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Beau Crabill Course Review – Online Retail Mastery, Amazon FBA University

January 13, 2023

Online Retail Mastery is an Amazon FBA wholesale course created by 7-figure Amazon seller Beau Crabill in 2017. The course focuses heavily on finding, contacting, negotiating with, vetting, and finally choosing the best suppliers.

NOTE: Beau no longer owns this course as of late 2021. He also doesn’t own his tool, Supplier Scout. Carbon6 Technologies owns the course now. Carbon6 is an online community for entrepreneurs who need Amazon FBA support. You can still purchase the course. But Beau will not be your contact. You will not receive Amazon FBA coaching until fall 2022 at the earliest. No one has updated the information since 2019 and 2020. Carbon6 plans to add new material soon, but they do not have a set completion date.

So, why consider the Online Retail Mastery course? Beau created the course using over a decade of experience selling products online. Also, he has a straightforward teaching style packed with real-world examples. 

But, what do Beau’s actual students think? Is Amazon FBA wholesale the best business model for you, or should you consider something like local lead generation (no need to find and vet reliable suppliers overseas)? Let’s dive into our Online Retail Mastery review.


Beau’s teaching style is straightforward, has little fluff.

Beau is an experienced Amazon seller, and has the skill to back up his training.

Online Retail Mastery is more affordable than other Amazon FBA courses.


No FBA coaching until fall 2022, but the price is the same.

Beau is not involved anymore, though he is still in the videos. He often talks too fast.

The information in ORM is from 2019 to 2020. There is no current date for new information.


$997, or go to Supplier Scout to access $67/month.


30-Day “action-based” guarantee. You need to complete the entire course (and homework) within 30 days to get a refund.


2017. Hasn’t been updated since 2019/2020.


There are very few reviews online. Overall, students seem pleased. Yet I found comments showing that Beau has ghosted many students around the time he sold his course.

Bottom line of this Online Retail Mastery review: I would wait to purchase this course until after Carbon6 updates it, hopefully later this year.

Who is Beau Crabill?

Beau Crabill is a 7-figure seller. He began selling products online in 2011. Beau was in 6th grade. Nike Elite black and white socks were popular then. Beau realized he could dye the socks into unique colors and sell them at a higher price. He sold all his socks in one day. And he even brought friends into the scheme. Soon, the school’s principal shut them down.

Thankfully, Beau’s dad had experience creating eBay listings. So Beau took his business to eBay. Soon, he made $200-$500 per week at only 12 years old. 

By his freshman year of high school, Beau was making more money than his teachers. He started looking for ways to automate his business. This is how he learned of Amazon FBA. At 15 years old, Beau started selling private label headsets. He earned over $35,000 in sales over 60 days. Since, he’s sold video games, toys, electronics, coconuts, furniture, outdoor products, computers, and even water.

Beau ran into some more trouble, too. His account suffered a copyright infringement claim. Nike wasn’t happy that Beau sold their socks without permission. However, this led Beau to discover wholesaling the right way, with proper documentation and permissions.

Beau Crabill Takes Amazon Wholesale Full-Time

Beau was a track star in high school until a season ending injury that gave him time to focus on his business. Still, he could snag a running scholarship to Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. 4 days into his first D1 running season, Beau dropped out of running (and college) to focus on Amazon. 

The day he moved home, he started creating his online training course. 8 students joined on his first day. He started his YouTube channel in May 2017. Today he has over 46,000 YouTube followers. However, his platform hasn’t focused on Amazon FBA since October 2020.

Beau Crabill Net Worth

Beau Crabill’s net worth is estimated around $15-$20 million. Prior to selling his course, it was estimated $10 million. But, because he sold the course ($997/person) and Supplier Scout ($2100/person) $15-$20 mil is more accurate. Note: the exact amount Beau sold his course for is not public.

If Beau Crabill is So Successful, Why Did He Teach Online Retail Mastery?

Beau Crabill created Online Retail Mastery because he had the experience behind him to teach a course about selling on Amazon. Many Amazon experts create courses to diversify their income and add another income stream. Others purely enjoy teaching, while some burn out from only selling on Amazon.

Beau Crabill Tai Lopez Lawsuit

Tai Lopez is another online entrepreneur. He and Beau Crabill were friends. Beau made a deal with Tai to help him manage Tai’s Amazon brands. Beau even bought some of his courses: 67 Steps and SSMA

Unfortunately, things went sour after October 14, 2019. Beau paid Tai $1,237,500 to invest in 55% of his Upward momentum Group LLC business and Marketplace Mentor Program. According to Beau, Tai never delivered. He also didn’t return the money when Beau asked for it back. So, Beau sued him 1 year later in Los Angeles County. The case was last updated in August 2021. It is not clear who won the case, or if it has even concluded.

What is Online Retail Mastery by Beau Crabill?

Online Retail Mastery by Beau Crabill is an Amazon FBA wholesale course. It has 10 modules and 2 bonus modules. These video training sessions total 16 hours of content. You also receive some done-for-you templates and cheat sheets, and “Automate Your Business Blueprint” bonus, 24-hour customer service support, and private Facebook group access. These features focus on the Amazon FBA wholesale business model.

beau crabills course on how to sell on amazon

What is Amazon FBA Wholesale?

Amazon FBA wholesale is a business model for making money online. It involves finding products to sell on Amazon and purchasing a large amount of bulk items that already have their own brand. The Amazon seller purchases this product from a supplier at a cheap price and resells them at a higher price.

Their supplier ships the product directly to an Amazon warehouse that handles the packaging and shipping, for a fee. The seller doesn’t have to create a product listing, purchase product photography, or even spend on Amazon PPC. But, winning the Amazon buy box is more difficult depending on how popular the item is. You also have less control over your inventory and any changes to your product.

Read more about the pros and cons of an Amazon FBA business in 2024.

What’s the Difference Between Amazon FBA Wholesale and Amazon FBA Private Label?

Amazon private label is another Amazon FBA business model. Rather than buying branded products, the Amazon seller purchases products with no brand. The seller creates a brand all their own and puts their logo on the items. Their manufacturer sends the newly branded product to an Amazon warehouse. The seller pays Amazon FBA fees, creates a unique Amazon listing, and spends a significant amount of money on Amazon PPC. Your initial startup investment for Amazon private label should be around $15K-$20K. But, they will have a far easier time winning the buy box because of less competition.

What Percentage of Retail is Online?

According to Statista, ecommerce accounted for 14% of all retail in the US in 2020. It will grow to around 22% by 2025. Amazon and eBay were the most visited ecommerce websites in 2021. So, while this shows a highly saturated Amazon marketplace, it also shows that if you’re determined to start an Amazon FBA wholesale onilne store, do it now rather than wait.

What is Beau Crabill Online Retail Mastery All About?

Beau Crabill Online Retail Mastery is all about Amazon FBA Wholesale in 2019 and 2020. So, you’re probably wondering exactly what’s in the Online Retail Mastery course. Here is a breakdown of the modules.

Module 1: Introduction

Beau covers 3 criteria for the products he believes you should sell. These are: 

  • In-demand products
  • Products that already exist (you don’t have to create them)
  • Not new

You are trading what people already want for a higher price rather than convincing them they want your new product.

Beau also covers setting up your legal business with an LLC and EIN number, a walkthrough of setting up your Amazon Seller Central Account, and the difference between FBA and FBM. FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) means that Amazon stores and ships products for a fee. FBA users get to use Amazon Prime services and Amazon customer service. With FBM (fulfilled by merchants), the seller stores and ships the products. They do not get Amazon Prime perks and will also have a harder time earning the buy box.


Module 2: How to Get Sales on Amazon

Beau does a great job of covering the Amazon Buy Box. Amazon rotates sellers with the best metrics through the buy box. So, as wholesalers, you will share the buy box with others. You can only get the buy box if you are using Amazon FBA services.

Beau also covers how to send your products to an Amazon warehouse (Amazon will give you the right address later in the process), and a complete walkthrough of a product listing.

Module 3: Product Research

Beau explains sales rank, which is the overall rank of how many units an Amazon product sells in its category. You need to understand sales ranks to understand what the sales volume is: the number 1 ranking product is the products that sells the most items each month.

He also discusses Amazon fees. These have changed since the pre-Covid days, and the information shared is not correct.

Module 4: Sourcing

In Module 4, you’ll learn who to buy products from and what to ask them. How these suppliers track their inventory and where to find suppliers that carry the best brand names. Beau’s main point is to find a few suppliers, and not rely on a single supplier for your online business.

Beau covers the difference between an authorized supplier and unauthorized suppliers. Unauthorized suppliers include retail stores, garage sales, and Goodwill. If you’re selling branded products from these sources, there’s a higher chance that you will receive a cease and desist letter from the brand to stop selling. Authorized suppliers can grant you the full rights to sell a product. That way, Amazon can’t shut down your Amazon Seller Central Account.


Module 5: Finding Suppliers

An extension of Module 4, you’ll learn more about finding suppliers on, in forums, through competitors, and more.


Module 6: Vetting Out Suppliers

Here, Beau explains how to choose the best suppliers out of the ones you found. You will want to ensure that your supplier accepts online retailers, is mostly brick and mortar, and has brand logos on their website. You do not want to choose a supplier that shows off generic products, uses a ton of advertising, or shows up first on Google.

Module 7: Working with Suppliers

The most valuable part of module 7 is how to open accounts with the suppliers you chose. This involves finding an application form on the company website, or calling them to ask for it. Fill out the form, which includes business address, name, EIN number, and phone number. Then, send the form according to what the instructions say. This might be via email or to a physical address.

Module 8: Building Relationships with Suppliers

Beau encourages you to always treat your supplier like a person, complete payments on time, and follow through on your promises.

Module 9: Ungating

Gated categories have certain restrictions. Some categories need specific documentation, like FDA approval. Some of these categories include food items, sexual wellness, videos, DVD and BlueRays.


Module 10: Conclusion

This final module’s most important information covers accounting strategies (QuickBooks, hiring a bookkeeper, creating a laptop or physical filing system). However, the rest of this module is mostly wrap-up and motivation.

What is the Cost of Online Retail Mastery?

Online Retail Mastery costs $997. Or, choose 4 payments of $297 for a total investment of $1188.

When was Online Retail Mastery Created? Has Beau Crabill Kept it Up-to-Date?

Online Retail Mastery was created by Beau Crabill in 2017. He kept it updated through 2020. It has not been updated since this time. However, the new owners of the course, Carbon6, will update the course in the future.

online retail mastery sold

What Else Do You Get With Your Purchase of Online Retail Mastery?

With your purchase of Online Retail Mastery, you will receive the Automate Your Business Blueprint, done-for-you templates and cheat sheets, customer service chat support, access to the private Facebook group, and 10 methods of finding suppliers. You also will have lifetime access to ORM. There are also 2 bonus modules, which include information on managing inventory, selling inventory, business reports, removal orders, and more. There is also information on storage fees, which will be incorrect because of the outdated nature of this course in its current state.

Does Online Retail Mastery Have Any Upsells?

No, Online Retail Mastery does not currently have any upsells.

What is Online Retail Mastery’s Refund Policy?

Online Retail Mastery has a 30-day “action-based” guarantee. Basically, you can’t get a refund unless you complete the entire course and all work included within a 30 day time frame. If you still aren’t satisfied, you can request a refund. If you can’t finish the entire course in that short time, you will get no money back.

This policy is based on the philosophy that “nothing changes without action.” This is 100% true, but a little tricky for a refund policy. There’s a lot of information to cover in just a month, especially if you’re just getting started and still working a 9-5. Plus, you may start the course and learn you don’t like Beau’s teaching style or the Amazon FBA wholesale business. This refund policy locks you into wasting a lot of time on something you may quickly learn is not for you.

Does Beau Crabill Still Sell on Amazon?

Yes, it’s likely that Beau Crabill still sells on Amazon. I found an LLC that is still under his phone name All Out Raw LLC. All Out Raw helps clients sell on Amazon, but it’s likely that he sells from this Amazon store for his own business. 

Remember, he is no longer connected to Online Retail Mastery or Supplier Scout. Nor is YouTube his primary income.

Does Beau Crabill Sell Any Other Programs?

Beau Crabill might still sell his Amazon Marketing Agency program. However, it’s difficult to find, parts of the website don’t work, and links to it take you to Supplier Scout. We know he has sold this tool and ORM. His website still lists one-on-one coaching, but he doesn’t seem to follow through on them:

online retail mastery bad review
bad transition for online retail mastery

One training, Foundations, that is still available, though it’s a free course and probably owned now by Carbon6.

How Many Employees are Working in Online Retail Mastery?

The Online Retail Mastery course has one person for main customer support. The Carbon6 technologies team mans other aspects.

How Much Money Can be Made with Online Retail Mastery?

There’s a chance you can make $50,000/month in sales using Online Retail Mastery. In May 2018, Beau’s team sent a survey to their students. There were over 1000 students, but only 226 took part. Even though some students reported making over $50,000, more reported making between $1 and $1000/month.

What is the Success Rate of Online Retail Mastery?

1% of participants reported monthly sales greater than $50K. However, with an average profit margin of 10%-20%, that 1% took home (or reinvested) around $5K. Here are the results from the other 226 participants:

  • 1% made between $20K and $50K in sales per month.

  • 3% made between $10K and $20K

  • 6% made between $5K and $10K

  • 12% made between $2K and $5K

  • 5% made between $1K and $2K

  • 17% made between $1 and $1K

  • 53% had sold nothing at all.

What is the Startup Cost of Amazon Wholesale, Other than The Cost of Online Retail Mastery?

Sellersnap says that 50% of Amazon sellers spend less than $2500 to launch their wholesale Amazon business. Yet, to get the best deals on inventory, you will want to spend around double that amount. In addition, many suppliers require a large Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). This is not only more expensive but also a higher risk for a brand new business owner.

Online Retail Mastery Success Stories

From Beau’s 2018 survey, 96% of participants said they would recommend the course to others. 2% were not happy. 63% thought the information in the course was “very beneficial”. 0% thought the information wasn’t beneficial at all. 54% said they were very satisfied with ORM. 0% were not satisfied at all. Considering that 53% of participants had yet to make a single sale, they must have had high hopes for the future, all from Beau’s course.

Let’s look at a real ORM success story shared by Beau:

online retail mastery jeorge

“In my sales in my very first year, I did $161,000… Not to brag, but so you can see this is a real business that is scalable as long as you put in the work, which I really don’t. I started with $2500. ”-Jeorge

Beau shares many student interviews on his YouTube channel, but when I searched for success stories away from his platform, I found none. This means Beau does not have an aggressive affiliate marketing program to promote his courses. I like this because it means there are less fake reviews to sift through online. However, it also means that no students have made any independent videos raving about the course. This shows they either had to sign an NDA… or that there aren’t that many happy customers.

Beau Crabill Online Retail Mastery Review: Is This Course Any Good?

As it was with positive reviews, it was difficult to find any negative reviews about Online Retail Mastery. Crabill LLC brings up no reviews on Trustpilot, DnB, or BBB. 

However, I could find one real reviewer on YouTube. Rochelle says:

online retail mastery rochelle

“I’m quite sure Beau has many success stories and many successful students but so far the course hasn’t worked for me. I had a few small wins but each time, the product became unavailable, or the product maker discovered my purchases were reselling on Amazon. Now, if I bought this course for $197 I would say it was worth it. But for $997 I don;t think his course is worth it even though I will probably make my money back over time selling wholesale products here and there.”

Is Online Retail Mastery Legit?

Yes, Online Retail Mastery is legit. If you buy it from Carbon6, they will deliver your course to you. However, there will be no FBA coaching or live zoom calls. The training is from 2019 to 2020. There is no set date for a course update or the return of FBA coaching. So, I would suggest waiting to purchase this course until those changes take place.

What is the Best Amazon Wholesale Course?

Of the hundreds of online courses I’ve taken and reviewed, Wholesale Academy is by far the best. This course only takes on a certain number of students at a time so that FBA coach Larry Lubarksy (an 8-figure seller) can focus on helping each one. Cost of the WHolesale Academy is $1997. 

The We Flip It All Course is also worthwhile. This company sells specific ungating guides for product categories and brands like Nike, Adidas, and Starbucks.

Another option is the Proven Amazon Course, which teaches wholesale, private label, retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, and more. Read our Proven Amazon course review for more information.

For more ideas, check out our master list of Amazon wholesale courses or Amazon FBA courses for Beginners.

If you’re more intrigued by the Amazon private label business model, consider:

Read our full list: Amazon Private Label Courses

What Challenges are There with Amazon FBA Wholesale?

There are many challenges that accompany Amazon FBA wholesale and Beau’s strategy. First, Beau talks about obtaining spreadsheets from suppliers to help manage inventory. However, many suppliers don’t supply these or even keep them at all.

Second, Amazon requires many products to have Amazon barcodes. Most suppliers will not place these barcodes on individual products. Some to not ship directly to Amazon.

Third, Amazon FBA wholesale is expensive to start (at least $5K). Profit margins are extremely low (10% to 20% is good). Amazon has full control over your Amazon Seller Central Account, and the brands you sell have full control over your inventory in the future. 

Finally, while coaches and gurus say that is passive income, there are too many moving parts. You will spend a lot of time finding suppliers, vetting suppliers, getting products shipped, managing customer service, and strategizing to win the buy box.


Is Amazon FBA Wholesale a Saturated Market?

Yes, Amazon FBA wholesale is extremely saturated, more so than Amazon private label. This is because multiple sellers are vying for the same buy box you are. Amazon has their own brands competing against you. If Amazon is the other seller in the buy box, you will not win.

How Long Does it Take to Make Money with Amazon FBA Wholesale?

It can take over 5 months to make money with Amazon FBA wholesale, and that’s being optimistic. It takes around 90 days to get ungated. Depending on how much time you put into finding your suppliers, add at least 30 more days. Then, if you get any sales, Amazon holds your funds for at least 2 weeks. If you spent $5K on your initial inventory, you will need to sell over that amount (plus over 15% of sales in Amazon FBA fees) to make a profit.

Read our full article on how long it takes to sell and make money on Amazon.


Conclusion: Is Online Retail Mastery Worth It?

Online Retail Mastery was certainly worth it in 2019 and 2020. I am very optimistic that it will be worth it after the new owners update it for 2022 and beyond. Amazon FBA wholesale is too fluid in a market to apply outdated information 2-3 years later. So, my final Online Retail Mastery review is that you should wait for the update to purchase.

I used to sell on Amazon, but soon found that fluidity, market saturation, and lack of true passivity weren’t my style. Instead, I turned to local lead generation.
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