Is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Profitable? | 5 Effective Strategies To Maximize Profitability

May 16, 2024

High ticket affiliate marketing can be profitable for those who invest into building a loyal audience base around a high ticket niche and promote a relevant high ticket product. Although high ticket affiliate offers pay out $100 to $5,000+ per commission, building enough trust and credibility to convert a high ticket sale typically requires a more extensive sales cycle and resources. 

Marques Brownlee is a great example of a profitable high ticket affiliate marketer. Marques earns a considerable $8.5 million per year by reviewing the latest tech gadgets through his YouTube channel, a portion of which comes through high ticket affiliate marketing, according to Forbes. He includes Amazon Affiliate links to the tech he reviews, such as the newest iPhone, towards the beginning of his YouTube video descriptions for his viewers. Marques has spent well over a decade creating consistent YouTube videos around tech, establishing himself as a trusted source of information for those looking to purchase expensive tech products.  

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner is another profitable high ticket affiliate marketer. Michelle has been blogging about online business and personal finance for over a decade through her blog, Making Sense of Cents. Her blog and associated newsletter have generated her over $5 million dollars, much of which has come from promoting high ticket affiliate offers like Bluehost web hosting, which pays up to $100 per qualified sale. 

Although there are many examples of profitable high ticket affiliate marketers, high ticket affiliate marketing can also be unprofitable for those who try to take shortcuts. For example, trying to run paid ads like Facebook Ads or Google Ads to a sales funnel that isn’t optimized is a surefire way to lose money with high ticket affiliate marketing. 

High ticket affiliate marketing can also be unprofitable if you invest resources into promoting a company that doesn’t pay out your affiliate earnings. Companies have withheld commissions from affiliates for legitimate reasons, such as the affiliate using unapproved marketing channels to promote the brand, and illegitimate reasons, such as wanting to keep 100% of the profits for themselves and hoping the affiliate doesn’t notice or take action. As one affiliate marketer on Reddit puts it, that’s just the nature of the affiliate business. 

An alternative online business model that many people find more profitable and faster than high ticket affiliate marketing is local lead generation. Local lead generation is creating websites that attract customers for local service businesses and selling those leads to real local service businesses for $500 to $3,000 per month. It typically takes 6 weeks to 6 months to rank a local lead generation website on Google and start collecting leads to sell to local businesses. Local lead generation websites only cost a few hundred dollars to set up in most cases, allowing site owners to command upwards of 90% profit margins. 

In the following article, we look deeper at high ticket affiliate marketing profitability by discussing how much high ticket affiliate marketers typically earn and lay out the most profitable high ticket affiliate marketing niches to choose from. 

How much do high ticket affiliate marketers make?

Is high ticket affiliate marketing legit and can you make money with it? High ticket affiliate marketers in the United States make just over $77,000/year on average, or $37/hour, according to ZipRecruiter. About 13% of high ticket affiliate marketers are earning at least $104,000 from their marketing efforts. Therefore, most high ticket affiliate marketers can expect to make around four to five figures each month in profits. 

How much commission can affiliates earn in high ticket affiliate marketing?

Affiliates can earn anywhere from $500 to $5,000+ commission in high ticket affiliate marketing. Most high ticket affiliate marketing products range between $500 and $1,000 in commissions. However, some high ticket affiliate marketing programs, like Villiers Jets, can pay up to $10,000! Therefore, high ticket affiliate marketers can earn considerable commissions each month with very minimal sales. 

Is high ticket affiliate marketing more profitable than low ticket affiliate marketing?

High ticket affiliate marketing is often more profitable than low ticket affiliate marketing because sales commissions are substantially higher for the same amount of resources. For example, say you use a paid advertising channel like Google Ads to drive web traffic to an email marketing newsletter in the luxury travel niche where you promote your affiliate offer. The average cost per click (CPC) of a Google Display Ad is approximately $2.32, according to Business of Apps. Of course, not all clicks will convert into newsletter subscribers, but for simplicity, we can say that each new newsletter subscriber coming from your Google Display Ad paid advertising campaign costs at least $2.32. 

If you promote a low ticket affiliate offer, like something from either the Amazon Associate or CJ Affiliate programs, you can expect to earn something in the range of $1 to $25 on each sale. Therefore, your profit would be -$1.32 to $22.68 for each newsletter subscriber that uses your affiliate link and buys the product you're promoting. However, if you promote a high ticket offer that earns you a high commission of $1,000 on each sale, you would earn a substantially larger profit of $997.68 for every newsletter subscriber that converts into a sale.

What are the most profitable high ticket affiliate marketing niches?

  • Investing - People interested in investing have plenty of extra money available to use, which is why the investing niche is one of the most profitable in affiliate marketing. From traditional investments like stocks and gold to modern obsessions like cryptocurrencies and NFTs, there is plenty of money to be made in this niche. 
  • Luxury travel - A solo luxury traveler spends upwards of $6,100 per week, while a family of four spends nearly $16,300 for the same period, according to travel data agency Champion Traveler. Whether you target wealthy families looking for a brief getaway or the owners of Fortune 500 companies looking to enjoy a company business trip in style, the luxury travel niche can pay some of the highest commissions in affiliate marketing. 
  • Online business - Promoting online business products is one of the most competitive affiliate marketing niches, and for good reason. Millions of people aspire to make an income online and will spend large sums on tools to ensure the success of their online business. In this niche, you can earn high ticket commissions by promoting things like web hosting services, digital marketing softwares, and Ecommerce solutions.  
  • E-learning - The average cost of college tuition in the United States is $35,720, according to When considering that most people are paying well over $100,000 to obtain their four-year degree, it’s no surprise that data from the National Student Clearing House shows an 8% drop in undergraduate college enrollment. On the other hand, online education is exploding in popularity. Between 2023 and 2027, it’s expected to grow by 9.48% each year, according to Statista. People are becoming much more open to paying $10,000+ for an online course that gives them actionable skills to start making money more quickly. You can earn big by promoting these courses as a substantially cheaper alternative to traditional education.

15 Profitable high ticket affiliate programs paying $1,000 or higher commission

  1. 1
    BigCommerce - Earn $1,500 for each Enterprise tier referral at this Ecommerce solutions provider.
  2. 2
    Smartproxy - Earn up to $2,500 for each new customer that uses your affiliate link to sign up for this global business data scraper.
  3. 3
    Thinkific - Refer DIY content creators, entrepreneurs, and business owners keen to share their skills to this course creation platform and earn up to $1,700.
  4. 4
    Teamwork - If you use this project management tool to effectively run your business, you can get paid up to $1,000 for each referral that signs up.
  5. 5
    Authority Hacker - Promote these online marketing training courses and potentially make up to $1,979 per sale.
  6. 6
    Goldco - Considering that you can earn a 3% to 6% commission on each sale, you can easily earn $10,000+ for directing wealthy individuals to invest with this precious metals provider.
  7. 7
    Capitalist Exploit - For affiliates with professional money managers in their audience base, product sales with this high-quality investment research firm can earn commissions between $788 and $1,750.
  8. 8
    Shopify - You can earn up to $2,000 per sale by convincing businesses to run their online stores through this Ecommerce platform.
  9. 9
    HubSpot - For those that promote in the digital marketing niche, sign ups to this online marketing product suite can generate up to $1,000 in commissions.
  10. 10
    Oceanscape Yachts - With an average commission of $1,250 per sale, promoting this luxury yacht cruise ship experience can be quite lucrative for travel affiliates.
  11. 11
    LiquidWeb - Promoting this high-end web hosting service to the right client can net you upwards of $7,000 for a single sale.
  12. 12
    Villiers - Private jets aren’t cheap, and that’s why you can earn $1,000+ for every flight booked through this private jet charter company that offers a 30% profit share.
  13. 13
    Amazing Selling Machine - Costing nearly $5,000 and paying affiliates a 40% commission, promoting this Amazon FBA high ticket program can earn you $2,000/sale.
  14. 14
    Legendary Marketer - With a potential commission of $2,850 for a single sale, this high ticket digital marketing educational product is a great option for those with a target audience of online marketers.
  15. 15
    E1ULife - Promoting their custom web packages to businesses can net you up to $2,000 from a single sale.

5 Effective strategies for marketing high ticket affiliate products to maximize profitability 

1. Focus on organic traffic

One of the best ways a high ticket affiliate marketer can maximize profitability when promoting a high ticket affiliate program is by using content marketing to drive organic traffic. Organic traffic, such as internet users that enter the sales funnel of your high ticket product through search engines like Google or YouTube, is essentially free traffic. Therefore, focusing on attracting organic traffic instead of using paid traffic sources like Facebook ads allows you to keep more of your profits. 

2. Utilize email campaigns

Selling an expensive high ticket affiliate product requires a bit more convincing than a cheap affiliate product. When selling high value products, it’s important to have as many touchpoints, or interactions, as possible in order to build trust and interest in the product. In fact, 80% of sales are made between the 5th and 12th interaction, according to Salestrail. If you just lead your potential customer directly from your traffic source to a bridge page with your affiliate link, you probably won’t get very many sales. 

In order to improve profitability, many affiliate marketers put their traffic into an email marketing campaign where they use sales tactics like explaining the benefits of the product, incorporating customer testimonials, and generating excitement with promotions. Once the potential customer gets through the email sequence, they are much more likely to buy the product.

3. Entice with bonus offers

One of the biggest drawbacks of affiliate marketing is its high competitiveness. If you can join an affiliate program and start promoting a product, chances are good that there are many other affiliates promoting that product too. Why should someone use your affiliate link to buy a high ticket product rather than buying from another affiliate, or even going straight to the brand themself?

Bundling your own bonus offers with your high ticket affiliate products is an effective method for getting people to buy through your affiliate link. For example, Deadbeat Super Affiliate with 175K subscribers on YouTube spent $1,000 to create his own custom software to bundle with his high ticket affiliate product and generated over $100,000 in commissions in a week as a result. 

4. Retarget interested audience

Unlike CPA marketing, you need to make sales if you want to get paid in high ticket affiliate marketing. Unfortunately, just because a potential customer makes it to the sales page of the affiliate marketing program that you’re promoting, doesn’t mean you’re going to get your high ticket sale and earn a profit. However, the fact that they clicked into your marketing funnel and made it through your promotions clearly shows interest in the product.

Fortunately, retargeting gives you the opportunity to reach those interested customers who weren't ready to buy the first time. Retargeting is a paid advertising marketing strategy where you only show advertisements to internet users who have interacted with your high ticket affiliate product sales funnel. According to SharpSpring Ads, retargeted users are more likely to convert by 70%! Therefore, you should use retargeting if you want to maximize your potential to earn a high ticket affiliate commission. 

5. Promote long term engagement 

If you want to optimize your high ticket affiliate income, you need to keep your audience engaged with your brand long term. Instead of discontinuing contact with an internet user after closing a sale or failing to close a sale, you should keep those internet users in your affiliate marketing ecosystem so you can continue marketing to them. To do this, you need to provide value to drive engagement. Some examples of ways to maintain audience engagement over the long term include:

  • Sending out periodic newsletters
  • Setting up a social media community
  • Publishing consistent blog content
  • Running virtual workshops

How to profitably start high ticket affiliate marketing for beginners? 

  1. 1
    Choose a niche - One of the most important factors for being profitable with high ticket affiliate marketing is whether you can establish an audience that trusts you. Therefore, it’s essential to focus on a single niche and develop authority in it. Your audience should feel confident in turning to you if they have questions pertaining to the niche and be receptive to the products you promote within the niche.
  2. 2
    Create a strategy to drive traffic - Once you identify a niche, you need to determine the best digital channels to reach your target audience and attract them to your high ticket affiliate offer. For example, say you decide on the personal finance niche. A potential strategy could be to create a website with personal finance-related blog post topics to attract search engine users. Once users reach your website, you could invite them to provide their email address to receive your periodic personal finance newsletters, where you can promote your high ticket offers. When comparing affiliate marketing pros and cons, one challenge is that it takes time to start generating traffic. 
  3. 3
    Find a high ticket offer to promote - Next, you need to find a high ticket affiliate offer to monetize the traffic your marketing efforts generate. Oftentimes, high ticket affiliate programs are managed directly by the company offering it themself instead of through an affiliate network like FlexOffers, so they can be more difficult to find and access. Therefore, you may need to do a bit of digging online to find a suitable high ticket affiliate program related to your niche. 
  4. 4
    Scale your business modestly - If you want to optimize your income potential with high ticket affiliate marketing, you’ll need to spend money at some point. Whether that’s paying for expensive marketing tools, hiring a copywriter, or putting money into paid advertising, generating top tier results requires you to invest capital. However, attempting to scale too quickly is where most people lose money with high ticket affiliate marketing. To give yourself the best opportunity to be profitable, scale within your limits. For example, don’t start putting thousands of dollars into paid advertising before you even have your first sale. First, take time to build your audience organically. If your audience starts buying high ticket products through you, you’re onto something and you should reinvest the profits to scale. 

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Case Study: Earning Over $15K in 3 Days!

Affiliate marketer and YouTuber with over 100K subscribers, Chad Bartlett, was able to earn $15,164 in the span of 72 hours by promoting a high ticket affiliate product. He accomplished these results by sending a single email to promote his own affiliate marketing bootcamp that costs around $1,000 to join. Chad has been creating educational affiliate marketing content for over five years now. In that time, he has amassed an email list of over 15,000 people interested in affiliate marketing, so his email campaign was able to reach a highly targeted audience of a substantial size. 

The reason Chad’s high ticket affiliate marketing campaign was so profitable is because he regularly provides his audience value to maintain trust and loyalty. Chad consistently sends out high value emails to his audience telling stories, promoting his newest content, and giving away free products, all related to affiliate marketing. If you want to be profitable with high ticket affiliate marketing, it’s essential to develop trust with your audience and provide them tremendous value. 

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Is high ticket affiliate marketing worth it?

High ticket affiliate marketing can be worth it for those who take the time to establish a niche audience base in a high value industry. There are many affiliate marketers who make a substantial income by promoting high ticket products online. However, high ticket affiliate marketing is not an optimal business model for those who are just starting to make money online and want to make money quickly without much capital to invest. This brings up the question, “Is affiliate marketing easy or hard?

In fact, high ticket affiliate marketing is even likely to cost you a substantial sum before you can start making money. Many high ticket affiliate marketing programs, like E1ULife, require that you own the product yourself before you can promote it. For example, you need to first purchase E1ULife’s $2,500 package before you’re allowed to earn affiliate compensation for promoting their products. 

Fortunately, there are faster and more affordable ways to start making money online, like with local lead generation. Local lead generation entails targeting a high value service in a local market, such as roofing in Dallas. Then, you build a website and use SEO to rank the website on the first page of Google, typically within six months. Each potential customer that clicks into your website and reaches out for you to perform the service is a valuable lead. By partnering with a local business who can perform the service for the client, you can earn thousands of dollars in recurring commission every month! Furthermore, setting up these websites only cost a few hundred dollars and some of your time, so many people find local lead generation a highly profitable business model.

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