Craig Ballantyne’s Millionaire Morning Routine Review | What Are The Program’s Pros And Cons?

March 24, 2024

Millionaire Morning Routine by Craig Ballantyne teaches people winning habits that can help boost their focus, motivation, and productivity each day. According to their website, the program is actually “an old farmer’s secret trick” that can possibly put anyone “on the millionaire fast track in just 15 minutes a day.”

A business coach to top entrepreneurs, Craig is a firm believer that “you can’t have a 7-figure income on a 5-figure lifestyle.” So can this course help you develop the perfect morning routine and potentially grow your earnings?

To give you an idea, this course has received huge praises from successful entrepreneurs who have applied its teachings. So while it can improve your productivity, it would be wrong to assume that everyone who takes this program can all become instant millionaires. In addition to living morning habits, you also have to pursue the right business model, work hard, and understand market trends in your industry, among other factors.

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What is the Millionaire Morning Routine?

The Millionaire Morning Routine is a program designed and created by Craig Ballantyne. The program is composed of a 21-day challenge, a free digital copy of The Perfect Day Formula book, a 9-day Reality Maker Blueprint, plus guides, worksheets, and others.

According to the Early To Rise website, Millionaire Morning Routine helps learners boost their energy, motivation, and productivity. More than that, it can “put you on the fast track to million dollar success.” The main thing that sets it apart from other similar morning routine products is that the program can be personalized for each learner’s needs.

When you sign up for the Millionaire Morning Routine program, you are granted access to Craig Ballantyne’s “entire morning routine system.” This easy-to-follow, step-by-step training can be completed in 5 to 10 minutes per day. The program also teaches how becoming a morning person can help you finish all your work by 2pm daily.

Additionally, learners get 3 bonuses namely:

✅ The Perfect Day Formula Ebook
✅ The 23 Research Backed Habits To Supercharge Your Mornings PDF
✅ The 90-Day Reality Maker Blueprint

Who should use the Millionaire Morning Routine?

Anyone can use the Millionaire Morning Routine. According to their website, the program is recommended for “anyone who wants to get more out of themselves and out of life.” This means people from different walks of life including single mothers, best selling artists, writers, online business owners, freelancers, and more.

Basically, those interested to change their lifestyles and mindsets to achieve lasting financial freedom may take an interest in this program. As Craig emphasizes, applying this “old farmer’s secret morning trick” can increase one’s focus, motivation, and productivity… and puts you on the millionaire fast track in just 15 minutes a day.”


The entire program currently costs $27, although the original price is at $180.95.

Refund Policy

Yes, there is a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days. Requests for refunds can be sent via or by calling (800) 965-4172.


The Millionaire Morning Routine website displays testimonials from students who have used the program and/or have worked directly with Craig Ballantyne.

Millionaire Morning Routine Pros and Cons


The program is customized for each student. Millionaire Morning Routine prides itself for not using a one-size-fits-all approach.

Craig Ballantyne knows what he’s talking about. As someone who rose from poverty to becoming a successful business coach for elite entrepreneurs, students can be rest assured Craig speaks from personal experience. His insights are effective and valuable.

There is power in building morning habits. The world’s most successful people have established their own morning rituals and this program guides you in creating yours.


Most reviews available online are positive. This may seem like a good thing but some potential learners may feel wary about availing due to the lack of reviews that share both the positive and negative aspects of the program.

No personal coaching. Buyers only get access to the program materials - not one-on-one mentoring. Considering the cheap cost, this is understandable but other learners may still feel they can benefit better with help from a coach.

Expect upsells. Craig offers other programs and coaching packages so expect offers for those. However, most of these won’t come inexpensive since he and his team usually mentors top entrepreneurs.

Millionaire Morning Routine review

Reviews about Millionaire Morning Routine are generally positive. We see some student testimonials on the official website plus we also spotted one on YouTube. Here are some of the rave reviews about the program:

Greater productivity, lesser stress

Igor Kheifets, founder and CEO of Igor Solo Ads and List Building Lifestyle:

“I run a 7 figure advertising agency. After digging into your program I saw what I needed to change about my routine to get more done in less time. I now wake up 30 minutes earlier than I used to and get twice as much done before lunch with half the stress, and sometimes no stress at all.”

Living the dream - thanks to Craig’s program!

Maria Mountain, owner of Revolution Sport Conditioning, wrote:

“Thanks to Craig's formula, I've increased my income and traveled the world, checking off Bucket Item lists like buying a motorcycle, hiking the Scottish Highlands, living in Paris for weeks, and flying to New York City for the weekend to see U2 in concert... It's led to so many priceless memories in such a short time, I cannot wait to see what the next few years bring!”

“An excellent investment and a high quality program”

YouTuber Wayne Winton Locksmith, who has 35.1K subscribers on his channel, described the program as “high quality” and as an “excellent investment.” He said:

“I like that it’s in bite-sized pieces. So it’s just a couple of little short videos.. designed to organize your morning, make you aware of what you're doing, and give you a formula or recipe for your own perfect morning.”

So, does the Millionaire Morning Routine really work? 

As a personal development program, the Millionaire Morning Routine certainly works. Testimonials from successful students (some are 7-figure entrepreneurs) openly share about how the program has helped transform their lives. They vouch about how it has helped them improve their lives, which then lead to greater financial freedom.

While many have attested to the effectiveness of Millionaire Morning Routine, it’s not a guarantee that everyone who completes the program will become millionaires. It can help instill successful morning routine habits but results may vary from one student to another, depending on their motivation, the business model they pursue, and other important factors.

Who is Craig Ballantyne?

Craig Ballantyne is a book author, business coach, content creator, entrepreneur, investor, and motivational speaker. According to his website, his entrepreneurial journey began as a farm boy helping his father run a cattle farm in Ontario, Canada. In 2005, he made a living working 60 hours a week as a personal trainer at a city gym.

His life eventually changed under the mentorship of Mark Ford, founder of Early To Rise. Over the years, Craig successfully managed to “build five 7-figure businesses in five different industries, write three books (including one Wall Street Journal best-seller), and mentor thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world.” In addition, he has helped over 260 entrepreneurs earn their first million.

Today, Craig has also earned the moniker The World’s Most Disciplined Man among his clients and colleagues. Meanwhile, a Business Insider profile also tells us that he earned a Master’s of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

Social media presence and podcast show

Craig Ballantyne has an official Facebook page where he currently has over 25K followers. On Instagram, his verified account has over 264K followers.

He also runs the Craig Ballantyne YouTube channel where he uploads new content regularly. Since joining the video-sharing platform in July 2014, he has gained 11.7K subscribers and over 866K views so far. 

On top of that, Craig hosts the weekly podcast Early To Rise Radio. In the self-help show, he shares “what high performers are doing every day to be more successful WITHOUT sacrificing their personal lives.”

Books by Craig Ballantyne

Craig Ballantyne has authored three books, namely:

  • The Perfect Day Formula: How To Own The Day And Control Your Life
  • The Perfect Week Formula: Build Your Business Around Your Life, Not Your Life Around Your Business
  • Unstoppable: How To Get Through Hell, Overcome Anxiety, And Dominate In Business And Life

All three titles are available for free download (in PDF and audiobook formats) via his website.

Similar millionaire courses review list

  • Millionaire Closer - Created by World Class Sales Agency founder Dylan Blyuss, Millionaire Closer is a high ticket closing course that teaches students how to earn $5,000 to $80,000 each month. The course itself is composed of over 50 modules, over 50 hours of training videos, and 4 “fast action” bonuses. The goal, of course, is to teach you to become a winning closer.
  • Modern Millionaires -  An educational platform designed by Adul Farooqi, and Chance Anthony Welton, Modern Millionaires teaches effective online hustles and digs deep on what digital marketing is. The course provides detailed instruction on how to earn money online by running paid Google ads the right way, and then generating real results from them. On their website, the company claims that Modern Millionaires now has over 8,200 students across the world.
  • Overnight Millionaire Mastery - A course by Wesley Virgin, the Overnight Millionaire Mastery grants learners access to a collection of mindset-transforming videos that can lead to wealth and success. Despite the misleading title, this course cannot guarantee that learners can become millionaires in such a quick time period. Wesley teaches you how to become a high value person, how posture can affect mood and behavior, why creating several passive income streams is important, and more.
  • Thought Leader Roadmap -  This course by millionaire and New York Times-bestselling author Brendon Burchard teaches how to “build your personal brand, grow your audience, release valuable content, and create digital offers, courses, coaching, or memberships.”

Why lead generation is my best recommendation for earning online

While it’s important to motivate the mind and to develop morning millionaire habits, your effort, knowledge, and skills will ultimately dictate your earnings.

That said, I’d definitely recommend the lead generation for anyone who wants to make money online. The rank and rent industry is not as saturated as other business models, especially since you are targeting area-specific keywords for your customers. Instead of trying to rank on the broad keyword “contractors,” for example, you focus on a particular location and work on ranking “contractors in Portland Maine.”

With this, you only have to compete for the top Google ranking with businesses located in the area. Once you outrank them and secure your search engine, you can look forward to earning a steady stream of income. Businesses will pay willingly to get traffic from organic searches and you, as a digital real estate owner, can make passive income. You can rent your websites to them and earn money monthly without having to work a 9 to 5 job. Besides, achieving the highest result on Google means it will stay there for months with minimal or no effort required on your part.

Now imagine multiplying your income by building several websites and then renting them out to service-based business in different cities across the country. Simply put, starting a lead generation business will definitely take your earnings to a different level!

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