Dan And Ron Apke’s Land Investing Online Review—Is Land Flipping Profitable?

September 13, 2023

Land Investing Online is a bootcamp that teaches you how to build an income source through flipping land. It upholds the mission to help you reach your potential freedom through land investing. With that, you will learn how to buy and sell vacant land and earn significant income as a real estate investor. But is land flipping profitable?

Land flipping is a real estate investment strategy wherein you buy a land at a discount price hoping to sell quickly for income. It is a relatively cheap way to invest in real estate because you do not encounter the risks of house flipping like increased debt, unexpected costs, and maintenance. Keep in mind that it can be associated with an illegal real estate practice where buyers and sellers collude to inflate the property's price beyond market value, only for a third-party to be deceived into buying it at an excess. Which is why I recommend a safer way to make money online—local lead generation.

Local lead generation is a digital real estate business model that aims to attract potentially paying customers for local businesses, which earns you passive income for the leads you provide. The advantages include owning the digital property, lower overhead costs, it's easier to manage, and it's highly scalable. You only have to focus on getting free traffic to make a consistent income. And unlike land flipping, there are no illegal associations with this business, ensuring that you and your investments are safe, and you keep earning for as long as your websites are running.

Land Investing Online Pros And Cons


Land investing is the least saturated real estate investment.

Land Investing Online offers a system that encourages you to do your best before getting your money back if their system does not work.

Dan and Ron Apke are active advisers within the Land Investing Online Discord group, allowing seamless interaction between members and mentors.


Has an upfront cost of $1,259 or $1,749 if you decide to add their CRM and bonus modules.

Land flipping is associated with the scheme of inflating a land’s value, only to be sold at a lower price than when you got it for.

The refund process is unnecessarily tedious, forcing you to leave your money if you can’t meet the requirements.


Land Investing Online costs $1,249 for the bootcamp, with an additional $500 for the CRM system and modules. There is also a $99 per month payment to maintain access to all the resources.

Refund Policy

Land Investing Online offers a refund if you meet the requirements of their LIO Guarantee.




Land Investing Online has a lot of positive reviews. However, the land flipping business model is associated with illegal matters, increasing its risk overall.

Is Land Flipping Profitable?

Land flipping is profitable if you can apply Land Investing Online's CRM and mailing system that increases your chances of getting deals. But you will have to spend thousands of dollars as an investment to expedite the deals you make. If you are a beginner real estate investor with limited cash flow, I would recommend investing in real estate business models that have fewer risks like wholesale real estate, short-term rental property, Airbnb arbitrage, and more. You can also check out Home Flipping Workshop. Keep in mind that these also come with their own set of risks.

On the other hand, if you are experienced in land assessment, management, and development, this can be a good investment opportunity to earn money as a land flipper. These experiences give you insight to spot vacant lands that can be high-value properties in the future.

What Do You Get In Land Investing Online?

Land Investing Online Bootcamp + CRM

  • Lifetime Access to the Land Investing Online Bootcamp (Standard Course)

  • Lifetime Access to the CRM + 2 Hours Of Walkthrough Videos

  • Advanced Modules that are constantly being updated

  • Recorded Weekly Webinars

  • Data Tree Account

  • In-House Affordable Mail Service With Mail Tracking And More

  • Members Only Weekly Deal Deep Dives

  • Members Only Discord (Priority Responses)

  • Accountability Group - Learn With Others On The Same Path

  • Program Inclusions:

    • LIO Money-Back Guarantee

    • Land Investing Online Full Course

    • CRM + CRM Modules

    • Advanced Modules And Recorded Calls

    • Private Members Only Community Discord Chat

    • Access To Live Weekly Member Calls

    • Complete Access To Templates, Tools, And Resources

    • Access To All Land Investing Online Member Benefits

Land Flipping Bootcamp Course Preview

Chapter 1 - Course Overview
Chapter 2 - Operations: Business Structure
Chapter 3 - How We Acquire
Chapter 4 - Selecting A County
Chapter 5 - Pulling Data
Chapter 6 - Scrubbing Data
Chapter 7 - Preparing Price
Chapter 8 - Finalizing Pricing

Chapter 9 - Sending Mail
Chapter 10 - Preparing For Deals And Calls
Chapter 11 - Analyzing Deals
Chapter 12 - Due Diligence
Chapter 13 - Land Title
Chapter 14 - Selling And Marketing A Property
Chapter 15 - Getting Your Property Under Contract
Chapter 16 - What’s Next?

The Land Investing Online Guarantee

The LIO guarantee requires you to do certain tasks before you are given your money back. In short, this allows you a refund, assuming that you did everything right and nothing seems to work. But what if you have limited time and can’t meet the requirements? This means you have to take everything into consideration before committing to this course. And here’s what you need to do:

  • Send 3,000 mailers per month for your first 3 months using our in-house mail service.
  • Download at least 3,000 pieces of data per month for your first 3 months via your LIO-provided data tree account.
  • Must have completed the course and advanced modules.
  • Join or watch 2 of the monthly live calls every month.

Who Created Land Investing Online?

Daniel and Ron Apke created Land Investing Online in 2021. Their goal is to educate aspiring real estate investors to do land flipping, which essentially means buying vacant lots at 30% to 40% the original price and selling them, earning income through the difference.

Who Is Daniel Apke?

Daniel Apke created Land Investing Online from his passion for the outdoors and real estate. After co-founding Apke Land in 2020 with his brother, Ron Apke, they realized land flipping gives you the opportunity to achieve financial freedom. This inspired them to assist others in reaching financial freedom like they did—teaching the right mentality and same system they applied to be successful in land flipping.

Who Is Ron Apke?

Ron Apke co-founded Land Investing Online with Dan and his roots came from managing the men's basketball team at the University of Cincinnati. Through coaching basketball, he found his passion for helping others achieve their full potential. He brought his passion and competitiveness into entrepreneurship and made Land Investing Online the real estate educational platform it is today.

Is Land Investing Online Worth It?

Land Investing Online is worth it if you believe in the system they have implemented, which is their CRM and mailer. To be successful in land flipping, Dan and Ron push you to be consistent with sending mails and making offers. They already have the leads you can use. You just have to take advantage of it and maximize the system. 

The Land Investing Online Guarantee is also a program inclusion you can take advantage of. It will serve as your safety net if the system does not work in your favor, minimizing the risk of losing your money in the program. What it does not guarantee, however, is the refund for the thousands of dollars you will be spending on the mailer.

Dan mentions that the mailer is expensive, costing you a consistent $5,000 to $8,000 monthly. How much mail do you need to send? Over 25,000 mails per month. If you focus on bulk direct mailing, 80K to 100K mails a month should guarantee you only 5 deals. If you're efficient, 12,000 to 15,000 mails should be enough, says Ron. These costs will eventually be offset if you get a land flip deal that will earn you an average of $18,000 per flip. 

For me, I would be more worried about losing money on the cost of mails instead of what you will be spending on the course. Again, you will not be refunded these costs, but only what you spent on the course. If you want to learn about alternative investments that can make you passive income, check out these articles on my top 12 online businesses to start in 2024.

Land Flipping Pros And Cons


High Potential Profits - If you can identify undervalued properties and sell for a higher price, you can make a substantial profit, possibly earning up to millions.

Flexibility - Land flipping can be a flexible investment strategy wherein you can work on your own schedule and choose properties you want to invest in. This gives you control on how aggressive you want to be as a land flipper and a real estate investor.

Low Upfront Costs - Compared to other forms of real estate investing like buying and renting properties, land flipping costs less because you do not need to spend on development, unlike short-term rentals, house flipping, and more.


High Risks - Land flipping involves risks like market fluctuations, additional expenses, and legal and regulatory risks. You must be prepared to take these on because you can lose money if these are not settled.

Limited Cash Flow - Unlike rental properties that can provide ongoing cash flow through monthly payments, land flipping is a one-time transaction. How much income you will get depends on the value of the land. More importantly, you have to sell to realize profits.

Requires Knowledge - Successful land flipping requires you to have knowledge and a certain amount of expertise in the real estate market, regulations, and other relevant factors. If you’re a beginner, it will take time before you become confident as a land flipper.

Whether land flipping is a good investment strategy depends on you as a real estate investor. Your goals, risk tolerance, and resources should be compatible before getting into this business model. You should deliberate the pros and cons to prevent losses.

What Is The Process Of Land Flipping?

  • Identifying A Potential Property - You have to zip through different vacant lands and properties that have potential to increase in value. This involves researching areas with a high demand for land and areas that are experiencing growth through future developments. This gives you an edge as an investor on how fast you can flip houses within your chosen area.
  • Evaluating The Property - Once you find your property, the next step is to evaluate the land for potential issues regarding regulations, environmental hazards, legal disputes, to determine its current value and potential future value.
  • Purchasing The Property - If you evaluated the property to be a good investment, the next step is to purchase it. This involves negotiating a price with the seller or taking part in an auction. Land Investing Online promotes using their mailing system to send thousands of emails with‌ a set offer for a piece of land. On average, you get about 1 deal for every 2-thousand emails you send, which they recommend you getting $5,000 to $8,000 worth of mails per month and staying consistent to scale your land flipping business.
  • Adding Value - After purchasing land or setting it under contract, you can add value through land clearing, grading, installing utilities, and getting necessary permits and approvals to make it attractive to potential buyers. The long route is waiting for land to increase its value overtime, which takes about 6-12 months, or more.
  • Marketing The Property - When the value has increased, you can market it to potential buyers. Using the same system Land Investing Online provides allows you to market properties at a rate. With thousands of mail sent in a month, you can expect a few interested parties to give a reply. However, it does not guarantee a sale until you’ve locked in a real estate deal and see the money. Dan Apke recommends believing in the system, because that worked for them and it might work for you too. But again, it does not guarantee a sale, but it will guarantee a few or more replies.
  • Selling The Property - When you have negotiated the deal and the offer is agreed upon, you can now sell the property for a profit. Land Investing Online suggests buying properties at 30% to 40% of the potential value to increase the chances of the land selling higher. This means you should buy $15,000 to $20,000 to sell for $50,000, earning you $30,000 to $35,000 on your flip, excluding taxes and additional expenses.

Is It Good To Invest In Land Property?

It is good to invest in land property if you are looking to hold it and wait for future development plans before selling it for a profit. Land property increases in value through supply and demand, and since it is an investment property, it can increase in capital gain. When developments like residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, infrastructure, and more are announced, land within the area becomes desirable for investors. And depending on the success of the developments, it can increase land property value, turning your investments into profit upon flipping. Otherwise, it can decrease and turn investments into a loss.

Why Local Lead Generation Is More Profitable Than Land Flipping

Local Lead Generation is more profitable than land flipping because it does not carry the same costs and risks when starting or scaling. For just $500, you can create a website that targets your chosen niche and invest in SEO strategies to make it rank on Google. To maintain your website, you only have to pay $15 per month for tracking phone numbers, $10 per month for hosting, and $15 per year for the domain. These are way fewer expenses compared to sending thousands of dollars worth of mails per month. 

The best part is you can profit about $2,000 or more from one site, and replicate this to target other areas or a different niche. I own 60 of these sites and it makes me money daily. Even though local lead generation is a safer way to make passive income, it does not limit how much money you can make and the scalability of the whole business model, unlike land flipping.

Land flipping as a real estate investment strategy is bound by market, development, and legal risks. It's important that you should weigh these risks and do your due diligence before investing in land. By researching the local market, conducting a thorough analysis of properties, and working with experienced professionals, you can only do so much to minimize the risks and increase your success. But with every step you take, there are costs that can negatively affect your profits in the end.

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