Devon Brown’s Easiest System Ever Review: What Makes This Done-For-You Affiliate Marketing System Unique?

March 26, 2024

The Easiest System Ever is a done-for-you affiliate marketing business by internet marketer Devon Brown. It is a rebrand of the 12-Minute Affiliate, which was a popular product on ClickBank. They offer a 100% fully automated online business that makes money while you sleep. In this Easiest System Ever review, you will learn what makes Easiest System Ever different from the rest, who is it for, how the system works, what you get, and if it's worth it.

Affiliate marketing can be a good way to earn money online by selling affiliate products without dealing with the product creation. A beginner in affiliate marketing can make as much as $1,000 a month. This would depend on factors such as the chosen niche and product, commission rates, the marketing strategy employed, and more. However, getting traffic with affiliate marketing can either be costly and high risk, or take a long time organically. Local lead generation is my recommended low-risk passive income business, which creates immediate cash flow.

Devon Brown's Easiest System Ever Review: Pros and Cons


Complete done-for-you automated affiliate marketing business.

U.S. based support team.

Cheap trial period.


Only for beginners.

Paid traffic has the risk of not converting.

Hard to find any review that isn't by an affiliate.


$9.95 for 14 day trial, $47 a month for Bronze, $97 a month for 12 months for Silver, and $997 one time fee for Gold.

Refund Policy

30 Day money-back guarantee


Program is under Devon Brown's Renegade Success brand which was founded in 2007


Greatly positive, although the existence of an affiliate program may have affected this.

What Makes Easiest System Ever Different From the Rest?

The completely done-for-you and fully automated affiliate marketing business with done-for-you leads is what makes the Easiest System Ever different from the rest. All you really have to do is provide your information at the beginning so they can set up your online business and decide how much leads you want them to drive to your sales funnel.

Done-For-You Traffic

The Easiest System Ever is meant for beginners who know nothing about affiliate marketing. Instead of promoting and building traffic yourself, you can simply order traffic to be directed to your funnels. The Easiest System Ever done-for-you traffic costs as much as your budget allows. There is no set price as the price to generate traffic from various methods can vary.

Who Is Easiest System Ever For?

  1. Newbies who know nothing about affiliate marketing or creating an online business. You do not need to learn anything as the done-for-you service will provide all the work needed.
  2. Beginners who do not know how or are having trouble creating an affiliate marketing business. The done-for-you service follows a proven formula for a successful affiliate marketing business.

The Easiest System Ever is NOT for tech savvy people or experienced affiliate marketers. You can easily copy the methods used by the Easiest System Ever if you are good with technology or already have experience doing affiliate marketing.

The 3 Steps on How Easiest System Ever System Works

To make money with the Easiest System Ever, you simply need to buy into the program and provide some information so the team can set up your affiliate marketing business. 97% of the work is done-for-you and you can have your business up in as soon as 1 day. The process of the Easiest System Ever can be simplified in 3 simple steps. This covers setting up to getting paid.

Step #1: We Set It Up For You

The first step is the done-for-you business set up. You need to do a few things such as create your ClickBank affiliate account and provide several information to the team so they can set up your business. Once the team has everything they need, your business will be up and running in as soon as a day.

Step #2: Add Done-For-You Traffic

Once your business is set up, you need traffic to flow through your sales funnels. With the Easiest System Ever's done-for-you traffic, you don't have to worry about finding your own source of traffic. You simply have to set the amount of traffic that you want passing through your funnel based on your available budget.

Step #3: Collect Your Commissions

With the systems in place, leads will continue to flow through your funnel and will automatically be captured, follow-up, and converted to sales. You keep 100% of the affiliate commission from every sale which goes directly to your account.

Easiest System Ever Login

Logging in the Easiest System Ever is very easy. Once you buy into the program, you will create your account and sign in from the main page. After you sign in, you will see your dashboard where you can access your funnels, domains, order done-for-you traffic, and access other resources.

easiest system ever review

What Do You Get With the Easiest System Ever?

easiest system ever review
  • Done-For-You Affiliate Sales Funnels
  • Automatic Follow-Up Emails
  • Custom Affiliate Funnels on Demand
  • Priority Setup for Silver and Gold Members
  • Bonus #1: The Ultimate Personal Development Success Library
  • Bonus #2: 16 Ways to Get Free Traffic E-book
  • Bonus#3: Hot Product Promos
  • Bonus #4: Free 100 Visitors for Gold Members Only
  • Bonus #5: Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Bonus #6: Monthly Group Coaching
  • Bonus #7: Free Vacation to One of Over a Dozen Exotic Locations

The Easiest System Ever Affiliate Program

The Easiest System Ever has 2 affiliate programs. You can either promote the Easiest System Ever or the Daily Commission Blueprint. You can make as much as $397 per sale promoting Easiest System Ever. Promoting the 50-page Daily Commissions Blueprint can earn you up to $223.06 in commission. You can make as much as 70% commission on front end products and 50% commission on all up-sells promoting the Easiest System Ever.

Easiest System Ever Training

The Easiest System Ever also has a training program for members. This is a 6 module training on how to create your own affiliate marketing business.

Module 1: Knowing the E-commerce Giants

This module is specifically made for beginners. You will learn about the biggest ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay, and how to determine which one best fits your niche. At the end of this module, you'll be able to know how to do affiliate marketing with ecommerce platforms.

Module 2: Finding Winning Affiliate Offers

In this module you will learn how to look for winning affiliate offers. Using the provided comprehensive checklist and method taught, you will learn how to identify.

Module 3: Setting the Stage

The 3rd module is about staging the stage for success. You will learn how to create better sales pitches and increase your income by adding another source of revenue, dropshipping.

Module 4: Making the Sales

This module is focused on dropshipping. You will learn how to dropship effectively on Amazon and Walmart. The checklist provided will provide the step-by-step process in order to ensure high sales.

Module 5: Making 5-Figures a Month

In module 5 you will learn how to build your business to making 5-figure a month in the long run. You will learn ways on how to get free long-term organic traffic to your offers.

Module 6: Expansion Strategies

The final module teaches you Devon's secret strategies for diversifying your income streams to increase your revenue. You will learn how to scale your business and income.

Summary: Is The Easiest System Ever Worth It?

The Easiest System Every is worth it if you are a beginner who wants an online business without learning and doing the steps to make one. You can expect some positive results from the Easiest System Ever. If you do not get the desired results within 30 days, you can apply for a refund. There have been no complaints online about the refunds, so you can assume that they honor it.

Who Is Devon Brown?

easiest system ever review

Devon Brown is an entrepreneur and affiliate marketer from Alpharetta, Georgia. He is the founder of Renegade Success and creator of all programs in the company. Currently, Devon spends most of his time speaking in events as an emcee. Devon has a business degree from Georgia Southern University where he focused on sports management. He is originally from Miamia, Florida but grew up in Atlanta, Georgia.

easiest system ever review

Devon Brown's Claim

Devon claims that Easiest System Ever can make you up to $984 a day and that you can recreate this system in less than 30 minutes. They advertise that their done-for-you traffic brings in high-quality leads with high conversion rate. Can your done-for-you business that they create actually make you $984 a day? Can you actually copy the exact system as a newbie?

The Issue With Devon Brown's Claim

A beginner in affiliate marketing can make as much as $1,000 and as little as $0 a month. This would depend on factors such as the chosen niche and product, commission rates, the marketing strategy employed, and more. You can even lose money if you are using paid advertising methods.

The issue with Devon's done-for-you traffic is that there is no guarantee that you are paying for quality leads. There is no explanation on where and how this traffic is generated, although it is likely from solo ads. If the traffic you are paying for does not convert enough to at least cover the cost, then you will be losing money. It is hard to make money as an affiliate marketer. It can take months or even years of hard work for an affiliate marketer to build a business that earns a good monthly income. Running paid marketing campaigns can also cost a lot of money. The claim that Devon's system alone can make you $984 a day from commissions is very unlikely.

You can easily copy Devon's affiliate marketing system minus the done-for-you traffic, but you still have to worry about generating your own traffic. The best way to minimize risks with affiliate marketing is to learn how to create organic traffic yourself. You can start affiliate marketing with no money by using free marketing strategies, such as social media marketing, blogging, or creating videos on YouTube. These methods will take a lot of time and effort to grow.

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It in 2024?

Affiliate marketing is worth it in 2024 to earn extra passive income. The best use of affiliate marketing is to add an additional income stream. For example, if you have a business selling a product or service, you can promote related affiliate offers for added income. There is an affiliate program for every niche.

If you do not have your own product or service to sell, you can still monetize your website, YouTube channel, social media account, etc. For example, you can add PPC affiliate ads on your website. Affiliate links pay per click if they are Pay-Per-Click (PPC) affiliate programs. You usually need to have a website with high traffic to qualify for a PPC affiliate marketing program. If you have a social media account with a large enough following, you can promote affiliate offers related to your niche. 

Affiliate marketers usually get paid monthly with the most common being on the 1st day of the month. Some programs only pay once the affiliate has reached a certain threshold. Affiliate marketing can pay daily depending on your program. For example, JVZoo has an option where proven affiliates can get paid every day.

How do I start affiliate marketing as a beginner?

  • Pick a niche. Select a profitable niche with high demand and low competition. It does not have to be something you are interested or passionate about.
  • Decide on the best platform that works for you and your niche. Consider your technical skills and knowledge of the platform and the target customer when deciding on your platform.
  • Find and apply to affiliate programs in your niche. Most products online have an affiliate program. You can also look for affiliate programs on affiliate networks like JVZoo.
  • Create content or ad campaigns based on your selected online marketing platform and strategy. This ranges from writing helpful content on your blog, then promoting your affiliate link to running ads with your affiliate link on your social media page.
  • Improve and scale to increase your traffic and conversion rate. Reinvest in your profitable affiliate offers. Diversify your marketing strategies using both paid and organic strategies. Brand building is a great way to create long-term organic traffic.

How to do affiliate marketing without a website?

  • Social media marketing - Create content and add your affiliate link in the description to share on social media platforms. You can create posts and videos on Facebook, create viral videos on TikTok, and post photos on Instagram. The great thing about social media marketing is that you can do it for free.
  • YouTube channel - Create informational YouTube videos or Shorts and add your affiliate link in the description. You can also do this for free and can do this side by side with social media marketing.
  • eBooks - eBooks are a great way to promote your affiliate offer. Create ebooks with helpful and informational content and include your affiliate link. You can upload this on platforms like Amazon Kindle for free.
  • Online forums - Participate in online forums, answering questions and offering useful and helpful information while promoting your affiliate link. This is a great way to convincingly promote your affiliate offer for free.
  • Solo ads - Solo ads are a type of email marketing. You can pay an email marketer to use their mailing list. You can also build your own email list, although it may take some time.
  • Podcast - If you are a good speaker, you can create a podcast to promote your affiliate offer. Provide entertaining and helpful information to your listeners. You can also invite guest speakers and have informative discussions.

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  • Brian Brewer’s Affiliate Escape Plan - The AEP course teaches you how to drive organic TikTok traffic to your affiliate offer. TikTok affiliate marketing is worth it if you know how to create viral videos. You also need to post consistently and build a following to find success.
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My Top Passive Income Business Recommendation in 2024

Local lead generation is my top passive income business recommendation in 2024. As a type of digital real estate where you are the landlord, you earn predictable and passive income from renting out your digital space. It works by creating and ranking a website on Google search using free SEO tactics. Your ranked website will then attract visitors. You will rent out your ranked website to local businesses who will gladly pay you for the organic traffic it generates.

Scaling a local lead generation is as simple as repeating the process or rank and rent. You can make up to $2,000 from each website. With no limit to how many websites you can have and rent out, the earning potential is basically limitless. This makes local lead generation the best business model for creating time and financial freedom.

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