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105 Profitable Home Business Ideas-Ultimate Guide To Making Money From Home in 2024

May 13, 2022

vector of men with a giant lightbulb and money

Heading into 2024, the economy’s looking a little shaky.

First, it was the pandemic, then the election.

Now we're getting hit with breakdowns in the supply chain and the highest inflation rates since 2008.

Not exactly a recipe conducive to profitability.

But some businesses are still thriving and continue to drive sales and cash into the pockets of entrepreneurs.

  • How? 
  • Which industries? 
  • What's their secret?

We started nosing around and were able to find the 105 profitable home business ideas.

Suggestions that have the potential to put money in your pocket.

But before we get going, allow me to share the quick 411 on my story.


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Skilled Trades

1. Property Management

You're the head cheese when the big cheese isn't around. Property managers oversee real estate and are the go-to for daily operations.

From addressing maintenance and repairs to screening tenants.

Or marketing vacant units and collecting rent, property managers are the link between owners and tenants.

cartoon of a man with property management responsibility bubbles around him

Double-check that you don't need a license. And it helps to have a background in real estate but isn't a mandatory requirement.

Barrier to entry is low, and you're looking at start-up costs around $2000-$10,000 as per this post.

Successful candidates for this profitable home business idea should have a few character traits like:


Well Organized & Excellent Customer Service Skills


Networking Finesse & Marketing Expertise


Empathetic & Project Management Skills

Paid a percentage of rent generated by the property, earning potential is around $50,000-$60,000+/year. 

Interested in learning more? Check out this article that shares tips on getting started.

cartoon of people designing a landscape

2. Landscaping Company

The landscaping industry has experienced a massive boom thanks to people spending more time at home over last eighteen months.

Homeowners with cash and nowhere to spend it are now coughing up dosh to redesign their outdoor living space.

Landscaping is a $105 billion industry and offers the opportunity to go into various sub-niches like lawn cuts, garden services, design, etc.

A competitive playing field you're looking at startup costs anywhere between $2000-$15,000+ as per this post that also shares a few pros and cons of the biz like:


  • Be your own boss & Work outdoors

  • Learn something new every day & Help your community

  • Flexibility & Scalability


  • Competitive & Seasonality

  • Labor intensive & Taxes

Profit margins are around 5-10%, and depending on the size of your enterprise, annual income is between $50,000-$100,000+.

If you're not afraid of some hard work and a little dirt, this post shares industry tips on starting a landscaping business.

3. Handyperson

You might not become an overnight sensation with this idea but you can make some solid cash as a handyperson.

You could get going with as little as $500.

But most successful entrepreneurs budget for $2000-$5000 as per this article to hit the ground running.

You're going to need a few skills as per this post like:

Knowledge of building & construction

Problem-solving ability & customer service experience

Skills for repairing & maintaining equipment/appliances

Attention to detail & time management

The key is to specialize.

  1. Who is your ideal customer?
  2. What skills do you excel at?
  3. Do you need a state license?

You can make upwards of $100/hour as per this article that also shares information about the industry.

cartoon of people in hardhats at a construction site

4. General Contractor

Not a low-cost startup venture. But owning a general contracting business is a highly lucrative business proposal.

You're looking at an initial investment of $15,000-$20,000 as per this article.

No formal education is required, but you need a license.

And should have a solid understanding of a few fundamentals like the ones listed in this post, which include:

  • Applying For Building Permits

  • Providing Materials & Equipment

  • Overseeing Subcontractors

  • Managing Communications With Clients 

Build a client base or connect with an agency and general contractors stand to earn upwards of $70,000-$95,000/year.

5. Carpenter

If you know your way around wood, you've hit pay dirt. Carpentry in the United States experienced a 9.4% growth rate in 2021 and continues to soar.

An investment from $1500-$25,000+ as per this post to get started, it really depends on the tools and equipment you already own.

cartoon of a man sawing wood

With annual payouts sitting between $48,000-$85,000+, there are a couple of pros and cons to consider before diving in.

Some outlined in this post include things like:

  • Good work-life balance  

  • Potential for significant income

  • Variety of niches

  • Physically demanding

  • Difficult clients

  • Risk of accident

You'll need a license and insurance, but if you're into this profitable home business idea, this article offers an a-z guide on starting a carpentry business.

6. Drywall

Drywall is big bucks in the construction industry and is headed for a surge of growth as the housing market, and new builds continue to climb.

You don't need a ton of equipment minimizing startup costs, but you do need to know the trade.

cartoon of men applying plaster and drywall

You'd better know what the competition looks like and check here to see if your state requires you to have a license.

Annual incomes are between $89,000-$129,000+ as per this post.

But if this suggestion has your wheels turning, take a read through this article outlining how to start a drywall company.

7. Window Cleaning

Want a high profit and low-cost business?

You might want to consider window cleaning.

The industry makes up 10% of the cleaning sector in the United States and is one of the most profitable home business ideas on our list.

Initial investment costs are dirt cheap as per this post, and you have a couple of options.

  1. Will you offer residential or commercial window cleaning?
  2. What cleaning technique will you adopt?

There are a few other things to consider like the ones outlined in this article including:


Will You Be Seasonal Or Work All Year Long?


What Will You Charge? 


How Will You Market & Advertise?


Scheduling & Quoting 

Window cleaners average incomes between $30,000-$60,000+/year as per this post.

Which also highlights some key points around starting a window cleaning business including license and insurance suggestions.

cartoon of a man cleaning gutters

8. Gutter Cleaning

What if you could own a business where you only had to work for part of the year?

Gutter cleaning fits the bill.

It's a seasonal industry, but if you can secure enough jobs during the high months, you can live the lap of luxury in the slow times.

You're looking at initial investment costs of about $2000 as per this post.

But with the potential to earn $200+/job, you can offer add-ons like:

Window Cleaning

Pressure Washing

Eavestrough Repair & Installation

Not a suggestion for the faint of heart, gutter cleaning is a dangerous and often precarious job.

You need to climb up on ladders and be prepared to work in less than optimal conditions. 

Looking for more information? Check out this article that covers how to start a gutter cleaning business.

9. Electrical Business

Know how to install, maintain or repair electrical infrastructures?

Not only are electricians in high demand, but there is a shortage of talent in the United States, as per this article.

cartoon of a man helping a lady around her home

You need accreditation for this one, but if you're serious about becoming an electrician, check out this post.

Initial investment to start an electrical company runs around $5000+ as per this article.

And electricians charge between $40-$150/hour, offering services like:

Maintenance & Repair Of Existing Wiring

Servicing Heating Equipment 

Lighting Installation

Alarm & Security Systems Installation

Liking the sound of this idea?

Ready to go out on your own? 

This post offers a comprehensive guide on how to start an electrical business.

10. Appliance Repair

It's no longer just a matter of them 'not making them like they used to.'

People are strapped for cash, and breakdowns in the supply chain have made it next to impossible to score new appliances.

So Americans are making do, and you've hit the jackpot if you're in the appliance repair industry.

vector of a man fixing an oven

You can get started for $5000 or less but be sure you have the right license and insurance requirements. 

Then it's about picking your poison and deciding what services you plan to o