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Are Amazon FBA Courses Worth It? 7 Qualities of a Good Course

April 15, 2024

Are Amazon FBA courses worth it? Amazon FBA courses can be worth it for those who want to learn how to sell on Amazon FBA quickly because these courses typically package Amazon FBA information in a logical sequence for efficient learning. Amazon FBA courses can also be worth it for those who require external motivation, as some Amazon FBA courses come with recurring coaching support and community access to interact with others on the Amazon FBA journey. 

However, many Amazon sellers on Reddit recommend against buying an Amazon FBA course because most of the information is available for free online already. 

Even so, many people have had successful results after taking an Amazon FBA course. For example, Taylor is a nurse who has added an online income stream after taking Travis Marziani’s Passion Project Formula course. Passion Project Formula helped Taylor learn how to find profitable products using the Helium 10 product research tool. Despite taking the course, Taylor still committed some major mistakes with his first product, one of which cost him $12,533. However, Taylor has since overcome his previous mistakes by launching 5 new products on Amazon FBA, all of which he claims are profitable. 

On the other hand, Jeff Greenslade from Ecom Freedom has been able to achieve success with Amazon FBA without taking an Amazon FBA course. Although Jeff was able to learn about Ecommerce through free resources like YouTube and lessons from hands-on experience, he acknowledges that taking a course might have allowed him to avoid legal and tax issues he experienced. 

In the following article, we’ll help you decide whether taking an Amazon FBA course is worth it for you by looking at the benefits and downsides. We also compare some of the best Amazon FBA courses on the market right now and provide the 7 qualities of a good Amazon FBA course to help you make the right choice.

Now, What is Amazon FBA Training in the First Place?

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is a way to make money online. In fact, it's #2 on our list of the best online businesses. You, a third party FBA seller, source products and sell them on Amazon. You pay Amazon to handle the packaging, shipping, and handling, which diminishes your profit margins. 

If you can master each aspect of an Amazon FBA business, you can still be profitable. In fact, according to JungleScout, 76% of sellers remained profitable in 2022 even with 90% of sellers negatively affected by supply chain issues.

FBA training will cover topics like:

  • Product research and keyword research. These practices help an Amazon seller choose the best product for their business.
  • Finding a manufacturer (if you’re selling private label), supplier, or retailer.
  • Creating a product listing that will serve as a billboard for your product.
  • Strategies to win the Amazon buy box, like using an automatic repricer tool.
  • Amazon PPC strategies, like choosing a budget size and/or A/B testing.

Almost every Amazon FBA course will claim to teach these things. So, how can you tell which Amazon FBA course is worth it? Look for these qualities before purchase.

1. It Follows Your Amazon FBA Business Model

There are many Amazon FBA business models. Choose one to start out:

  • Wholesale
  • Retail arbitrage
  • Online arbitrage
  • Liquidations
  • Private label
  • Passion product
  • Amazon Handmade
  • Merch by Amazon
  • Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Dropshipping

If you don’t know which is best, use our guides to learn more. If you’re starting Amazon FBA on a tight budget, consider starting slow with Amazon KDP and growing into retail or online arbitrage.

Some Amazon FBA Course Recommendations

Once you know what you’d like to try, take one of these courses: 

selling family

Retail arbitrage: Amazon Bootcamp by the Selling Family. This Amazon Boot Camp is perfect for a new FBA seller. Real current sellers teach the course. The cost is $345 and there is a 30-day refund guarantee.

wholesale formula

Wholesale: The Wholesale Formula is so popular that the owners will pause taking on new students to remain active with their current students. When you join the waitlist, you will get a free wholesale 101 guide.

blue sky amazon

Private Label: Blue Sky Amazon might be the best for you if you want to learn Amazon FBA private label at a little higher level. This FBA course is not for beginners and includes Sophie’s unique strategy. However, the price is high- around $4K.

Not Sure What to Pick? The Proven Amazon Course by Jim Cockrum is only $29/month or $499 for lifetime access. It teaches private label, wholesale, online arbitrage and more. There are 20 courses here, covering many Amazon FBA subtopics. This course also has an active private Facebook group with over 50,000 students.

2. It’s Been Updated Within the Last Year

Outdated Amazon FBA information is rampant online. This is because Amazon’s Terms of Service are constantly changing. Just look at this major change for April 28, 2022. Amazon adds a 5% fuel and inflation surcharge to all Amazon FBA fulfillment fee per-unit rates. This means any FBA course, video, or blog created prior to April 13, 2022 won't include this information.

amazon update

So, before purchasing an Amazon FBA course, make sure its creator updated it within the last year. Even better, make sure the creator promises to update the course into the future.

dan vas

Dan Vas of Ecom Freedom updates his FBA course regularly, and your purchase gets you access to every one of these updates. Ecom Freedom also has a very engaged Facebook group and weekly live Zoom calls with 7-figure Amazon mentors.

3. It Contains In-Depth Information

That updated, timely information should also be in-depth. You don’t want a lot of fluff. So, check the content breakdown, typically provided on the sales page of the course. If you can’t find it there, a quick google search will help you. 

And, while you’re researching, make sure that the course creator is telling the truth about results. This means looking beyond the sales page for legit reviews on Reddit, YouTube, and Quora.

marketplace superheroes

The Marketplace Superhero course by 8-figure sellers Stephan Somers and Robert Ricky contains a load of content divided into 3 main phases. Each section has 9 videos and some assessments to drive home your learning. The first phase covers product research, the second covers importing, and the third phase goes over your very first sales and how to scale.

Here's some of their modules:

marketplace superheroes-ignite-member-interface

And some real reviews of this course. Remember, always pay attention to non-affiliate comments:

marketplace review

4. Production Quality is High

Some courses are just webcam footage, recorded without a script or agenda. If you’re paying for an Amazon course, you deserve more for your money. So, purchase an Amazon FBA course that provides a structured outline that is easy to follow. Bonus points if each section is broken into small chunks. This makes it super easy to find specific information.

tom wang

Tom Wang of FBA Masterclass does a great job of presenting an in-depth, well-structured course. It’s easy to go back in find the exact information you’re looking for.

5. It Includes Access to an Online Community

Access to an online community is invaluable. Through them, you will connect with like-minded students, who all have similar selling goals to you. You will hear their stories, learn from their mistakes, and ask questions.

kevin david

Amazon FBA Ninja has short and to the point videos covering many aspects of Amazon FBA. By purchasing the FBA Ninja Amazon course, you will have access to a large private online community where you can collaborate with group members. The creator of Zon Ninja, Kevin David, hosts live question-and-answer sessions each month.

I did not include this course in the following section for a reason. Kevin David is a verifiable expert. But, because of the content copying and proof-faking Kevin does, I wouldn’t purchase this course based on access to him alone.

6. You Have Access to a Verifiable Expert

Direct access to course creators is the most valuable quality of an Amazon FBA course. Most creators give this access through live zoom calls. 

Before you purchase, make sure that this access isn’t limited. For example, the Amazon dropshipping course Dropshipping- 1 Hour Work Week only includes limited contact with the course presenter Christian for $2,497. To get better access, you must upgrade your Amazon course package to $4997.

Also, look for an FBA course with creators that share recent results about their earnings to make sure that they are legit.

jt franco

Empire Academy gets you access to seller JT Franco, an FBA seller who claims to make $15K/month. You will talk with him in real time and also email him directly.

The Ultimate Amazon Seller Course allows you to engage in a private forum with course creator Philip Covington, who is a 7-figure FBA seller through his eCommerce businesses and Amazon FBA.

7. You’ll Receive Bonus Resources

The best courses include bonus materials that help you apply learning in a hands-on way. Some courses include:

Some courses might even include contact information for logo designers or product photographers. That way, you won’t have to vet out your options.

beau crabill

Online Retail Mastery by Beau Crabill teaches online arbitrage strategy. Beau’s course is $997, but you will keep access to the course for your whole life. Plus, Beau includes done-for-you templates, cheat sheets, and a business blueprint that will add even more value.

kevin king

With Freedom Ticket by Kevin King with Helium 10, you will also learn this Amazon tool suite. This Freedom Ticket course also has a 7 day money-back guarantee.

Should You Take a Free Amazon FBA Course or Paid One?

Take the course that will help you learn the best. This might require an investment, so find a course that coincides with what you can afford.

Free Amazon FBA Courses

You can find loads of free information on the internet. And, much of it is worthwhile. But often, free courses can turn into a commercial for a larger course or service offered by the same creator. Check out our list of free Amazon FBA courses before wasting your time on something else. Even the best free courses, though, do not compare to the paid ones in terms of depth of the training and the lack of live coaching / community aspect.

Affordable Amazon FBA Courses

Another way to get affordable training is to go through Udemy. There are over 5,700 Amazon FBA courses on Udemy, mostly priced around the $20-$120 range. Browse options and read honest reviews to find the best affordable course.

Expensive Amazon FBA Courses

Some courses are on the pricier end, too. For example, the Amazing Selling Machine is a very well known course that has produced successful Amazon sellers. But, the Amazon Selling Machine costs a whopping $5K. In our Amazing Selling Machine review, we break down why this might not be a fair price. Reasons include a lack of real-world examples, and limited access to the owners of the course.

Another expensive course is FBA Masterclass by Tom Wang, which almost breaks the $7K mark.

How Much Money Should I Save to Start an FBA Business on Amazon?

Without the cost of a course included, Amazon FBA startup costs are around $5,500- $13K if you want to do it right. If you need to spend money on a course, add that to your total business startup investment. 

If you’re saving to start your business, consider an affordable Amazon FBA course. Take it while you’re saving so that you can have a firm foundation before putting in any real money. Courses that give you lifetime access and tangible bonus resources will serve you into your official business startup and product launch.

What is the Best Online Course to Start Amazon FBA Business?

The Private Label Master course by Tim Sanders is one of the best Amazon private label courses online. Tim is an 8-figure Amazon FBA seller who still sells on Amazon today. There is a private Facebook group where Tim himself provides weekly coaching sessions. The videos are easy to understand and the content is high-quality. 

But, the course is $5K, and you will have to pay $49 to stay in the private Facebook group after 6 months. One big positive here is that it ensures like-minded people remain in the Facebook group, and keeps trolls out.

What is the Best Way to Learn Amazon FBA?

Because Amazon FBA is such an intensive business model, I suggest learning by actively applying course concepts to your individual business. However, the best way to learn Amazon FBA is different for every individual. Some people learn best when they read information, others need to hear it, and some need to perform hands-on tasks for a concept to stick. Thankfully, there are so many courses out there that you will find something that helps you learn.

What are the Downsides of Taking an Amazon FBA Course?

  • Quality courses can be expensive.
  • An in-depth course can be hard if you are just starting out.
  • Some courses have shady refund policies.
  • Sellers who aren’t legit might lie about their student’s (or their own) success. Sometimes, they haven’t sold in years, so they’re not up to date on Amazon’s latest changes.
  • The face of the course might not handle the Facebook group.Instead, virtual assistants might handle the group entirely. These individuals might not know much more than you do.
  • Often, a single course only teaches one perspective. Consider taking more than one course and gleaning the best information from each.

Why Go Through an Amazon Seller Training Course in 2022?

Taking a good Amazon FBA course that meets our criteria can benefit your Amazon business in the following ways:

  • Speeds up your learning process. You can learn from the training, the coach & other students when there's a community. You can learn from other people's mistakes which is invaluable.
  • Saves you money in the long run
  • Allows you to ask specific questions and learn from other people’s mistakes
  • Helps you avoid Amazon account suspension
  • Helps you learn how to appeal seller central account suspensions
  • Some coaches will even look at your business plans and give you direct feedback before you begin
futurama robot

Above all, taking an Amazon training course can help you avoid devastating mistakes that can completely derail a business. The risks and disadvantages of selling on Amazon include:

  • Losing your investment in a variety of ways, from misunderstanding Amazon’s fees to buying from a bad supplier. Amazon PPC is also extremely costly, so if you don’t understand what you’re doing, you may not get an ROI.
  • Amazon has ultimate control over everything you do, and if you take the wrong step, they can ban your account. They can also just stop selling your product if it's aren’t receiving a profit.
  • Managing inventory is a much more complex process than you might think. You need enough product to fulfill orders, but not too much that you’re overpaying in Amazon fees. Finding that sweet spot involves understanding both your product and the market. Not understanding can lead to your capital being tied up in warehouses for years, and/or Amazon shutting down your online business.

Conclusion: Are Amazon FBA Courses Worth It?

Yes, Amazon FBA courses are worth it, if you follow the criteria outlined above when choosing a course. But, you get out what you put in. Just buying one of these courses won’t guarantee success. In fact, doing everything outlined in your course won’t guarantee success, either. 83% of people fail at Amazon FBA, but building your knowledge with a well-maintained course can help your chances. Check out our resource page: start Amazon FBA business

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