in the YouTube Studio app at the moment. You can use a web browser on a computer, tablet, or phone to access all YouTube Studio features.

Step 6: Choose How You Want To Monetize Your Faceless YouTube Channel

Once you're part of the YouTube Partner Program, you can use features like Watch Page Ads, Shorts Feed Ads, Memberships, Supers, and Shopping. To activate these, just review and accept the relevant terms. After choosing your monetization options, you can control ad settings and turn on monetization for your uploaded videos in YouTube Studio.

6 Strategies for Making Money Through Your Faceless YouTube Channel

1. YouTube Watch Page Ads

Watch Page Ads are a way to make money from your YouTube videos. If your videos follow the rules for ads, you can turn them on. But remember, ads don't show up right away. Your video gets checked to make sure it's okay. By turning on these ads, you're saying you have the right to use the stuff in your video. You can do this for one video or many using YouTube Studio.

2. YouTube Channel Memberships

YouTube Channel Memberships is another way to make money online with your faceless YouTube channel. Your viewers pay monthly to join your channel and get special stuff like badges and emojis.

3. YouTube Shopping

On YouTube, Shopping means you can show and sell your products to make money. You can also link your shop to your channel. This YouTube feature also allows you to feature stuff from other brands to earn more. It's a way to earn while promoting products.

4. YouTube Super Chat & Super Stickers

You can also choose Super Chat and Super Stickers for your faceless YouTube channel. With Super Chat, your subscribers pay you to have their messages highlighted in live chat. While Super Stickers are fun images that your viewers can buy and share during live chat. These features help you engage with your audience while generating income.

5. YouTube Super Thanks

YouTube allows your viewers‌ to show their appreciation by purchasing Super Thanks on your long-form video or Short. It is a unique and colorful comment that stands out in your live chat. It's a distinct way for your audience to show extra support to your content while earning income.

6. YouTube Premium Revenue

YouTube Premium revenue lets you earn money from your YouTube channel uniquely. When your viewers who have YouTube Premium watch your content, you get a share of their subscription fee. This means you can make money while your audience enjoys your videos without ads. It's a special way to monetize your channel and earn from YouTube's premium subscribers.

What Contents Are Allowed For YouTube Monetization?

The contents that allowed For YouTube monetization are those which are original and not repetitive. Additionally, any content that follows YouTube's monetization policies can be approved, including Shorts. To make your content eligible for monetization, it's important to have all the rights necessary for the commercial use of both visual and audio elements.

For Content You Created:

  • Follow the Rules: Stick to YouTube's Community Guidelines.
  • Be Original: Create unique videos or Shorts. Examples are daily vlogs, home videos, DIY guides, tutorials, original music videos, and short films.
  • Your Own Visuals: Use visuals that you've made yourself.
  • Copyright Ownership: Make sure you have the right to use all visuals you've made commercially.
  • Ad-Friendly: Remember, ads are more likely on content that's friendly for advertisers.

For Content You Didn't Create:

  • Get Permission: You need rights to use and make money from content you didn't make.
  • Understand Copyright: Be aware of how copyright rules work.
  • Avoid Spam: Make sure you're not breaking YouTube's spam rules.

These guidelines make sure that your content is suitable and fair for monetization on YouTube.

What If Your First Attempt To Monetize Your Faceless YouTube Channel Is Rejected?

If your first attempt to monetize your faceless YouTube channel is rejected, you have options. You can appeal within 21 days or wait for 30 days to re-apply while posting your original content. If this isn't your first rejection or re-application, there's a 90-day waiting period before your next try. The reviewers likely found that parts of your channel don't align with YouTube monetization policies. To increase your chances, review these guidelines, adjust your content, and then re-apply.

How Long To Monetize A Faceless YouTube Channel?

It usually takes around 1 month or longer to monetize a faceless YouTube channel after applying. There are also potential delays because of high application volumes, system problems, or differences among reviewers. Sometimes, extra reviews are needed, which can extend YouTube's decision-making time.

Can You Earn Money From Faceless YouTube Channel?

Yes, you can earn money with a faceless YouTube channel. In fact, you can make $1000 and $10,000 a month using automation. But, this happens after creating content for one to three years. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, ad earnings can be around $18 for every 1,000 ad views and about $3 to $5 for every 1,000 video views. Also, there are different ways to make money on YouTube without showing your face that you can try. 

What Are The Top Faceless YouTube Channels?

Bright Side, HowToBasic, Daily Dose Of Internet, FailArmy, and H2ODelirious are the top faceless YouTube channels in 2023.

Bright Side

Bright Side is a popular faceless YouTube channel with 44.5 million subscribers. They've shared 6,332 videos that received a massive 10,754,028,868 total views since March 15, 2017. They make around $114.5K to $1.8M each year. Their most-watched video is How to Solve a 3x3 Rubik's Cube In No Time | The Easiest Tutorial which has an incredible 62 million views.


HowToBasic is a faceless YouTube channel that focuses on creating how-to videos. It already has 16.4 million subscribers and 7,316,774,975 total views through its 703 videos since December 8, 2011. HowToBasic has estimated yearly earnings of $54.6K to $874K. Their top video is How To Quickly Get a Six-Pack, which is incredibly popular with 151 million views.

Daily Dose Of Internet

Daily Dose Of Internet has 16.4 million subscribers with 583 total uploads. It has 3,706,609,389 total views since July 15, 2015. They earn an estimated $1.2M to $18.5M every year. Their most-watched video is Skiers Didn't See the Cliff Coming, which received 88.6 million views.


FailArmy is a faceless YouTube channel that focuses on compiling fail and funniest videos with 16.6 million subscribers . They've shared 445 videos, which have been watched around 3,185,724,634 times since July 5, 2011. They make approximately $284.1K to $4.5M each year. Their most popular video is The Ultimate Girls Fail Compilation | Try Not to Laugh with 212.6 million views.


H2ODelirious has a whooping 13.4 million subscribers with 3,757 videos. It has 4,377,362,279 total views since May 24, 2007. They earn about $49.3K to $788.5K every year. Their most-watched video is DELIRIOUS ARMY - Animated Music Video! By The Spaceman Chaos which has a notable 21.4 million views.

What Are The Top Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas For Beginners?

DIY tutorials/hacks, video games, technology, motivational and music channels are the top faceless YouTube channel ideas for beginners.

DIY Tutorial/Hacks

For a DIY tutorial/hacks idea, you can focus on showing your hands while demonstrating the steps or hacks. This niche is valuable, as The Farnsworth Group reveals that 55% of Millennial DIYers rely on YouTube for home improvement info. Look at 5-Minute DECOR, a faceless channel in this niche with 9.29 million subscribers.

Video Games

Video games offer a great opportunity for beginners to start a faceless YouTube channel. According to the ESA, over 227 million people in the US play video games for a few hours each week. In this niche, you can record your gameplay without showing your face or adding your voice. You can consider making gaming tutorials using animation, or create video game walkthroughs to review specific games for your audience. To get started, you can check Gamer's Little Playground for inspiration.


If you're into technology, start a faceless YouTube channel where you review new gadgets like phones and laptops. You don't need to show your face—just use voice overs with pictures or videos. You can also do unboxing by showing your hands. It is a great niche because, according to the American Community Survey, 96.3% of Americans use tech at work. Check out TechZone for inspiration.

Motivational content

You can consider starting a faceless YouTube channel focused on motivation, self-confidence, and positive thinking. An example of such a channel is Motiversity, which doesn't show faces and earns an estimated $24.1K - $385.5K yearly, according to Social Blade. If you're new to YouTube, this can be a promising niche to explore.

Music channels

If you're into music, consider a faceless YouTube channel to share your songs using animated visuals and audio, plus you can cover popular songs without showing up on camera. SXM Media reports that nearly all Americans above 13 (95.6%) listen to audio daily, making this idea profitable. Lofi Girl already has 13.1 million subscribers in this niche

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Is Creating Faceless YouTube Channels The Best Business Model Out There?

No, creating faceless YouTube channels is not the best business model out there. However, it can be a good way to start if you enjoy making content while staying anonymous. You just need a profitable niche and the right audience targeting. You can actually earn between $1,000 and $10,000 monthly through YouTube automation. But, take note that this income usually builds up over 1 to 3 years of consistent content creation and uploads.

Here are some reasons creating a faceless YouTube channel is not the best business model:

  • Faceless YouTube channel limits personal connection - It lacks a personal touch because you are working anonymously. It makes it harder for you to connect with your audience, which can cause slow growth.
  • Faceless YouTube channel suffers from the competition: YouTube platform has 51 million active channels and you are competing in all of them. Given that faceless YouTube channels have no visual identity, standing out becomes more difficult. 

In my opinion, local lead generation remains the best business model out there. It doesn't demand continuous content creation for income generation. Instead, after identifying a niche, you can start building your first website as low as $500. After building, you will use SEO tactics to secure a Google search engine ranking. Once your website achieves a good ranking, you can rent it to a local business in need of leads. Initially, you can offer them free leads to establish trust. After that, they will pay you $500-$2,500 per website each month. Local lead generation is a passive income stream that enables you to scale as much as you want.

If you want to learn my best business model to achieve financial freedom, check out this local lead gen coaching program that already has over 7,000 students.

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