Neil Guess’ Lead Lightning Review | Lead Gen Turned Multi-Tier Affiliate Marketing

October 9, 2023

Neil Guess’ Lead Lightning is a lead generation and affiliate product under Power Lead System. It's a beginner friendly training for supposedly lead generation but focuses more on promoting LL itself. The one-time fee of $7 will get you into the system, but there are different affiliate packages and upsells in LL. 

Upon joining, you'll have access to landing pages, email sequence templates, and a contact managing platform. In terms of commission, members are eligible to earn up to 85% on sales. However, it's common knowledge that in MLMs, your marketing efforts are the defining factors of your commission. 

The $7 price tag is undeniably tempting. For that low price, Lead Lightning promises leads and commissions. In this Lead Lightning review, we breakdown the cost, claims, and operation of the system.

Lead Lightning Review: Pros And Cons


Low entry price - Joining Lead Lightning is inexpensive which makes it good for beginners and those who don’t want to risk their money.

Useful Resources - Members have access to landing pages, email sequence, templates, and a contact management platform.

Huge commission - If you’re into MLM, the 85% compensation rate might appeal to you.


Multi-Tier Affiliate Marketing - LL in terms of affiliate marketing is structured like an MLM, your commission will depend on the package tier that your sold and purchased.

Lacking Lead Generation Training - The lead generation training is not the best, you’re mostly taught how to promote LL itself.

Upgrade and Upsell - Since the commissions are based on tiers, you’re more likely directed towards purchasing a higher level or buying the upsells provided. 


The price for Lead Lightning is $7.

Refund Policy

Lead Lightning has a 7-day money-back guarantee.


Lead Lightning was launched in 2013.


Lead Lightning’s reputation is neither good nor bad. User Reviews are positive yet vague and the common conclusion for critiques is the misleading claims.

What Is Lead Lightning?

Lead Lightning is a sales funnel for Power Lead System that helps you generate a buyer list and earn commission. It includes video training, tutorials and a Facebook group for the members. Lead Lightning claims to be perfect for beginners who want to earn commission. 

Upon joining, you can choose between promoting Lead Lightning (also called Lead Lightening) or your own main product and LL itself. The system equips members with essential tools, like landing pages, email sequences, and a contact management platform. With these tools, you can automate processes, such as tracking traffic, sending out email campaigns, and following-up with your customers.

Members can sign up on the regular tier and start earning $6 commissions while building a list, all on autopilot. In LL, you earn the commission for every successful sale on or below your affiliate package tier. For the lead generation aspect, prospects are redirected to your business and list upon purchase of LL itself. This type of list is ideal since, like you, the people on it paid to be on that list.

What Do You Get From Lead Lightning?

You will get a lot of material, support, upsells, and systems from the Lead Lightning Marketing System which are meant to help you increase your sales and generate leads. Unfortunately, most of these materials are outdated and probably obsolete. 

Here’s a breakdown of its content and claims:

Ready-to-Go Sales Funnels

Lead Lightning streamlines your marketing efforts with tailor-made funnels.

Done-for-You Autoresponder Campaigns

Lead Lightning provides you with crafted email campaigns that are designed for promoting any kind of business. Just link any website to these campaigns.

Contact Management System

The Lead Lightning CMS helps you view, manage, categorize, and make notes on your prospects.

Additional Marketing Help

You're given professional banners, swipe copy, and a list of the industry's top vendors providing quality traffic.


Lead Lightning has a payment system ensuring weekly commission payouts accessible to 188 countries. You can be paid via bank, Visa, or PayPal.

Beginner Friendly

With no set-up required, or special skills needed, complete newbies can be off- and-running immediately.

Business In A Box

Lead Lightning can self-promote, so even if you don't have an existing business, you already have a built-in business opportunity with this platform.

Traffic Training

Lead Lightning also has free training on how to generate traffic for your business.

Commission Tracking

Lead Lightning has a reliable system to monitor and access your earned commissions. You can view them any time.

Instant $6.00 Commissions

For every $7 purchase, you receive a $6 commission.

Bonus Content

Comprehensive Internet Marketing Training

Lead Lightning offers courses for sponsored advertisements, email marketing, YouTube marketing, and Facebook marketing.

Banner Images

Lead Lightning offers a variety of banner images that you can use on marketing campaigns or social media.

Lead Lightning Compensation Plan

The Lead Lightning Marketing System is a Power Lead System product. Here are the tiers available for its members:

Free Lead System Forever

 Build your list of leads for any purpose or business without commissions.

Lead Lightning Regular Membership

A basic done-for-you system with a full sales funnel to up-sale more products.

One time $7, commissions 85% up to $526.

Silver Membership

It’s an upgrade from Lead Lightning with access to amazing training and courses to learn how to market.

$29.97/Mo Residual Commission $15/mo

Gold Membership

This is the centerpiece of PLS. A center hub to market as many businesses as you want, with a leveraged commission system.

$30/mo for the system plus $23.97 for the affiliate program. (Includes all the above products)


This is Gold without the affiliate for those who just want to use the system for any business and even for clients.


Diamond Membership

Only for Gold members. A great course to learn about solos and coops up to thousands of dollars without spending a dime.

$147 One Time. Commissions $100 and overrides $25

Platinum Membership

Only for Gold Members. Facebook marketing course with a huge video library of study cases.

$497 One time. Commissions $400 and overrides $50

How Does Lead Lightning Work?

Lead Lighting works through a referral system, where potential members join via an existing member's landing page. Once you pay $7, you'll receive credentials to access the admin section of your account. After creating your account, you will train to create leads and make money online immediately. The Lead Lightning Marketing System is a sales funnel designed to sell LL itself. You either buy an affiliate package to earn commission or leverage the sales page to promote your business. 

To earn commissions, you need to purchase one of their affiliate packages. You pay $7 for the system and earn a $6 commission by selling Lead Lightning to others. 

If you don't purchase any of the packages, you won't be able to make a commission. This means only using the sales page inside the system to promote your own business. However, prospective buyers will only be redirected to your business and added to your list when they enter their details by buying the system. 

If you're looking to make money through Lead Lightning, you'll have to purchase any of the 3 affiliate packages either way. Other than the Regular, Silver, and Gold, there are also 2 upsell packages: the Diamond & Platinum memberships.

How Does Lead Lightning Help You Make Money?

Lead Lightning helps you make money by teaching you how to start lead generation for your business. However, compared to other lead generation programs, LL teaches you how to promote Lead Lightning itself. You're making money off of commissions and will soon be introduced to the Power Lead System.

Who Is Lead Lightning For?

Lead Lightning is for beginners. The platform is a good place to start since the entry price is cheap. While there are no mentions of experienced marketer and people who like MLM, lead Lightning can be good for them too.

Are The Clients Of Lead Lightning Successful? 

Some members are getting results in the Lead Lightning Marketing System. While their testimony page is full of screenshots, it's hard to verify them. Lead Lightning members keep it vague, barely mention the upsell, true cost, and other details that might help you understand the program.

Is Lead Lightning an MLM?

Lead Lightning is a lead-making machine with strong MLM characteristics. Compared to other courses who don't outright say that they're using a multi-level marketing business model, LL doesn't hide it. They have aggressive marketing, paired with a solid MLM structure. 

While this pair works well to draw customers in, I don’t recommend MLMs because of how likely you are to lose money. According to the Consumer Awareness Institute, 99% of people who participate in MLMs lose money.

Is Lead Lightning Scam?

Lead Lightning is not a scam. Upon purchase, you receive access to the lead capture pages and email templates that come with the $7 price. However, it's your choice to upgrade and purchase upsells to further your commission. 

The commissions for Lead Lightning depend on the affiliate package you purchased. For instance, a Gold member selling the Silver and Gold package will receive commissions for both sales. However, as a Silver member selling the same packages will only receive the commission for the Silver package. Bigger commission requires bigger investment, so you'll likely be tempted to buy  Platinum and Diamond memberships.

Who Are The Founders of Lead Lightning?

Neil Guess and Michael Price are the founders of Lead Lightning. There is no definite claim in the sales funnel of Lead Lightning about its creator. But, when you track the origin of Lead Lightning, you know that it is an offer of the Power Lead System. PLS is owned and founded by Neil Guess and Michael Price.

Who Is Neil Guess?

Neil Guess is an internet marketer based in Washington. He is the co-founder and co-owner of Power Lead System. Before PLS, he was a Solavei affiliate, a mobile phone service MLM company.

Who Is Michael Price?

Michael Price is the co-owner of Power Lead System. He was named Sales Rep of the Year at a Fortune 100 Company, and won multiple sales and MLM awards. Michael is also the founder of and the Priceless Possibilities Marketing Platform.

Neil Guess' Claims: Lead Lightning As The Most Powerful 'Lead & Money-Grabbing System

  • Most Powerful Lead and Money-Grabbing System
  • Instantly Get More Leads, Subscribers, and More Buyers

Neil Guess claims that Lead Lightning is the most powerful lead and money-grabbing system. His claim is supported by the structure of his system. The potential to earn $6 in commission by starting with only $7 sounds good for the most parts. LL is a done-for-you system that comes with solid MLM characteristics. As long as you're willing to spend more, you'll earn more. Higher tier means higher commission. 

In their page, LL claims to provide more leads, subscribers, and more buyers instantly. With Lead Lightning, you can generate daily commissions and build a targeted list of buyers. Saying that it's an instant result of your purchase is an exaggeration.

Why Neil Guess' Claims Are Not True?

Lead Lightning is not the most powerful lead & money-grabbing system. For it to generate leads, prospects must purchase before getting redirected to your business. If no one purchases LL, there won't be any leads for you to nurture. The money-grabbing part can be half true. The entry price is low, which makes it easy for beginners to pick up. While the commission is high, the drawback comes from the upsell and strong MLM structure.

52% of MLM participants say the company’s explanation of making a profit is often not accurate. Take Lead Lightning as an example, you will repeatedly see the 7-dollar figure as it's the lowest price they offer. But, if you really want to make money and generate leads with their system, purchasing the higher affiliate packages is the way to go. That costs more than $7.

Lead Lightning Alternatives

  • Perpetual Income 365 - Shawn Josiah’s Perpetual Income 365 is an affiliate marketing course that teaches beginner affiliate marketers how to make money online by using automation software to promote Perpetual Income 365.
  • Easiest System Ever - Devon Brown’s Easiest System Ever is a done-for-you affiliate marketing business that offers a 100% fully automated online business that makes money while you sleep.
  • Passive Income Geek - Morten Storgaard’s Passive Income Geek is an affiliate marketing course that doubles as a blogging where you will learn how to make money online by creating passive income websites. 
  • Rapid Profit Machine - James Neville-Taylor’s free course and affiliate program with a DFY system that is designed to help people earn money online.
  • Power Lead System - Neil Guess' platform for digital entrepreneurs that also offers a high-commission rate for its affiliates through an MLM structure.

Is Promoting Other Products The Best Business Model?

Lead Lightning Management System is not the best business model but it can be a good start for those who want to make money online. However, promoting other products instead of your own can feel off for other people, especially the ones who want to make a name for themself. There are several reasons why this business model is risky:

  • Lack of control - You won't have control over the quality, delivery, or customer service. This means that the products' performance can reflect poorly on you.
  • Competition - You're in direct competition with other businesses that are doing the same. This makes it difficult to stand out and differentiate your business from others.
  • Dependency - You become dependent on the success of the products you promote. If they lose popularity or become outdated, your business could suffer as a result.

For these reasons, it's usually best to focus on developing and promoting your own products, or you can try something that's been proven and tested. If you're looking to make money online, my top recommendation is local lead generation. 

Local lead generation puts you in charge of your own digital estates. You won't have to worry about its performance and maintenance since you will be in control. I have been doing this since 2014, and it never fails me. The model is way more direct and not misdirecting at all. 

Rank-rent-repeat and your websites can make money for you. Join over 7000 of my students and learn about how you can rank pages, rent them to small businesses, and make passive income. Learn more about local lead gen today.

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