Joshua Osborne’s Map Pack Hero Review – Does Josh Sell This Course Anymore?

May 17, 2023

Map Pack Hero was a short training course by Joshua Osborne that teaches you how to create and optimize a Google Business Profile. You were able to implement what Josh showed you for your own business or to help other businesses with their online presence. 

Google Business Profiles are vital for the growth of service-based businesses like roofing & landscaping companies. Also, businesses with physical locations, such as restaurants and clothing stores, can benefit from creating GBPs because billions of people look for Google whenever they need information for a product, service or location. To ignore your online presence on Google as a business is borderline irresponsible when you factor in how simple it is to set up. 

If you want to learn how to set up a Google Business Profile for yourself or another business, you can simply go to Google's GBP section and they will explain how to get it done. 

To see what it takes to monetize Google Business Profiles, check out the original local lead generation training program that shows you how to create a passive income by leveraging Google maps and free organic traffic with local service sites that predictably pay you each without having to use paid ads. 


Joshua has generated over $40K per month renting digital assets

Map Pack Hero was an inexpensive training on the Local Biz Hero platform Josh created.


This short course will not show you the entire rank and rent business model.

Josh isn't selling Map Pack Hero anymore. 

Map Pack Hero was a basic Google Business Profile training program that didn't teach you high level GBP optimization strategies. 

There are over 20K people in Josh's free Facebook group where people share GBP strategies and Josh posts motivational content.


Map Pack Hero was $27. (Course is not sold anymore)

Refund Policy

100% money-back guarantee. 


4 video training modules. 


Free Facebook group with over 20K members.


Josh started this course in 2018 when he created his BAM coaching program. 


Joshua Osborne has an excellent online reputation and has helped thousands of students begin their digital real estate careers. If you search for Joshua Osborne reviews, you'll see a mix between people who know he is a legit online coach and people who think he is a fraud. As far as any Map Pack Hero reviews, there were only good testimonials found online.

Map Pack Hero Course Overview

1) How to Set Up a Google Business Profile (Overview & Research)

In this section, there were 14 videos that showed you how to create and set up a Google Business Profile listing (previously a Google My Business listing), which he calls, "Digital Traffic Light". Josh shared a PDF that includes over 1,000 niches that may be profitable for you. He also shares a checklist of the 10 most important things to pay attention to and some basic Google map ranking steps to follow. 

2) On-Page Optimization of Your GBP

In the second section, you learned step-buy-step how to optimize your GBP. This includes selecting your top categories, optimizing your images, description, and more. 

3) Off-Page Optimization

Joshua showed you how to build your free Google website, how to generate more Google reviews, how to create social proof, and more. You also learned the importance of citations in the local SEO space. 

4) How to Sell the Service of Creating a GBP for Local Businesses (Map Pack Sales)

The final section was about how to land clients on platforms like Fiverr, UpWork, social media, and more. These are ideal platforms to find a local business who is looking for help to grow their business. Josh shares several ideas that will help you start conversations with potential customers.

Who is Joshua Osborne?

Joshua Osborne is a successful rank and rent digital marketer, consultant, and coach from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Josh has a rough upbringing, growing up in trailer parks, and being homeless. When he was 19 years old, he was sentenced to 5 years in prison. Upon his release, he started working a 9-5 job at an installation company. Eventually, he became the manager there. 

In 2008, Josh attended the University of Colorado Colorado Springs and obtained his bachelor's degree. In time, he started his own moving company, landing weekend jobs on Craigslist. Josh soon realized that he had no time for his family so, he quit his 9-5 job to focus on his moving company. 

Josh met Dan Klein in 2014 and joined the original local lead generation coaching program, which was once called Job Killing. In one year, Josh took his income to 7-figures. By 2018, he created the BAM University program (Cool Marketers) with Dan's guidance and support. 

Today, Josh makes over $40K with his digital real estate business and coaches thousands of students to do the same. He created an online blog called Scam Risk where he reviews different courses that teach business model like Amazon FBA, affiliate marketing, investing, and more. Josh is active on social media with over 3,600 followers on Instagram. On his Joshua T Osborne YouTube channel, he has over 3,400 subscribers and he posts content each month with his wife, Danielle Osborne, that revolves around entrepreneurship. 

Joshua T Osborne Net Worth

Joshua Osborne has an estimated net worth that ranges between $2 million and $5 million when you factor in that his high-ticket coaching program costs over $5,000 and he makes over $40K per month with his digital real estate empire. 

Map Pack Hero Review: Was it Legit?

Map Pack Hero was legit if you didn't mind spending $27 to learn the exact method of setting up a Google Business Profile. The $27 was not worth it to just learn how to set a GBP up. It was more worth it to learn what Joshua taught in the 4th module of this training. For anyone asking, "is Map Pack Hero legit?", there was plenty of proof to show it was. Josh also taught how to sell the service of creating GBPs for local businesses. To learn how to create an entire business from renting out digital properties which not only include GBPs but also service sites, Josh created the BAM University course. 

What is BAM University?

BAM University is an online coaching program by Joshua Osborne that teaches you the same business model he learned from Dan Klein in the original local lead generation training program. You learn how to build digital properties in the form of Google Business Profiles and lead generation websites that generate leads for local small business owners who are looking for more work each month. You choose the niche to get into, the ranking strategy to get your sites showing at the top of the search results, the business owner to work with, and how much they have to pay you each month. Joshua has taught this business model to thousands of students in his BAM course, and many have reached financial freedom with it.

Price: BAM University costs $5,860.

Map Pack Hero Testimonials

John Davis was a teacher, restaurant owner, and he owned a post-construction cleanup company. After scrolling through Facebook, he saw Joshua's post and signed up for the Cool Marketers course. John took time to go through the course and when he eventually implemented everything he was learning, he grew his business to over $7,000 per month in residual income. 

Viola is another of Josh's students who made thousands of dollars with this program and business model. Before diving into Josh's course, she was a makeup artist for CNN, the Weather Channel, NBA TV, and did so for 20 years. When she joined Josh's course and learned how to create digital assets, she grew her business to over $4,000 per month in recurring income.

#1 Alternate to Map Pack Hero

Lead Generation Coaching Program

Dan Klein has been coaching the original local lead generation business model since 2014. He has been hustling since he was 6 years old and has over 15 years of business experience. He has a net worth of over $30 million and though he has made millions more through other business ventures, he now coaches others on how to make money with local lead generation. In 2014, I became one of his students and a successful product of this program. I am now partnered with Dan to help people quit their full-time jobs by teaching them the valuable skill of generating leads for small businesses using digital properties that generate free organic traffic. We have grown the training program to over 7400 students, all of which are working to build their digital real estate empires one service site and GBP at a time. 

After joining, you're given access to all the step-by-step training videos and the private Facebook community. There are dozens of training videos that walk you through each step and phase of this business model. If you've purchased an SEO training before, you'll quickly realize how much material and how many strategies were left out as you go through this course.

Each week, there are live coaching calls that Dan and other coaches host to teach students how to build and scale their businesses. You learn how to improve in the different aspects of entrepreneurship. 

To learn how to build a passive digital real estate empire without having to pay for traffic, check out the original local lead generation business model and training program. 

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