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Lucas Lee-Tyson’s Productized Profits Review – 5 Pitfalls of a Facebook Ads Agency

September 18, 2023

In this digital lead investing course by Lucas Lee-Tyson, you will learn how to generate leads for your clients using Facebook ads and how to scale this business. You will learn to choose your high ticket niche, generate client leads, close deals, run profitable paid ads, and scale. In this Productized Profits review, we'll explain what you get when you buy Lucas' course, what his backstory is, if anyone is having success selling productized services, the alternatives to this course, and if paid traffic is the way to earn a passive income in 2024. Then I'll compare paid traffic with the local lead generation business model that many people are getting into because of the passive income potential it offers.


They updated the Productized Profits System for 2022

You learn how to find leads for your productized service business through cold email, LinkedIn, and Facebook organic search.

Lucas is available every day and you will have a 1 on 1 mentorship via Facebook

You're provided with the ClientBolt Automation software suite to help you save time when finding leads

2 live, weekly coaching calls


Facebook Ads and all paid traffic methods are unpredictable and expensive in 2024

Cold calling is not a passive way to earn an income


Productized Profits costs $1,497 for lifetime access


60-day action-based, money-back guarantee. If you don't make $5000 in 60 days, you get a full refund, plus $1000.


7 modules with various training videos; DFY templates, funnels, scripts, and landing pages to implement: Proven 'copy and paste' ad copy library available to use


Productized Business Masterclass private Facebook group


Lucas has a good online reputation and plenty of student testimonials to prove he's legit. He has over 4,485 followers on Instagram and over 3,700 followers on TikTok.

5 Pitfalls of a Facebook Ads Agency

1. Rising Ad Costs

According to one study, the cost of advertising on Facebook increased by 89% in 2021, making it a more expensive paid traffic option. The COVID-19 pandemic was a big factor in the rise of Facebook ad cost because business owners realized that the only way to remain relevant was to show ads on platforms where everyone's attention was. It was mainly Facebook and Instagram. Advertising on Facebook is expensive and will continue to be so.

2. Increase in competition

The rise in Facebook ad cost also closely related to the increase in competition. Thousands of marketers are flooding the platform to draw attention to their brands and products/services. They are all competing for the same people's attention. For you to succeed, you'll need to craft the best ad you can put together. It's also necessary to spend money split testing which ad creatives are going to convert the best. Just know that thousands of marketers are all going to be doing the same to gain an advantage with their ads over yours. Differentiating yourself from the rest is a challenging objective on Facebook.

3. Facebook can suspend your ad account

Many marketers have had their ad accounts suspended without notice. They've also not had their ads approved to go live. This happens more often than you might think. If you simply submit your ad without checking, you may find your account suspended. It will also take some time to get it back online. This situation can be costly if your business relies on Facebook ads. Facebook's terms and conditions are extensive and many marketers have a hard time setting up their campaigns because of it.

4. Clients can leave you at anytime

When you have Facebook ads clients, you need to know that your income isn't guaranteed or predictable. If you don't provide fast results, your paid traffic clients will stop working with you. This is a business model where most times, business owners have a short fuse and expect to see results immediately since they're paying you hundreds and thousands of dollars up front. If your client ends it with you, you lose out on your profit and if you didn't provide the results you promised they'd get, they're going to want a refund.

5. Ad/Account Exhaustion

Ad exhaustion is when people tire of seeing your ads. This happens often if you aren't paying attention. If you leave the same ad running too long, people will not engage with it anymore. Account exhaustion is when people tire of seeing all ads from your account. This is the worst thing that can happen to you because now you have to start all over with a new account. Exhausting people with an ad is one thing. Exhausting people from your account is worse. Either way, you lose money.

What is a productized service?

A productized service is a service that solves a specific problem for another business. By productizing your service, your process of fulfillment is predictable, repeatable, and hassle-free.

All of your clients' expectations are clearly laid out from the beginning, and pricing is also simplified. Everyone knows what to expect or do.

Who is Lucas Lee-Tyson?

Lucas Lee-Tyson is a 7-figure entrepreneur from Boston, Massachusetts. He's always considered himself a nerdy kid. In high school, one of his hobbies was graphic design. He started the Lucas Lee YouTube channel teaching graphic design but barely got any views. Lucas then read up on how to optimize his channel. After implementing everything he learned and networking with other YouTubers, he grew his main graphic design channel to over 110 subscribers by the age of 15. Lucas then tried different online business models like affiliate marketing and eCommerce, but none of them captured his interest, although he did make some money. 

While at an internship, he found out that the tech company he was working for was paying $250K each month on Facebook ads and was paying an ad agency around $20K per month to manage their Facebook ads campaigns. This caught Lucas' attention and made him want to get started with Facebook ads himself.

Lucas' manager wanted him to get a feel for all the systems the company was working with, so he allowed him to see all the campaigns they were running and changes that were made. Each week, Lucas would also sit in on the weekly meetings. Being exposed to that entire dynamic helped Lucas learn a lot about running an ad agency. That was when, from his college dorm, he started the Growth Cave company in 2018.

Since then, Lucas has generated over $10 million in digital marketing sales. His company has grown to become one of the largest providers of digital marketing consulting and training on Facebook and YouTube ads.

What you learn inside of Productized Profits 2022

Module 1) Fundamentals & Foundations

In the first module, Lucas tackles the mental aspect of entrepreneurship. He mentions all the reasons people fail the course and what you must do to avoid them. Lucas also talks about how to overcome uncertainty and doubt so that you can achieve your goals. You'll also get introduced to the new PPS help center.

Module 2) Carving out your Niche & Irresistible Offer

In module 2, there are only 4 lessons. Lucas teaches you how to choose a high ticket niche and how to craft your offer. You'll also see how to articulate your offer for maximum conversions, and you'll get to watch Lucas research a niche from scratch. 

Module 3) Your Automated Client Attraction Machine

For starters, you're given an "exclusive offer" for ClientBolt, the automation software used to automate your lead generation. 

Lucas gives an overview of their funnel and shows you how to master LinkedIn, cold email outreach, Facebook organic, how to optimize using your Gmail, and how to troubleshoot poor performance.

You're also shown a way to use Loom together with your cold emails to increase your open rates and stand out from your competitors.

Module 4) The Science of Sales & Client Conversion

This module is all about closing deals over the phone.

Lesson 1 is called "2 Call Closing". It's Lucas' strategy of closing a deal over two phone calls. According to Lucas, this method gives the potential client time to think about what you've said and not procrastinate. If you did a great job on your end, they will look forward to that second call with barely any objections holding them back from saying yes to you.

Lucas teaches you the art of sales, how to craft your sales script, how to take payments over the phone, and how to handle objections. He also answers some commonly asked questions.

Finally, Lucas does a live breakdown of two sales calls where he closed the deals.

Module 5) "Copy & Paste" Lead Generation Advertising

In module 5, Lucas shows you how to onboard new clients. 

You also learn how to use Zapier to connect your lead forms to Google Sheets and SMS. Lucas does two Facebook campaign walkthroughs. One of a personal finance publisher and en eCommerce store. 

Module 6) Running Wildly Profitable Digital Ad Campaigns

Module 6 is where Lucas shows you how to use Facebook to your advantage by running a highly optimized campaign. He covers all aspects of advertising on Facebook from setting up lead generation forms and crafting irresistible ads to building your own ad library, operating within Facebook's terms of service, tracking performance, and more.

There's also a bonus paid advertising training where Lucas gets your feet wet with other paid traffic strategies. The goal is to turn your prospects into profitable clients.

Module 7) Systems & Scaling Your Productized Income

The last module teaches you how to scale your business by hiring and managing a team. You'll even learn about automating reports in Facebook ads and automating Facebook ad campaigns with automated rules.


  1. Guaranteed Profits Workshop
  2. Top 25 proven niches
  3. Get Clients Sent to you by Lucas
  4. $500 Cash Towards your first clients
  5. $10K case study vault
  6. Low-ticket kick starter
  7. Travel Hacking Accelerator Course
  8. Extra PPS membership pass

Productized Profits Success Stories

Camella is one of Lucas' students who runs her own social media marketing agency. In her first 8 months of her running her business, she barely made $2000. Her problem was that she was charging her customers low prices. For example, she was charging $250 per month for social media marketing. After joining Productized Profits and implementing everything Lucas Lee-Tyson taught her, she reached $14K in revenue in just two months

Mark is a professional copywriter. He's run large-scale campaigns and has generated millions of dollars in revenue for business. What he struggled with was gaining more clients. That's when he joined Lucas and his team. After a few weeks, he's been able to consistently close deals with business owners. In just a month and a half, he closed a client for $6500. Lucas also helped him charge much more for his services. Now Mark has clients who are happy to pay him for his professional services.

Another successful student is Dennis. In the private Facebook group, he shared his first win. Dennis closed his first deal for $12,500. This was something he couldn't believe but credits his success to what Lucas teaches in the Productized Profits course.

It's important to note that all the money these students generated in revenue is not all profit. 

When you run paid ads for clients, you only make 10-20% in profit for yourself. Most of the revenue that you generate has to go towards your Facebook ads or Google ads budget. 

It's exciting to see all that money be generated when you run paid ads, but remember that it's not all going in your pocket.

Productized Profits Alternatives

Paid Traffic Mastery by Kasim Aslam teaches you how to get started running paid traffic. Molly Pittman, from Digital Marketer, previously taught the course and mainly focused on Facebook ads. Now that Kasim and his team are at the helm, they focus on teaching you how to run Google ads. They teach the basics of Facebook and YouTube ads as well. There are 72 training videos and you're provided with tools, templates and worksheets to follow along and stay organized. You learn a great deal about PPC ads, but there is no private community for support.

Price: Paid Traffic Mastery costs $495

More Info: Paid Traffic Mastery Review

6 Figure Agency by Billy Willson is another course that teaches you how to run Facebook ads like Lucas does. Billy not only shows you how to get started with FB ads but takes it a step everything further by showing you how to create your agency from the ground up, as well as how to run it efficiently. He helps you find your dream clients, provide them with the best results, and automate your agency. 

Price: 6 Figure Agency costs $997

More Info: 6 Figure Agency Review

CreatorU Traffic Bundle by Brian & Scott Moran is a course that teaches you how to gain followers that will love your content and buy from you. This is for content creators struggling to get traffic and building an audience that will buy your online products. The course focuses on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, blogs and podcasts. 

Price: CreatorU Traffic Bundle costs $120.

More Info: CreatorU Traffic Bundle Review

Is Productized Profits worth buying?

Productized Profits is worth buying because of the quality of course content you have access to. 

Lucas Lee-Tyson is a legit online entrepreneur that you can trust. That's made apparent with all the success stories that are seen on his sales page. This course has a different approach to sales with the '2 Call Closing' method, but it works for Lucas and his students. They update the course material each year, which always makes it relevant. 

The Productized Business Mastermind private Facebook group is helpful for students to receive support.

If you're an absolute beginner, you can't go wrong with Lucas' course. 

I just don't recommend going down the path of building a paid traffic marketing agency.

Lucas' Course Training Program

Lucas has another course under Growth Cave. You can access this course via the link on the Growth Cave Instagram page. Lucas claims he net $6.4M selling his courses alone. You will find a 38min video where he provides market data, case studies, and an overview of what you will learn. The course basically teaches you how to pick, build, and market your own course. This is an excellent program for those who want to get into the e-learning industry and sell their specialities.

Is Paid Traffic worth it in 2024?

Paid traffic is not worth it in 2024 and here's why. First, the cost of runnings paid ads is rising each year because of the increase in marketers flooding all platforms to get their piece of the traffic. 

This makes it more expensive than it was a few years ago to go live with an ad and generate leads. If you run ads, split test them to see which one will provide you with the best ROAS (return on ad spend). This takes time and is expensive. If you don't take the time to split test, you're going to look at your account after a couple of days and see you've lost hundreds or thousands of dollars with no results.

You even have to factor in ad exhaustion. People tire of looking at the same ads over and over, which is why you need to keep reinventing your ads and offers. If you wait too long, people can even tire of looking at any ad from your account. That means no profit for you. Even if you do make money, not all of the revenue you generate is profit as I explained earlier.

Paid traffic on any platform will work to some extent, but the road to 6-figures is a long, expensive one. Especially because there are many niches that struggle to convert well with paid traffic.

Similar to many other online business models, paid traffic doesn't have the benefits local lead generation with free traffic does.


Local lead generation with free organic traffic offers more control in your business. You get to make thousands of dollars a month while choosing the niche you want to get into, choosing the business owner you'll rent your leads to each month, and how much they're going to pay you for the leads.

This site I built over 7 years ago has paid me $2000 per month ever since I ranked it on Google. 

Local lead generation

This is just one of my many sites where my profit is $2000 in recurring revenue every month.

The best part is that you're not dealing with ad spend, your account getting shut down, ad exhaustion or thousands of marketers. You're only competing with 10-15 local business owners who don't really know how to market themselves. These rank and rent skills are priceless and are changing lives.

Over 7400 students from around the world in countries like Canada, Australia and the UK are currently building out their digital properties to rank and rent to local small business owners. By doing so, they're becoming financially free. They're also taking their lead generation profits and investing them back into their business to scale.

You can too.

To learn how to make money each month by helping local businesses, check out the local lead generation coaching program.

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