37 Side Hustles for Nurses: (3 Major Reasons RNs Leave Their Jobs and Start Side Gigs)

June 21, 2024

side hustles for nurses

The best side hustles for nurses are:

  1. Local lead gen biz
  2. Becoming a telehealth nurse
  3. Trying medical surveys
  4. Offering medical transcription service
  5. Becoming a CPR instructor
  6. Becoming a first-aid instructor
  7. Being a health coach
  8. Picking up per diem shifts
  9. Entering part-time caregiving
  10. Providing lactation consulting

Side hustles are becoming increasingly popular among Americans. About 50% of Americans engage in extra-income activities, per LendingClub and PYMNTS.com. Over 62% of people earning $100,000 or more reported having a side gig. Nurses are no different. ConnectRN said that over 50% of nurses have side hustles alongside their main job. They also found that nearly 90% of nurses prioritize things aside from working and having a gig. This includes staying mentally healthy and being there for family and friends. Most nurses are also trying to have a work-life balance and stay physically healthy.

Side hustles can be successful for those who can work creatively and innovatively. For example, Stephanee Beggs earned over $2 million in three years doing a gig. She sells hand-written study guides for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). In addition, Yahoo! Finance featured Olivia Reeves. A nurse who shared her journey of earning $500,000 annually and paying off student loans by 27. She emphasizes the impact of doing side hustles on building her wealth.

This article lists side hustles for nurses. It covers the opportunities, income, and pitfalls. Also, we will look into the 3 primary reasons prompting nurses to explore side hustles. This article also addresses common questions related to nurses undertaking more income activities. In the end, we introduce a business model that can generate passive income. You can do this while you continue your primary healthcare profession.

1. Local Lead Generation 

Local lead generation is one of the best side hustles for nurses. This is because of its flexibility, low startup costs, and significant earning potential. Nurses often have demanding and irregular schedules. This makes it challenging to find side hustles that fit their availability. They can manage local lead generation with flexible hours. This allows them to work on it during their free time. Without compromising their primary job responsibilities.

The initial investment required for this business is relatively low. It typically involves creating and optimizing a website, which can cost around $500. This is small compared to other side hustles that need huge capital to get started. Local lead generation can be very lucrative. For instance, you can earn $500-$3000 per lead generation site you have. Once you set up the lead generation website and it attracts traffic, it requires minimal maintenance. This means nurses can earn passive income without continuous active involvement.

Moreover, nurses can leverage their healthcare knowledge. They can focus on niches like healthcare services or home healthcare. This can make the business more effective and credible. It enhances the trust factor with potential clients. 

2. Become Telehealth Nurse

Becoming a telehealth nurse can be a profitable side hustle for nurses. It involves delivering healthcare services and guidance to patients through technology. This can include video conferencing and phone calls. This side hustle lets nurses extend their care beyond physical boundaries. They can reach patients anywhere and the demand for telehealth services is rising. Thus, creating an enormous opportunity for healthcare professionals.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects about 203,200 jobs for registered nurses (RNs) from 2021 to 2031. To capitalize on this, improve your telehealth skills by taking telehealth training. You can also build a strong presence on LinkedIn to connect with potential employers. Also, you can explore telehealth job opportunities on platforms like Health Jobs Nationwide. 

Telehealth nursing offers a promising income potential. As per Talent.com, the average telehealth nurse salary in the USA is $106,730 per year or $51.31 per hour. Entry-level positions begin at $70,079 annually. Seasoned professionals can earn up to $150,000 per year. To boost income, nurses can get extra certifications in high-demand telehealth areas. A Redditor, Scary_Republic9319, said that she works in a triage primary care call remotely part time. She gets to work beachside, on camping, and at home. 

Nurses can also explore opportunities on telehealth platforms like AMN Healthcare and Doximity. Despite its advantages, telehealth nursing presents some challenges. Nurse Journal highlights cons such as technology barriers, insurance coverage issues, and regulatory obstacles. Nurses should be mindful of these challenges.

3. Try Medical Surveys

Trying paid medical surveys can be a good side hustle for nurses to earn extra income. You can use many online platforms like InCrowd, ZoomRx, and FocusGroup. Other platforms are MedSurvey, MD For Lives and M3 Global Research. This provides an opportunity for nurses to share insights and also earn extra income.

For instance, InCrowd uses micro-surveys, which can be completed in over 3 minutes. It is convenient for busy healthcare professionals. Additionally, MD For Lives allows nurses to take part in market research. This includes online surveys, interviews, and group discussions. It offers flexibility in participation. In a Reddit thread asking is they have ever gotten paid for answering a medical survey, LookforZebras said yes. Rarvyn also added that he makes around $700 on Amazon gift cards by answering medical surveys. 

Nurses engaging in paid medical surveys have the potential to earn a large side income. According to ZipRecruiter, the average weekly pay for online survey takers is $1,242. To make the most money, you need to stay informed about offers. While the potential income is attractive, nurses should know the time commitment involved.

GrapeData highlights that these surveys demand a significant amount of time and dedication. Juggling this side hustle with a full-time nursing job may be hard. Also, most platforms may offer only 2-4 surveys per day or week or even fewer. This limits the number of survey opportunities and may hurt total earnings. 

4. Start a Health Blog

Starting health blogs is a fitting side gig for nurses. You can share valuable information about many things. This can include disease prevention, nutrition, health, sanitation, and many more. These topics are interesting to many people, especially those safeguarding their health. And it resonates with a wide audience. Nurses can use their expertise to make valuable content. It lets them establish themselves as reliable health sources.

You can create your health blog using platforms like WordPress and Blogger. It offers user-friendly interfaces to kickstart the blogging journey. Bloggers make $64,846 per year on average, as per Indeed. They can also boost their income in various ways. They can work with health-related brands for sponsored content. Other bloggers do affiliate marketing with health products. Some offer online courses or consulting.

Despite the potential income, health blogging comes with challenges. One of them is building traffic over time. It takes 1-2 years of consistent writing for a blog to gain significant traction. Various_Secretary514 said that blogging is still profitable. This time-intensive aspect can be a drawback. Especially for nurses looking for immediate financial returns. Nurses must be patient and committed to blogging. They must understand that the rewards may take time.

5. Offer Medical Transcription Services

Offering medical transcription services is a perfect side hustle for nurses. It involves converting voice-recorded medical reports into written texts. This side hustle remains a viable option for those nurses with relevant skills. Employers expect a 7% decline in medical transcriptionist employment by 2030. But, there will still be about 8,100 job openings each year, per the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Nurses can use this opportunity by using their medical knowledge and transcription skills. They can use platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Upwork. The average hourly pay for this job in the United States is $20.54 as per ZipRecruiter. To earn more, you must learn medical terms and invest time in refining your skills. Also, joining medical transcription communities can help you keep updated. 

6. Become a CPR Instructor

Becoming a CPR instructor is one of the side hustles nurses can do alongside their jobs. The goal is to help those people looking to be trained in CPR and those keeping their skills up-to-date. The American Heart Association (AHA) says 65% of people in the United States have had CPR training. However, only 18% are currently up to date on their training.

This situation highlights a significant opportunity for nurses to consider becoming CPR instructors. To seize this opportunity, start by getting CPR certification. You can get it through reputable groups like the American Red Cross. They offer a fast, simple, and easy process.

This gig also brings a decent extra income. According to ZipRecruiter, the average hourly pay for a CPR instructor in the United States is $37.15. You start by marketing your CPR instruction services. Do this to schools, community centers, and businesses. Also, offer specialized CPR courses. These include infant or advanced life support training. They can diversify your services and may let you charge higher rates. 

7. Become a First Aid Instructor

Becoming a first aid instructor involves teaching essential life-saving skills. For example, responding to cardiac arrest situations. American Heart Association found that about 10,000 cardiac arrests happen each year. Surprisingly, only 45% of U.S. employees have had first aid training and 50% know where to find a defibrillator. The opportunity for nurses in this side hustle is significant. To take advantage, nurses can pursue certification as first aid instructors.

The demand for trained healthcare professionals is rising, especially in workplaces. To get started, nurses can explore platforms like the American Red Cross. They can also check local community centers. These places offer first-aid instructor certification courses.

ZipRecruiter reports an average hourly pay of $27.83 for first aid instructors in the US. You can boost your income by offering private sessions. You can also create informative content online. Or, you can collaborate with businesses for group training. However, it's important to note the emotional toll of dealing with life-threatening situations. Teaching first aid may expose instructors to intense scenarios. You need to keep calm and provide support to your students. 

8. Become a Health Coach

Being a health coach involves guiding individuals towards healthier lifestyles. It can be in different areas, like nutrition, exercise, and well-being. The appeal of this side hustle lies in its adaptability. Health coaches can work alone, apart from corporate wellness programs. They can also work in hospitals.

This industry grows at a rate of 6.7% annually from 2022 to 2030. This creates an enormous opportunity for you. To seize this chance, you can first get certifications. For example, from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition or the National Society of Health Coaches. CoachMeganEWB from Reddit said that the field has exploded in the last 10 years, especially with the digital health boom. 

Nurses venturing into health coaching can expect a lucrative return. According to Thumbtack, hourly rates for health coaching jobs in the US vary widely. It ranges from $50 to over $200 per hour. To earn more, you can offer specialized programs. You can also work with fitness pros. Or, you can make custom online content.

Health coaching has promising aspects. But, we must acknowledge a disadvantage. As of 2022, there are 23,921 health coach businesses in the US. This reflects a 2.9% increase from the previous year, according to IBISWorld. This increasing competition highlights the need for nurses to differentiate themselves.

9. Pick Up Per Diem Shifts

Per diem involves working on a day-to-day basis. This offers nurse the chance to fill in staffing gaps as needed. This side hustle is very helpful. It can adapt to varying schedules. The opportunity in per diem nursing is clear when considering global demographic trends.

United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs said that older adults population is growing. There are over 727 million elderly worldwide in their 2020 data. As life expectancy rises, the rate of age-related chronic diseases also rises. These diseases include cardiovascular disease (CVD), diabetes, and arthritis. This rise in health challenges strains healthcare systems. It creates a greater need for per diem nurse staffing. 

A Redditor, redhtbassplyr, said that he has worked on per diem contract for 3 years and get paid 58% more this way. He shares that it is very flexible since he can adjust the commitment level as needed.  According to ZipRecruiter, the average hourly pay for a Per Diem Nurse in the United States is $33.32. While the advantages of per diem nursing are clear, a disadvantage lies in the lack of job security. You may face uncertainties about consistent work and benefits. 

10. Enter Part-Time Caregiving

Part-time caregivers offer crucial support to the aging population. This side hustle is fit for nurses because of their caregiving skills. It addresses the growing need for help among older adults. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are projections of 80.8 million people aged 65 and above by 2040. Approximately 3 million Gen Z caregivers are in the US. But, the growing aging population may outpace the available support.

ZipRecruiter said the average hourly pay for a part-time caregiver job in the U.S. is $15.54. Nurses entering this side hustle can boost their income. Nurse caregivers can also specialize their offer. This can include dementia care or post-operative assistance. 

11. Provide Lactation Consulting

Lactation consulting assists new mothers with breastfeeding and infant care. This role is not only fulfilling but also essential for the well-being of both the baby and the mother. According to Zippia, the demand for lactation consultants is on the rise. It has a projected 6% growth from 2018 to 2028. The number of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) in the US is growing. This is from 13,300 in 2012 to 18,532 in 2022, a 40% increase.

Nurses can start by obtaining IBCLC certification. This opens doors to a growing field. Check online platforms like Nursing CE Central that offer courses and resources. ZipRecruiter reports that the average hourly pay for this job in the United States is $41.55. To earn more, you can offer virtual consultations. You can do this through platforms like Amwell or HealthTap. Now, on whether you need to have experience in breastfeeding, demonbatpig said on Reddit that it never came up during consultation. However, in the same thread, many mothers expressed otherwise, citing that personal experience is important. 

You can also make breastfeeding content on platforms like YouTube. Developing online courses can bring in more money. Despite its rewards, lactation consulting has its challenges. Daily Nurse notes that it may be less stressful than working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). But it comes with a different form of stress. Lactation consultants handle the baby's health. They also care for the mother's emotions and body.

12. Become an Immunization Nurse

Becoming an immunization nurse involves administering vaccines to individuals. This is usually through public health initiatives. The opportunity in this field is huge. According to UNICEF Data, global vaccination coverage has shown improvement in 2022. However, 20.5 million children worldwide are still missing out on life-saving vaccines. This marks an enormous increase from 2.1 million in 2019. You may get the certifications and licensures on platforms like VaccineCredential.org. It offers online courses for nurses to enhance their immunization skills.

You can make an extra income as an immunization nurse. According to ZipRecruiter, the average hourly wage for immunization nurses is $27.00. You can boost your income by exploring extra opportunities. For example, you can join outreach programs. Or, you can provide vaccinations for private events.

You can visit Care.com or TaskRabbit to offer at-home vaccination services. But, an enormous challenge is the emotional toll. You witness the impact of diseases that vaccines can prevent on communities. Additionally, the physical demands of administering many vaccinations can lead to burnout. 

13. Be a Phlebotomist

Phlebotomy is the practice of drawing blood for medical testing. This role involves specific tasks, like venipuncture. They make it a focused and skill-specific addition to a nurse's skills. The demand for this job is decent. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a remarkable 22% growth in this career by 2030. Nurses can tap into this demand if they are certified.

ZipRecruiter reports an average hourly pay of $19.07 for phlebotomists in the US. To earn more, use job platforms like Glassdoor or SimplyHired. Use them to compare salary offers and find places with higher pay. For example, Loud-Idea9664 said on Reddit that you need to shop around and don't settle because there is decent money to be made if you are just patient. However, data from Data USA reveals that there are over 118449 phlebotomists in 2021. It highlights a tremendous competition. 

14. Start Being a Travel Nurse

Becoming a travel nurse involves taking on temporary nursing assignments in various locations. This offers a unique and exciting side hustle for those in the nursing profession. Data from the American Hospital Association shows an enormous increase in travel nurses. It's in the share of hours worked by contract or travel nurses in hospitals. It grew from 3.9% in January 2019 to 23.4% in January 2022.

You can start with online platforms. For example, TravelNursing.org or Trusted Health can connect you with jobs. Potential income, according to ZipRecruiter, is an average hourly pay of $48.62 as of December 19, 2023. It shows a decent extra penny to supplement your primary source of income. In a Reddit thread, NoSquare9030 said that he earns $7K a month. However, Zippia reveals that there are over 1,733,502 traveling nurses currently employed in the US. This high number shows increased competition. It can lead to challenges in getting preferred locations or specific work settings.

15. Become a Certified Nurse-Midwives

Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNMs) are a good side hustle for nurses. It aims to provide healthcare to women. Especially in prenatal care, labor and delivery, and postpartum care. They get to support women through childbirth.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 7.5% employment growth for nurse midwives from 2021 to 2031. They expect about 600 job openings during this time. The American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) offers resources and courses. Networking through professional organizations can provide valuable insights and connections.

Becoming a CNM is an effective way to generate extra income. Indeed reports that the national average salary for a midwife was $104,996 per year. However, as per Zippia, there are 25,709 people employed in the midwives & doulas industry in the US as of 2022. This statistic shows a growing field. But, it also means more competition for jobs. 

16. Become a Birth Doula

A birth doula is a trained health professional. They provide emotional, physical, and informational support to expecting mothers. A birth doula will be there before, during, and after childbirth. The opportunity in this field is on the rise.

According to Evidence Based Birth, 6% of American mothers reported using a doula. This trend continues to grow and you can meet its demand. Just get certified through organizations like DONA International or CAPPA. Also, apps like Doula Buddy or joining relevant forums can aid you. Especially in networking and staying updated on birthing trends. A Redditor, song_pond, said that being a birth doula is rewarding but also requires hard work. 

ZipRecruiter reports that the average annual pay for a Birth Doula in the United States is $49,220. To make more money, nurses can offer extra services. These include prenatal classes and postpartum support. You also make doula packages for specific clients.

However, some healthcare settings lack clear policies for reimbursing them. A survey by the Journal of Perinatal Education found 34% of birth doulas had money problems. This was because of payment issues or lack of insurance for doula services. 

17. Work as a Cosmetic Injector

A cosmetic injector is a nurse with specialized training in administering cosmetic procedures. This can include things such as Botox injections to enhance facial aesthetics. It presents a lucrative opportunity for nurses. American Society of Plastic Surgeons said that there has been a steady rise in the number of non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Especially as Botox becomes the top non-invasive procedure in 2022.

Solomon Cosmetic Center reports that over 7.4 million people in the US opt for Botox treatments. The International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine (IAPAM) offers full courses. Also, Aesthetic Mentor and RealSelf can provide resources and networking for you.

On financial aspects, being a cosmetic injector can provide you with a decent extra cash. ZipRecruiter reports that the average hourly pay for this job in the United States is $25.54. The field of cosmetic injection is very competitive. Nurses who enter this side hustle should know the market is saturated. They should stand out through continuous education and specialization.

18. Create Online Courses for Medical Students

Creating online courses for medical students is a good side hustle for nurses. They can develop and offer educational content for aspiring healthcare professionals. The registered nurse workforce is will increase by 12% by 2028. Thus, the need for advanced education becomes evident. To start, use platforms like Coursera or Udemy to reach a broader audience.

Heights Platform suggests varied income for course creators. Those who only sell courses might make $40,000-$120,000 per year. But those who add courses to their business could earn $40,000-$50,000.

To boost your income, you can consider offering supplementary materials. You may also start hosting live Q&A sessions for your courses. But developing and maintaining online courses requires significant time and effort. You may face challenges in balancing this side hustle with your primary job. 

19. Start a Medical YouTube Channel

Starting a medical YouTube channel can become a profitable side hustle. It involves creating and sharing informative healthcare content on the popular video-sharing platform. It is a valuable way to spread medical knowledge. Most students find YouTube videos engaging and effective for learning.

Sethela June, Aizan Yaacob, and Yeoh Kheng's research shows that students who took part in classes with YouTube videos enjoyed the content. They found it fun and interesting. Some even believed they learned better in this format. You can watch some medical YouTube channels for inspiration. In a Reddit thread, vasDcrakGaming said that this niche remains good for various reasons. 

For example, you can watch RegisteredNurseRN, which has 2.5M subscribers. Another good channel to follow is Simple Nursing, which has 939K. To get started, nurses can focus on creating content. It should address common healthcare questions. You may offer study tips or clearly explain complex medical ideas.

ZipRecruiter reports that the average annual pay for a YouTube channel in the US is $68,714. To make more money, you can monetize your channel. You can do this through advertising, sponsorships, or joining YouTube's Partner Program. However, the competition is fierce, so you need to stand out. 

20. Start a Medical Podcast

Starting a medical podcast involves creating audio content on medical topics. This caters to those listeners seeking educational and engaging material. As of 2022, 62% of Americans, about 177 million people, have listened to a podcast. This is up from 57% in 2021, according to the Infinite Dial.

Use this opportunity to make content about healthcare trends and medical breakthroughs. Or share insights from your medical experiences. You can use platforms like Anchor or Libsyn for hosting and distribution. In a Reddit thread, drglaucomflecken said that a medical podcast is a great to start with but you have to narrow the topic down. You may find your audience and slowly expand to your content. 

For income, Riverside said that a podcaster with around 10,000 downloads earns between $500 to $900. Successful podcasts can make lots of money. Top performers can earn up to $30 million a year. To boost your income, you can explore sponsorships. You can also form partnerships with healthcare organizations. Or you can offer premium content for a subscription fee.

However, about 3 to 4 million podcasts are available now, according to ListenNotes. The market is highly saturated. Nurses who start this side hustle must focus on niche topics. You also need to use effective marketing and build a dedicated audience. This is how you can stand out in the crowded podcast world.

21. Medical Biller and Coder

Medical billers and coders ensure accurate coding and billing for medical services. This side hustle for nurses is promising because of the positive job outlook. BLS reported a 13% increase in positions for medical records and health information technicians. The increase will happen from 2016 to 2026. To start, check online platforms like AAPC and AHIMA. It offers courses and certifications. This allows nurses to enhance their qualifications in this field.

The potential money you can make as a medical biller and coder is promising. The BLS report that medical billers and coders make an average of $46,660 per year. To boost income in this side hustle, you can specialize in specific areas of medical coding.

For example, cardiology or orthopedics. Specialized knowledge often commands higher pay. However, the medical billing and coding field can be repetitive and desk-bound. It requires careful attention to detail. Nurses exploring this side job should be prepared for a desk job. It may not suit those who prefer more active or patient-focused roles in healthcare.

22. Become a Freelance Nurse Writer

Freelance nurse writing can be a lucrative gig. It involves utilizing your medical expertise to create content for various platforms. You can earn by sharing valuable insights and information within the healthcare field. This can include writing articles, blog posts, or even contributing to medical publications.

Freelance nurse writing is popular because of the high demand for healthcare content. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects RN employment to grow by 9% by 2030. To start, check Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr. According to ZipRecruiter, freelance nurse writers in the US can earn an average hourly pay of $23.27. This shows that there are some opportunities for writers with a nursing background. For example, AnteaterTraining1384 said that she has been a medical writer for 8 years. 

To boost your income, you can seek higher-paying projects. Do this by focusing on specific healthcare niches. Or offer extra services, like proofreading and editing. However, the nature of freelance work means that it is unstable. There are periods of high demand that slower times may follow. Nurses considering this side job should plan for income fluctuations. They should also build a steady client base to reduce the variability. 

23. Become a Camp Nurse

Becoming a camp nurse involves providing healthcare services in a seasonal camp setting. This role caters to the medical needs of children attending camps. The rule is to ensure their well-being in an outdoor environment. Around 5 million children attend camps each year. There are over 10,000 summer camps in the US. So, there is a big need for camp nurses, as per Registered Nursing.org.

This opportunity lets nurses combine medical expertise with a love for outdoor activities. It makes for a fulfilling and unique side job. To begin, you can check platforms like Camp Leaders and camp job boards for job opportunities.

According to PayScale, camp nurses earn an annual salary of around $60,000 on average. The disadvantage of camp nursing is the seasonal and temporary nature of the job. Camps operate during specific times of the year. This leads to periods of unemployment between seasons

24. Telemedicine Consulting

Telemedicine consulting for nurses involves providing healthcare services remotely. You may use digital platforms such as Doxy.me, Teladoc, or Amwell. This includes offering consultations, advice, and support to patients. This ensures efficient and accessible healthcare to anyone in the world.

Call 4 Health says telemedicine consulting is efficient and low-cost. It is for healthcare providers. This reduces patient wait times. It eliminates the need for expensive office visits. Telemedicine also gives patients flexibility. They can schedule appointments from home. In a Reddit thread, pitfall said that he works on these systems daily and healthcare providers design it as a supplemental care for patients. 

Telemedicine consultants in the United States earn an average monthly pay of $10,749. This is according to ZipRecruiter. Nurses can boost their income by growing their virtual practice. You can do this by offering special telemedicine services. Or, they can work with many telehealth platforms.

However, a study from the Journal of General Internal Medicine says some patients have trouble. This is especially true for older adults and those using telemedicine platforms. You should be ready to help patients with technical barriers. You must ensure a smooth virtual healthcare experience. 

25. Start a Vending Machine Business

Starting a vending machine business can be a very good gig. Your machine can dispense snacks, beverages, or other products. They will make passive income alongside a nurse's primary job. This side hustle is perfect for nurses looking to diversify their income streams.

Balanced For Life said that 100 million people in the United States use vending machines. There are about 7 million vending machines in the country. So, the average machine serves about 14 patrons per day. This illustrates a consistent demand for you. To seize the vending machine business opportunity, start by finding busy locations. These include hospitals, clinics, and office buildings.

Vending machines can give you nice extra funds. Vending Locator said that machines in decent locations can generate between $10 to $50 per day. It translates to $300 to $1,500 per month. To boost income, you can diversify product offerings. You can also negotiate good deals with suppliers. And, you can explore cashless payment options using apps like Apple Pay or Google Wallet. In addition, keeping machines well-stocked and regularly updating product selections can boost sales. This can also lead to higher monthly earnings.

However, as mentioned by Balanced For Life, startup costs can range from $10,000 to $30,000. This depends on the type of vending machine and stock. You need to plan your investment and be aware of the potential financial commitment. Nurses managing vending machines alongside their main job need to refill stocks daily. This task can be time-consuming. 

26. Data Entry

Data entry involves inputting information into computer systems, databases, or spreadsheets. This role requires attention to detail and accuracy in handling various data. This role is suitable for nurses seeking flexible and remote work opportunities.

ThriveMyWay said that 42% of companies hire data entry specialists. You can find projects on platforms like MegaTypers, Internshala, Upwork, Fiverr, and Scribie. ZipRecruiter reveals that the average hourly pay for a data entry home in the United States is $19.47.

To boost income, nurses can take on more projects. They can target industries with higher demand, like healthcare or finance. Despite the demand, Zippia reports that the United States employs over 130,894 individuals. This shows a competitive market. You may need to actively market your skills and stand out.

27. Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting products and earning commissions. For every sale made through your unique affiliate link, you can get a percentage. This is practical for nurses because it allows them to use the growing trend of online shopping.

As more people are turning to online shopping, many brands rely on affiliate networks. The goal is to market their products and sell them to a wider audience. Rakuten/Forrester Research said that 80% of brands use affiliate marketing programs. Over 80% of advertisers allocate about 10% of their marketing budget to affiliates. It enables businesses to generate leads and boost sales without hefty marketing expenses.

In a Reddit thread, thejokertoker05 said that it is a legit way to make money, but it's a lot of work and requires different skills. You can use this opportunity by joining affiliate programs. You can find them on platforms like Amazon Associates and ClickBank. Also on Rakuten, the eBay Partner Network, Leadpages, ConvertKit, and Semrush. In terms of potential return, nurses can enjoy an average annual pay of $82,015. This pay is for an affiliate marketer in the United States, as reported by ZipRecruiter.

To make the most money, you can pick high-paying affiliate programs. You can also optimize content for search engines. And you can build a loyal audience through social media. But, according to Roche, nurses may need about two years before earning significantly. 

28. Become an Amazon Influencer

Being an Amazon Influencer involves using your social media to review products. You can tap into Amazon's extensive traffic and join the Amazon Influencer Program. It's open to anyone with at least 1,000 followers on various platforms. This includes Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. The process is simple. First, make an Amazon account. Then, learn the program's terms. Next, apply and customize your Amazon storefront.

Nurses can use this opportunity to add their professional insights to product reviews. Highlighting healthcare-related items can attract an audience interested in your expertise. EngageBay said that Amazon Influencers make up over 37% of the site's traffic. This side hustle can be lucrative. For example, Jeremy Sciarappa earns about $16,000 a month being an Amazon Influencer. Also, gotechgeek from Reddit said that the Amazon Influencer Program is a little saturated, but she still thinks it's the best and easiest way to make money online from posting videos. 

To boost earnings, nurses can diversify the content. They can showcase innovative medical tools or share insights into healthcare routines. For instance, selling SaaS suggests a realistic range of $4-500 per month. Despite the high rewards, you should know that the program tracks cookies for only 24 hours. This means that if a customer does not purchase within 24 hours, you won't receive credit for the sale. 

29.  Start a Social Media Marketing Agency

Starting a social media marketing agency is a good gig to diversify your income. You may use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. The goal is to help healthcare professionals and institutions enhance their online presence. The healthcare sector has a strong demand for social media marketing services. This makes it a promising avenue for nurses to earn extra income.

Search Engine Journal said that 68% of businesses find new clients on Facebook and Instagram. Also, Sprout Social reveals that 80% of business executives want to spend more on social media marketing. This creates an enormous demand for experts in this field. The potential income for nurses venturing into social media marketing is also promising.

According to Agency Analytics, SMMA can earn between $1,500 and $25,000 per month from a single client. To boost income, nurses can specialize in healthcare marketing, leveraging their industry expertise. Additionally, offering full packages can attract high-paying clients. These packages include content creation, analytics, and community engagement.

However, Hootsuite statistics show that 50% of SMMA fail in their first year. Only 10% survive beyond five years. To overcome this disadvantage, nurses should focus on constant learning. They should stay updated on social media trends and build a large client base. 

30. Become an Appointment Setter

Becoming an appointment setter is a side hustle the nurses should consider. It involves scheduling meetings or appointments with potential clients. As an appointment setter, you also facilitate the sales process. Your role is crucial for businesses to expand their client base. The job outlook in this field is on the rise. Hacimnosp from Reddit said that he has been doing it for a few years and makes around $2000-$5000 per deal. He added that the trick is focusing on profit or revenue split and finding high-ticket or high-margin recurring products. 

According to Zippia, the projected job growth rate for appointment setters is 6% from 2018 to 2028. Experts expect that the next decade will see the creation of 32,900 new jobs in the field. You can start on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr. Businesses there often seek remote appointment setters. Erika Kulpina, a successful appointment setter, recommends learning the ropes from experienced professionals. You can follow online guides with Erika's DM Setting Blueprint.

ZipRecruiter reports that the average hourly pay for a US appointment setter is $24.26. Nurses can optimize their earning potential by consistently honing their appointment-setting skills. This involves refining how you communicate. It also involves understanding client needs. And, staying updated on industry trends. Despite the opportunities, Zippia said that with over 17,965 setters in the US. This is indicative of the industry's competitive landscape.


If you're not a nurse, and happen that you are pursuing CPA job, you can check our ultimate list of side hustles for accountants.

31. Be a Content Editor 

A content writing editor refines marketing copy to promote products and services. They restructure, proofread, and add new material to websites and social media. Nurses own a unique set of skills that can be valuable in content editing. Their attention to detail, honed through clinical work, is very essential. Especially in spotting grammar, spelling, and factual errors. Benefits of the job include a flexible schedule, creative outlet, and competitive pay.

Nurses venturing into content editing can specialize in health and medical-related content. Starting a content writing company involves initial costs averaging $23,573. The average US salary for editors is $62,457. To start, create a plan, build a portfolio, market services, and invest in essential tools.

Content marketing and global business expansion emphasize the need for skilled editors. For nurses, this role offers a profitable side hustle. They can leverage their skills to provide valuable services to their clients. However, it is important to note that this job can be very competitive. 

32. Become a Massage Therapist 

Starting a massage therapy business as a nurse can be both fulfilling and financially rewarding. As a part-time massage therapist, you can run your own client base. You can either go solo  or with a small team. If you choose this side hustle, you must build a loyal client roster and set competitive rates. Flashtiger from Reddit said that she loves being a massage therapist, and it is hugely rewarding. However, she added that specializing is important. 

This gig is good for nurses who need extra income. Nurses can choose flexible time and can do it after their primary jobs. Research shows that massage therapy has positive health outcomes. At least 54% of medical providers recommend it to patients. Specific reasons are pain relief, stress relief, and massage as part of a self-care regimen.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that this job will grow 18% from 2022 to 2032. This is much faster than the average for all occupations. There are over 24,600 job openings projected each year for the next decade. The average massage therapist earns between $43,000 and $65,000 annually.

Initial start-up costs can range from $2,000 to $10,000, covering essentials. This includes equipment, supplies, furniture, decor, and marketing materials. Nurses interested in starting a massage therapy business have an advantage. This is because of their deep knowledge of human anatomy and experience with the human body.

Nurses can easily get training and certification for the job. Massage therapy programs can take up to 15 months to complete. However, it is important to ensure the state accredits the program. Note that state requirements for practical experience and certification can vary. After completing your education, you may need to take a state licensing exam. 

33. Become an Acupuncturist

An acupuncturist gig is perfect for nurses who are already good with needles. Acupuncture involves inserting very thin needles into specific points on the body. The goal is to stimulate health improvements and reduce illness. This practice requires a sound foundation in anatomy and physiology. This field will grow at a faster-than-average rate of 10% to 14% from 2016 to 2026.

To start, nurse practitioners need to complete an accredited master’s acupuncture program. After, they need to pass a certification examination and get national board certification. Nurse acupuncturists may work with other healthcare practitioners. Acupuncture has seen notable adoption. About 10.6% of American adults have used it at least once. A U.S. study said that around 60% of respondents viewed acupuncture as effective.

Acupuncturists can earn a significant income, with the top 20% earning about $141,000 per year. Self-employed acupuncturists can earn between $50,000 and $100,000 annually. Additionally, reports show that acupuncturists can earn $677 per session.

The cost of starting an acupuncture business can vary significantly. It can range from $62 to $35,923. Initial start-up expenses often include essential equipment, supplies, furniture, decor, and marketing materials.

34. Teach Yoga

A yoga instructor is a certified fitness professional. They conduct classes involving meditation and yoga poses. Also, they guide students through a series of physical and mental exercises. Yoga instructors may conduct classes in various settings. This includes yoga studios, fitness facilities, or homes for groups or individuals.

Yoga continues to grow in popularity. Over 34% of Americans show they are likely to practice yoga in the next 12 months. Analysts expect a 13% growth in the yoga industry between 2018 and 2028. This reflects the increasing demand for yoga instruction. On average, Americans spend $1,000 annually on yoga classes and workshops. This further highlights the market potential for yoga instructors.

Yoga instructors can earn between $20,000 to over $100,000 annually. Experienced instructors often earn over $80,000. On average, yoga instructors in the United States earn just over $69,965 per year. Conducting private sessions, workshops, and retreats can enhance earning potential. However, derpinana said she prefers keeping his day job because working part time may not be as profitable. 

The cost of becoming a certified yoga instructor includes training programs. Nurses can do this gig part-time. Especially after their shifts or on days off. They can partner with gyms or yoga studios to offer classes. 

35. Be a Nurse Tutor 

A nurse or health tutor is perfect for nurses who wish to earn extra income. They can provide academic, clinical, and professional help to nursing students. They can also offer services to other individuals struggling with health-related concepts. There is a high demand for nurse educators. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting an 18% increase in employment from 2022 to 2032.

Nursing tutors can expect to earn an average of $43,419 per year, or $22.27 per hour. Work-from-home nursing tutors make around $3,274 per month. With experience and a strong reputation, income can increase. The initial start-up costs for a nursing tutor business can range from $1,500 to $5,000. Ongoing monthly costs are between $500 and $2,000. If utilizing free spaces such as a home or public library, start-up costs can be under $1,000. 

Nursing tutors have various duties, including:

  • Preparing and delivering lessons on nursing topics.
  • Explaining complex concepts and theories.
  • Assisting with exam preparation and assignments.
  • Overseeing labs and practical sessions.
  • Providing feedback and support to students.

36. Become a Nurse Influencer

A nurse influencer shares insights, knowledge, and experiences related to nursing. They can use platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or YouTube. The goal is to educate, inspire, and engage with their audience. Nurse influencers can choose to talk about health-related topics and the nursing profession.

Social media has become a significant source of information. Over 61% of users use these platforms for health research. This indicates a substantial audience for nurse influencers. These statistics show the growing influence and reach of social media in healthcare. This is high time for nurses to establish themselves as influencers.

The average influencer earns approximately $54,000 per year. Their potential income streams from sponsored posts, affiliate links, merchandise, and more. Successful nurse influencers can earn more.

Starting a social media influencer business can be done with minimal financial investment. Basic requirements include creating a professional profile on your social media platforms. As your audience grows, you might need to make extra investments. This includes professional photography equipment and video editing software. Also, you need money for advertising to increase reach.

Responsibilities of a nurse influencer include:

  • Developing engaging and informative content related to nursing and healthcare.
  • Interacting with followers, responding to comments and messages, and building a loyal community.
  • Sharing evidence-based information and insights about health topics and the nursing profession.
  • Collaborating with brands and healthcare organizations for sponsored content and promotions.
  • Staying updated with the latest in healthcare to provide accurate and valuable information.

37. Become a Public Speaker 

Public speaking involves delivering engaging, entertaining, and informative presentations to audiences. Public speakers in the health sector educate, inspire, and motivate individuals. The goal is to help them make positive changes in their health and well-being. Health events and conferences regularly seek keynote speakers to address various health topics. This offers a significant opportunity for nurse public speakers.

Research shows that 75% take action after hearing a presentation than reading information. Individuals prefer learning about healthcare topics through live presentations rather than written materials. This indicates a strong demand for nurses who are well-equipped to deliver presentations. Public speakers can also create webinar series to reach a broader audience at a lower cost.

The earning potential for public speakers varies widely. Full-time professional speakers can earn between $50,000 and upwards of $300,000 per year. This depends on their experience, reputation, and the frequency of their engagements. On average, public speakers in the United States earn around $102,211 per year. Informative speakers focusing on health can earn over $100,000 annually. Income streams can include speaking fees, webinar registrations, sponsorships, and book sales.

3 Major Reasons Nurses Leave Their Jobs And Start Side Hustles

1. Negative Effect on Their Health And Well-Being

The negative effect on their health and well-being is because of the demanding nature of the job. This takes a toll on their physical and mental health. This prompted nurses to seek alternative sources of income. Something that offers a healthier work-life balance.

Nurses often experience demanding conditions because of high-stress environments and long working hours. Statista says that, in 2021, 47% of US nurses planning to leave their jobs. They cited the harm that work caused their health as the most common reason.

This alarming statistic underscores the severity of the issue. For instance, many nurses left to experience burnout due to long shifts and emotional strain. They may choose to pursue a less demanding side job. 

2. Insufficient Staffing

Healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, don't have enough nurses to meet patient needs. The shortage often forces nurses to take on too much work. This insufficient staffing affects their job satisfaction and well-being. Working in understaffed conditions raises stress levels. It also increases the risk of burnout and illness.

Statista found that not enough staff is the second most common reason for nurses leaving. Over 45% cited this as a factor in finding another job. This statistic highlights the pervasive nature of staffing challenges within the healthcare sector. They may prompt the nurse to seek extra income through a side hustle. It's crucial to recognize that insufficient staffing has been an ongoing issue. 

3. Burnout

Burnout refers to chronic stress and exhaustion. This results from prolonged exposure to demanding work conditions. For nurses, this often stems from extended shifts and constant pressure. Others also cited a lack of support from leadership as the cause. It contributes to compassion fatigue and a diminished sense of job satisfaction. The Washington Post reported that 55% of healthcare workers feel burned out. This shows the need for a better work-life balance among healthcare professionals.

Choosing a side hustle becomes a strategic move. It is a way to escape burnout and regain control and fulfillment in their work. Consider a nurse working routine shifts lasting over 12 hours. This often involves overnight work. Over 62% of nurses reported an increase in workload since COVID-19 began as per The Nursing Beat. 

Small Business Ideas For Nurses

  • Medical Billing and Coding Contractor: Medical billing and coding professionals are integral to the healthcare industry's daily operations. They gather diagnostic information, create specific codes, and draft bills for insurance payments. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 9% growth in employment from 2019 to 2029. This translates to approximately 34,300 job openings per year. Medical coders earn between $16.85 and $27.99 per hour. Billers earn between $14.92 and $20.25 per hour, averaging an annual salary of $46,660. Starting this business needs initial investments from $2,000 to $10,000. This covers costs for billing software, computer equipment, and office supplies. 
  • Childcare Provider: A childcare provider business is a rewarding and profitable way to make money for nurses. This role involves supervising and caring for children's basic needs. Other services include teaching, preparing meals, and providing educational activities. Over 61% of children under six have both parents in the workforce. Most families spend an average of $700 per month on child care. The starting cost is between $10,000 and $50,000. Recurring expenses include caregivers' salaries, supplies, and rent. Childcare providers can earn an average salary of $40,508 per year. Daycare owners can earn between $64,120 and $90,598 annually. 
  • Franchise Homecare Owner: An in-home care franchise is a business operated under the brand name of a franchisor. This allows new business owners to benefit from brand recognition and establish trust. Analysts forecast a 62% growth in the industry over the next seven years. Home care franchise owners can expect to earn an average of $155,132 annually. The initial franchise fees range from $20,000 to $50,000. Total startup investments averaging around $90,000. Gross receipts for established franchises like Griswold Homecare can reach $1,843,000 per year. However, first-year earnings for new franchisees, such as those with SYNERGY Home Care, range from $50,000 to $100,000.
  • Medical Sales Business: A medical sales business promotes and sells pharmaceutical drugs or medical equipment. This role is crucial for getting new drugs to market. Medical sales reps with 1-3 three years of experience earn $63,996 on average. Those with less than two years can earn an average total compensation of $95,057. Experienced reps can make up to $170,000 per year. The job involves building and maintaining relationships with healthcare professionals. Starting a medical equipment sales business can cost between $12 and $27,209. 

How Many Nurses Have Side Hustles?

Approximately 50% of nurses in the United States have side hustles. This is based on the findings from a recent survey conducted by connectRN. Over 25% express intentions of transitioning full-time to their supplementary jobs. The usual side hustle that nurses do is take per diem shifts. Per diem nursing allows nurses to choose the days they work. This adds flexibility to an otherwise strict schedule.

Nurses can make an average of $1,122 per month from a side hustle, according to data from the Motley Fool. However, it's important to note that individual earnings can differ widely. This depends on the business model. For instance, a survey for Self found that most respondents (26.7%) make $51 to $250 per month from their side hustle. A small percentage (1.7%) reported earning over $4,000 per month.

A real-life example is Helena Faustin. She is a 35-year-old neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) nurse from Freeport, New York. She was earning a $105,000 annual salary in her nursing job. But she nearly doubled her income through a food blog called "That Nurse Can Cook." It brought in $117,000 from YouTube, brand deals, and e-cookbook sales in the last year. This highlights how nurses can add a lot to their income through successful side hustles.

What is the Best Side Hustle for a Nurse?

Local lead generation is the best side hustle for nurses. This is because of its unique advantages. Including minimal competition, affordable startup costs, and impressive return on investment (ROI). Local lead gen biz involves creating digital assets. Then, optimize them for search engines like Google. What makes it particularly attractive is its accessibility. The starting investment is as low as $500.

Once your digital assets hit the sweet spot, you can lease them to local businesses. This allows you to earn $500 to $2,500 per month per website. It works like digital real estate. Other side hustles, like freelance writing, YouTube channels, and podcasts, are different. They have low entry barriers. But, they also have high competition. Lead generation demands high-income skills. These skills establish a barrier to entry. This leads to lower competition and saturation. For instance, similar to how a brain surgeon earns more per hour than a carpet cleaner. It is because of the specialized skill set required.


Moreover, local lead generation benefits from focusing on local search engine competition. It pits you against 10-20 local companies. They are not the global competition that freelance writers, YouTubers, and podcasters face. Notably, local lead generation excels in delivering a remarkable return on investment. Other business models, like Amazon FBA or Shopify, have profit margins from 10% to 40%. In contrast, lead generation has a huge 95% profit margin. This is because you are generating free traffic. Selling information without incurring costs of goods.

Local lead generation has low competition, reasonable startup costs, and a high ROI. It's the best side hustle for nurses who want more income. For nurses seeking an additional income stream that complements their healthcare profession, local lead generation is highly recommended. 

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