Merlin Holmes’ The Fast Tracks Review (Can You Really Earn $1,000 Per Day With This Program?)

October 3, 2023

The Fast Tracks is a six-week program created by Merlin Holmes that coaches individuals on how to make money via affiliate marketing. Holmes offers-to-date tools and strategies that you need to employ to profit from the business model. You'll also be introduced to niche selection, market selection, and lead generation.

Over 80% of worldwide brands now make use of affiliate marketing. Meanwhile, 16% of eCommerce sales in the United States are already generated through the same approach. Dealing with an online business such as affiliate marketing is also low-risk and provides a high reward. It is also flexible and easier to scale. There is one business platform that does all of these better, though.

In this Fast Track review, I’ll show you how content-rich this affiliate marketing course is. Apart from its modules and bonus features, I’ll also reveal whether its promise of earning $1,000 per day is feasible.

The Fast Tracks Review: Pros And Cons


30-day money-back guarantee; zero-risk investment.

Merlin Holmes is a marketer with bona fide, 15+ years of experience.

Content rich but easy-to-follow training; done-for-you templates.

Boasts a lot of social proof.


Pricey for beginners.

Webinars aren’t live.

Training videos don’t come with text transcripts.


The price of the Fast Tracks program is a one-time payment of $997 for Full Access Pass; 3 payment plan ($397 per month for three months).


The training for the Fast Tracks program features done-for-you templates; training materials are different for beginners and advanced marketers. The training lasts for six weeks.


The Fast Tracks program has a community forum; there’s no known Facebook Group for now.

Refund Policy

The Fast Tracks system has a 30-day money-back refund policy.


The origin of The Fast Tracks program isn't disclosed.


Merlin Holmes keeps a low profile and doesn’t have official Facebook or Instagram followers.

What will you get from The Fast Tracks?

Module 1

You will learn the foundations of affiliate marketing in the first module. Here, Holmes explores the ins and out of the online sales tactic in ways that even a newbie can understand. You will also learn the profitability of affiliate marketing and how it can allow you to generate an income stream.

Module 2

The next module discusses the importance of niche selection and market research. Holmes is expected to reveal how you can find the most profitable niche in the competition. His insights on market research are also revealed.

Module 3

You have to build a sustainable online presence first if you want your business to succeed in affiliate marketing. In the third module, you will be introduced to ways on how to create a polished website. The important use of social media platforms is also a focus.

Module 4

Upon a successful creation of a visible website, you then must learn how to generate leads and drive traffic to it. You'll also understand in this module that building a website isn’t only about paid advertising and employing SEO strategies.

Module 5

The final module explores the optimization of conversion rates. It also discusses how you can expand your business for more profits. You’ll also be acquainted with how to make use of outsourcing and automation.

Bonus features

1. A one-on-one call with a coach to maximize your learnings.

2. Learning how to provide the program’s extra access for free.

3. More ways to streamline your business via sales funnel automation tools, email marketing, and social media.

4. Enhancing your profits through plug-and-play marketing assets.

5. Promotion of affiliate offers via done-for-you ad images, emails, banners, and a lot more.

6. Eight more modules to polish your skills on generating online traffic.

How does The Fast Tracks work?

The Fast Tracks works by means of affiliate marketing. The six-week program helps you by locating affiliate offers. You’ll be introduced to top-selling products from numerous affiliate channels, such as ClickBank. The course also works by teaching you how to create an interactive landing page and redirecting potential clients to the offer page. It works too by scaling your business through growing your email list. Capturing fresh emails is taught by Holmes’s simple email creation template. 

What is 1K A Day Fast Track download?

The 1K A Day Fast Track Download refers to a file that includes Merlin Holme’s 6-week program that allows you to earn money by means of affiliate offers. It promises that affiliate marketers should earn $1,000 through its modules and bonus features.

How does The Fast Tracks help you make money?

The Fast Tracks helps you make money by taking advantage of the affiliate marketing business model. Through the model, you’ll be able to deal with selling high-ticket products and earn via wealthy affiliate links. While the program helps you with these, you also have to help yourself. This means that you have to apply all the ideas and strategies taught by the course. If you are more than determined to employ these tactics, then earning a passive income is possible.

Who is The Fast Tracks for?

The Fast Tracks is for students and participants who want to earn passive income through affiliate marketing. It is also ideal for experienced digital marketers who intend to automate processes and systems of their businesses. Those who have been failed by a recent affiliate marketing program can also take advantage of the course. The same can be said for people who want to break free from their 9-to-5 hustle. Retirees or individuals who are about to retire can likewise benefit from the program.

Is The Fast Tracks worth it?

The Fast Tracks is worth it. The team behind it, led by Merlin Holmes, is more than qualified. The creator’s strategies, such as niche selection and market research, are in fact more than enough to make you thrive in affiliate marketing. 

The Fast Track course also boasts some of the most comprehensive tools and strategies that focus on affiliate marketing. And as justified by tons of testimonials, the course is worth your investment. Its smooth training with done-for-you templates and contemporary tactics makes this more valuable.

Is The Fast Tracks scam?

The Fast Tracks is not a scam. It is a legit affiliate marketing course that already produces tons of success stories from students and marketers alike. Its program is also one of the most talked-about courses in affiliate marketing. The course features reliable support from a members-only forum, Fast Tracks webinar, and customer service. 

Are the students of The Fast Tracks getting results?

The students of the Fast Tracks are getting results. Students and marketers are expected to make their first commission during the sixth week of the program. It also during this week that Holmes will teach participants how to bring their game to the next level. These strategies can be scaled by looking into richer platforms on major affiliate networks. The sixth week of the program serves as the culmination of its efforts to educate marketers with its tools and strategies taught from week 1 to 5.

Who is Merlin Holmes?

Merlin Holmes is the creator of The Fast Tracks program. The architect behind the course is a prominent affiliate marketer with 15-plus years of experience under his belt. A noted ClickBank marketer, Holmes netted $150 million in online sales during his stint as an online marketer. He also earns up to 50% commission from other ventures and enjoys consistent automatic payouts. 

Holmes has already been a fixture in the online marketing game for 17 years and counting. Apart from being marketing savvy, he is also affiliated with a local public school community. Holmes has been living in Colorado since the 1990s before finally settling in East Lowry in 2014. He now lives there with his wife and three daughters.

Merlin Holmes' claims: You can earn $1K per day with The Fast Tracks

Merlin Holmes claims that by the end of the sixth week of the Fast Tracks program, you should be earning $1k per day. That is $30,000 per month. Holmes added that with tools and strategies such as market research and niche selection, the said amount is achievable. The same can be said for participants who are  more than determined to follow the methods stated in the program.

Merlin Holmes' claims debunked: Can you really earn $1,000 per day with The Fast Tracks?

Merlin Holmes’s claims that you can earn $1,000 per day or more with his program isn’t exactly true. While earning that amount is achievable, it requires more efforts and strategies. The affiliate marketing industry is now saturated, with each niche bringing about more competition by the day. Some publications reveal that around 95% of affiliate marketers do not make it.

Generating traffic to your website in this case is also simply not doable. This doesn’t include all the work that is involved when building a business through affiliate marketing from the ground up. Some of these challenges include dealing with actual products and lack of control over the existing rules.

Is affiliate marketing worth it?

Affiliate marketing is worth it. This online sales tactic, unlike other business models, is both low-risk and low-cost. Building a business from the ground up  nowadays can be risky and expensive, as it requires upfront costs. You will also deal with products, equipment, and other people. These components, while helpful, can also mean risks. 

Affiliate marketing is also easy to scale. Typically, a salesperson can only sell a product from a single company. As an affiliate marketer, you are given the opportunity to sell tons of products from numerous companies.

The challenges involved in affiliate marketing must be addressed though before you consider it. At the top of the list is the cutthroat competition, even when your niche is already unique. You also do not have control over the rules, as they are entirely dependent on your merchant.

Is affiliate marketing easy for beginners?

Affiliate marketing is easy for beginners. The program can be especially easy when tried and tested rules are employed. Here are the strategies you must consider when starting as an affiliate marketer:

  1. Choosing a very specific niche.

  2. Deciding on a content platform.

  3. Finding the right and profitable affiliate programs.

  4. Producing quality content.

  5. Generating traffic and driving them to your website.

  6. Getting your readers clicked on the affiliate products or links.

  7. Conversion of sales.

What is ClickBank Marketplace?

ClickBank Marketplace is a platform in which ClickBank Sellers can give out information on products they’re offering. It is a space where affiliates can search and find offers they’re interested in promoting. These offers also come with sales statistics and promotional materials. 

ClickBank Marketplace features a search functionality where marketers can use. Products can be searched by category. Alternatively, you can filter your search to fine-tune products in the database. Some of the filters include offer type and language.

The Fast Tracks alternatives

Conclusion: Is affiliate marketing the best way to make money online?

Affiliate marketing is not the best way to make money online for beginners. The process involved in this online sales tactic often comes with high competition. Even when your product is niche, the task to promote it in this highly competitive marketplace is extra challenging. With affiliate marketing, the task of choosing your product is laborious. The research and homework alone can be quite a headache because of oversaturation. 

Still, affiliate marketing does come with benefits. Apart from it already being a $12 billion dollar industry, spending in it is increasing 10% year over year. Affiliate marketing is also low-risk and brings high reward, especially for the patient and hard-working ones. It is likewise flexible, comes with less work, and easier to scale. There is one business model though that is infinitely better than affiliate marketing.

The local lead generation business model is more than flexible. The cities to choose from to rank your websites and generate your leads offer numerous opportunities. It also comes with much less work as it is all digital that you don’t have to deal with physical products. It is also much easier to scale as once your websites rank high on Google, your leads are locked in. Start generating your passive income stream now with local lead generation!

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