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Sharif Course Review (A Look Inside His Dropshipping Program)

January 13, 2023

Sharif Mohsin's Course is a 'full dropshipping accelerator program' that will teach you how to dropship products fast without relying on Oberlo/DS and how to leverage paid Facebook ads (including Sharif's secrets behind creating viral videos).The Sharif Course covers the a-z on how to design, build and launch a profitable Shopify store.

His training is divided into easy-to-digest sections that cover the disadvantages and risks of drop shipping and why people fail. In this review, we'll show you what Sharif has to offer. Plus, why dropshipping can still be profitable and why starting a local lead generation business might be a better way to make money online in 2024.


Sharif updates his course content regularly and appears to be on-point with the latest industry trends.

Sharif has a natural teaching style and is entertaining and informative.

The course will walk you through the entire process of starting a Shopify store which is perfect for beginners but has enough hacks to challenge even veteran dropshippers.


Sharif relies heavily on paid advertising-especially on Facebook, which can be expensive.

There’s nothing earth-shattering in the content-particularly given that he posts a lot of the same information for free on his YouTube channel.

Sharif teaches the dropshipping business model (although he also has videos on how to drop service), which might not be the best business model in 2024.



Refund Policy

Refunds granted within the first 30 days after purchase. (But only if you've completed only 20% of the content).


7 sections with over 150+ videos and 13+ modules that walk viewers through his processes step-by-step. Sharif is active on YouTube, where he has 99K subscribers and also has a private Facebook group. You can also connect with him via Instagram, Clubhouse, and Twitter.


Sharif started his dropshipping journey in 2018. But he's been posting content on YouTube since 2014. His early publications centered on Apple Mac laptop tips and videos about Fortnite. But he's switched gears and publishes some pretty valuable information about Shopify dropshipping, Facebook advertising, and TikTok. In 2021, he launched the Sharif Course. 


Sharif doesn't have a robust online presence despite all of his YouTube followers and no visible online reviews. But testimonials from students found on his website are impressive, and people are making money with the content he shares.

Who Is Sharif Mohsin? 

photo of sharif mohsin

Sharif Mohsin might not have a list of awards or written accolades. But don't be fooled by his young age or the lack of hype. With three years of experience as a dropshipper and over one million in sales just from his ecommerce stores, he also has 99K followers on YouTube and almost 10K on Instagram. 

Sharif Mohsin isn't just a passing fad-he's honest, transparent, and has created quite a name for himself as a dropshipper. In his videos, Sharif injects energy and humor in addition to actionable techniques on how to build and launch a profitable Shopify store. Sharif started focusing on sharing his methods online in 2018. 

He's covered drop servicing, Facebook advertising, and virality on TikTok. In 2021 he launched the Sharif Course-a full dropshipping accelerator program that shares a complete guide on how to start a dropshipping business. Sharif's dishing the goods and teaching others his product criteria. But he also gives the lowdown on how to find private suppliers, common dropshipping mistakes to avoid, and his 100K/month methods.

What Does Sharif Teach Inside The Sharif Course?

In his step-by-step video guide, Sharif Mohsin teaches students how to design high-converting stores. He also discusses why fast shipping times are crucial and the benefits of using reliable US dropshipping suppliers. Sharif's training takes the guesswork out of the equation and teaches students a proven system that uses Facebook & TikTok to sell products online. 

Get the inside scoop on his secrets to creating a dropshipping video ad that taps into customer psychology. And his latest hacks on Facebook and TikTok scaling strategies to drive traffic to your dropshipping store. Learn how to find a product that sells, what you need to look out for and your product's specific criteria. (Stop wasting money on merchandise that wasn't meant to be sold). There are seven sections in the program that include the following:

Sharif Course Sections:

  • Section 1: Creating a Successful Store

  • Section 1.5: Store Extras & Hacks.

  • Section 2: Finding a Winning Product

  • Section 3: Order Fulfillment & Delivery

  • Section 4: Introduction to Facebook Ads

  • Section 5: Facebook Ads Strategy

  • Section 5.5: Facebook Ad Bonuses & Tricks

  • Section 6: Creating Viral Content For Facebook Ads

  • Section 7: Full TikTok Ads Mastery

  • Bonus Material: 0-$100K Store Reveal

picture of sharif's youtube account

Sherif Mosin Dropshipping Course Review:

Sharif Mohsin is all about value and getting his students' results. He's clear that the dropshipping business model isn't a get-rich-quick scheme. You need to be willing to invest time and effort and be prepared to lose money. But the goal of this course is to help you cut out mistakes and learn what to do and what not to do. Let's take a closer look and see what's inside his dropshipping training:

Creating a Successful Store

Sharif teaches his students his exact formula on how to build a profitable Shopify store with content on topics like:

  • The Highest Converting Type of Store & Recommended Themes (recommends the free version of Debutify)

  • Congruent Color Scheme & Logo

  • How To Add & Price Products

  • Tips On Structuring Your Product Name & Descriptions

  • How To Create A High-Converting Description 

  • Optimizing Your Store For Mobile

  • ‘The Product Switch’2020
  • Reviews, Guarantees & Free Shipping Bar/Offer

Sharif also includes his top recommended apps like Areviews and Vitals (an all-in-one marketing software) to help you get sales and generate revenue for your Shopify store. 

Store Extras & Hacks

Sharif shares his personal hacks for building a winning site that includes things like:

  • High-quality images and GIFs

  • Quantity breaks, incentivizing system (volume discounts)

  • Scroll-stopping hook that presents the problem and how your product provides the solution

  • Main benefits of the product listed and how it solves a problem (bullet points for easy to digest and skimmable content)

  • Shipping warning (transparency around shipping times)

  • Reviews and testimonials to build trust

  • A clear call to action

sharif facebook

He explains detailed targeting and why you should just keep it simple. (Basic and broad-don't deviate).

Sharif also covers content on:

  • The Low Down On The Facebook Pixel
  • How to Maintain 30-40% Profit Margins
  • Increase Conversion Rate
  • Customer Support Made Easy
  • Post Purchase Settings (Extra Revenue)

Finding a Winning Product

Sharif recommends using BandsBox to source winning products. He has a list of criteria when conducting product research that includes things like:

  1. Products with high perceived value.
  2. Items that will sell for profit.
  3. Products that you can market and advertise easily (avoid items that are quick to be banned by Facebook).
  4. Not too competitive.

Sharif outlines the difference between low versus high ticket dropshipping, how to find products on autopilot and how to validate your product. He also shares the most affordable and effective spy tools for product research. This section includes additional information on the following subjects:

  • Uptrend Product Research Method
  • Newly Trending Product Research Method
  • Finding Upsells For Your Winning Product

Order Fulfillment & Delivery

AliExpress shipping costs have gone up, and shipping times are longer than ever. So in 2024, you need to find US suppliers. But be very sure they have enough stock to cover your order volume. You can also get suppliers from Yun Express

Learn how to avoid negative reviews, chargebacks, and returns. (The key to the best shopping experience relies on you being honest and transparent with your customers). So tell your customers when products are delayed. Explain the situation and take this time to publish content and engage with your target audience. Sharif also runs through info on:

  • How to Find Your Own Private Supplier
  • Dealing With Refunds The Right Way
  • Links to His Fulfillment Agents & Recommendations 
  • His Recommended Shipping Line
photo  of sharif on youtube

Introduction to Facebook Ads

Sharif Mohsin explains how to create a Business Manager account for ease of use (the maximum you can make is two). And suggests students create five ad accounts, so if one gets banned, you have others to fall back on. Sharif shows his students how to set up the Facebook pixel and add payments. Video tutorials also cover topics like:

Additional Material In This Section:

  • Understanding Facebook Advertising

  • Setting Up Columns (Reading Data)

  • Understanding Facebook Terms

  • How Facebook Budgeting Works

  • Creating A Bulletproof Facebook Page

Sharif shares tips on how to contact Facebook Live Support, and how the Dropship Toolkit software can help you calculate your BER (break-even ROAS) and BEP (break-even profit) for each product. Learn how to make simple and straight-to-the-point creatives and "have fun" with the process.

Facebook Ads Strategy

Sharif goes into specific details on the best way to set up and create Facebook ad campaigns to achieve maximum profits for minimum ad spend. Students also get his personals methods on subjects like:

  • Effective Testing Campaign Strategy
  • Killing & Scaling (Analyzing Your Results)
  • Effective & Advanced Horizontal Scaling
  • Vertical Scaling with CBO & Simple Vertical Scaling
  • Introduction To Lookalike Audiences
  • Setting Up Lookalike Campaigns
  • How Often To Add Adsets

Sharif explains the best methods for scaling to 10K and how to use manual bidding. Get a solid understanding of the funnel, including TOF, MOF, and BOF, learn how to set up custom audiences and high ROAS retargeting.

Facebook Ad Bonuses & Tricks

Sharif concludes his in-depth Facebook advertising strategies with a few of his unique tricks like:

  • Live Killing & Scaling Inside My Ad Account

  • The Secrets to Finding Hidden Profitable Interests 

  • How to View Your Competitor Targeting

  • Copy & Paste Facebook Trick

  • How To Write Compelling Adcopy

He also shares actionable techniques on how to combat Facebook bans for ad accounts and Business Manager accounts, and the best way to handle the situation when dealing with Facebook bans. Learn how to circumvent restricted Facebook profiles and solutions to resolve issues.

Creating Viral Content For Facebook Ads

Sharif shares his must-have software, including a 60% off coupon for students to hook up with Adobe Creative Cloud. He breaks down why photo and video editing are crucial and how to create viral videos and eye-catching thumbnails. Uncover the truth behind the importance of video marketing and get an inside look at the secrets behind the basics of Photoshop.

Students have access to tips on how to leverage sites like BandsOff and dropshipping video ad service options to get dropshipping video ads. Sharif also explains topics like:

  • Dimensions & Sizes for E-Commerce Creatives
  • How To Remove Backgrounds From Images (Easy Hack)

Full TikTok Ads Mastery

With Facebook bans on the rise and CPC getting more expensive, students learn why you need to take advantage of other platforms and organic traffic. Sharif digs into how to set up and run high-converting TikTok ads and what makes a video go viral. In this section, he also shares information on topics like:

TikTok Ads Content

  • Must-Have Shopify Apps (TikTok Inc.)

  • TikTok Product Research Criteria & Methods

  • Finding TikTok Winning Products via Paid & Free Software

  • Keyword Product Research

  • How to Mass Upload Campaigns on TikTok

  • My TikTok Ads Aren't Spending! (Solved)

  • TikTok Blocked Comments List

  • Vertical Scaling With ABOs & CBOs

  • Easy Horizontal Scaling Method

Sharif shares his screen as he walks students through the process of product research and setting up their TikTok accounts. Sharif also shares two testing strategies and how to scale campaigns.

Get high converting TikTok creatives with Sharif's hacks on creating viral creatives and watch your dropshipping store to explode exponentially. Don't try to reinvent the wheel-take what's working in the market right now and make it your own but better. 

0-$100k Store Reveal

Take advantage of Sharif's proven and tested methods. Get first-hand industry tips on how to design a high converting store (exact layout). Turn your investment 'into a wildly profitable online brand' with Sharif's 6-figure Facebook ads setup. Sharif doesn't just give lip service. Instead, he shares his store and real results to back up his systems and provide tangible evidence to his students.

Is The Sharif Course Worth It?

The Sharif Course is worth it if you're looking for a detailed guide on how to design a high-converting dropshipping store using Shopify. Unfortunately, Sharif's methods rely heavily on Facebook advertising which is expensive and doesn't always result in high ROAS. But, to his credit, Sharif does give his students a realistic budget they'll need to get started (he recommends a minimum of $1500 dedicated to ad spend).

Sharif also does a great job prepping his students around having realistic expectations and the right mindset, and he's on-point with current industry trends. But the problem with Facebook advertising is that even with Sharif's tricks on bans and product research, it's still so easy for another dropshipper to come in and duplicate your store, creatives, ad copy, etc. Then, they offer the same product at a lower price and push you out of your own market. And if you do a dropshipping review, you'll see that there are other pros and cons to consider with the business model, like shipping delays and high levels of competition.

picture of sharif's homepage

But Sharif shows you the exact products he's sold and how to replicate his winning dropshipping stores to help students get a head start in the market. In this course, students also learn things like:

  • What makes a good product?
  • What makes a good creative?
  • How to run high-converting and profitable ads

There aren't any reviews online (that I could find). But testimonials on his website indicate students are impressed with the methods taught by Sharif. So if you're willing to invest the time and effort and want a dropship blueprint on how to create a profitable dropshipping store and sell products online, the Sharif Course is worth it.

Student Review:

image of sharif mohsin student

This is a student named Patrick who joined the Sharif Course in April 2021 and has seen substantial results with earnings between $800-$1000/day in revenue. Patrick's review (found on Sharif's website) explains how Sharif taught him to stand out from the competition and why copy and pasting don't work anymore.

Patrick tells viewers that Sharif updates his content and stays on top of changes to tools and software (including Facebook and iOS). And how Sharif provides continued support and is invested in seeing his students succeed.

Issues With The Dropshipping Business Model:

The issues with dropshipping are less about what the Sharif Course teaches and more about the actual business model. (Which might not be the best online business to start in 2024). Dropshipping is appealing because of its low start-up costs. You don't need to worry about holding inventory that might not sell or get saddled with storing products. But because you're acting as the middleman, you have little to no control over shipping and fulfillment or product quality. 

In addition, you don't own a brand. Instead, you're constantly on the hunt for the latest trend. So you need to get in on the action before the market becomes saturated and always be one step ahead of the latest trends. Because so many people are trying to sell the same products, you need a unique marketing angle—a way to differentiate from the competition and tap into customer psychology.

Then there's the issue around paid advertising. Facebook and TikTok ads are a great way to get quick wins. But with rising costs and algorithm changes, you need to continually tweak and fine-tune your processes. The dropshipping market has become insanely competitive, and you're operating on razor-thin margins. And the only real winners are the advertising platforms and the manufacturers.

But it's not too late to start dropshipping, and the industry is seeing tremendous growth. It's slated to secure a valuation of $196.78 billion in 2024 which means there are all kinds of opportunities to make money if you can find untapped products or fill a void in the market. But old methods don't work, and that includes shipping cheap inventory from China.

You need to learn the fundamentals of the business model, like securing reliable (that can guarantee fast shipping times) and focus on your product's benefits and how it can solve a problem or improve a person's life. Become an expert because, in 2022, it's all about how you market and advertise. And how you make your store stand out from your competition.

Is Dropshipping Still A Viable Option?

Dropshipping is still a viable option despite claims from people who question is dropshipping saturated and if you can still make money with the business model. But you need to be the best in every area of your business. (Or at least better than the average dropshipper). Everything from your creatives and ad copy to your store layout and high-quality images must be on-point. Your goal is to design high-creating content and design a store that looks and feels like a real business and the standards keep rising.

You need to know what the competition is doing and do better, so take advantage of third-party tools and spy software like EcomHunt or AdSpy. Get a jump on trends and be willing to hustle hard. Treat your dropshipping store like an actual business and not just a hobby, and you will make money. 


Dropshipping is an attractive way to make money online because you don't need to invest much upfront capital. But when you rely primarily on paid advertising to drive traffic to your store, you could end up spending a lot more than you bargained on. Facebook's CPC saw a 13% increase from 2020, and it keeps going up.

Pretty pricey-especially when you're looking at low-profit margins. Then there's the issue with shipping delays and competing with Amazon's same and next-day shipping. But the information Sharif covers in his course can thwart some of the problems and help people achieve profitability with dropshipping if you're prepared to take massive action and hustle hard.

What I’m Doing Instead

Dropshipping offers a massive opportunity to make money online. But you need to be at the forefront of marketing strategies and create unique angels that grab the attention of your target audience. And you need scroll-stopping creatives with curated content and ad copy that highlights the benefits of your product.

Only 10-20% of people succeed with the business model. Either they don't take the time to conduct proper product research or don't know what dropshipping niches to avoid. So while you can make money with the business model, you're not looking at the greatest odds—one reason why dropshipping isn't my first choice anymore.

grand rapids tree service website

My first choice is lead generation. Not only does it drive free traffic to my sites, but it creates a steady stream of passive income. Just by building websites like the one above that I created in 2015 and is still making me $500-$2000/month.

Like the sound of this? Want some more information? Check out this local lead gen program to get all the details.

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