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Free Dropshipping Course (11 Options To Learn Faster & Set Your Store Up For Success)

April 15, 2023

A free dropshipping course is one of the best ways to learn the business model. You can gain valuable knowledge. Like industry tips and tricks from market leaders. Drop shippers willing to share content free of charge.

There are a ton of paid dropshipping courses. But before you shell out the coin. Why not check out this list of the 11 best free dropshipping course options? Save yourself time and money and take advantage of a no-cost dropship blueprint. With a course designed to show you dropshipping niches to avoid. And help you achieve success with your dropshipping business. 

What Is Dropshipping?

Drop shipping is a $200570 million industry and a chance to make money online. You don't own or store inventory-and you don't need a lot of money to start. Find a product and a dropshipping supplier. Market your merchandise, and a wholesaler handles the fulfillment.

Drop shipping is a scalable business model and an easy concept. But in practice, this online ecommerce venture is a lot more challenging. With low barriers to entry, the space is crowded and old methods aren't going to cut it.

In 2024 it's about how well you can market your merchandise—finding winning products before the competition. You need to jump on trends and always be one step ahead of the market. The best way to understand the business model is by taking a drop shipping course. 

One that will show you the ropes. And help eliminate costly and common dropshipping mistakes. But you don't need to be out of pocket. Find a free drop shipping course. A training option that delivers valuable content. With all the information you need to succeed with this business model. 

"Approximately 23% of all online sales are fulfilled by dropshipping". Fundera

What To Look For In A Free Dropshipping Course:

The goal is to leverage the expertise of an industry leader. Learn from their tried and true methods. Find out what works and what you need to avoid to be successful.

It's about learning as much information as you can-and as fast as possible so you can launch your online e-commerce business. The best dropshipping course shares valuable content and meets this criteria: 

  • Is it current? 
  • Does the delivery style gel with the way you learn? 

It doesn't matter if course creators are sharing information for free. If the content on offer doesn't lead with value-it's not worth its salt.

You want an online training that covers things like:

Pick a course that fits your vision and teaches you how to spy on the competition. A program filled with knowledge shared by an expert dropshipper. Someone willing to share the complete a-z on how to start a shopify dropshipping business. Including recommendations on the best tools and software. You'll scale faster and set your store up for profitability from day one.

What Are The Free Best Dropshipping Courses?

The best dropshipping courses will teach you how to get started with the business model. And the fastest way to scale your ecommerce business. But your selection needs to cover things like:

  • What are the best resources? 
  • What makes a successful online business?

Before you start-pick your selling platform-decide on your style of drop shipping. Do you want to focus on: 

Dropshipping Business Model Options

A course will save you hundreds of hours. And thousands of Google searches trying to find information. A program will allow you to learn step-by-step from industry professionals. Experts in the specific marketplace you want to sell. People dishing out the 411 on how to improve your dropshipping success rate.

Look for a free course that offers ongoing support. One with an online community and live streams. Not only does this help you stay connected. But you'll remain motivated to take massive action. And in 2024-that's what it takes to win with drop shipping. Check out the top contenders bringing value in this list of 11 free dropshipping course options:

"Only 10% of dropshippers are profitable in their first year". Cloudways

1. Udemy Course Options 

Udemy is the cash cow when it comes to free dropshipping courses. An online learning platform with over 50 million students and 57,000 instructors. Udemy offers free and paid training covering a multitude of topics. And has over 100,000 online options available. Three of their top free shopify drop shipping course suggestions include the following:

image of eric lafleche

Dropshipping with AliExpress: Build and Launch your Store! by Eric Lafleche

Learn dropshipping from the ground up with this ultimate guide, starting with how to build your shopify store. In a 1hr 51 min on-demand video tutorial get step-by-step instructions on:

  • How to find suppliers on AliExpress.
  • Advertising on Facebook best practices.
picture of brian brewer

How To Start Dropshipping With Shopify & AliExpress by Brian Brewer

  • A step-by-step guide on creating a Shopify store. 
  • 2 hr 29min video training with over 54,765 students.
photo of matt berstein

Drop Shipping Products for Beginners by Matt Berstein, Skillhance LLC

  • Learn how to work with wholesalers.
  • How to get the best price.
  • Sell for profit without buying inventory upfront.
  • 32 min online course with over 34,167 students.

2. Free Email Course

Who better to learn from than one of the OGs of dropshipping? Alidropship is affiliated with AliExpress. And they offer a 7-day free course with over 325,000 entrepreneurs enrolled to date.

image of alidropship logo Free Email Course

  • A 1-week plan of action.
  • Daily emails for the duration of the course.
  • Automated management solutions.
  • 26 bonus education materials including downloadable resources.

Designed by a team of experts. The material covers drop shipping from conception and sales. To finding your winning product and scaling your dropshipping empire. 

3. Dropshipping 101 By Shopify 

More than just the favorite platform for building your dropshipping store. Shopify is known for delivering training for aspiring dropshippers. From a YouTube channel to their blog. But the best part? All the information shared by Shopify is free. 

image of shopify logo

Dropshipping 101 By Shopify  By Jessica Guzik

In this beginner's guide to drop shipping, get access to 29 lessons spanning 2hours and 9minutes that teaches you how to:

  • Find winning dropshipping products.
  • Locate trustworthy suppliers on AliExpress.
  • Build a shopify store.
  • Set up Facebook ads that drive traffic to your store.
  • How to optimize paid ads for maximum conversions.

Scale faster and learn the fundamentals of the business model with this detailed guide on how to start a drop shipping store.

4. AutoDS Shopify Course

AutoDS is a software automation app designed to help run your dropshipping business. An integrative platform intended to assist dropshippers streamline orders. Handle customer support and more. But AutoDS also offers a free drop shipping training.

picture of autods logo
AutoDS Shopify Course: by Liran Zablo

Students are taught how to build a shopify dropshipping store 'from scratch' in a video guide sharing how to:

  • Find hot products.
  • Design a converting Shopify store.
  • How to run Facebook Ads that drive traffic to your business.
  • Tips on handling customer service issues.

They have dozens of testimonials on their site. In addition to offering a variety of extra resources. Including a podcast, webinars, and a blog. 

5. Wix eCommerce School

Not to be outdone by the competition-Wix has also created a free online course. A training program facilitated by the insiders who built the platform alongside experts from their marketing team. 

picture of wix logo

Wix eCommerce School Online Course

This training gives students access to over 19 lessons and information on building a store. And wraps up with tips on marketing techniques and how to get repeat customers.

The program also covers: 

  • How to increase sales.
  • Product selection.
  • Brand identity and building trust.
  • Managing and fulfilling orders.
  • Best practices around customer service and support.

6. Printful's Start A Print On Demand Business

A print-on-demand dropshipping service. Printful offers fulfillment options. But they've upped their game with an actionable strategy on how to create and sell products online. Students have the option to read their blogs or watch videos on YouTube. 

image of printful logo

Printful's Start A Print On Demand Business Program

Access to information like:

  • Ideas on how to pick products.
  • The best way to create and upload designs.
  • How to add products to your store-including variants and mockups.
  • Tips on shipping and logistics.
  • How to price and set up payment methods.
  • How to market and sell products online.

7. Facebook (Meta) Blueprint

Not a dropshipping course per se. But one of the biggest challenges for beginners is running Facebook ads. So who better to learn from than the platform making the rules?

With a plethora of online learning courses. Including training programs to help you get a leg up on how to market your dropshipping store. All of the material is self-guided, and you can pick from a selection of options, including:

Meta Blueprint Courses covering topics like:

  • Understanding the consumer journey.
  • Building an online presence and how to attract an audience.
  • Tips for creating ads.
  • Strategies to optimize sales.
  • How to monetize your content.

1.79 billion people use Facebook every day. And it's one of the best places for paid ads. But it takes a comprehensive understanding of the platform. And insight on how to use that knowledge to drive traffic. The key is to utilize secrets to creating a dropshipping video ad that convert. But if you it right. You'll see massive payouts with your online store. 

8. YouTube Videos

YouTube has over 113.9 million channels. With an undefined number of those belonging to dropshippers. Industry experts dishing the goods on how they achieved success with drop shipping.

Of course, some of them want you to buy their course. But a few players are all about the value. Some of the top picks to show you the ropes and save you money belong to the following: 


He needs no introduction. A teenage drop shipping legend who shares top insights with tutorials for beginners. And videos on marketing and product research.

The Biaheza dropshipping course is a paid training program. But he does share a ton of free content on his channel. 

Two must-watch videos include:

'How to Start Dropshipping From Scratch(A beginner's guide to the business model).

'I Asked Top Shopify Dropshippers for Beginner Advice' (Learn tips like):

  • The best software and tools.
  • Winning business techniques.
  • Top sales strategies and video ads.

He posts new content weekly. So you'll stay up to date with the most current trends and latest tips on how to succeed with drop shipping.

"YouTube has over 122 million active users daily." Global Media Insights

image of john yoon

Verum Ecom Their free course: $0-500K in 60 Days Dropshipping (Shopify & Facebook Ads covers topics like:

  • How to find winning products.
  • Techniques on ad structure and strategy.
  • How to make winning creatives and write a compelling product description.

Verum Ecom is a team of four industry powerhouses. But the face of the brand belongs to John Yoon. The channel is less about fancy sports cars and more about accurate information.

Content that spells out what it takes to start a dropshipping business. Learn the fundamentals of starting a store in under 30 minutes. And if you're looking for more. They also offer paid training for under $100 called Project Verum: Ecom Foundations.

Wholesale Ted

A video collection offering free shopify dropshipping course advice. This YouTube channel concentrates on finding suppliers. It delves into what makes a winning product. Teaches sales techniques and customer psychology. Ideal for beginners, wholesale ted shares a vault of knowledge on how to start an online store. 

"84% of eCommerce Retailers Struggle To Find A Good Supplier." Torchbankz

Wholesale Ted by Sarah Chrisp

Learn key material on business basics like:

  • A winning product blueprint.
  • Where to find reliable suppliers with fast shipping times.
  • Tips on paying sales tax.

Kamil Saddar

There are a lot of dropship 'gurus' flexing on YouTube. But one channel consistently publishing valuable content belongs to Kamil Saddar. Better known as the Ecom King-he shares content about running Facebook and google ads. Where to find people for influencer marketing. And even ideas on templates for email marketing campaigns. He also offers a free 5-hour course. 

Ecom King, Kamil Saddar

Get educated on topics like:

  • Dropshipping business model basics.
  • Setting up your online business (see real-life examples of his personal stores).
  • What makes a product a winner.
  • Where to find suppliers.
  • Recommended software and research tools.

Franklin Hatchett

Franklin Hatchett is an affiliate marketing legend. But he's been a big player in dropshipping since 2008. Known for his paid training ecom elite. (Which might be one of the best drop shipping courses available). Franklin also shares a free step-by-step guide. A book and video workshop where you can take advantage of his expertise. 

Dropshipping Profits by Franklin Hatchett

Learn things like:

  • The dropship blueprint.
  • How to start your complete shopify store.
  • How to find products.
  • Techniques on how to create Facebook ads for drop shipping.
  • The best way to drive traffic to your ecommerce business.

What Are Some Other Free Dropshipping Resources?

There's no definitive best dropshipping course. But there are quite a few good options. Ones you can take advantage of for free. Of course, videos are a great way to learn. But if you'd prefer to read the material, there's an impressive selection of eBooks and blogs. Written training that shares things like:

  • The fundamentals of the business model.

  • Current market trends.

  • Basics on marketing and advertising your ecommerce store.

9. EBooks

eBooks are quick and convenient ways to access information. Even better if they share PDFs and downloadable resources. Or links to videos to add variety. With dozens of options for eBooks on drop shipping, there is one that stands above the crowd:

image of oberlo logo

Oberlo’s Dropshipping 101: Ecommerce Without Inventory

Oberlo offers some of the best shopify dropshipping course eBooks on the market. And offer a vast range of choices. But if you want to start at the beginning, you need to check out: Dropshipping 101: Ecommerce Without Inventory. by Daniel Threlfall.

In twelve chapters covering the a-z on dropshipping basics. Accompanied with downloadable resources and video links. This program covers topics like:

  • Choosing your niche.

  • Product selection.

  • How to pick a sales platform.

  • Branding tips.

  • Where to source reliable suppliers.

  • Marketing and advertising.

  • How to scale your online business.

10. Blogs

The beauty of blogs is that they're short and sweet. Snippets of valuable content sharing things like market insights. The hottest new trends or where to find reliable suppliers. And much like YouTube, the list of options is endless. But there are a few that shine a little brighter. A blog that publishes content less mainstream. But still full of value is Anton Kraly's Dropship Lifestyle.

You may have seen one of his ads on YouTube. And as you can see in this dropship lifestyle review, his paid course is like the crème brulee of paid options. But the information on his drop ship lifestyle blog is free. And it's good. Read about topics like:

  • What is dropshipping?

  • How to build a shopify drop shipping store in 10 easy steps.

  • What makes a profitable niche.

  • Top 10 niches of 2022.

  • Snapchat to optimize sales.

  • PPC and Google Ad techniques.

He shares downloads and posts new content regularly. He also has some out-of-the-box ways to find suppliers. How to handle shipping delays and dealing with supply chain breakdowns. 

11. Reddit

A lot of entrepreneurial hopefuls lose sight of the importance of mindset. You won't become a millionaire overnight. And chances are high that your first few products will go bust. The uphill climb can be discouraging. So it's important to take care of your mental health.

You can achieve success with this business model. But you need to be prepared to do the work. And that means connecting with like-minded people. Individuals who understand what you're trying to achieve.

image of reddit logo

You need a thick skin for Reddit. But people on subs like:

Are full of individuals playing the same game. Some will be helpful. Others will not. But you will learn. And you'll get the goods on what's working for others. Learn tips and what not to do. Or products that might not be the best option for your store. Reddit's not a free course. But it can be a goldmine of information.


Far from a get-rich-quick scheme, success with dropshipping won't come overnight. You need to be prepared to test and fail. And test again. But if you're willing to invest the time. Review materials offered in a free dropshipping course. You'll hit the ground running. And be armed with the knowledge and skills you need to build and scale your dropshipping store.

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